How To Announce Engagement (51 Ways To Make The Big Announcement)

It's a big day for you because one of the most beautiful just happened to you. The love of your life staged a romantic proposal. Maybe you expected it, but you were not sure it was going to be this breathtaking. It made you so happy you shed happy tears. 

It's a happy news that would bring you mixed emotions for a brief moment. So, you may be caught in between trying to enjoy the moment, shedding happy tears, keeping the news private, sharing it with your loved ones, or the whole world. 

Whatever the case may be, if you eventually feel the need to share the news with people, whether they're your loved ones or not, you'll need creative engagement announcement ideas to do this. It doesn't matter if it's simple, casual, or funny; it may not be as simple as you imagine it.

But, if you just got engaged and you're looking for creative engagement announcement ideas to announce the exciting news to people, stay put to this article for some tips. Here are 51 creative ways to announce your engagement to your friends and family, colleagues, acquaintances, and other people you care about—both on and off social media.


51 Ways To Announce Engagement

1. Take a selfie

Selfies are known to pass messages to people without much stress. One of the most straightforward engagement announcement ideas is to take a nice selfie with your fiance. It doesn't have to be a well-planned one. You could just stand together with you or your fiance holding the camera.

It could be in your home, a restaurant, a park, or any love location he chose for the actual proposal. This is one way you can say the big news to people.

2. Share a photo of your new engagement ring

Sometimes, you don't need to stress telling stories, making explanations, or uploading many photos. People respond to pictures of engagement rings, whether it's for you or someone else. You could take a clean and crisp image of your new ring and post it online.

Make it creative by taking a close-up shot and focusing on it. You may add a write-up if you wish, but photos like that don't need captions, except you're so excited you want people to know without having to ask more questions. This is one lovely and stress-free way to announce your engagement to people.

3. Change your relationship status online

This may not be really noticeable, except on a few social media platforms. But, with time, people get to see and accept the change. It's easy, and you don't have to stress yourself doing it. You could go on your profile and make the change by tweaking your bio a bit.

Or, you could change it in settings and update it to your newly engaged status. It's pretty easy and fun, especially if you're expecting a congratulatory message or comment from many people. This is one of the ways you can announce your engagement online without using a photo.

4. Set a camera to take candid shots

You could decide with your partner to go on a low budget on your proposal day if you don't have enough cash to spare for a professional photographer. Or, you could ask a friend you trust who can come up with good camera shots from different angles to help.

If you do it alone, all you need to do is set a timer on your camera to capture your lovely proposal. It could be any camera. It doesn't matter if it's a DSLR or phone camera. This is one of the engagement announcement ideas you can use to tell people you're engaged.

5. If you have a pet, use it to share the news

Most people forget that using their pets to do certain romantic things helps to make them more adorable. If you have a pet you love so much, you could place your engagement ring on them and take a photo, or you could have them wear something related to your engagement on their neck.

It doesn't have to be in any particular location or could be your home, surroundings, or a place with an excellent background. Photos with nice angles would do the trick. It's one of the creative ways you can play around with and use it as one of your engagement announcement ideas.

6. Get a nice tattoo

If you want to announce your engagement, you want many people to hear the exciting news, and you don't mind going a little extra with creative ways, you and your partner could get a tattoo on a visible part of your body. It could be your arm, or anywhere you know people will observe fast.

It doesn't have to be anything huge or complicated. You could write the date of your proposal, a lovely and obvious love quote that relates to your newly engaged status or some love emojis that mean you're not single anymore. This way, you can let everyone know you're engaged without much effort.

7. For music lovers, you can use an old CD plate

One of the most creative ways is writing your proposal date on one or two old CDs, holding it with your partner, and taking a creative shot. You could go extra by decorating the background with other music-related props to make it more creative.

Don't forget; that your partner has to agree with this idea before you proceed to make sharing the news more exciting for you and other people out there. This is one of the ways to announce engagement to people creatively, and it's a low budget, so you won't spend so much trying to make it work.

8. Use creative engagement hashtags

use creative engagement hashtags

If you're thinking of announcing your engagement on social media and you want people to see it globally, one way you can go about it is to use hashtags. You don't have to limit yourself to a few; you can use wedding date hashtags, proposal, engagement, or any other lovers' hashtag you can think of.

