How To End An Affair (13 Steps To Take To Have A Happy Marriage)

Are you having an affair outside marriage? Do you want to end an affair but have no idea how? Do you want to give the relationship with your husband another chance but are too involved in the affair? 

Believe me; I was also in the same boat, not that long ago. I tried everything to end the affair but with no success. It was a difficult period, but now it is behind me.

Ending an affair is not easy, and I tried everything to break things off with my affair partner but he kept coming back into my life. I wanted to work on my relationship with my husband but was too involved in the affair. I eventually learned that I needed to be stronger and more compassionate and get a grip on my life.

In this article, we are going to look for ways to end an affair, which will actually work, and you will be out of your guilt and misery soon. These tips will ensure that you no longer have to cheat or lie, and you can have a good life with your partner for life.

We will also see how the end of an affair brings peace of mind and how things can be better between you and your husband after everything happened.

How To End An Affair In A Few Easy Steps

1. Ask yourself questions

Having an affair means that either you or your affair partner is in a serious relationship with another person. There are chances that either one of you or both of you are married to other people, and by having this affair, you are causing pain to innocent people. Are these few moments of pleasure worth all the heartbreak and hardships?

2. Think about your marriage

think about your marriage

Think about all the lying, cheating, guilt, which has crept into your relationship with your spouse due to your actions. Ask yourself why even are you with your affair partner and think about ending the affair, and being a stronger and wiser person. Ask yourself, does your husband deserve this?

3. Why you should end the affair

Even if your affair partner is not keen on ending the affair, you should end the affair because it is the right thing to do. Ending things will no doubt result in pain but will be healthy for you, as there would not be any more lying or cheating. Also, you will be able to invest more time and energy in your marriage.

4. Make a firm decision

Now that you have made up your mind about ending things, it is important that your decision is firm and you stick to it. Let someone you trust know about your decision to end the affair. Ask for their help to support you with the whole process and encourage you to stay strong and stick with the decision.

5. Confide in your affair partner

As you have chosen to end things for the better, it is now time to have a face-to-face meeting with your lover and let them know about your decision. True, this would be the most difficult part in ending things, but there is no point in delaying things and waiting for a better situation.

6. Hold your ground

Remember, no matter how much your lover tries to persuade you to give the relationship another chance, you should be firm. His feelings for you might be genuine but think about your spouse and how this mistake is destroying your relationship with him.

7. Take a break

Ending things will be very difficult and can take a toll on your life. You might start feeling exhausted and emotionally drained. In such a situation, you should take out some time for yourself and try to sort out your feelings. Try diverting your mind and start doing things that you like and that make you happy.

8. Come clean

After you have ended things, the next course of action is to confess to your husband that you have been unfaithful, but you have ended it and wish to make the relationship work. You should keep the communication with your partner open and be willing to answer their questions with calmness. 

In certain situations, you can even choose to hide your infidelity from your husband and work on becoming a better wife for him. However, you should definitely confess if your spouse has any possible way of discovering your affair from someone else. Also, if you experience guilt and anger because of your actions, then it is better to come clean.

9. Cut off all contact with your ex-lover

Now that you have decided to work to move on, it is time to make some changes. Make sure that you take all the measures necessary to make sure there is no communication between you and your former lover. Block not only their contact number on your phone but also block all their social media accounts so they cannot come back into your life.

10. Allow the pain to pass

Although it was just an affair, it was something that held value to you and its end will result in pain. Even if you have the full support of your husband, the healing will not happen overnight. There would be times when you would regret the choices you made and you would get a constant urge to go back to your affair partner. But, you will move on!

11. Seek professional help

seek professional help

There are huge chances that the pain caused to the betrayed spouse would take a toll on your relationship. Therefore, you should consider taking the help of a counselor who could help in the healing of your relationship and support you in repairing your relationship with your committed partner.

12. Work on the marriage

Together with professional help and support, both husband and wife also need to work on the relationship. Even if your spouse has forgiven you for what happened, it will take him time to trust you again. Here, you need to be patient and make conscious efforts to ignite the spark into your relationship.

13. Help others

After you have healed and once again are happy in your life, you should try to help others who are in a similar situation. You can provide guidance and support to these women to help them make better choices in their life. 

Ending an Affair

Every individual has their own set of beliefs and principles, which are not always easy to follow, but give immense satisfaction when followed.

You might have gotten into the affair thinking there is no happiness left in your relationship with your spouse, and there is nothing good in your marriage. And, therefore, there is nothing wrong with finding happiness outside marriage. But have you honestly tried your best to make your marriage work and let your husband know about your feelings?

Every marriage goes through a rocky patch once in a while, but that does not mean that we forget all the good times. Your mind is playing tricks and making you throw your happy life with your spouse for a few moments of pleasure.

Your getting into an affair shows that there might already be some problems in your relationship. You should end everything now and try to work on your relationship with your spouse. This way, you will be able to lead a happy, calm, and content life. You no more have to be under the constant fear of everybody finding out about your lover.

Moving On After An Affair

moving on after an affair

Even after you end the affair, it will take time for things to get back to normal in your life. Even after you come clean in front of everybody and they forgive you, it will take time to forget everything.

Here, you have a huge role to play. You need to be ready to give whatever it takes to make your relationship with your spouse as loving as it was before the affair. Both of you might be in a lot of pain, and you should give each other time to heal and get back to your usual self.

There might be times when you will have to face the harsh words of your partner, but you should keep your calm and try to understand where they are coming from. You should do whatever it takes to make them believe that you are no longer with your affair partner and are serious about making things work.

Start by dressing up for your partner and make them feel loved. Go on dates with your partner and take small measures. Treat your marriage like it is a new relationship and take efforts as you take at the beginning of the relationship. Even if your love is not reciprocated in the beginning, keep making small gestures from your side, and surely your partner will come around.

Do not be afraid to show a little public display of affection for your husband and show them what they mean to you. Do not feel hurt if they check your phone or ask you to give constant updates about your whereabouts. Remember, it will take some time for them to come around, but if you keep trying, then soon your marriage will be like it was before the affair, or even better!


Why is it so hard to end an affair?

Usually, people involved in affairs like to believe that what they are having has the same magnetic power as a marriage and see it as difficult to end as a marriage, which makes it difficult for people to end it. Moreover, in many cases, affair partners fulfill the needs that are not usually met, and ending things means those needs will remain unfulfilled.

How do you tell if an affair has ended?

The biggest indication that the affair has ended is that lying is no more something you feel like doing to spend time with your previous lover. There is no more communication with the previous partner, and your relationship with your husband is good and on the right track. Also, now, you want to do the right thing and let go of all the previous memories.

How long does it take to get over an affair partner?

Once you start making a conscious effort to get over an affair partner, it usually takes only around six months to move on. Add to that you will have the support of your husband and loved ones, and you will soon forget your pain and start healing. There might still be times when you might miss a particular moment with your affair partner, but slowly you will get over it.

Is an affair really love?

An affair is usually based on infatuation and not on love. People involved in an affair act like they are in love because an affair involves a lot of secrecy, planning, lying, which usually gives people a thrill, and they start seeing it as love.

Do relationships from affairs last?

It cannot be said that relationships from affairs never last; however, the truth is these relationships are too hard to maintain. Moreover, even if an affair results in marriage, it almost always ends in a divorce. The major reason for it is the lack of trust among the people involved.

The Bottomline

Have you ever been involved in an affair? If yes, how did it go? What are your thoughts about how to end an affair? Can you forgive your spouse after knowing that they have had an affair? We’d love to hear about your experience. Please leave your comments below!

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