How Does Scorpio Man Show Love? (6 Signs He Has Feelings For You)

Is a Scorpio man on your radar? Well, you haven’t made the wrong choice. Scorpio men are some of the most loving, intriguing, and accommodating, even though it may take a little time to figure them out.

I am sure you know by now that love and relationships are never black or white; however, let’s be honest – there are some clear-cut signs that help fill in those grey areas when you are dating a Scorpio man. 

Scorpio Men In Dating And Love

With that being said; I am fully aware that finding love has become a lot more complicated than it was about 20 years ago. Back in the day, when a man found a woman he loved or vice versa, they got hitched in little to no time. However, a lot has changed since then. Dating has become more about who has the upper hand, and by the upper hand; I mean all those pain-in-the-neck nitty-gritty details that could make understanding your partner somewhat easier. 

If that partner in question happens to be a Scorpio man, then you are in luck! I happen to know a bit about this zodiac sign and how their common Scorpio traits influence their love life. So, if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man or planning to date a Scorpio, there’s a relatively easy way to find out what makes him tick, as well as the kind of things he likes, and most especially. if he is really into you. 

Without taking away from the individuality of each person, make sure to look out for the below common signs that show a Scorpio man is falling in love. 

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How Does Scorpio Man Show Love?

1. He starts to care more than usual.

Scorpio is a water sign; this makes Scorpio men very sensual and emotional beings. The twist to this most times is that their adverse side comes to play during those first dates and meetings. Don’t get me wrong, Scorpio men are very passionate, witty, and fun to be around, but they also have a lot of walls up. You see – passion and emotions mean a lot to them; however, a Scorpio man in love might not express it as normally as you’re used to. 

In fact, they are generally known to love just one woman. So, if you’re the one, he’s probably not looking for another; this is because they are very passionate and mysterious lovers. So, when they start coming around more often, asking for more date nights, walks in the park, or sharing experiences with you; yup, they are downright smitten. 

2. He starts sharing more space and information.

This next sign may be an easy feat, but Scorpio males are very cautious when it comes to love – too much that sometimes, they don’t even realize it. So, it’s kind of up to you to sniff out those inevitable slip-ups that may start to occur after five or more dates. When he starts to tell you secrets that no-one else knows or talks about fears (irrational or rational), he may have more than just a thing for you. 

Also, look out for those significant steps he may start taking, which could be a clear indication that he loves and respects you. That’s why there’s no need to try to push it because if a Scorpio man is in love, he naturally shows off his girl to the whole world; in fact, no one close to him is left in the dark of his love affairs. So, be aware that you might end up feeling like his arm candy because when a Scorpio man likes you-likes you, he’ll want to take you everywhere. 

3. His bed will be your new home.

Okay, so I am not exaggerating! The primary love language for the Scorpio male is physical touch, which means a lot of time spent under the sheets. It’s really no secret how much they treasure sex and intimacy; fear not – this is probably because of how passionate and intense they are when in love. After all, experts advise that intimacy should be part of any healthy relationship.

More so, they cherish every moment in your arms and may probably look forward to having you over every single day. This is a great thing because of Scorpio’s value commitment, they are very determined to stay the course as long as they are happy, satisfied, and kept intrigued. 

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Signs A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You

So it’s no secret how mysterious Scorpio men love to be, they love a mystery so much, it kind of influences the way they date. Getting mixed signals could be extremely annoying, especially when you’re looking for something ‘not casual.’ These few tips and tricks should tell if a Scorpio man truly has more than just casual feelings for you.

4. He goes out of his comfort zone to please you.

Getting to know if someone loves you should be more straightforward than this, right? Well, not with the Scorpio, and you can’t really blame them; so, direct all your anger at Pluto! One of the primary ways a Scorpio man show love is through going out of his way to shower his beloved with gifts, attention while including you in most of his outings. 

They are very determined and committed to winning their girl over, and most times, they may even go overboard trying to keep that attention. Get ready for the extravagance, funny attempts at love notes or romantic gestures, because when the Scorpio man is in love, he goes all in. 

5. He may get a bit possessive.

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Remember that part when I said they tend to go overboard sometimes? Yes, being overly possessive is included in the package. It’s like that almost-perfect 3-in-one crisps deal at the mall, with two delicious flavors and one disgusting one (over-possessiveness being the off-flavor in this case) your man could be fun, witty and very loving, but when jealous, he will go from one to a hundred in a jiffy. 

Nevertheless, Scorpio men are very dedicated and intelligent, but they can also be a bit territorial. As soothing as that water is when it’s calm, it can get a bit dangerous when the waves come alive. So you might want to say bye-bye to those male friends and numerous admirers, your man may not be too pleased with them. 

In this way, you’ll have to be patient with these passionate, jealous lovers; they mean the best, but may act a bit irrational if they see you talking to your fine cousin, who works out, has clean teeth, and runs his own business. Eventually, this may be a trait he can work on, hopefully, with your help. 

6. He will give and expect compassion and commitment.

Getting into a relationship with a Scorpio male is like driving on a one-way road, it’s very fast-paced, forward-looking, and there’s really no going back – at least they don’t want that. More so, they may flirt around, but when they find that ‘one’ who connects with them intellectually, physically, and otherwise, it will show. 