With hashtags, your posts would go more global than you can imagine, and they will appear whenever anyone searches that hashtag for a photo or video. But, this will only work online on a few social media platforms, which means people who are online may not see it immediately.

9. Tell a story of your destination

One way you can get people's attention faster is to start by giving them a step-by-step update on your way to your proposal destination. You could take photos, videos, or GIFs of things that interest you on your way there or at the destination itself.

This mainly applies to people who love taking videos and keeping memories of their daily life. So, if you're this kind of person, it will naturally flow on your proposal day without you putting much effort. It's one of the creative ways to announce engagement to people, and you should try it.

10. For coffee lovers, you can use coffee cups

If you're a coffee-lover, there's a unique way for you to do this. Use coffee cups or coffee alone to create creative ideas or take nice shots from well-thought angles with write-ups related to your engagement. You can ask anybody to help or use a self-timer on your phone.

You could customize it by writing your proposal date, your name with your fiancé's, and a love emoji. Or, you could both hold the cups and take a beautiful and clear selfie. But, it's something you can play around with, to achieve something nice with it. It's one of the ways to announce an engagement and capture people's attention.

11. You could involve your immediate family

A good way to achieve many things in your life is to involve your immediate family members to help you with the execution. If you're a single mother or your fiancé is a single father, you could give any of your kids a neatly written writeup to hold while you take a photo.

If not, you could talk to any of your siblings to do it for you while you get creative with the photo angles. So, they could take the photos with you in the background, or take pictures and videos of you, the newly engaged couple, together. This is one of the ways to announce an engagement.

12. You can post photos of the exciting news on your story

A few engagement announcement ideas could involve you making a short video while you're shedding happy tears on your big day when you're still emotional to tell people about the exciting news. You could share this as one of your stories on any social media platform.

The good thing is, that almost all the known social media platforms now allow provision for their users to post videos. So you could make a short one with both of you in it a newly engaged couple to share the news with people. It's effortless and straightforward to achieve it.

13. Throw a lovely engagement party

Engagement parties have been known to save lives when it comes to sharing your newly engaged bliss with your loved ones. It doesn't just help you announce your engagement but creates an atmosphere for people to receive and share in the excitement as a group.

You never know, but it could motivate other dating couples to take their relationship to the next level and give everyone a reason to have fun. Or, if your partner doesn't mind, he could use this engagement party to make the actual proposal. This is one fun way to go about your engagement announcement.

14. Upload a casual photo of it

Telling the general public you're engaged may not be necessary after telling your closest friends and immediate family members. But, you could still decide to do it in a little way to inform others. This way, you could simply take a nice photo with your partner and upload it with a lovely caption. 

Alternatively, you could use an old photo or memory of both of you and write a simple one-line sentence just to inform them about the good news. It's easy and straightforward, and it's a creative way to go about announcing your engagement to fans and acquaintances.

15. Use a lovely engagement cake

If you can't afford an engagement party, you could always do the nearest thing to it, which is baking or buying a lovely customized cake. That way, your friends and family don't have to visit or meet at the same time to enjoy life's biggest moments with you.

They could pop in whenever it's convenient for each of them, or you could cut a little piece to visit them. So, you could either tell them directly or wait for them to ask questions about the sudden celebration. It's one way to go about announcing your engagement to people you want to tell.

16. Plan an engagement shoot

plan an engagement shoot

An engagement shoot is another creative way to use for your engagement announcement. It could require a lot of time, effort, and creativity, but it would do the trick. So, you have extra cash; you could hire a photographer or ask one of your photographer friends to do you the honor.

You can either pick a location, design your home, or make it seem like you took the photos while having fun at a park. That way, you have candid shots of your big day, which could also serve as photos for your wedding announcement. Depending on how you go about it, your engagement shoot could say it all.

17. You can throw a lovely virtual party

One way to save unnecessary costs, time, energy, and resources, is to throw a nice virtual engagement party. Virtual engagement parties play a significant role in helping announce your engagement to as many people as possible. The good thing is, that they can quickly leave and join the engagement party whenever they want, which means it's not limiting.

