How To Be An Alpha Female (19 Ways To Rock This World)

Alpha females are assertive and strive to make a positive impact wherever they go. They command attention through their ambitious lifestyles and are never intimidated by others. Their bold, audacious, and positive lifestyles inspire many, telling others they can truly achieve what they desire. 

However, many females are unaware that they can be alphas. They succumb to the general belief that women should fill minimal positions without the hope of ever attaining total success. This mindset only cripples their potential and limits their capacity to achieve so much more.

If you want to prove this notion wrong, you need to learn how to be an alpha female. This article breaks down everything you need to know about becoming an alpha in nineteen steps. If you desire that top-class position as a woman, continue reading to find out.

19 Ways To Be An Alpha Female

1. Be independent

An exceptional quality that distinguishes an alpha woman from her peers is her high independence level. She understands the essence of being self-reliant and never depends on others for what she can handle herself. This attribute enables her to gain the respect of others, including her partner. 

Men value this alpha quality in women because it proves their strength. Although men desire to feel wanted by their partners, they also need their women to be self-sufficient in their ways. Therefore, taking control of your life and making operational decisions without relying on others is the best way to stay on top.

2. Don't be an attention-seeker

The easiest way to lose your feet as an alpha female is to be an attention-seeker. Female alphas don't try to be noticed by others but allow the attention to come naturally to them. If you want people to be interested in you, there should be something about you that stands out.

Therefore, focusing more on being unique is the best way to get people's eyes on you. Your primary aim should be to develop yourself until you attain a level of peculiarity. If you focus more on the final result, which is getting others' attention, you will end up looking desperate. You need to have authentic goals if you truly want to be one of the female alphas.

3. Be a constant learner

The difference between an alpha female and other females in their quest for knowledge. Female alphas understand that success isn't cheap, so they're constantly gaining insight into managing several states of accomplishment. 

While other females may while away their time, these individuals understand the essence of reading a good book or doing more research. If you genuinely want to be a top-class female, you have to cultivate the habit of learning new things every day. 

Staying humble is also a critical factor in ensuring others can teach you their secrets. More so, it would help if you embraced the idea of learning from everyone, including those lower than you.

4. Encourage others

An alpha female rises by pulling others up and not downgrading them. If you want others to respect you by being one of the female alphas, you need to motivate the people around you to be better. Share tips, inspire, and help whenever you can. Others should always see you as a pillar of support and not an enemy of their progress. 

People regard an alpha person as a leader, which means you have to display leadership qualities to gain others' respect. Even in romantic relationships, these females provide the necessary support to their partners to ensure they attain the highest success level.

5. Earn men's respect

earn mens respect

Alpha females come in contact with a lot of alpha males. Their confidence level, even in a room full of alphas, distinguishes these sets of females. They are never bothered by the accomplishments of men, and nor are they intimidated when they display arrogance. Such attributes earn them the respect of men. 

You have to be assertive to exhibit such traits. Don't seek the attention of men, but aim to stand out with the confidence you display. More so, don't be outright competitive with men, or they'll be more motivated to put you in your place. Instead, subtly aim for the top without saying a word about it.

6. Make things happen

There are always three categories of people in any group. Those that are oblivious of things happening around them, people who wait for others to do something for them, and people that make things happen. If you genuinely want to be an alpha female, you have to be in the latter category. 

Never wait for others to spoon-feed you or to lead the pack. Instead, contribute to the best of your ability to ensure things run smoothly. This impact-driven mindset would separate you anywhere you find yourself and make you a female with purpose. It will also guarantee you gain respect and honor from others.

7. Support your family

An alpha woman doesn't just succeed independently but understands the essence of helping her family in the process. She knows her image is deeply connected to her roots. Therefore, she caters to the needs of her loved ones when they face difficulties. She doesn't put others above her family but responsibly solves their problems whenever she can. 

If you want to possess these attributes, have an honest discussion with your loved ones about the challenges they're facing or might face in the long run. Please support them in monetary and non-monetary ways by sacrificing your time or creating a budget to meet their needs.

8. Get your life together

Any female that can't keep up with their livelihood doesn't portray the qualities of an alpha. Perfectly navigating through your finances, career, relationships, etcetera is how to be one of the alpha females. 

Getting your life together isn't a day's job but a gradual process you'll need to learn over time. Embracing change is the first step to take, especially if you have certain habits that derail you from success. You have to decide to make your life better actively, and this will be a stepping stone to your greatness. 

Take advice from other notable female alphas, and ultimately be the boss of your life.

9. Be ambitious

The idea that women only have certain positions to fill limits many from reaching their full potential. If you want to attain alpha height, you have to change your mindset about how far a female can go. 

Your desire for success and achievement will separate you from the crowd and push you to greater levels. Don't let anyone's negative perception of being too ambitious prevent you from attaining the height you desire. Set big goals and aim to accomplish them irrespective of what people think. 

Women tend to get a bad reputation for aiming for the top. Nonetheless, try to stay resilient, and you'll achieve your dreams in due time.

10. Never let stress stop you

never let stress stop you

On your journey to becoming an alpha woman, you will face several challenges along the way. The working capacity of your body would limit you in ways you never expected, but you should never allow this factor to slow you down. It is critical to imbibe the skill of perseverance if you genuinely want to be an alpha.

Understand that most female alphas get their best work done when under pressure. They put all their efforts into achieving great results, and this factor separates them from their peers. Rest when you can, but don't be hesitant to go the extra mile if such a decision will help you succeed.

11. Embrace balance

An alpha female is driven towards attaining success but still understands the essence of maintaining a balanced life. She caters to her physical, mental, and even spiritual life despite how busy her schedule gets. 

