How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? (21 Ways)

Are you in the middle of a blossoming relationship with a Scorpio?

This part of a relationship can be exciting, but also confusing… 

Perhaps, at this moment, you have no idea whether he likes you back? 

If so, this blog post is really going to help you. 

It reveals the truth about how a Scorpio acts when is attracted to a woman. This sign has a set of unique behaviors, which are easy to spot once you know what they are. 

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Of course, it might be that this Scorpio is already feeling strong feelings towards you.

Read on for more tips on how to discover whether this is true.

Reading A Scorpio Man's Mind

How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you?– It is not the simplest question to answer. It is hard to tell how a Scorpio guy really feels in love because they will only let you know what they want you to know. It’s hard to tell what a Scorpio man is thinking as he doesn’t like people to read his thoughts.  

You will have a tough time figuring out whether this guarded character really likes you or not. There are many positives to this water sign, but it is important to figure out whether he is worth your time and love. A Scorpio man is naturally assertive and decisive, especially in love. He may be secretive and distrustful with people he doesn’t know.

The Venus sign affects Scorpios more than anyone else in the Zodiac. He will make you smile and laugh, and he will be open, talkative, and interesting. But they can offer tests and difficulties, unlike any other sign!

These are the signs that your Scorpio crush likes you…

So, How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? 

1. He will pay you more attention.

He will pay you more attention

If he is really into you, you will notice that he will focus on you intently when you are talking. He may stare at you longer than normal. He will show you he likes you by really watching you.

Unlike other star signs, who may spend all night talking, Scorpio’s are naturally guarded and have great respect for privacy and secrets. So, for Scorpio men, opening up can take some time. Instead, he will show you how he feels by really focusing on you and paying attention.

He may pay special attention to your social media and leave comments or likes on your posts. If he is checking your online accounts, the Scorpio man in your life likely has feelings for you.

You may have no other reason to know he likes you than the smoldering stare he occasionally directs at you. This is one way to answer the question ‘how does a Scorpio man act when he likes you?’

2. He shares everything with you.

When a guy with a Scorpio horoscope is in love, he will want to share everything that he has to offer with the one that he is in love with.

He is notorious for his mysterious nature and does not open up and reveal his feelings easily. However, when he finally falls for the right person, the Scorpio guy will do anything he can to satisfy her every need. His generosity is a sure sign that he likes you.

A Scorpio guy will share his time, his thoughts and even money in his important relationships. If he invests in something, he highly values it. When you have proved your love for him, he will invest everything that he has into his relationship with you. If he shares everything he has with you, this is a sure sign that he is into you.

When he is in love, the Scorpio man will share everything that he has, and spend all of his time with that special someone. The is one way that a Scorpio guy may act when he likes you a lot.

3. He will compete for your attention.

Scorpio guys are very competitive by nature. He will do anything he can do win your attention. He will make every effort to be the first man to ask you out, to compliment you or give you affection. In a group, he will single you out and look for some special time alone together with you.

He does not usually shy away from the competition. He sees life as a competition that requires planning and preparation. He is hoping to do whatever he can to win your affection. Even if no one else is competing for your love, he will still act with a sense of urgency.

If he is willing to compete for your love, this is an obvious sign that he likes you.

4. He will share his interests with you.

He will share his interests with you

Scorpio guys tend to have a wide range of interests in their lives. He will want to share these things with the one he is interested in. He wants to connect and converse on intellectual topics and debates. He is generally well-read and desires to share his thoughts and opinions on his favorite books.

He may invite you on a date to see his favorite alternative music band. If he likes someone, a Scorpio man will want to share his passions with them. He may take you on daring adventures.

If he includes you in his hobbies, this is a sure sign that he is into you.

5. He is loyal to you.

How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you? When he is in love with someone, a Scorpio will be extremely loyal. He will try his best to make the one he loves completely happy and content. A Scorpio man will do anything in his power to stand up for those he loves.

He will be extremely loyal in public and demonstrate his devotion to you through his support of you. He will make an obvious show in public that you are together. He will stand by your side and hold your hand when you are out together. He will champion you and support you through any challenges that you are met with.

When he is attracted to someone in his life, he will become fiercely loyal to that special one. There is no need to worry in a romance with this guy when he is in a relationship, he will make sure you are taken care of and will have nothing against holding your hand in public. This is one of the signs that he really loves you.