So your friends and family could stay in their houses, offices, or different locations to hear the happy news and still have the opportunity to participate in the excitement of your proposal. This mainly applies if your loved ones are busy or far away, but you still want to announce your engagement to them at the same time.

18. Balloons could be beautiful, too

A few creative ways to announce your engagement is blowing up a beautiful balloon. You could customize it with a lovely writeup on the external surface and add light attractive goodies inside it, or you could blow many balloons with different messages and allow them to float while you take photos of them.

Alternatively, you do a combination of your engagement ring with creative balloons of different beautiful colors and take photos with them. This is one way to go about announcing your engagement.

19. Upload a nice photo of you two, kissing

Kissing photos of couples may be common, but they could help make an announcement of couple-related news easy. You could take a couple of pictures of you and your fiance kissing at different moments or the actual proposal to announce your engagement to people.

It doesn't have to be a planned engagement shoot, it could be a selfie, or you could ask anybody around to help you take the photos while you and your fiance do your thing by trying out different kissing styles and techniques. It doesn't necessarily have to be a kiss; it could be either of you pecking each other.

20. You can use news headlines to break the news

News headlines could do the magic, too. But that's if you're a social person and don't mind the extra attention from people. You could either use one of the local newspapers or pay for an announcement on radio or TV on one of the talk shows.

Depending on your pocket, you could do it a few times after your proposal and pending your wedding period. It's good publicity and would help share the news with many people that you are engaged. If you have the cash, this is one way you can go about your engagement announcement.

21. Send a personalized message to your closest friends

If you're not ready to spend money on resources, go on social media, plan an engagement shoot, or attract unnecessary attention, you just send a personalized broadcast message to your closest friends and immediate family members.

Because they are your friends, of course, they're already aware of your relationship, so it won't be that difficult to make your engagement announcement to them. A sentence would be fine, or just a picture of your ring to share the exciting news with them. This is one of the simplest ways to announce to your friends that you're engaged.

22. Do a face-to-face surprise

Surprises don't only apply to birthdays or the actual proposal; you can surprise your friends and family with your new relationship status, too. And you can do this with a face-to-face method. So, you show up at their workplace, homes, or an outing and break the big news to them.

That way, you all enjoy life's biggest moments by laughing and reminiscing about them together. Depending on the scenario, you may unconsciously start talking about the wedding, and you also get to see and share in their excitement, physically. This is one way to go about an engagement announcement.

23. Make reference to your new ring

A fashionable way to share certain big news with people is by making reference to your engagement. It doesn’t matter if it relates to the topic of discussion or not; saying something about your ring is a fun and unique way to break the big news to people.

Your closest friends won’t care if you cut them short while talking or you said something completely off-point. They would be overwhelmed by the excitement and may start planning for your wedding immediately, even when you don’t ask them to. This is one way to go about announcing your engagement to people, especially your loved ones.

24. Billboard announcement

billboard announcement

If you don’t mind spending extra cash or going out of your budget, you could try using a billboard announcement. Try choosing a few locations in your city, where many people can see it to place your photo or anything related to your engagement to send the message across to people.

If not, you wait for when you’re sure of your wedding, then make the announcement. The only setback here is, that depending on your location, a billboard announcement could need approval, which may take a while depending on who’s in charge of it. This is one of the creative ways to go about your engagement announcement.

25. Send a snail mail

It’s fun to use the old-fashioned way to do things sometimes. So. instead of the usual email, social media, or anything internet-related, you can use a method everyone least expects to receive the happy news with. It’s incredible for your pen pals to wake up to a letter to announce your engagement.

Not only would your way of announcement be fun, but it would also be unique and give everyone a chance to read and assimilate the good news before reaching out to congratulate you. If you don’t mind exploring different things, this could be good for you. But, if you don’t, you could try other creative ways.

26. Organize a dinner date

Dinner dates with close friends are usually fun, especially if you have good news to share with everyone. You get to eat, laugh, express yourselves, and plan for your wedding. You could even tell them about your proposal memories and how you reacted. They also get to wish you well in a relaxed state of mind.