She works hard but also takes a mental break when she needs to. She eats healthily, gets the right amount of sleep, and engages in spiritual exercises to establish harmony in her life. Her strength lies in maintaining a balance irrespective of her ambitions.

If you want to sustain your accomplishments, you have to create a well-balanced system that will keep you energized in the long run.

12. Dispel the negative opinions

One of the challenges you'll face as a woman trying to become alpha and attain greater success levels is a ton of negativity. People will misunderstand you, fabricate stories, or even try to take advantage of you. However, living above the negativity will distinguish you from the rest and put you above your haters.

Never let the actions of others alter your personality or cause you to behave unrulily. Maintain your cool at all times and always focus on achieving your dreams. Constantly remember that people's negative opinions are only a distraction from your desire to become an alpha truly. Therefore, you need to pay attention to other people's opinions.

13. Be purpose-driven

An alpha female differs from other females because of her motives for success. She rarely makes careless decisions because of how important she sees her goals. Her purpose-driven lifestyle makes her intentional about her actions, and this builds her confidence with time. 

As you become one of the female alphas, it's essential to live with purpose and strive to impact. Your lifestyle choices will either make you stand out or push you further to the ground. Therefore, being intentional about making a difference wherever you go will guarantee you success.

Never try to achieve your goals merely for self-gain because it will limit your chances of truly being a top-class female. Instead, have a genuine reason for aiming for the top.

14. Maintain a tight-knit friendship circle

An alpha woman's strength is exceptional because she strives to maintain her associations no matter how preoccupied she gets. She creates value wherever she goes, and this makes her an essential asset amongst her friends. If there's a meetup and she doesn't show, her friends call off the meeting because they believe it will be unsuccessful without her. 

When your presence makes so much difference amongst your peers, it shows you've truly become one of the female alphas. The best way to make this happen is to strive to impact wherever you are, even among your friends.

15. Display emotional intelligence

display emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in personal and corporate success and is why most alphas have a leadership role. Wielding the necessary power to direct and manage your emotions and not allowing them to control you will push you to the alpha level and make others respect you. 

Female alphas have judicious and empathic ways of relating with people, displaying their high level of wisdom. They never act irrationally or based on assumptions. Instead, they express their emotions prudently and in a manner that commands respect.

16. Accept your mistakes

The biggest mistake you can make as a woman striving for success is believing you're above errors. Understanding that your errors are necessary for greater heights is how to become one of the alpha females. 

It would help if you didn't try to paint a picture of perfection to others. Acknowledge your mistakes whenever it's necessary, and don't let them tie you down. If you get stuck on your errors or someone else's criticism, you won't fully become the lady you need to be. Therefore, aim to grow from your mistakes instead of allowing them to tear you apart.

17. You protect others

Female alphas are fearless, and they make bold decisions. They strive to protect themselves as well as the rights of others. Such a person is willing to face danger if it will guarantee others' protection, and this quality earns her maximum support and respect from others. 

Having a courageous spirit is one of the essential attributes of an alpha person. They accompany this trait with prudence and make the best decisions to safeguard themselves and the people around them. 

These individuals are also relatively intuitive and can think amid danger. Developing these qualities by staying unfrightened by uncertainties will surely keep you ahead.

18. Don't tolerate bad behavior around you

An alpha woman understands the importance of letting people go instead of allowing them to weigh her down. If you observe someone exhibiting destructive behaviors around you, your best option is to let that person go. The more you tolerate these attitudes, the more they'll eventually affect you.

Attending the issue early on will gain you respect from others. They'll regard your boundaries more and relate with you with caution. On the contrary, permitting such attitudes around you will only create room for others to mistreat you. It's critical to respect your space if you want others to see you as an alpha.

19. Take risks

A determining factor in becoming one of the alpha females is your ability to take risks. Do you prefer conducive environments, or are you willing to go outside of your comfort zone for what you want? The answer to this question will reveal whether you'll stay on top or crash as soon as you get there.

Being a risk-taker is an essential criterion for achieving greater levels of success. It shows how courageous and intellectual you are, which will inspire others to dispel their fear. It would help if you were more opportunity-driven instead of letting circumstances intimidate you. This factor will help you maintain success whenever you attain it.


What are the characteristics of an alpha female?

An alpha female radiates confidence and is independent. She is emotionally intelligent, has excellent leadership qualities, is highly ambitious, and is a supportive friend. She doesn't pull down others to look good but motivates and helps others to achieve more.

Can a female be an alpha?

Females can attain that top-class position if they embrace change and develop an unrelenting spirit. Alpha females are never intimidated by others' success. Instead, they live a purpose-driven life and maintain valuable relationships with friends and loved ones. 

What is an alpha personality?

People refer to the alpha personality as the first in order of importance. Attributes accompanying this trait include a competitive and socially aggressive spirit. Individuals with this personality are also natural leaders who strive to motivate and empower those around them. 

What makes a man an alpha?

A man with an alpha personality takes charge of his environment. He controls his emotions and operates with prudence. Such a man also commands attention wherever he goes with his assertive nature. He is also a gentleman that treats others with respect. 

What is a Sigma male?

A sigma male lives outside the social hierarchy but wields the attributes of an alpha male. He is somewhat introverted and doesn't feel the need to compete with other males for a top spot. Instead, he guides others on their path to success. 

To Sum Up

Did you enjoy this article on alpha females? Remember that being an alpha requires hard work. You also have to embrace change at critical points if you want to maintain your spot at the top. Lastly, always be empathic and generous to others. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article or share it with friends. 

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