6. He wants you to tell him your secrets.

He wants you to tell him your secrets

As we already said, Scorpio men have great respect for privacy and secrets. He will want to know all the secrets of the girl that he likes. He isn’t keen on polite small talk but wants to quickly move past that to get deeper.

The Scorpio will want to know all your dreams for the future, and your darkest secrets. If he is interested in these things about you, you can be sure that this Scorpio likes you and is really interested in learning more about you.

Although he will want to know all of your secrets, he may annoyingly not be ready to share his own secrets with you. He may be likely to dodge questions that he sees as too personal. But if he is asking you deep and meaningful questions, then that Scorpio man likes you.

Even if he is just asking about your plans or your friends, it is a sign that he cares and is very interested in you and what you like. Scorpio men are not likely to put themselves out there straight away, but more often waits for you to make the first move.

A Scorpio man likes stability and likes to be assured that you are worth investing his time on. A Scorpio guy tends to form an attraction to unusual, different girls, so don’t feel like you need to hide your weird side around him! This is another answer to the question: “How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you?”

7. He will test you.

He will test you

Most women find dealing with a Scorpio partner as challenging. Those men born under the Scorpio zodiac sign may be challenging in his relationships. How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you?

A Scorpio man is, driven by nature and his desire to test his love interest, especially at the beginning of a relationship with a new girl. If he is starting to develop feelings for you, he is likely to start testing you, so that he knows where he stands in the relationship and can be sure that you won’t hurt him.

This behavior may be annoying and it may not be the most attractive personality trait. The Scorpio man, because of this trait, may not be the easiest to deal with, and it may be a turn off for some women. But if he had no interest in you, he wouldn’t bother trying to test you.

If the Scorpio man that you have an interest in tests you like this he likely has feelings for you and wants to know more about you, although it may be something that seems strange. It may be tiring, especially because that Scorpio guy probably knows exactly which buttons to push. However, just keep going because it does mean that he likes you.

He may test you in simple ways, such as canceling plans at the last minute to see how you react, or ask if you will pick him up from work at late notice. If he seems off with you one day or seems to argue with you more readily, don’t give up hope, because he is probably just testing you.

You have to look past some of this behavior if you really have an interest in creating a relationship with him. Once he is sure that he likes you, and is ready to commit to a relationship with you, he knows exactly what to expect. He will know all of your flaws and your positives and has accepted everything about you.

A romance with a Scorpio man is not always easy. He will test the woman he likes. This is the way a Scorpio man acts when he is trying to determine whether or not this woman really cares about him.

Loyalty is everything to this Scorpio man, and these love tests help him to determine whether he can trust you or not. This behavior is just part of his character as a Scorpio. Unfortunately, they have to figure out everything about you before they can commit to a serious relationship.

If the Scorpio man you are interested in tests you in this way, this is a sign that he likes you. This is one way to answer the question: “How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you?”

8. He protects you.

If a Scorpio man loves you, you will straight away feel his protection. He will take care of the woman he is in a relationship with. When a Scorpio man loves someone, he is extremely protective of them. He is only protective of those people that he loves.

Scorpios like to be in control and feel the need to protect his loved ones, however, he can. If anyone threatens his lover, he will react instantly. He will want to make sure that nobody hurts you or upsets you. He will always have his lover’s back. He will make sure to keep her safe and protected. If he likes you, he will feel strongly protective of you.

He will do any heavy lifting for you, help you do chores at home and do anything he can to make sure you are okay. If he is suddenly acting like this, this is a sure sign that he really likes you. He will make you his priority and always try to make you happy and secure when you are with him.

He is only willing to act in this way towards you if he is sure that he really likes you. When he is willing to stand up for you against others and protect you, you can be confident that he is falling for you. He does not act like this for just anyone.

However, this trait may mean that he can also become jealous and possessive over the people that he loves. If you want to make sure that this Scorpio has feelings for you, try making him a bit jealous. 

This is one of the signs that a Scorpio likes you. If he is in love with someone, he will do anything he can to protect her.

9. He knows what he wants.

If a Scorpio man is interested in you, he will relentlessly pursue you. A man with this star sign is often known for his intense character when he knows what he wants. If he decides he likes you, he will not let you go easily.

He will take control of your relationship, he will make the initial move and will plan romantic dates together. He will call, text, and will personally ask you out. He wants to know how you feel when it comes to relationships.

10. He will let you know he likes you.

He will let you know he likes you

If a Scorpio man really likes you, he will let you know in an obvious way. He will let you in, tell you that he likes you, and spend more time with you.