What’s more, they slowly start weaving a protective web over the woman they love and work extremely hard to show that they care. No doubt, some Scorpios will definitely take it slow and steady, however, others confidently delve in and do whatever it takes to keep the girl of their dreams. If he really loves her, he will do whatever it takes  – keep this in mind; the Scorpio man doesn’t like to lose; whether at a board-game or an important deal and especially not in love. 

It’s also worth noting that the typical Scorpio is egoistic and a bit afraid of rejection; this makes them take their sweet time to fall in love. However, once that Scorpio man is convinced in that one thing that makes him happy, there’s no stopping him. 

If this happens to be a new love, he will show love, as well as share his secrets, passions, interests, and goals, with no one confusing that purpose or getting in his way. Scorpio men want what they want, and it’s beautiful to see how intensely they love. 

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How To Make a Scorpio Man Miss You

Love can sometimes feel like a game, which I’m not suggesting that you play; however, every lady dating a Scorpio man should have a few tricks up her sleeves … wink wink.

1. Put a little mystery in the mix.

Scorpio men may be very hardworking, confident, and like to have things in control, but they want a woman with a little mystery. Let’s cut them some slack, I mean, this life is pretty serious; shuffling work, family, humanitarian work and the likes can be really interesting. Yet, Scorpio men look for intrigue elsewhere – which is in their woman. 

Now, there’s no point trying to change your entire life or mode of behavior to build a relationship. But if you are trying to ‘stir the waters’ a little, then you might want to put on a temporary ‘mystery cloak.’ Their Scorpio personality trait foretells intrigue and a little suspense; this is what makes them one of the most exciting signs to be with. 

However, there’s no need to overdo it; rather, maintain a certain level of mystery as these men love to solve mysteries and puzzles, and get spontaneously fascinated while unraveling the pure gem that you are. Hence why I am advising not to put all your cards on the table at first; instead, leave a little to the imagination and make him work for some clues. 

It may seem like too much trouble to go through for that Scorpio man, but it’s all worth it because of how deeply and passionately they love when in a relationship. 

2. Give passion for passion.

Okay, so we have established how much the Scorpio man loves passion, intimacy, and affection. If you have been on the receiving end of all that attention, gift-giving and passionate intimacy, it’s time to start giving some back. Forget all the mystery and walls he may have up if he is giving you more attention than not, sharing more and opening up; it’s time to return the favor. 

Behind all the macho-ness, strength, vigor and intelligence, that man loves to be loved. So, let your love show through the time made out to be with each other. Also, put more thought in when getting gifts and be more transparent with secrets if he’s opening up as well.

3. Stand your ground.

There is yet another fun fact about the Scorpio man; yes, he is loving, fun to be with, maybe even funny, but he loves to be in control. This can somehow turn out to be a very domineering trait, where everything is geared toward just one person having their way. 

More so, you may be tempted to succumb and enjoy the ride, but it may not be the best decision going forward, and here’s why; more times than not, he loves the challenge, he may seem angry, maybe even pissed off about the action to stand your ground, but within, that heart is pumping out multiple balloons, celebrating his woman not being a pushover. 

Bear in mind, this dominating trait of Scorpio men does not translate to abuse. Rather, it’s simply part of their competitive character – and if things do get out of hand, there will be many warning signs that the relationship is not meant to be. 

4. Stay in the know.

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This unique breed of men born around October 23rd to November 22nd has been tagged as high intellectuals, with the drive to acquire more knowledge continually. The truth is, if you are sitting across the table from a man who prides himself with the information he knows or degrees and certificates he has acquired, you want to be able to stay present when he is bragging because he will. 

Beyond staying awake during intellectual conversations, there should be a field you are equally knowledgeable about that would make him intrigued or fascinated by your intelligence. You never know – both of you might not be into the same things, but for the relationship to flourish, he has to know that you are also smart or skilled at something and work hard at getting better every day. 

5. Perfect your ego watering skills.

Famous for their big ego; Scorpio men love to occasionally talk about their achievements, intellect, skills, and more. Other times, they like to be told and reminded about their prowess in the workplace, business dealings, and in bed, amongst others. This is the thing; don’t hold back those charming, witty, or even concealed compliments that show how much you love and care. 

It creates an immediate bond when he knows that you notice how hard he works or how much effort he is putting into a project or task at work. Remember, he may not be perfect in every way; so, instead of constantly pointing out faults and trying to put him down, criticize a lot less, and praise him more often. A Scorpio man wants a haven, and if he finds it in you, trust me, girl, you’ve earned a neat place in his heart. 

To Sum Things Up

If you genuinely love that passionate, firm, witty, and mysterious man, these basic tips should help you understand him more. You’ll feel pretty fulfilled to be with a Scorpio, if you’re a Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces or Virgo; you’re probably already drawn to the level of commitment, and their passion towards love. Even if your sign isn’t compatible with his, there are still several ways to make the relationship work once there is a common understanding. 

I will love to know if you have noticed any of these predominant traits, and how the journey with a Scorpio man has been for you so far. Please leave a comment below, and we could all probably learn a tip or two when it comes to loving and understanding these mysterious, intense, and passionate lovers.

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