How To Deal With An Egotistical Man (15 Easy Ways)

Egoists are self-centered individuals who care more about themselves than others. They regard their accomplishments more than they respect others and feel their opinions are superior. They also tend to be irrational because they believe everyone else is wrong, while they have a prime say about everything.

While there are several causes of egoism, making the person change is somewhat impossible. They have to acknowledge their behaviors before they can be willing to dispel their negative ways. It is, therefore, critical to know how to deal with individuals with big egos.

If your boyfriend is a self-centered male, there are several ways to handle your relationship with him. Below are proven tips on how to deal with an egotistical man.

15 Ways To Deal With An Egotistical Man

1. Subtly move the attention away from him

Men with big egos will do everything to make a conversation revolve around them. They like the attention they're receiving from others and would constantly strive to feel that way. When such a scenario occurs, there are many tactics you can implement to handle the situation. One striking step is to move the attention away from him subtly.

If you outright dismiss such a person, they'll keep talking because they yearn for others to hear them. Therefore, acknowledging what he has to say is necessary but quickly shifts the focus of the discussion to something else. This tactic appeases his feeling of pride but ensures you have a more conducive interaction.

2. Speak with confidence

An egoist feels his opinions hold prime importance to other individuals. He has a superior mindset to most folks, which is why he's likely to disregard other people's statements. If your boyfriend behaves in such a manner, the easiest way to handle him is to speak with confidence. 

If there's a hint of uncertainty or doubt in your statements, it gives room for these types of individuals to belittle you. Therefore, talk with a confident tone even though your words are not assuring. Try to avoid phrases like “I think” or “perhaps,” because these statements reveal a lack of self-assurance, which a proud individual will thrive on. 

Instead, use phrases like “I know” to pass across your message without being belittled or shunned effectively.

3. Avoid being emotional

Anyone with a big ego would hardly care how their actions affect others. They are more interested in their self-interests than their relationship with someone else. Therefore, using your emotions to deal with such a person would ultimately be profitless. You have to think intuitively and creatively if you're going to outsmart such a person.

For example, instead of using emotional words, lean more toward facts about that subject. This tactic will catch such a person's interest more and is likely to crush his pride. The fact that you know what you're saying gives you the upper hand and allows you to drive the discussion in your favor. This step demands doing regular research, but it'll prove profitable in the end.

4. Don't argue

The worst way to handle men with big egos is to try to argue with them. Once they've made up their mind about something, it's usually challenging to convince them otherwise. For example, if you've given them facts about a subject and they prefer to stick to their wrong notions about the issue, you should refrain from any more debate.

The more you try to prove your reasons, the more frustrated you'll get overtime. More so, you'll slowly lose your assurance of the subject, especially when they try their best to discredit you. Therefore, avoiding any form of argument will make you a winner in the long run. It'll also prevent them from driving the conversation in their favor and talking for hours.

5. Be dismissive if you need to be

There are many ways to handle a person with too much pride. One tactic demands being impolite if you sense some attitude from their end. For example, a wife to a proud guy can let him know how insensitive his words are if he crosses the line. Her boldness to state those facts diminishes his sense of importance in the situation and makes him more cautious. 

Other methods include being dismissive if such a person is persistent with their negligence. For example, if they refuse to regard your factual statements and insist on their wrong notions, you can tell them they have an excellent point of view while you proceed to talk to someone else. Disregarding their statements will undoubtedly put them in their place.

6. Don't try to understand his misjudgment

An egoist male will always believe he has a superior opinion even when they're oblivious to the truth. Trying to understand why such a person thinks the way they do will ultimately get you more frustrated and fed up with the situation. Therefore, you should try your best to avoid reasoning with the person.

The best way to handle a relationship with that person is to accept their irrationality. Never expect they should know or reason better because they won't. They'll prefer to counter facts to show their superiority, which would only be toxic to you in the long run. 

Therefore, always accept their likelihood to have blind logic. This process will ultimately protect your healthy state of mind.

7. Find out what irks you about his behavior

find out what irks you about his behavior

When dealing with a proud man, we often expect them to always annoy or irritate us. However, this mindset blocks us from perceiving the areas that genuinely worry us. Does he have inflated self-esteem, or is there something else we're not comfortable with? Is he bragging, or perhaps we're not pleased with his level of success?

It's essential to understand these factors because they play a critical role in handling relationships with such people. It would help if you didn't always make judgments before knowing a matter because this action makes us biased. Next time such a person wants to interact with you, see the bigger picture and find out if you're merely intimidated to work harder.

8. Please don't take anything he says personally

A solid fact about dealing with people with big egos is that they'll never accept their wrongdoings. Therefore, feeling bad for something they did would ultimately hurt you more than it'll hurt them. Accept their bad attitude but don't ever let it ruin your mood. The more you feel they can be empathic, the more they'll prove you wrong.

Every conversation you have with them should be emotionless. This notion means that nothing such a person says should affect you. 

Make them see you've outgrown their belittling remarks because you finally understand their irrationality. This step will help you stop feeling inferior around them. You'll have maximum control over situations, which would make you seem more powerful.

