How To Be Confident In Bed When Overweight (21 Smart Tips)

If you are wondering how to be confident in bed when overweight, you are not alone. Many people want to improve their sex life but are insecure about their own bodies. If you have body image issues, you may need a serious boost in sexual confidence! Sexual confidence means that you are confident in bed. 

You can get rid of negative thoughts about your body by trying new things. Act out your sexual fantasies or try some of the best sex positions. Have pleasure with your body, not negativity! Feel comfortable with who you are! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and can have great sex with the right partner. Don’t let your body image affect your sex life.

How To Be Confident In Bed When Overweight

1. Make yourself feel beautiful

Put on makeup and fix your hair really nicely! This will make you feel sexy and beautiful. You won’t pay so much attention to your body if you feel comfortable because of other features of your beauty. This will also help build your confidence. If you don’t really know how to do your hair and makeup, get help from friends and family!

Better yet, go to the mall and get a free makeover. Cosmetic counters usually offer free makeovers and will help you find the right colors and products for your look and style. I once got my hair done and got a free makeover at the mall, and I felt truly confident and beautiful afterward. Do what works for you, and remember that everyone is different!

2. Have amazing sex with someone who adores your body shape

If you feel insecure about your body, you need a fun partner who loves the way you look. Find someone who thinks you are gorgeous just the way you are. It can be hard to feel confident in bed when overweight, so we often need reassurance from our partners that we look great! Once you find the perfect person to pleasure your body, don’t let go!

Have fun with this person! And have lots of sex! Remember that practice makes perfect, so if you don’t get it right the first time, try again. That’s what makes having sex so much fun! If you find someone who builds up your confidence, you should do the same for them. Make sure you give them plenty of compliments and praise for sexual actions.

Being with the right person is one of the best ways to feel very confident with your body. This individual loves you for who you are and doesn’t pay attention to every wrinkle. He or she is not judging you and won’t make jokes about you behind your back. Instead, they adore the way you look. Spend more time with this person if so!

3. Remember that sex is exercise

It’s always great to get in some exercise, but remember that sex is exercise! That means the more you do it, the more calories you will burn. So, enjoy doing it with the right person and have a good time, knowing the whole time that you are getting a workout in!

4. Know that everyone has different tastes

Not everyone loves stick-thin girls. Some men love a girl with curves – someone who is voluptuous. They want to be with a female who embraces the way she looks with confidence! Each man or woman is different. Find someone who wants to be with a person that looks the way that you do! There’s no reason to be with a person otherwise.

Some guys enjoy the model look of thin girls, but many men really do like more meat. There are plenty of guys out there who don’t want to be with a skinny girl but would love to be with a girl who has plenty of curves. If that describes you, just find a guy who loves the thicker variety. You might meet him on a dating app or online elsewhere.

You just never know and won’t know until you get over it and give it a shot! It may be hard if you are not feeling very confident about your looks right now, but remember that all men are different and like different things about women. If you keep that in mind, you will build your confidence and find the right person for you!

5. Learn to enjoy your body when you are alone

Try masturbation or spending time touching your body. If you learn about your body and what turns you on, you’ll be more likely to enjoy sex when you have it.

6. Try some sexy lingerie

try some sexy lingerie

This always makes me feel better about the way I look. You should give it a try. You can even purchase something for yourself online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Shop Victoria's Secret or even Amazon to see what deals are currently going on for plus-size women. There are plenty of options out there!

7. Wear clothes that flatter your figure

When you aren’t naked, you should just enjoy the way you look. You can build your confidence by dressing in clothes that flatter your figure. Look at magazines to see what works for other women your size. What kind of clothes look best on them, and what’s in style right now? You could even get a consultant from a beauty professional!

8. Try certain positions in the bedroom

Some sexual positions are going to be more comfortable than others for your size. Try many different ones before just giving up. Don’t give up! Keep experimenting until you find what works for you!

9. Embrace intimacy in other ways

There are other ways to experience intimacy than in the bedroom. Consider developing the spiritual side of your relationship to get closer to your partner. That can be just as intimate as sex! Learn all about each other, and you’ll fall in love in new ways that you never dreamed would have been possible! Really get to know one another!

If you connect on other levels, the physical will come. You might be shy in bed or something like that, but you can easily overcome this by just connecting with your partner in ways outside of the bedroom. Just talk with one another. Find new ways to connect with one another. You might play a board game or watch a series on TV.

If you find new things to talk about and learn to listen to one another, you will connect in a special way. You’ll learn to love one another because of who each of you is. For example, your partner may be an expert at chess, and you never knew that about him or her. Now, you have a new way to connect! Learn or play chess with one another!

10. Know you are gorgeous as you are

Be confident in yourself. Everyone is pretty in some way. You may have a problem with your size, but I bet there are other features about you that are wonderful! Think about what all you have to offer another person, and focus on that rather than your size.

