How To Attract A Taurus Man (9 Simple Ways)

Are you trying to attract a Taurus man? Do you have no idea how to do it?

Don’t be embarrassed. A Taurus tends to be a challenge for any women. They are very stubborn and difficult to sway.

However, there are certain things a woman can do that even the most hard-headed Taurus finds difficult to resist, and I’ve listed them below. 

But before we begin, let me tell you a personal story.

I used to be VERY BAD at attracting and keeping great men into my life. 

The guys who were initially interested in me would get bored after a few weeks. There never used to be any ‘chemistry’ and I had no idea why. 

So, I hit the books and started reading all I could about male psychology. That’s when I discovered something called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This is a primal trigger within the male mind, which can make him feel incredibly powerful and purposeful when activated. 

If his lover can learn how to activate it constantly, he’ll be putty in her hands. No man can resist a woman that makes him feel so awesome all the time.   

So, that’s what I did – and the results were phenomenal. My personal relationships have never been more meaningful. You can learn more about how it works in my personal blog post

This skill isn’t easy to master, but it really is as powerful as it sounds. Not many women seem to know about it, meaning this is your opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Of course, if you’re only looking for Taurus-specific tips, keep reading. Below, I have listed 9 things you can to drive a Taurus man wild.

How Do You Attract A Taurus Man?

The key to attracting a Taurus man is understanding that they are a lot different than the other male zodiac signs. They can’t be bought with displays of money, and they can’t be impressed into liking you. They search a lot deeper for a connection with a potential mate. They take love and their relationships very seriously. A Taurus man’s heart is guarded, and it takes a lot of effort to reach their core. 

1. Be Patient

A Taurus guy likes to take his time when getting to know someone. It’s a slow-going relationship at first, and you may even need to make the first move. When a Taurus man starts falling in love, he gets shy and may even make it harder to get to know him or show him that you care for him. 

Be persistent, but patient. Don’t try to move too fast, or get him out of his comfort zone or he will shut down. It’s important that you realize that any relationship with Taurus men is worth taking it slow. These men put their everything into a relationship, will interrupt their routine and rearrange their life for someone they are truly in love with. So that probably means taking the time to build up trust. 

2. Have Sincerity And Be Genuine

Don’t be afraid to be yourself with the Taurus male. Even if you are not the sweet picture of perfection that everyone you’ve ever dated seemed to appreciate, the bull would love you more for showing him your dark sides rather than hiding them. And they can see through false pretenses the same way a hawk spots a mouse in a field. 

He has much going on in his life (at least he will feel like he does) to humor people who aren’t going to respect him enough to be themselves. This man isn’t even likely to tolerate even white lies, especially in the beginning of a relationship. He is too focused on his daily routine, career, family, and true friends to deal with anyone who is less than 100% real.

This star sign would rather love his partner for the worst and best parts of them, rather than be misled. He doesn’t like for his intelligence to be questioned and putting on a show of a persona that isn’t you is just like telling a Taurus man you think he’s stupid. 

The Taurus man is one of the most accepting astrology signs in the book, so there should never be a reason anyone has to make put up false pretenses with them. 

3. Be Well-Groomed – But Not Flashy

Be Well-Groomed - But Not Flashy

There is nothing that turns a Taurus man on more than a woman who looks good, smells good, and tastes good. But let’s not overdo it. This sign is earthly so they enjoy materialistic things. They enjoy the feeling of being kept up. But don’t show up to your first date dressed up in Gucci or decked out in diamonds. 

The Taurus man despite his enjoyment of materialistic things is also very sensible and does not like flashy people or people who obviously seeking attention. Nor does the Taurus man dig a woman who shows that she does not manage her money wisely. The Taurus sign above all else relishes stability, if his date is wearing champagne clothing on a beer budget it will turn him off. 

So when dressing to impress a sensible Taurus, you want to keep yourself somewhere between posh thrift-store check but with Hilton style. After all, it’s not what you wear, or who you wear, but how you wear it in the eyes of the bull. 

4. Have Career/Life Goals 

The Taurus man is career orientated. Even if he does know what he wants to do yet, he knows he wants to do something with his life. He is ambitious, and as soon as the Taurus man figures out what he wants to do, he will never stop trying to achieve it.  

And this guy isn’t looking for someone who is content with being a stay-at-homebody either. Eventually, when you guys are married with children, the Taurus man wants to be stable enough for you to be a stay-at-home mom if you wanted, but what really turns him on is a girl who has got big dreams. 

And it doesn’t really need to be career goals either. Even if your big dream is to create the perfect home and have a big family, as long as it’s a goal you two can work towards together, he will love it. You will find your Taurus man will be your biggest fan, cheerleader, and support network, as long as you are working to achieve something bigger than yourself. 