So, pick your favorite location or any place the people you're inviting would be comfortable meeting to share the news with them. It could be a restaurant, coffee, and snacks shop, or karaoke. This is one way to go about your engagement announcement.

27. Make a video call

This is one of the easiest ways to announce your engagement to anyone you choose. Depending on your preference, you could use any social media platform for it. You could use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger video calls to achieve it.

A video call would give you and your friend time to scream, talk, laugh, and express yourself freely. You both get to see each other's true reactions and maybe, fix a good time to meet for good fun and talk well if it's convenient. Making a video call is one way to announce your engagement to your loved ones or other people faster than you can imagine.

28. Use one of the Tik Tok challenges

It sounds funny, but Tik Tok is one of the most creative ways to make an engagement announcement. It may be stressful to produce a video, depending on how simple or complicated you want it to look. You can upload your photos or old video memories to make an announcement.

It's easy, but if you have a hard time trying to do this, you could watch other couples and how they did theirs, or go on the internet to search for ways to use the app to achieve anything you need to do. You could try using this way to share the news of your proposal.

29. Send individual messages to people

If you're a selective person, or you like to keep your things private, you could send individual messages to the people you trust and care about. It doesn't have to be too planned; it could be like one of those casual texts you usually send to them on an ordinary day.

It could be a voice note, short video, text, meme, or simply a ring emoji. Or, you could wait until you design your wedding invitation card, so you send everything to them at once. Study your loved ones' personalities to know the exact thing to do to make the engagement announcement to them.

30. Share the news during a get-together with friends and family

Sometimes, it's better to use one stone to kill two birds at the same time. So, as you hang out at an event with your family and friends, you can share the news with them. Wait for everyone to settle, or you could invite them to a common space and share the news.

It could be Christmas, Easter, new year's, or thanksgiving day, depending on the closest one to your proposal period. You can also choose the occasion where you know everyone would be less busy to attend so that you can break the news to them. This is one way to make your engagement announcement

31. Make a gesture with your new ring finger

Most people say making gestures with your ring finger is overrated. But the truth is, it's one easy way to make your engagement announcement to people, whether it's face to face or on a video call. It applies to not only a proposal ring but a wedding ring as well.

You don't have to make it an obvious gesture; you could just use that particular hand to wipe something from your face while making a short video or talking to someone. It may sound funny when you imagine it, but it's a way to tell people you're engaged.

32. Use a poem caption

use a poem caption

Poem captions don't even need you to add photos to them; they automatically make the engagement announcement for you. At the same time, if you're not careful with your choice of words, people who spend little time reading poems may misinterpret the whole thing.

So, choose your words carefully. Use words like ring, engagement, wedding, engaged, and the other couple-related terms to make a clear announcement for you. You may decide to add an anonymous photo of another couple. This is one of the creative ways to announce your engagement.

33. Share the big news immediately

Many people tend to forget to tell others about the essential aspects of their lives if they don't say it immediately. If you fall under this category of people, but you still want your loved ones to know you're engaged, you should tell them as soon as you receive your ring.

It's better safe than sorry. You don't need to type much or call; you could just take a nice photo of your ring and send it to them. Alternatively, if you don't mind many people knowing, you could upload an image of your ring on your story online to say you're engaged and a heads up for a wedding anytime soon.

34. Tell a story with you as the character

Another way to make your engagement announcement is to tell a story in the third person, but with you as the main character. It could be a random story related to yours or your personal story of how you received your ring.

It doesn't have to belong. It could be short and straight to the point with a clear message that you're engaged and preparing for your wedding, which may come anytime soon. This is one of the most creative ways to make an engagement announcement to people while making them have fun.

35. Create a meme for the big day

Memes are beautiful, hilarious, adorable, and send information to people in a split second. A meme is suitable for every situation, whether it's sad, happy, or neutral. One of the creative ways to make an engagement announcement is by creating a lovely meme for it.

It could be time-consuming if you don't know the steps to take, but if you do, it will do the job in no time. You could create it with your engagement ring, any proposal-related icon, or indirectly tell people to start preparing for your wedding. That's one way to tell people you're engaged.

