How To Attract An Older Man (25 Classy Ways)

Do you find yourself drawn to older men? Are you an old soul and it seems like guys your age are a little too immature or boring? Are you just bored of the usual drama that comes with dating relatively younger men? 

Perhaps it’s about financial security? Whatever your reasons are for wanting a relationship with an older guy, remember the old saying, “Age is just a number.” So don’t let the age gap get in the way of what you want. Older men can be quite fun to be with. 

While an older man might likely not go mountain climbing or play video games with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a completely fun and healthy relationship. You’d undoubtedly enjoy the comfort of being around someone experienced, more stable, and perhaps, more financially capable. 

If dating older men is uncharted territory to you, not to worry. Here are some of the things you can do to attract an older man for a healthy relationship. 

25 Ways To Attract Older Men

1. Pick a venue

First, you may want to position yourself in places where you can attract the kind of man you want. Choosing a venue is important as it helps you meet someone with mutual interests. For example, if you are a woman with interests in horse racing, golf, casino games, or humanitarian activities, you’ll do well to visit places where these activities happen. 

That way, you can attract an older man that shares mutual hobbies or interests. I’m not time, you may stray dating.

2. Confidence, Confidence, confidence

If you are going to make any progress here, you are going to need to muster all the confidence you have. Remember, there’s a wide age gap between you both. So you want to ensure you are bringing in irresistible positive energy with a high level of maturity. It doesn’t matter their age, men generally find confident women attractive. 

If you are going to pull it off the 21st century way, by making the first move to attract an older man, you’ll undoubtedly need to show you know what you are doing. Remember, the aim is to be attractive in a positive way and not slutty, loud, or wild.

3. Opt for a more mature look

One of the advantages of being a woman is having the natural charm that catches men’s attention by just walking into their space or territory. Since your aim is to attract an older man for dating, you might want to appear with more maturity in the dress department. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should look old. In fact, your youthfulness is probably one of your greatest assets. 

However, you want to avoid appearing too wild, like a teenager. The goal is to blend your youthfulness with sophistication. This way, you don’t let go of youth, and you’ll still pull off the appearance of an older man who will be comfortable dating.

4. An alluring scent is not a bad idea

Beyond a nice dress and flawless makeup, smelling nice is also a good way of attracting men. Chances are, older men that wear perfumes with a captivating scent will also appreciate younger women with an equally nice scent. 

Perfumes are very seductive as they not only appeal to the senses of smell but also the mind. Therefore, opt for something classic. It could backfire if you go for something too strong. 

5. Smile

As a woman, another advantage you have is giving men the “green light” without moving close or saying anything. You may think a smile is a little too simple, but if you truly want to know how to attract an older man, a smile is one of your easiest charms. Men generally get weak in the knees when an attractive lady flashes a smile at them. 

Even more, an older man will be more excited if the smile is coming from a younger pretty lady he doesn’t expect will notice him. Altogether, a smile makes you more confident and gives you an appearance with a high level of maturity.

6. Engage with common interests

Common ground is crucial if you aim at dating an older man. Older men or not necessarily boring. It may even surprise you that they are young at heart. So you can share your interests with him and see the things you both have in common. If you have common interests, it’ll be easier to communicate, have fun, and share ideas.

That said, there are things older men are naturally into because they’ve been around for a while. History is one of them. So, if you want to attract an older man that’s also a baseball fan, you might want to know a few things about baseball history.

7. Ask for his help or opinion

ask for his help or opinion

Whether young or older men, they all like to help an attractive younger woman. If you want to attract an older man at work or a store you regularly visit for a healthy relationship, you can ask him for help from time to time. Ask for his opinion about a task or product. If you really want to catch his attention, ask him how you look in the dress you are wearing. 

Make him feel his opinion matters to you. Older men love it when the younger generation values their input. It not only makes them feel needed, but it also excites them, especially when the “cry for help” is coming from pretty younger women.

8. Make him feel young

A common behavior among young people is making the older generation feel like they are outdated, or unimportant because they are not used to hashtags and TikTok. However, if you are interested in how to attract an older man, try to adopt ways to make him feel younger. For example, it might be best to avoid the “old man” or “dad” joke. 

If he’s well-advanced into his 60s, try not to point out things that remind him he’s getting older, e.g., his grey hair, the age gap, or his wrinkles. Show him those things don’t bother you by not mentioning them. You can even ask him to dance when you start dating. That way, you’ll make him feel like you don’t see him as a tired, weak old man that needs to be careful so that he doesn’t break.

