How To Bring Out The Best In A Man (9 Tips For Bringing Out The Best In Him)

How much influence do you think you have on your man? Do you think your words or actions carry enough weight to affect what your man does or how he does it? How can the power you wield over him be put to better use? 

Do you think the connection you both share as a couple gives either of you leverage to do what you want to each other? The answer is yes and maybe. Yes, because to a large extent, you have the opportunity to use what you know about your husband for or against his benefits

The answer could also be ‘maybe’ because couples in healthy relationships understand that regardless of the bond they share, setting boundaries is important to prevent overboard selfishness.

It is easy for couples to take advantage of their partners just to gratify their needs because they know they will be forgiven after all is said and done. However, this action eventually takes its toll on the relationship because only one party is giving. Most times, men feel like the ones being used in relationships, and so, they give their women only a part of themselves.

However, when women make deliberate efforts to bring out the best in their men, it becomes easier to make these men more open to giving and receiving. In this article, you will receive some tips for bringing out the best in your man. This way, he’ll likely feel comfortable sharing other parts of his life he’s been holding back from you.

9 Tips For Bringing Out The Best In Him

1. Listen when he wants to speak

One thing that makes men crazy is when their women interrupt their mind flow or don’t allow them to get any word in. Another way to put a man down is to shut him up at every point; he will go to someone else who will likely listen to what he has to say.

Even if you are mad at him for something he did, listening to your man will do a lot to make him feel he has a stake in the relationship. You cannot be right all the time and so, you must hear what your partner thinks on every issue.

2. Stop rubbing his mistakes in his face

One of the major reasons couples doubt each other’s support is due to constant misunderstanding. When you have reasons to always quarrel with your guy or husband, your relationship will be more negatively heated than positively passionate. 

Understanding each other will reduce the number of fights you have and help you forgive him for his mistakes. Again, nobody is perfect. If you don’t want him using your past mistakes against you in an argument, don’t do the same to him. 

Men have thick skins but they also have feelings. What’s more, they react based on the words you say to them. As such, be sure you use words and do things that express forgiveness and acceptance.

3. Make yourself his biggest cheerleader

One of the ways to make a guy feel like he is not defined by his mistakes or failures is to be his cheerleader. Your guy wants to know he has your support even when you don’t have a full understanding of what he is doing or where he is going.

Does he have a vision of where he wants your family to be or look like? Review his vision beside yours and give him all the encouragement he needs to make it happen. Be supportive of his personal goals and career just as much as he does for you. Being his biggest cheerleader means he has the assurance that you’re in his corner at all times.

4. Be receptive to his suggestions too

be receptive to his suggestions too

Do you let your husband give his suggestions on matters concerning your children or do you consider yourself the wisest when it comes to parenting? An issue as serious as parenting or one as simple as the family’s meal plan can be one way to let out the best in your guy.

Your sex life in the bedroom can also be a factor that can lift or bring your man down. Most men want to explore all they can in and out of the bedroom and so, if you aren’t receptive to their suggestions, they feel less of a man. 

There’s no justification for cheating but there are irresistible temptations that make men cheat. Not being open to bedroom suggestions from your husband is one of such temptations. 

5. Ask him how his day went.

When relationships get to a certain stage, things become comfortable and both parties relax their efforts to be exciting. This relaxation leads to people taking the great things in their relationship lightly. An example of such amazing things that turn lukewarm is asking your man how his day went.

Think back to when you first started dating your man, which tone did you use to ask him about his day? Compare that interested tone to the bland one you use now. Have your greetings become perfunctory or do they still hold the enraptured interesting tone of a woman who is truly interested in what her guy has to say? 

Showing genuine interest in the day-to-day activities is a way to make men look forward to the next day.

6. Don’t blame him for how you feel

Regardless of whether you’re suffering from menstrual stress or not, you shouldn’t blame your man for how you feel, especially when he has nothing to do with your current situation. Believe it or not, men feel unsure about themselves when their women act irrationally for no reason.

Instead of blaming your crappy reaction on PMS, own your actions and take responsibility for their consequences. 

7. Stop making him do the guesswork of your thoughts

Many women think making their men guess what they want is part of loving them. However, that’s far from the truth. Men should understand who women are without needing an outsider to confirm or deny their suspicions. You can’t turn guys into mind readers.

No doubt they will understand who you are after knowing you for some time. You can avoid headaches if only you can tell your guy what you need him to do for you.

8. Apologize when you’re the wrong one

apologize when you’re the wrong one

Another uncool thing many women do is pretend they are not wrong about something yet they expect their men to apologize. Many of these women think it is cute or funny for men to apologize even when they are not at fault. However, that notion is toxic and can damage the relationship or warp a man’s mind on what forgiveness is.

When you are wrong, apologize sincerely and not put your man on the defensive because you don’t want to be on his bad side. 

9. Seek clarifications rather than embrace assumptions

One of the qualities of a good relationship is trust, and this comes with knowing your partner so well that wrong assumptions about him won’t faze you. However, if you are the type to jump to conclusions at every rumor or unfounded truth, you won’t be bringing out the best in your man. Instead, you will fill his head with doubts because you don’t trust him either. 


What are the ways to win a man’s heart?

One of the ways to win a man’s heart is by supporting his goals without losing sight of yours. A real guy wants a woman with interest in his vision while she pursues hers too.

How do you bring out the best in someone?

You can make others better by not only graciously correcting them when they are wrong, but by also cheering them on when they are on the right track. 

How do you know if someone brings out the best in you?

You will not only look forward to their sweet words during good times, but you’ll also feel their genuine concern for you during the bad times. They won’t watch you spiral downwards just because they want to keep their relationship with you, or so you can think only good things about them.

How do I attract a good man and keep him?

Being yourself, improving your lifestyle for you, and living your best life is the best way to attract and keep a good guy.

How do you make him cry for you?

You can make a guy feel your pain by becoming vulnerable with him. If he truly cares for you, he will open himself up to his feelings for you and let the tears flow, especially if he hates himself for hurting you.

To Conclude

Bringing out the best in your man is not a day’s work and it doesn’t end with you paying him a compliment once in a while. Making your man become the best version of himself will take both of your efforts consistently. The tips for helping him thrive are inexhaustible but following the ones in the article is a great place to start.

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