36. Make a beautiful video of the special moment

One beautiful thing about memorable moments in your life is the ability to keep memories of them as they're happening. If you can't, you may ask a random person in the same environment to do it or talk to one of your friends to help you.

If it's not possible, or as an engagement could be, you never expected it to happen, talk to your boyfriend to ask someone to take videos whenever he wants to stage a proposal. Even if it's the whole engagement, it could be when you're accepting the ring from. Sending or uploading that video already tells people you're engaged and would soon start preparing for a wedding.

37. Use clues to tell people the message

Clues or puzzles could also help with an engagement announcement. They could be done with anything people can quickly figure out without stressing their eyes or brains too much. You could use letters, words, phrases, emojis, or pictures to do them.

It could even be clues from a famous love story, romance movie, wedding, or an admirable famous ring. The aim is to make people wonder what you could be talking about for a few seconds before figuring out that you're engaged. That's one of the most creative ways you can announce your engagement to people.

38. Act out a scene in your favorite movie

You could act out a scene from one of your favorite movies. Depending on your mood and personality, it could be drama, action, or romance genre. Anything you think would help you make a good announcement on your new relationship status.

You could do this with your fiance, just to make him stage another proposal to give you the same ring he used in proposing again to show people you're now ready to prepare for a wedding. This is one of the ways to announce to people that you're engaged and off the market.

39. Write and upload one of the experiences in your love life

One adorable thing most couples do when they want to announce that they're engaged; is to tell a short story of the experiences they had while dating. It doesn't just do the work of announcing an engagement; it encourages other couples to hope for the best.

You could try this as your engagement announcement concept, too. Find a remarkable or challenging experience you went through while still dating your boyfriend and sharing it with people. Then, make the concluding part about how happy you were about your wedding when you got the ring.

40. Organize a games night and share the news

organize a games night and share the news

If you and your friends are lovers of games, you could use this opportunity to organize a games night for fun and tell them you're engaged. It doesn't matter if it's board, video, or computer games; the aim is to share the news with them and listen to them tease you and share their joys in the exciting news.

This may sound funny, but they could even start making preparations for your wedding and maybe share responsibilities on what they each want to help you with on that day. Your engagement announcement could also open doors for other exciting news, making the night more enjoyable.

41. Write the date on a nice piece of rock

A pretty and fun way to share the happy news with people is to use a piece of rock. If you haven't decided if to go ahead with a wedding or not, it's okay; you can still share your proposal details while doing that.

Look for an average-sized smooth rock that has enough space to contain your proposal date, write on it with a contrasting color, and take a snapshot of it. You may decide to add or ring to the photo or not; it's a little thing to tell people you're engaged.

42. Make customized gifts for selected people

Customized gifts may not be cost and time-friendly, but they're a sure way to announce to your friends and family that you're engaged without having to say much verbally. You don't have to do much; you could buy a few mugs or keyholders, depending on your loved ones' preferences, and customize them.

That's your way of giving them a little gift, telling them to expect to plan with you for your wedding soon, and organizing a time to meet and see your new ring. You could make your engagement announcement with this idea.

43. Invite your friends and family for a drink

Things like this are best said over drinks. If you can, you could invite your family and friends out for a drink. But, you don't necessarily have to go to a restaurant for it. It could be a small thing in your house. So, you make a cocktail or fresh fruit juice and invite them over.

Or, if you're in the fit fam, you could make a healthy smoothie and ask them to come for it. On the side, you could make light snacks to go with the drinks and spill the happy news when everyone is relaxed in the environment.

44. Ask one of your loved ones to announce your engagement for you

Not everyone wants to go through the stages of updating their stories on social media, going out for drinks, or organizing an engagement party to tell people they're engaged. Some people like it to be stress-free. If you're like this, you could ask your friends to help you spread the news.

So, you could send a proposal photo to upload online or message to them, requesting their help to tell others about your engagement or wedding. That way, you escape the part where you have to do it alone. That's one way to share the happy news of your proposal with people.

45. Share your proposal story on reels

For people who are regular Instagram users, this is a reliable and lovely way to announce your engagement. The good thing is that Instagram is global, so you won't have to do so much to spread the news to many people. 