9. You might need to adapt his communication style

Older men (depending on how old) may not be used to trending chat terminologies and abbreviations like, brb (be right back), BTW (by the way), ROTFL (roll on the floor), STFD (shut the front door). They may also find some emojis a bit strange. 

It’s best if you adopt their communication style so that you don’t have problems. Situations will naturally become awkward if you are using abbreviations or emojis. He may have to ask you their meaning all the time. Remember, communication is key. You can’t successfully attract an older man if you can’t establish a communication style that suits you both. 

10. Act more like his equal

When an older man chooses to date a younger woman, what he wants is a lover. You’ll do well to avoid behaving like his mother while you are trying to show you care to attract him. Women sometimes act impulsively by trying to throw their natural mummy traits on their partners. 

Avoid telling him what to do and how to do things. It’s not a bad idea if you are trying to suggest new, trendy, or fun things. However, don’t make him feel like his ideas or ways aren't good or yours are better.

11. Be independent

It’s a turn-off when your only aim of dating an older man is to get someone to take care of all your needs. Yes, you want financial security, we all do. However, men, including older men, are attracted to independent ladies. Therefore, have a job, an apartment. Let him see you have some level of financial security. 

That way, you don’t appear like a desperate woman looking for men to care for all your needs. Yes, you may find an older man who doesn’t mind being your sugar daddy, but if you are looking for a healthy relationship with mutual respect, then be independent. 

This way, caring for you financially doesn’t put him under any pressure. Being independent will also make you have some self-worth. A younger woman with self-worth can easily attract an older man that’s wealthy.

12. Don’t be overly conscious of his money

While you are acting all independent, you also want to avoid monetary conversation. I understand that money offers security but if the older man you are interested in is very rich, try to avoid asking how much his penthouse or Ferrari costs. 

The cost of those things is on the Internet, what's the point of asking? Rich old men can spot a gold-digger from far away. That’s because they are used to being a target of gold-digging predators. Everyone wants financial security but don’t be money-centric if you want to successfully attract an older man that also has lots of money.

13. Give him a hint that you don’t mind the baggage

Depending on the age gap, to attract an older man for a relationship may mean you have to deal with the drama of an ex or kids. Be understanding, and don’t act jealous by telling him to choose between you and his family. Let him know you are a big girl and can handle little family drama. 

14. Hang out with him

hang out with him

When it comes to how to attract an older man or any other man, creating scenarios where you have the opportunity to spend time together is a fantastic way to go. Some older men may be a little old-fashioned, and may therefore feel a little uncomfortable or unwilling when younger women approach to ask them out. 

However, being friends first never gets old. There’s almost no better way to get close to someone older than hanging out with them. 

15. Buy him gifts

Yes, an older man will naturally buy you things, especially when he’s rich. Caring for you will come naturally when you start seeing each other more often. However, don’t be a “one-way traffic” by receiving from him only. 

If you want to attract an older guy, go out of your way to buy him something he’ll appreciate. This way, you’ll not only register yourself in his heart as a caring person, but he’ll also know you are ready for something serious. 

16. Be genuinely interested in him

How to attract an older man isn’t hard if you can be genuinely interested in him. You’ll have him trusting you and pouring his heart and soul out to you. Whenever you meet, make the conversation more about him. 

Let him know you never get tired of listening to him. Avoid making it all about you when you are having a conversation. He’ll love having you around when he notices you always want to listen to talk about work, his family, problems, etc. 

17. Introduce him to your friends

One of the biggest challenges that come with dating older men is letting them into your world. While your friends can’t dictate the type of man you can date, they may want to interfere in a way. 

There’s also the worry that your older guy may not fit in with your younger friends whenever there's a need to get together. It’s normal to feel awkward among people of different age groups, especially when the age difference is high. 

Your job is to make him more comfortable, so he’ll know you are not hiding him from your friends. Also, let your friends know that they have to respect your choice because some friends may think you didn’t make the right decision and as such, feel they are helping you by making your older man uncomfortable.

18. Be a little old-fashioned

When you want to attract an older man, bear in mind that some things might be old-fashioned with him. You’ll also find that many older men are conservative. So there’s no point trying to make him change all his old-fashioned ways of doing things. It may make him feel uncomfortable. Besides, being old-fashioned can be nice too, regardless of your age group. 

So while your youthful way of doing things is not a bad idea, you may also try to be old-fashioned as well. It’s common for older men to feel younger women may be too much for them to handle and that getting along may be difficult. 

