How To Attract An Aquarius Man (10 Ways To Impress)

Are you wishing you were able to attract an Aquarius man into a relationship?

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How Do You Get The Attention Of An Aquarius Man?

How Do You Get The Attention Of An Aquarius Man?

1. Be a friend first.

The science of sexual attraction is one thing, but with Aquarius men, it’s usually something else. Let’s be honest – to truly attract an Aquarius man, you should first know their critical traits. Apart from being intelligent and witty, they also have a charming combination of self-control and confidence. This trait makes the task of getting an Aquarius man to chase you, like an extreme sport.

More importantly, you must first be friends with an Aquarius man, otherwise, you cannot be anything more intimate. You see; they're not so keen on interacting on an emotional basis no matter how social they seem; so, don't expect him to move from friend to lover that quickly.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to try as much as you can not to make this Aquarius man the center of your attention anytime you are around him. More so, it's okay to invite him out with your friends and have fun (but that should be it). This is because treating him similarly to your other friends will create a better atmosphere between both of you, this will help form a more intimate bond.

Altogether, that's what will get him to notice you. Always be as relaxed and casual as possible when you're alone with him, the effort to be someone else or over pleasing him is a significant turnoff. Friendship with him makes it easier for both of you to get comfortable in each other's company. You see, an Aquarius man will retreat at the littlest sign that you want more than friendship with him, especially when he doesn't feel the same way about you yet. 

2. Have your own life.

Have your own life

It's essential to have a life of your own to be with an Aquarius man. A true Aquarius man often shies away from the needy, jealous, and pushy partner. More so, he is a very independent man who usually has a lot going on for him; such as his work, humanitarian service, and perhaps, his many social activities.

Trust me; you don't want to always come between these things like a pest; if you do, he will cut you off like a loose thread from a seam. So, if you have something interesting going on in your life, it will likely serve as a massive distraction from him. To put it bluntly, being less available and involved in meaningful things automatically makes you the type of lady an Aquarius man wants.

Really and truly, being able to enjoy your own space is incredibly attractive to an Aquarius man because that's how they are. You’ll probably even notice how detached he can be from the life of those around him – even his own love life can sometimes suffer.

The truth is that you won't get that continuous contact from an Aquarius man unless he's really into you too. He won't always hang around your space, call you every day or be clingy in any way. In a nutshell, he expects you to keep the same energy.

3. Don’t be overly emotional.

Always keep your emotions in check and interact with him, rationally, and logically. Aquarius men do not understand feelings much, so they avoid it like the plague. This means that you've got to learn how to stay calm in daring situations; acting based on your emotions all the time is not a good sign because an Aquarius man appreciates a woman with good emotional intelligence; it makes for a stable and less chaotic communication.

Also, aim to cut out all those soap opera expressions, if you want to get his attention the right way. More so, be ready to confront issues that could have you feeling troubled head-on and move on from them in a civil manner. In simple terms, being extra is a no-no; so let it show in your interactions with him that you have your emotions under control.

Also, remember that there’s a fine line between this and becoming stone-cold towards him; you don't want to do this if he's into you too. A real Aquarius man will flee from an emotionally manipulative person because of how deeply they fall in love; so, don't give off any bad signs.

4. Intrigue him.

Intrigue him

It's easy to become annoying to an Aquarius man, and you don't want that; rather, you've got to keep him intrigued. Yes, I know it’s hard work but if you really love this man, then why not? And since Aquarius men are cerebral, it means the best way to drop their jaws is to get intellectual. This will entail trying to know a little bit of everything, especially the subjects you know he's interested in.

More importantly, have solid opinions of your own when discussing a particular issue of interest. And don't expect to change his mind while defending your ideas and principles; they are well rooted in theirs. In fact, one of the things Aquarius men look out for in women is the ability to be an independent thinker. So, stick to your personality, and don't go hopping on trends just because it's cool.

Furthermore, to be an intriguing person, you have to reveal less about you; so, don't give everything right off the bat and leave room for the unknown.  Sexually fascinating them counts a lot too; they are not just made of intellectual matter; Aquarius men are, after all, still men.

Therefore, you need to drive his imagination wild and make him want to want you without putting too much effort into being seductive. This is the time to be very subtle and smart because you don't want to be thought of as ‘basic’ by an Aquarius man you're into, or else the future with him will be hopeless.

5. Surprise him.

Considering the Aquarius man isn't a hopeless romantic, you don't want to go overboard with this. It's not easy to surprise such a man, but if you pull it off, it'll mean a lot to him. However, one way or another, you could try and surprise him – maybe with less extravagant surprises like a coffee date or remembering something he thought you'd forget, or even a thoughtful birthday gift, and the likes.

Anything too overboard will come off as trying to buy his commitment, and they don't like feeling indebted to people. So, tread carefully when it comes to surprising an Aquarius man. And if you don't feel like what your planning will work out, it's best you drop it than to fudge it. 