9. Don't complain to others

If you want to handle a relationship with a guy with a big ego, you shouldn't be complaining to others about him. This process does not alleviate your irritation but only pulls you into the claws of his bad character. It allows such a person to have an advantage over you, making you more susceptible to them in the long run.

Ruminating over how annoying he is, fixes your mind more on him and allows your mind to perceive more errors the next time. Instead, no matter how fun the process may seem, it's better to ignore their behaviors. This step gives you better control in the relationship and ensures the male can't outright tamper with your emotions,

10. Take a break

Dealing with an egomaniac is challenging, but trying to refrain from sharing your frustration can be even more complicated. Therefore, when you've reached your limit and feel you might burst the next minute, you should certainly take a break. Leave the environment and allow yourself to cool off as much as possible. This process is critical for your following line of action.

The more you can clear your head, the more you'll think intuitively when next you're with that person. Having an outburst only gives the other person a chance to feel superior. More so, they're likely to use your words or actions against you in the long run. To avoid ruining the control you've established, it's okay to take a break from the relationship and cool off.

11. Try not to act cocky

Before you try to be overly self-assertive and mock a selfish person, remember that they can easily outsmart your efforts. It would help if you never tried to beat someone at their own game by reducing their level. Instead, stay above them and be a mature person. It might be tempting to insult them for their character, but try your best to remain in control of the situation.

For example, a woman with a self-centered husband doesn't need to insult him to get her point across. This action would only create more disagreements, which would end up in the man's favor. Refraining from mocking a self-absorbed person is the easiest way to stay above them. More so, it helps you manage situations better.

12. Think about the causes of his egoism

Many situations can cause a person to become an egomaniac. Some of the possible scenarios are a high level of insecurity or adverse life experiences. You don't need to interrogate such a person to find out the cause of his bloated self-esteem. Instead, think about it, and it's likely to change your perspective on matters.

Your relationship with such a person will improve because you're putting several things into consideration. You'll also be more forgiving and empathetic towards them because you have an idea of the cause of their problems. The more you think this way is, the better you'll feel in the long run. You'll be able to handle circumstances with them better than before.

13. Refrain from giving compliments

Men with big egos thrive on the praises of other people. It makes them feel superior and increases their egotistical habits. If such a person expects the same level of compliments from you, try not to offer them. This action reduces their self-centeredness and makes them more conscious around you. 

Whether you're his wife or in a relationship with this person, you shouldn't try to feed his ego. The more you congratulate him, the more he's likely to misbehave around you. Instead, strive to subtly crush his pride to make him less of an egomaniac. Act neutral towards his accomplishments and see how he reacts to them.

14. Be hard to get

be hard to get

An egoist male often feels he can easily have his wishes granted. He takes pride in his accomplishments and feels people should worship him for them. The easiest way to crush his confidence as a woman is to play hard to get. Make him realize that he won't always have his way, especially when it comes to you.

You can subtly accomplish this by ignoring his advances toward you. This action will make him realize that he can't always have his way. He'll be more self-conscious in your presence, which will subtly reduce his ego. The more he tries to act up to get your attention, the more inaccessible you make yourself.

15. Live your life on your terms

An egomaniac's ways tend to have a toxic effect on people. You might find yourself revolving around his misdeeds instead of living life on your terms. If you pay too much attention to how he acts around you, it might consume you more than you realize. Instead, choose to ignore his behaviors and pay more attention to your needs.

When a self-absorbed man tries to draw you into the cycle of getting frustrated about his actions, focus more on the positive aspect of the situation. Acknowledge that you're more mature and rational, which makes you better off. More so, affirm that you're in control of your emotions, which means his action can't affect you any longer. 


What causes a person to be egotistical?

Shame and lack of self-worth are ironically some of the causes of egoism. Such individuals feel they need to measure up because they feel inferior. However, this notion only causes them to develop huge egos, whereby they have a reduced concern for other people's needs.

How do you break a man's ego?

The easiest way to break the mens' egos is to prove they're wrong. Your confidence about the matter will make them more self-conscious. However, when you observe that a man is hesitant to dispel his false beliefs, accept his irrationality and try not to argue with him.

Can an egotistical person change?

You can try your best to make a self-absorbed person see reasons to change, but you can't outright change them. They would need to tackle the root cause of their self-centeredness before they can handle their ego. Given the right circumstances, they might turn a new leaf.

How does an egotistical person behave?

An egoist feels superior to everyone. Such a person believes their opinions are always correct while others are wrong. They hardly ever heed correction because they don't think they have a problem. They also don't regard others because of their self-absorbed nature. 

What is an egotistical person like?

An egoist has a self-centered behavior and puts his needs above others. He values material possessions over others and tends to resent and condemn others. They constantly interrupt others during discussions because they feel their opinions are more important. 

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on how to handle a man's ego? The most critical step is to avoid having a problem with such individuals because you're likely to care more about it than they will. Focus more on getting your point across, and ignore them if they try to start a fight. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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