Even small compliments mean so much more than just words. If a Scorpio man tells you that he is interested in you, you can take that very seriously, as he doesn’t use his words lightly. If he talks to you in this way, this Scorpio is already very interested in you.

However, due to his habit of playing games and tests, it may take a long time to receive any obvious sign from a Scorpio.

If his physical affection towards you increases, there is a good chance that he has developed a love interest in you. This is a sign that a Scorpio man likes you.

11. He wants to know how you feel.

When a Scorpio man likes a woman, he wants to know her feelings and understand her emotions. If he is not interested he will become cold. He will try and connect to you on a deeply emotional level.

Scorpio men are known for their ability to create an intimate and deep emotional connection. If he likes you, a Scorpio man will desire to develop a strong connection with you. He will be engaging in conversations and will want to know your take on life and other profound questions.

He desires to know how you feel on a deep emotional level. If he likes you, he will ask what you think about a range of topics and will hold your opinion highly. He is searching for the love of his life, and the emotional connection is very important to him. He wants to ensure he has a strong emotional relationship before physical acts develop.

He is looking for a deep understanding of the person he is into on a level that penetrates below the surface. He will become bored with superfluous conversations. He is searching for a real, deep and soulful bond with a woman. His authenticity in creating an emotional connection will make you feel understood and emotion.

When he is happy enough to have such emotional conversations with you, this is a sign that he has feelings for you. This is one of the ways a Scorpio man acts when he is in love.

12. He becomes intense.

A guy born under the Scorpio zodiac sign can be very intense and mysterious. How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you?

A Scorpio man in love with you will give you intense and smoldering looks, and make eye contact with you. If he likes someone, a Scorpio’s actions towards you will intensify.

He is interested in what you have to offer in a relationship, and what differentiates you from other women. If you intrigue him, he will want to try and figure you out. You will often notice him gazing deep into your soul. Men with these zodiac signs are very perceptive. If he feels something towards you he will become very intense.

If he feels something for you, he will become invested and interested in your hobbies, what you like, and what you need from him. This is another one of the signs that a Scorpio man may be in love with you.

13. He asks lots of questions.

He asks lots of questions

When a Scorpio man likes someone, he will likely ask lots of questions about their life and their past. The more the Scorpio man learns about a woman, the closer he feels to her. Although he may not reveal much about himself, he will want to know anything he can about you.

He wants to get to know you on a personal level, but also on a psychologically deeper level too. He wants to feel as though he understands everything about the person he creates relationships with. If he likes someone, he will ask lots of questions so that he can reveal their real personality.

When a Scorpio man likes someone, he will ask about their past, the people in their life, their future goals, and desires. He wants to know everything about you. A Scorpio man wants to know more about everything that he finds interesting about this woman. This helps him create intense bonds in his relationships.

If he starts asking lots of questions, he is likely very interested in you. He is naturally curious. If he asks about your future and where you see yourself in the coming years, he is thinking about his future as well as yours. He is trying to see whether both of your future plans are compatible. He wants to get to know your priorities and see if they match his.

He will ask you about subjects and things that he already knows you are passionate about. Because if he loves you, he wants to know more about you. He will take time to get to know anything that he can about the one he loves.

The Scorpio sign is often referred to as the psychologist of the zodiac and is known to “pyschoanalyze” his love interest. He is able to figure out what people are thinking and feeling on a deeper level. He is highly intuitive, making him very accurate in figuring out someone’s true motivations.

If a Scorpio guy likes you, he will understand you on an emotional level and hopes to fulfill your emotional desires. He wants to ensure he is able to meet your needs. He will guess what you are thinking before you tell him.

He is disarming by nature and may have a hypnotic effect over you. He will take his time to make sure he gets to know you. If you notice him analyzing you, he is likely falling for you.

If he’s asking you questions about your life and wants to know everything about you, this is one of the signs that he has a thing for you. He wants to know your intentions and understand your feelings.

14. He wants to watch a scary movie with you.

Scorpios love the exhilaration they feel from a good horror. They are known for their shadowy and mysterious nature. You can be sure he likes you when he invites you to the movies to watch a horror movie with him.

If he likes you, he will want to share his interests and hobbies with you. This date can become romantic when you hide in his arms. He likes the intense nature of experiences like these and feels closer to you when you experience it together.

15. He feels comfortable around you.

When a Scorpio likes you, he feels totally at ease with you. If you are spending a lot of time with him, and he feels completely comfortable with him, this is one of the signs that he may be falling in love with and wants to create a relationship with you. A Scorpio man is suspicious by character and doesn’t just trust anyone.

