How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Date (5 Stress-Free Ways)

Getting your parents to believe that you are ready to date your crush is not usually an easy task. This is because most parents are scared of so many unknown variables that might come with dating. This includes going out with a boy and having sexual experiences

Beyond being scared, they sometimes don’t picture you as being ready to date yet. Your parents will always want the best for you, and they equally have so many fears. They fear that you might compromise all their good teachings, or compromise your good sense of judgment, or even get pregnant untimely—all in the name of love. 

In this article, we will discuss the five approaches to convincing your parents to allow you to date. 

5 Tips To Convince Your Parents To Let You Date

1. Have a conversation with them

One of the most effective ways of convincing your parents to allow you to date is by holding that deep conversation with them. It is true that your parents might still consider you to be that little girl they always knew, and cannot for any reason phantom the fact that you are already of age to date someone. 

Most parents still believe that their daughters are still too young to understand anything related to the concept of love, romance, or dating. It is left for you to talk to your parents, letting them understand that not only have you come of age. But you have a full and deeper awareness of these concepts. 

Most of all, be honest with your feelings with your mom, she is a woman and would better understand. Furthermore, when letting your dad and mom know you want to date, you need to communicate the message to them in a subtle and respectful tone that would make sense to them. 

Holding these conversations with your parents gives you a higher chance of convincing them.

2. Understand your parent’s perspectives

understand your parent's perspectives

One of the outcomes of holding a conversation with some is usually to share their perspective about the said issue. It is not always about what you think, but sometimes, it is advisable to take a glance at the values, reasons, or morales the other party stands for.

I strongly recommend that while doing your best to flip the tides in your favor. You should be open-minded, and willing to accept their perspectives too. This would go a long way to prove how mature you have grown to your parents. Some parents need to be convinced, and convincing you must do. 

At the end of it, you have to ‘’respect their decision’’ as they are your parents and utterly want the best for you.

3. Introduce your crush to your dad and mom

Introducing your crush to your parents is a bold step that might either work greatly in your favor or shatter your chances of dating for the next 3 years. The idea of bringing home your crush to meet with your parents is quite a good idea. However, be warned that the outcome might not always fall in your favor. 

The good side of this action is that your parents might get carried away by his charming looks and charismatic personality and they could decide to allow you to date. The primary reason for this might be that the young man is mature enough to take responsibility if in fact, becomes your boyfriend. 

The negative side to this is if your supposed boyfriend does not strike your parents as someone who could handle the responsibilities of a good boyfriend. If your crush looks too young, immature, senseless, and wild-looking; I am afraid the position would not be offered to him. 

To make matters worse, your parents would not want to entertain any more prospective boyfriends again. It is, therefore, considered a high-risk affair when introducing your crush to your parents.

4. Try to come up with solutions

One of the reasons why your parents wouldn't allow you to date could be because they are too scared of letting you go out all alone with a total stranger. That is quite understandable; parents worry a lot. 

However, if your parents know that you would not be alone with this stranger, and it would be a group date. I think it would be more comfortable for you to go on group dates. This is because group dates are safer. 

Therefore, it is left for you to provide the solution to these security and safety concerns, by letting them know you will be going on this date with your crush and four other friends of yours. This piece of information can go a long way to easing the tension and worries your parents might have. 

5. Revisit the issue another time

revisit the issue another time

The process of convincing your folks to let you go on a date with your crush is not always a day’s battle; it takes weeks and even months of constant discussion, debates, and persuasion. Therefore, you must be patient enough to revisit the matter as many times as possible. 

Convincing your dad and mom to bend their rules regarding dating is never an easy task. Your parents may never be fully convinced that their once little girl is already old enough to be dating. Even though they might eventually agree to let you go out with a guy, they will always give you strict rules to follow. 

These rules might include coming back home before 9 pm, no alcohol drinking, etc. There is persistence in this process. 


What is a good age to start dating?

Some parents consider the appropriate dating age of their children to be 16 years; that is if the child in question is exhibiting behaviors that confirm his or her maturity level. Another category of parents who tend to be more liberal is comfortable with letting their 15 years old daughter have a boyfriend. Beyond this, there is no fixed age to start dating. It all depends on maturity. 

What do you do if your parents do not let you date?

The first and all-important step in this situation is to let the person you want to date know what is happening; talk to him about it. This way, he will not take it personally, and he will aim to be on his best behavior when he eventually meets your dad and mom. 

How do I convince my parents to let me have a boyfriend? 

There are several ways you can apply in order to convince your parents to allow you to have a boyfriend. The first approach would be to hold a good, deep, and enlightening conversation with them. 

This will help them see how mature, intelligent and advanced you are in reasoning. Then, you could try to understand their perspective for not wanting you to date a guy just yet, then, introduce your crush to them. Furthermore, be persistent enough to revisit the matter occasionally. 

What is the right age to kiss?

There is really no specified age category for kissing. It all depends on your readiness and maturity. As such, it is recommended that you kiss someone when you feel you are ready and it is the right time. 

More so, the age 13 to 15 has been understood to be the age range where a lot of young people start sharing their first kiss. It is also important that you do not get pressured into doing something that you might regret later. Only kiss when you feel ready.

Is it bad to hide a relationship from your parents?

It is ok to hide your relationship from your parents; however, this should not for too long. This is because they will actually find out one way or another. So, if you must hide your relationship, it should be temporarily, until you are able to resolve issues with your parents. Feel free to talk to your parents about your feelings. 

To Summarize

If you’re asking ‘How can I convince my folks to let me date’’, this article has exhaustively discussed five different steps through which you can use to show your parents you’re responsible without being asked. Then let your parents know when you’re dating someone or if you want to go on a date. This way, your dad or mom will allow you to date your crush. 

These approaches include holding a good, deep, and enlightening conversation with them. Furthermore, be persistent enough to revisit the subject occasionally.

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