11. Consider wearing granny panties

Remember the movie Bridget Jones’ Diary? She had to decide between sexy panties and granny ones. Sometimes, it’s best to wear the ones that make you suck your gut in! You will have to decide that for yourself to be sure, but you could definitely give it a try to see if that is something that makes you feel better about the way you look!

12. Don’t pay attention to social media

dont pay attention to social media

The media can really make you feel bad about yourself if you pay too close attention to that. It might be best to take a break from it all if you are feeling insecure about your looks. They often portray thin women as being the ideal look when really guys like different things. Don’t let what other people say get to you, either!

13. Get reinforcement from positive influences

Surround yourself with positive people. Is there anyone in your life who supports you? Be more around those people instead of the negative individuals. Not ever being overly overweight, I was never super thin like my mother and grandmother. However, every time I was around them, they felt the need to talk about my figure. They still do!

The point is that not everyone is going to agree with the way you look. Don’t allow what others say to get to you. Instead, find people who think you are beautiful just the way you are!

14. Invest in yourself if it builds your confidence

If there is something out there that makes you feel better, consider buying it! You might want to try a new lipstick or watch! If you lose a few pounds, reward yourself with something great! Even if you don’t lose any pounds, you could always purchase something to make yourself feel more secure! Enjoy loving yourself.

15. Don’t hate the haters

As mentioned, there will always be people out there who don’t like the way you look. They may just be jealous! You never know what is going through their heads. But if you decide to hate them or get upset about what they say, you are just spreading the negativity rather than embracing positivity. Just let it go!

16. Do something risky to love your body

I don’t mean for you to rush out and get surgery or a tattoo, but check out yourself in the mirror – a lot. I know! It’s not an easy thing to do! Try it anyway and see if you don’t love your body more than you ever have before.

17. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, but don’t do it. Everyone has different metabolisms and medical conditions. You never know what is going on behind the scenes in someone’s life, so don’t judge.

18. Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

Have faith in yourself. Know that you are beautiful just the way you are! If you believe you are special, you will illuminate confidence in the way you carry yourself. It will be seen in the way you walk, the way you talk, and how you behave in front of others. Think about it. When was the last time you admired someone else for how they acted?

19. Remember that you are the hardest on yourself

Of everyone in the world, you are probably the hardest on yourself. Don’t let your image of yourself bother you so much. Other people are not as hard on you as you are on yourself. Give it a break and give yourself some much-needed praise!

20. Remember what you were like at your ideal weight

Sometimes, you can find a great deal of motivation by remembering what you used to look like. It’s great to remember that you were once like that and can easily get that way again with a little bit of hard work. So, maybe it’s not easy, but it is possible. You were once like that, remember? Think about what you did to look that way back then!

21. Think about your other great qualities

Everyone is born with gifts. Someone who doesn’t look that great on the outside may be beautiful on the inside. Perhaps, they are a giving soul who donates money to children’s shelters or volunteer at animal shelters! You never know unless you get to know someone. People have hidden talents and gifts that often remain hidden.

Remember what is great about you! What qualities do you admire about yourself? In what ways are you special – different from other people? How do you stand out? Think about what makes you unique. That is what you should focus on instead of worrying so much about the way you look. While it is important to be healthy, it’s not everything!


How can I be more sexually confident?

Admire your physical appearance. Don’t let the fact that you have stretch marks or that your body isn’t perfect hinder you. Spend time in front of the mirror, admiring your body and appearance. You will begin to see more things to appreciate if you give that a try.

How do you feel good about yourself when you are overweight?

Consider trying a healthy diet and some exercise if you feel you need to lose weight. Our body weight can make us feel self-conscious. This is very common amongst women. Talk to your sexual partner; see what they appreciate about your appearance! Then, you’ll know what to love about yourself!

How do I get over being shy in bed?

If you are not used to sex, you may be very shy in bed. Does that mean your sex drive is lower than that of other people? Absolutely not! You can experience pleasure and enjoy sex as much as the next person. Ask for extra touching if you need help finding your comfort zone.

How long does the average male last in bed?

It really depends on what you are doing in bed. If you are having sex, you should expect the peak performance to last a few minutes to maybe an hour. Most people lose momentum after a few minutes, so sex usually lasts less than an hour.

How do I stop feeling bad about my weight?

If you are insecure about your weight, you can do something about it. You can eat different food products and exercise more. Of course, if being healthy isn’t working for you, you should consult a doctor to see if a surgical option is the best choice for you.

To Sum Up

Are you uncomfortable in your own skin? Have you tried using sex toys or other things to increase sexual pleasure? Sex toys and different sex positions can increase sex appeal and make you feel sexy or feel confident with your body. What is your opinion? Please share in the comments!

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