How Men Fall In Love (13 Things That Make Men Fall In Love)

Unlike women, men are less complex creatures in the dating world. You might find that hard to believe if you don’t know how to get into their heads and read the reasons for their actions. 

This can result in some frustration, making you ask questions like, what do men want? How do you make a man fall deeply in love faster and stay? How do guys fall in love? Do men even fall in love at all? 

The truth is, both men and women fall in love, the only difference is, that men's approach is different from their female counterparts. That's why it's easy to confuse a man's actions as a sign of love, when in fact, he's only trying to get into your pants.

That said, have you just met a new guy or you've been together for a while but he seems like a mystery to you. Maybe you've been working on your female charm to make him genuinely fall in love with you but you are not there yet. 

Here are some tips for understanding how men fall in love. In the end, you'll not only understand how men fall in love, but this article will also help understand how the male brain works and avoid becoming a regular victim of men that only want to get in your pants. 

13 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love

1. Something about you keeps grabbing his attention

Make no mistake, love isn’t magic. There’s something that first draws a guy towards a lady. It could be beauty, eloquence, intelligence, and so on. After the physical attraction, comes the emotional connection.

Yes, I agree there's love at first sight. It's when the physical and emotional aspects of love are happening almost at the same time. So, the two (physical and emotional) are still present. So try not to lose what a guy got hooked on when he started noticing you. 

One of the ways to do that is to keep being your best self. Your hair, look, dress code, the way you talk, etc., are probably some of the things he fell for. If he keeps seeing them or he'll likely remain hooked and fall for you eventually.

2. The chase makes men fall in love

To a man, chasing is exciting. It's more like a conquest adventure because men are like hunters in the dating world. You should let him go on that journey of trying to win you over. Besides, you love the chase. That's one of the ways women fall for men.

Now, I'm not saying you should become unavailable or build up high walls. A little air of mystery around you shouldn't hurt or push him away. it may even increase the chances of falling for you as many former playboys have confessed to falling for their partner while they were only chasing the cookie.

3. There’s a significant period of courtship

Yes, I earlier mentioned love, at first sight, is possible, but if we are going to be practical, consciously investing in relationships is what truly makes people fall for each other. Courtship is a period of going out, spending time together, having fun, sharing hobbies, thoughts, etc. This period is when a man decides whether he's truly in love and wants to be with you or not. 

What's more, courtship shouldn't be rushed. While sex can be involved in the period of courtship, it's also important not to make it the only activity going on if you don't want him to stick around for the wrong reasons: sexual attraction and satisfaction.

4. An atmosphere for deep emotional connection

Did he leave because I slept with him too soon? If you've ever asked yourself this question, welcome to the club. Men just generally get bored and rarely fall in love if they can't emotionally connect with a woman. So, sometimes, it's not actually about the time you gave up the cookie.

If you are naïve and don't have a clue about how men fall in love, you are going to think a man has already fallen in love with you when he starts calling, buying you gifts, sending you lovely texts, and always trying to hang out. 

Don't get it twisted; this is where you probably start falling because that's the aim of those nice gestures. Why? Whether he's a player or not, one of the first phases of dating for men is trying to impress you. 

Therefore, if you can build that emotional connection with him during this time, i.e., have a deep conversation, share ideas, and thoughts, let him into your world, and get to know him, the chances of falling in love with you are higher.

5. Out of sight isn’t always out of mind

If your relationship is relatively new, trust me, you need to take a step back sometimes. Men are a lot different from women here. A new love interest is usually exciting for women. We almost can't shut up about it and always want to be with our man. 

Apart from bragging about how cute he is to our friend, the feeling that someone finds us attractive and beautiful to be with is just overwhelming. On the other hand, men want to be sure and don't get too excited at first. You may even notice him drawing back a little. 

That's because not seeing you lets him know if his heart wants you or not. So, allow those periods of absence. It's a good thing. He'll miss you, which will make him crave for more of you. Research even shows that taking time-outs helps solve relationship problems.

6. Dopamine and other love hormones have a role to play

dopamine and other love hormones have a role to play

The truth is, it's a wise decision to play cool. You don't want to jump into bed with the wrong guy that'll break your heart and walk away like it's nothing. Besides, sex can sometimes impair our ability to make good judgments, especially when the sex is good. Therefore, it's good not to rush things until the coast is clear.

Still, you don’t want to completely let your relationship be devoid of physical contact. Dopamine and other love hormones, like fenylethylamine, endorphin promotes the feeling of love faster. 