Pro warning; the reaction to your surprise might not go exactly the way it played out in your head. However, it’s more important that he's genuinely surprised and likes that it came from you. So, worry less about how he reacts. Nevertheless, make no mistake, these types of men are spontaneous and open to trying new things. And if you share those same qualities, it's a better idea to bond over that. 

6. Be creative.

Be creative

To attract an Aquarius man, you should have a creative mind. Be an innovative person, with something interesting to bring to the table. Remember you are dealing with a person who will love one creative thing or another and is also very inventive. Likewise, such a man will also love a lady who fits his way of thinking.

So, avoid sounding redundant when you try to pass a point across; rather, carefully think it through and own your imagination. You must also have some zest around you when hanging out with friends; so, try not to be a downer. Instead, talk about the unexpected, and be very expressive, and liberal about life.

Remember, what makes you unique is usually the point where the attraction of an Aquarius man begins; so, don't be afraid to show off your qualities occasionally because he will be blown away by a woman who can contribute knowledgeably to his ideas.

In fact, I'd suggest you do that often. Tell him about your quirky adventures, something you find interesting, and discuss a good book you read. Aquarius men are intellectually driven and want to know as much as they can about everything. No doubt, he will definitely want to be in your corner if you appeal to him this way. 

7. Don’t be impatient.

No man likes an impatient lady, especially an Aquarius one. Aquarius men love to take their time with relationships as they are in it for the long-run. And although I understand how trying to get the attention of this type of man can be frustrating; I do know that they are quite unpredictable, which will likely drive you up the wall.

Women naturally want to know where they stand with a man before they invest any further, and it's okay for you to feel the need to. However, getting that information in plain words from an Aquarius man is not a piece of cake. He can make you feel like the most important person in the world on some days and not so much on others,  but don’t take offense as this is often done unconsciously.

Rushing him into a decision might cost you the entire relationship or unlock a new level of delay. It's not easy to do but give him time and keep things in his control. However, this doesn’t mean that bringing up a certain matter is out of the question; simply address it civilly. No matter how pressed, you are to know your stand, avoid putting out an ultimatum.

8. Don’t be high maintenance.

Aquarius men easily love independent women who can handle themselves most times. If you're a needy person, whether financially or emotionally, he will keep you at arm's length. Certainly, demanding so much of him at every opportunity will have him running to someone else and diminish whatever attraction he has for you.

Aquarius men also like (or should I say, are in love) with their personal space and appreciate women who bring them inner peace. Their humanitarian nature makes them go all out for people; in fact, these men will go out of their way to help those in need. However, be aware that he will cut you off if he senses any slight gesture that makes him feel you are taking advantage of him.

It gets a lot worse when you are demanding so much from him and not going out of your way to deliver. A high maintenance woman is very stressful to this type of man; so, considering you are trying to attract him, not send him off, keep your maintenance level in check. Furthermore, being too materialistic could mean asking for much more time than he can give. Either way, none of those is likely to get you any further with him, so just your demands to a minimum.

9. Be honest.

Be honest

Aquarius men love an honest woman when they see one. Remember when I said friendship is critical? Sure, you do! Being friends with him first will also help you become more sincere. So, there's no need to paint a picture of you that isn't real; just allowing yourself to thrive as who you are is far more attractive than anything else.

Also, an Aquarius man will absolutely appreciate and love a woman that is honest and very trusting;  worse yet, it's tough to come back from breaking his trust. Trust me, these men are prone to be faithful to their partner or spouse and don't thrive much around people who create an atmosphere of doubt.

Remember how keen he is on freedom and equality? If so, be careful not to put him down. He's not into drama or any form of gossip, so drama queens need not apply. If your stories don't add up, you begin to tick him off, and we don't want that.

10. Don’t try too hard.

Before you feel like you're ready to be with an Aquarius man, be sure you've gotten past how detached and naturally defensive he can be. You might find him ignoring your texts and not giving you as much attention as you would like. All in all, making such a man attracted to you involves a lot of mind games. No doubt, as soon as you both get past this, something special will grow.

Also, keep in mind that there is always the possibility that he might not be attracted to you (or fall in love with you) the exact way you want it; an Aquarius man has his own way of doing things and can also be very stubborn, so be patient.

Worse yet, don't beat yourself up if his actions are not clear, as long as you are the best version of you there is, that’s all that matters.  And always remember, trying too hard will only chase him away.

To Sum Up…

I hope that you found this article on how to attract an Aquarius man helpful. To keep things brewing with your Aquarius man, simply stick to the tips listed above and remind yourself of them often. And I promise you'll do great!

Also, let me know what you think in the comment box below, and don't forget to share. I am sure an intelligent and witty Aquarius man will be perfect for some of your friends looking to fall in love with such a man.

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