Some of your friends and followers could repost it on their stories, or page or send it as a direct message to other people to see. This is one of the ways you can use it to make an engagement announcement.

46. A comedy skit is one of the fun engagement announcement ideas

Have you thought of trying a comedy skit? It's very creative, and you could either do it or hire someone to do it on your behalf. Comedy skits attract people more because they want to see the conclusion and the message that comes with the skit.

You don't have to use a professional camera for it. It could be your phone camera or any simple thing you're comfortable using to record videos. That way, you make people have fun while watching, and you tell them about your engagement.

47. Show off a cute photo of your partner

It doesn't always have to be a random photo or a picture with both of you. You could upload his image for a change. It may not be a recent photo, but let it be your favorite or one you took with a remarkable memory. You can upload two or more of them.

Make it as romantic as possible with the best caption you can think of. Use his favorite love words and phrases. You can go online to get caption ideas to use or a guide for an engagement announcement. It's one of the simple ways to tell people you're engaged.

48. Try as much as possible to tell your loved ones first

 try as much as possible to tell your loved ones first

There's always the excitement to tell everyone happy news about you, especially when it has to do with your love life. But, it's better to relax, assimilate it, and tell your loved ones before sharing it with other people. That's because privacy matters a lot, and there are stages to everything. 

You don't want your loved ones to see your engagement online before telling them one on one. So, try to inform them first, before others. They would help you spread the news, too. If you do this, it's a logical way to make an engagement announcement and still remain on the safe side.

49. Start talking about wedding ideas

This is an indirect way to make people curious enough to ask you about your sudden wedding plans. You may start by asking about the cost of a wedding prop, asking for color combination ideas, or deciding to fix a date for your wedding.

That way, anybody who knows you would know something is up somewhere. And that's where the questions start popping up, which will make it easier to say or talk about your beautiful proposal story with them. It's one convenient way to announce your engagement.

50. Make reference to your proposal

Referring to your proposal would really come in handy if you discuss it with someone you're comfortable with. You could wait for the conversation to go deep first, then gradually start sharing your proposal story.

You don't have to impose the happy news on anybody, especially if they're on the opposite side of the spectrum. Observe their facial expressions and body language before talking about your ring or engagement. That's one way to announce to someone that you're engaged.

51. Wait until you fix your wedding date

Some news stories are more beautiful when you don't share them immediately. This means that announcing your engagement immediately after your proposal may not be necessary. So, you could wait until you fix your wedding date before telling people about your engagement or how your proposal went.

That way, you explain or tell all the stories simultaneously without stressing about it too much. You also get to make plans about your wedding while the excitement is still in the air for most people. This is one way to make your engagement announcement without putting so much effort.


How do you announce engagement on social media?

It depends on the social media platform you're using. On Instagram, you could post a story, use reels, or create an excellent post for it. On Facebook, you could either upload a photo with a lovely caption or change your former relationship status to a newly engaged status. So, it's different platforms with unique ways.

What do you write on an engagement announcement?

There are numerous things to write on an engagement announcement. It could be “I'm off the single status,” “My new ring looks so beautiful,” “I can't wait to spend a lovely life with you forever,” and “I've found my true love, indeed.” It depends on you and your preference at that moment.

How do I tell my friend I'm engaged?

It depends on how close you are to your friend. According to her preference, you could make a call, video, or audio, send a message with a picture of you and your engagement ring, or organize a hangout between you two to have fun while you share the news with her.

Should you announce your engagement on Facebook?

It's not necessary to announce your engagement on any social media platform. If you and your partner are social people or are okay with making your engagement public, then it's fine. If you also have any other personal reason for announcing it, it's okay. Otherwise, you don't need to announce your engagement on Facebook.

How do you announce an engagement to a coworker?

Tell them one-on-one. You may break it to them during lunch, when you arrive at your office, or say it when they ask you how your previous night, day, or weekend was. You could also flaunt your ring in front of them to show the new addition to your love life.

To Conclude

There are numerous ways to announce your engagement to friends and family and the general public. If you're clueless, you can follow the 51 ways I've mentioned and see how things go. Remember to drop a comment and share this article with others if you liked it.

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