5. Be As Honest As Possible

As mentioned before, the Taurus man has no tolerance for dishonesty. Even little white lies will land you in the bullpen with your bullheaded love. Avoid any and all kinds of lies at all chances given. A Taurus can more easily forgive a sin, rather than sin and a lie along with it. 

The Taurus is one of the most understanding and forgiving signs, however, there are certain things that will immediately make sure you lose all trust with the Taurus. Lies are one of the hardest things to forgive since the Taurus man keeps his heart guarded to the fullest extent until he’s absolutely certain he can trust it with you. 

The Taurus man is quiet because he is easily hurt, and very sensitive, and lies are one of the biggest wounds you could inflict upon the guarded, sensitive bull. 

6. Pay Attention To Him

It’s commonly known that Taurus men are among the most romantic, sensual signs that you could have for a lover. And he is also one of the most attentive lovers you could ever get. He will text you first (in fact, he will most likely flirt and talk with you more over text or message than in person), sending you good morning beautiful messages. 

The Taurus man in love will give every moment he has free trying to make you happy. But the Taurus man needs the same from you, especially when you first start dating. He needs to feel that you are attracted to him. Sex needs to be sensual, and you need to shower him in affection and attention non-sexually every day as well. 

No matter how distant he may appear this sign longs to be showered with love, physically and emotionally. And if you are wanting your Taurus man to execute the first move, you need to be obvious about your feelings. He is shy and avoids rejection. If you play hard-to-get he may misunderstand your feelings. 

7. Try To Understand Him Without Nagging

The Taurus man is not the most effective communicator of the Zodiac. They keep their feelings locked up tight, partly because they don’t know how to express them and partly because he’s guarded. Usually, when something is wrong, they grow cold, distant, and shut down. And rather than tell you what is wrong, they will absolutely leave you guessing. 

The bull is hard to understand, and learning more about this zodiac may be beneficial for you when trying to attract him. If you can be the one person who makes him feel like you understand him, it is the key to unlocking all of his inner secrets. 

8. Learn To Cook

Learn To Cook

The Taurus man loves food. Food is a sensual thing for him. In fact, one of Taurus’ favorite date nights is revolved around food. Whether it be you stayed in and cooked together, or went to your favorite restaurant, food is a great way to attract this man. 

9. Be A ‘One-Man’ Kind Of Girl 

To some of us this seems obvious. But the Taurus man is a very traditional type of gentleman. He will expect you to see him and only him, as he will be sure that you are also his one and only if he feels a strong connection to you. 

Before you thin out your potential suitors, remember to make sure that the Taurus is the one that you want, because he is not jumping into anything without the thought of it turning into a serious, monogamous relationship. 


How Do You Know If A Taurus Man Likes You?

You can tell if he likes you by the way he acts. The Taurus man in love will treat you better and different than any other person around him. He will be more affectionate, he will touch you, he will be as obvious as possible. Though he is shy, and you might need to take the initiative. 

How Do You Keep A Taurus Man Interested?

To keep anyone interested in a relationship long-term, you need to continue to do what interested him in the first place. You have to always remain affectionate, patient, and be the embodiment of sensuality. Know his favorite foods, try to understand him, and most of all be honest and true to yourself. 

How Do You Make A Taurus Fall In Love With You?

Being honest and genuine are the most important things when trying to woo a Taurus man. He is sensitive and guarded, so being at your most vulnerable with him will incite trust and connection. 

What Clothes Attract Taurus Men?

A Taurus man is a sucker for a beautiful well-dressed woman. Sexy, mysterious, without being too flashy. He doesn’t like gaudy, and attention-seeking behavior or styles, but if you show a little bit of flesh, he will probably drool a little on the inside. Best be sure that it’s something he knows that you would wear. No false pretenses, not even with your clothes. 

Who Is Taurus Sexually Compatible With?

Let’s be honest – the Taurus – male and female – are pretty much compatible sexually with anyone. But it is the water signs, Pisces and Cancer, that will have the best luck relationship-wise according to astrology

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  1. well when they say to be to be patient with the Taurus man, they are not kidding it has been 6 yrs of talking and seeing each other. but it has been worth it he is the sweetest man any woman could have. He doesn’t say he loves me often, but his actions say it louder than words. over protctive, kind, Loving, truthful, passionate and the sex is the best!!!!!

  2. Hi am Maggie, a virgo sign, ACTUALLY I found myself in love with a Taurus man, wow at first I was so distant with him, trying to avoid him, so he was chasing me, for cup of months,up to I have decided to give him a hand, guys I can’t tell how sweet a Taurus man is, he is so carering, loving ooh my goodness I love him so very much, sometimes when I think of calling him,he is also was thinking of me, so cute, am in love.



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