However, when he sees you are young and old-fashioned in some ways, the idea of dating a younger woman or being in a relationship with one won’t feel like a bad idea for an older guy.

19. Familiarize yourself with his world

Perhaps, you don’t have things in common with the older man you are interested in. If so, you might need to familiarize yourself with his world so that you can relate to him better. If he’s a big shot, chances are things like the stock market and real estate will fascinate him. It’s no brainer, just update yourself with the trending things in those areas. 

If you can hold a conversion, you’ll appear intelligent, which can attract an older guy, including men of other ages.

20. Pay attention to him

In case you are now closer but you want to do more, paying attention is one way that makes men totally sold out to a woman. When you make him feel his conversations don’t bore you, you’ll get him in your corner in no time. Be genuinely interested and remember to ask about past topics he opened up to you about. 

For example, if he’s out of a marriage with a messy divorce, you can ask him what the situation is and if he has the opportunity to see his kids. 

21. Be interested in his family

be interested in his family

It’s normal for older men to have kids. After all, they’ve probably been dating when you were still wearing diapers. Some of his kids may even be in your age group. So, another way to attract an older man is by showing genuine interest and attention in his kids. Family is everything to most responsible men. 

So, when you show that you care about their kids, it’s a good sign you won’t have a problem when you start dating or decide to get married.

22. Be sexy

Well, no matter how old a straight man is, sexy women will always excite him unless he’s no longer physically capable or medically fit. Being sexy encompasses a good outfit, nice shoes, the way you talk, how you look at him, and so on. You want to give him all the signals to let him know you find him attractive. But try not to ooze a slutty vibe. 

If he’s looking for something more serious than a one-night stand, he’ll probably ignore you if you look like a call girl. Older men are a lot more careful than their younger counterparts. They wouldn’t want people to see him as a randy old man. So, blend your sexiness with a little bit of class if you want to attract an older man that’s equally classy.

23. Don’t play games

Nobody likes it when others manipulate them. Whether they are young or older men, men generally have their fears. However, older men are usually more cautious about younger women because of the risk of manipulation. It’s best not to play mind games with an older man. At their age, they know what they want and they expect that you should too. 

24. Treat him with respect

All men want respect. That’s how they are naturally wired. I’m not talking about behaving like a servant or doing a man’s bidding even when it’s not convenient. Respecting a man means caring about his opinions, cooking for him, and making him know he’s got a place in your heat no one else has. That’s how you attract an older man.

25. Talk about your goals and the future

Talking about the future is one of the ways to let an older man know you know what you want and are not playing games. You can talk about your career or dreams. You can also hint about family, i.e how many kids you want to have. 

This way, you are letting him know what you want from a relationship. His response may expose if he’s just trying to take advantage of you. However, if he tells you he’s looking to have children, that would show why he’s considering younger women. 


How do you tell when an older man is attracted to you?

An older man is usually straightforward. Because he’s been around for a while means he likely knows what he wants. So, playing mind games or playing hard to get isn’t usually his thing. An older man usually shows interest by respecting you like you are his equal because he wants more than just friendship. He can also send you gifts if he’s rich to get your attention. 

However, it’s also possible an older man might want to take things a bit slow because he doesn’t want someone that will toy with his heart.

What attracts a mature man?

A mature-at-heart man is attracted to a confident and independent woman who displays a high level of maturity. Also, he wants a woman who’s not playing games and knows what she wants in a relationship. Mature men usually don’t want a lady that still behaves like an insecure teenager. 

Mature guys want a young girl that’ll make them feel young, pay attention to him, and also compliment his advanced years.

At what age are men most attractive?

Averagely, men start to become maturely attractive by age 21, when they would have lost all their boyish looks. They remain attractive to a peak age of 37, with 30-32 being their most attractive age. 

Where do men like to be touched?

Men like women like it when women are adventurous in the bedroom. They want their partner to touch their face as it shows physical attractiveness. Also, nipples, penis, and balls as they get excited in these three places the most. Some guys confess they want their woman to grab their butts when they assume the top position.

What does an older man want in a relationship?

An older man is well advanced in years, with experience in many areas of life, including dating. Like most men, older guys want a woman that displays maturity, faithfulness, pay attention, independent, devoid of drama and tantrums. If older guys aren’t considering kids, they probably just want a younger woman that will make them feel young and more alive.


Attracting an older man is no brainer. Your youth is an asset but it can also be a turn-off to older men if you are too wild and immature. Have confidence, maturity, be caring, sexy, and interesting. Bottom-line, show you can handle a man full of years and experience. 

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