They flood our brains when we physically connect during hugging, kissing, cuddling, intercourse, etc. So, even if you are slightly playing it cool and do not want to give up the cookie yet, it's not wise to completely eliminate all forms of sexual-related contact.

7. Men fall in love when they have a supportive girlfriend or partner

Men lookout for several signs while looking for a life partner. One of them is a supportive partner. Though, this tip is not exclusive to men. Both men and women feel a rush of emotion and connection with someone that is always supportive. 

Showing that you care for a guy has the potential to pierce through and reach his emotional side. Because society and family have imbibed the responsibility of being strong and responsible on men, so when they find a shoulder they can lean on, it softens them up.

8. When you love him, he’ll fall in love with you too

Opening up to a man that you love with him means you are taking a risk with your own emotions because you might not know if he loves you back or if he's just playing you. That can put you in a vulnerable position. 

But sometimes, the reason why men hold back their emotions in relationships is that they are also afraid of being hurt. They hide behind all the toughness but they are just soft teddy bears on the inside. So, sometimes, it's okay to let a guy know you want and love him. It can be the start of something even better in your relationship.

9. Men fall in love when they feel needed or get to act out their hero instinct

When it comes to how men fall in love, their hero instinct can't be left out of the conversation. The term hero instinct is not new anymore. It's a term used to describe an intrinsic nature in men that makes them drawn to their female partner because she fuels his unconscious desire to be her hero. 

Men don't like being useless or feeling less like a man. The more he feels like your hero or helper, the more he falls for you.

10. Guys fall in love when they are appreciated

Just as men love being the hero and make them emotional, showing appreciation makes them equally feel loved as well. This way, they feel the emotional need to do more, hence, the development of love. What's more, you'll not only enjoy a lasting and well-lived life.

11. When you make them feel important

Feeling important is key to the success of relationships. Supporting a man, being there when you need him, and appreciating him, are all ways a woman can make a man feel important and vice versa. 

Other ways include letting your family meet your man. If he was holding back in a way, chances are he'll be more willing to invest in the relationship and love you more. Why? Because he now knows he's important enough for you to introduce him to those that matter in your life.

12. When you let a man in on the important decision of your life

when you let a man in on the important decision of your life

Another way men fall in love is by letting them in on the important decisions of your life. Now, this doesn't mean you are incapable of making your own decision. 

But if you just met a guy you like and you let him in on a decision like taking a job in another state, choosing a school for a degree, and so on, he'll feel like he's part of your life. Like the previous point, this move makes a man feel important and the need to reciprocate with positive emotions.

13. Men fall in love when they know they make you feel like a woman

Men have egos the size of a mountain, so there is no way they can stay long or even fall for a woman that kills their ego. Whether it's in the bedroom or anywhere else, you must be one of the greatest supporters of the man you want to or are dating. 

You should let him verbally and in every other way know he's doing things right in the bedroom department. This not only makes him happy, but it also makes him have trust in you that you are not seeking satisfaction elsewhere.


How does a man act when he's falling in love?

If you've been in a relationship with him for a while, falling for you will naturally come with being more caring, going out of his way for you, and generally investing more in what you both share. What's more, he'll suddenly be more interested in your future and in the healthy relationship you share.

What causes a man to fall deeply in love?

Men often hold back their emotions and willingness to fall in love because they don't want to be vulnerable or open to being hurt because they fall in love. However, when you let them know you love them, care, support, and adore them, i.e., he knows for sure you love him, chances are higher he'll break whatever walls he has mounted around his heart and love you even more.

How quickly do men fall in love?

You don't need me to tell you that men are visual creatures. They quickly develop attraction and get hooked in less than 10 seconds once they sight a woman that's their type. Because the physical attraction aspect of love is easily fulfilled, a man falls in love very quickly like a woman. 

On average, it can take a man 60-80days to truly fall in love with a woman. They just know how to hide it behind the toughness because they don't want to be vulnerable. 

How do you know if a man loves you?

When a man is in love with a woman, he'll show it in many ways, such as being there for her, going out of his way to please her, and making time to be with her. What's more, he won't be ashamed or keep her from his friends and family. Altogether, he'll be more willing and won't shy away from discussions about the future even if he's not immediately ready for marriage.

What makes a man attractive physically?

A man's physical attractiveness can be measured by his height, richness/style of hair, his fitness, facial structure, and smile. Furthermore, the way a man dresses also has a huge impact on how attractive he is. 

The Bottomline

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. With the above points, you can now know how to make a man fall in love faster. You can use this to your advantage and nurture a more lasting and real relationship. Please feel free to drop a comment for our improvement and don’t forget to share.


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