How Long Should I Give Him Space? (13 Ways to Give Him Space)

You might be wondering, “Should I give him space?” You could have questions about how much space to give him and how to enjoy giving him space. It’s never a fun idea to take a break from one another, but sometimes, you’ve got to give a guy space. 

For example, if he asks for his own space, you should honor that. You don’t want him thinking that you are overbearing or controlling. You want your man to love being around you! 

If you are stumped on how to give a man space, you are in luck because this article will walk you through how to give him any needed space and enjoy your life at the same time. I know; it sounds almost unreal. 

How can you have a healthy relationship if the two of you are spending more space away from one another? It can work out; trust me; giving space can be a blessing!

How to Give Your Partner Space and Enjoy Life

1. Don’t contact him if he asks for space

If your man has asked for space, you need to honor his request. That means no texting, calling, or emailing. Let him contact you when he feels ready. There’s no reason to initiate things if he’s asked for space. He probably needs time to sort out his feelings or to deal with his hectic schedule with his career. 

2. Give him time to miss you

This is very important. You want him to come to you when he’s ready. That means that you should not contact him while you are spending time apart from one another. Let him miss you and long to be with you. Pretend you are in a long-distance relationship or something, and just let him naturally come to you when the time is right!

3. Figure out what you love doing

figure out what you love doing

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you may have gotten used to doing whatever your man loves doing. However, it is important to discover what you love. Read a few books or check out some websites online to see what interests you. Hit the library or surf the net to see what sort of things capture your attention.

4. Spend time with a new hobby, interest, or passion

Now that you’ve discovered what you love doing, think about incorporating that hobby, interest, or passion into your life. You might try knitting, quilting, or sewing; you could pick up any craft and then enter a craft fair with your newfound hobby and make some extra cash on the side! If you stay busy like this, you won’t even miss your man!

5. Remember what you used to love!

Maybe you don’t need to develop a NEW hobby, interest, or passion. Maybe you used to love doing something! Think back to the things that interested you when you were single. Why not reintroduce those things in your life? It will keep you busy and help you not contact him when you feel lonely!

6. Spend time with friends

Enjoy having a girls’ night out! Your best friend may not have gotten to spend a lot of time with you when you were with your boyfriend, so now is the perfect time to do things together like you once did. He or she may want to hit an amusement park or go on a road trip. Enjoy your time together because this is the perfect distraction!

You can also spend quality time with other people, such as your family! Go visit the grandparents, or cultivate other relationships with people. Go to church and make Christian friends or reunite with old friends at your High School reunion! It’s all about keeping you busy while your man gets all the space that he needs.

7. Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

There’s no better time to give yourself a beauty treatment than when you two are taking time apart from one another. Get your hair done in a new way or hit the gym and lose a few pounds. You might find a new love as you learn how to do yoga or lift weights! You will never really know unless you give it a try, right?

8. Be independent

It’s very important that you give your guy the space he needs. Part of doing this is being an independent woman. This means that you cannot call him when you need the trash dumped or when you have a flat tire. Instead, you should do it yourself or call Triple-A. Kill the bugs yourself and learn to be independent, where you don’t need him!

9. Work on self-improvement

There isn’t a better time to work on yourself than when the two of you are on a break. You could study a new subject at school, learn something new online, or research a topic at the library. Learn about emotional intelligence, the art of listening, or even minimalism. Study new philosophies. Increasing your intelligence will only make you more attractive!

10. Trust him

It’s important that you don’t turn into a “jealous girlfriend” during this time. It’s very easy to think the worst when the two of you are not seeing each other on a regular basis, but try to remain positive. Don’t let the negative insecure thoughts you are having control your life. Instead, convince yourself that he is just needing time to himself.

11. Be trustworthy

While you are trusting him and not suspecting him of cheating on you, you need to remain faithful. Stay single; don’t cheat or date around, especially if you are in love with your man. Another man will not satisfy you right now, even if you don’t get back together with your boyfriend. Every guy has their pluses and minuses!

12. Declutter your life

declutter your life

Sometimes, the best way to do some of the above things (being independent, staying busy, etc.) is to declutter your life. Learn about minimalism and study Marie Kondo. You could improve your environment at home and work. This will not only keep you busy, but it might also make you a happier person, in general!

Once you become happier and more organized, you will become more attractive to men! Your man will fall in love with you – all over again! He’ll wonder what changed about you and be all the more attracted to you. Think about improving your life so that he is excited to be with you when the two of you reunite!

13. Commit to your career

As mentioned, it’s a smart idea to stay busy when you are giving your guy the space he’s asked for. If you engulf yourself in your career, you might find financial rewards and intrinsic rewards. Think about all the good you could do if you are now sort of single. You have all this time to yourself, so use it wisely.

One thought if your career is not something you can engage more in is for you to volunteer your time to a worthy cause. Check out your local animal shelter; there are many ways you can help out. Learn how to sew or knit blankets for the poor homeless animals. Go to your local soup kitchen, and start helping out!

If you stay busy with volunteer work, you will not only be more attractive to your mate, but you will also just become a better person. Volunteer work is so rewarding; I encourage you to give it a try. You really don’t have anything to lose! You might discover a new calling in life if you give volunteer work a whirl!


How much time do you give someone who needs space?

If your man is needing space and you are in a committed relationship, give him space! You can gauge the amount of space he needs by how long it takes him to miss you, or you can just give him at least two weeks without you – time to figure things out!

How long is too long for space in a relationship?

If your man starts losing interest because you have given him too much personal space, your serious relationship may be in jeopardy. Give him time to miss you, but don’t give him too much physical space or mental space. The time frame really depends on what he needs.

How do you give space without losing him?

You can schedule a date night or some other kind of quality time when the two of you are back together. You want to give him the physical time he needs, and be sure to give your boyfriend space if he asks for it, but don’t break things off just because you feel guilty about giving him space.

Does giving someone space really work?

If your man asks for space, it can definitely work to give him what he needs to keep your relationship going. You might be feeling anxious about not being together, but if he needs his own time for a while, give it to him!

Should I text him if he asked for space?

If he does crave space in your relationship, you need to honor his wish. That means you should not initiate contact through text or any other means. Let him come to you! This will lead to a healthier relationship in the end, which is what you ultimately want!

To Sum It All Up

Have you made a firm commitment to give your man the physical or emotional space he needs? What was the result of that commitment? If you are in a bad mood because your guy has been acting distant, you may need to give him what he needs – space! Please comment!

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