When a Scorpio man likes someone, he may want to talk about his hopes for a future, and even include you in his plans as though you were already in a relationship with him. However, this may sound strange if you are only at the beginning part of your relationship with him.

A Scorpio man has a vision of his future and wants to see whether the woman he is seeing fits into that image.

16. He will reply to your texts (eventually).

It is not unusual for a Scorpio man to take a while to text you back. However, this does not make that he doesn’t have a thing for you. This is the typical behavior of a man with this star sign, so don’t worry.

If he sees something in you, he will move at his own pace and act in his own way. You may not hear from him for a few days after a date, because the Scorpio man may feel like he needs to rejuvenate themselves. Like an introvert, a Scorpio man may find it difficult to spend constant time with the one that he really likes.

A Scorpio man feels like he needs to maintain some control. He may send a few less texts, in order to regain some control in your relationship. But it is likely that he will soon reappear soon, and he will be unaffected by the distance he put between you.

Despite his unusual behavior, a Scorpio man in love hates rejection and he will be keen to know that you are still interested in him, and in your desire to develop a relationship with him. This is all part of his character! This is another way to answer the question: “how does a Scorpio man act when he likes you.”

17. He makes eye contact with you.

He makes eye contact with you

As the saying goes: “you can tell if a guy likes you or not by looking into his eyes.”

Another sign that a man with this star sign is into you is he will stare at you passionately. He will definitely not scared of making eye contact. He sees it as a romantic gesture. For him, this is one of the signs that indicate commitment and intense affection in relationships. He will notice how you smile, talk and laugh. He is very observant of you.

The Scorpio man can be very intense when he stares deeply into the eyes of his love interest. If he makes eye contact with you, and you find it hard to break from his gaze, it is likely that he likes you. When he catches your eye in a crowded room, this is a sure sign that is he really into you.

A Scorpio man finds it easy to see right through you and tell when someone is interested in him. This star sign is empathetic and sometimes somewhat psychic. The Scorpio man in your life will be able to read you and tell your feelings when he looks into your eyes.

A Scorpio man desires a strong soul connection and expects a lot of eye contact. If he likes you, he will make sure that you know how he feels by staring deeply into your eyes. He is trying to tell whether you are intimidated by him or if you are interested in him. He is by nature, empathetic and read into the way you return his stare.

Expect him to admire you and to stare deeply into your soul. This is another way to tell that your Scorpio crush really likes you.

18. He will show you more physical affection.

When he is in love, Scorpio men cannot help but touching you constantly. Out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio men are the most sensual. This sign is traditionally ruled by Mars, which is associated with sex and desire.

When he loves someone, he enjoys a lot of physical contact and affection with her. He is controlled by a water zodiac sign and is able to create a strong emotional connection through physical touch. He will show his feelings through physical actions– a touch, a kiss or hug.

Physical affection will ensure his feeling of security in a relationship. When you spend time alone with him, he will take every opportunity to touch you. He will hold your hand tightly, stroke your back, or plant kisses on your forehead.

Scorpio men are more affectionate and passionate than any of the other signs. He is known for his sensual nature and ability to win affection. He will try everything he can to get your affection. Physical affection is a very important part of a relationship for this guy.

He enjoys knowing that you are interested in him and will constantly flirt with you if he likes you. You may see this as coming on too strong if it is early on in your relationship, but this is typical Scorpio behavior. He will not hold back when it comes to getting your attention.

He will be really physical, but mostly in private. He will want to show you how affectionate he can be in order to win you over.

This is one of the signs that a Scorpio likes you.

19. He introduces you to his family.

The most important thing in a Scorpio man’s life is his family. He will only introduce you to his family when he knows he really loves you. The moment he asks you to meet his family is a sure sign that he wants a serious relationship with you.

The opinion of his family and friends is really important to this guy. If he really loves you, he will not hesitate to tell the closest people in his life about you. It is very important for him to get their seal of approval on the woman that he is seeing.

Until he really loves a woman, he will not introduce her to his family. So, if you have met his closest family and friends, you can be sure that you mean a lot to him. This is one way he is trying to show you how much he cares for you.

If he talks passionately about you to his family and tells them all about you, you can be sure that he loves you. If they already know your name and other details about you, he is very interested in you.

Even if it’s just a casual dinner, introducing you to his parents and his family proves his love and commitment towards you. A Scorpio man does not easily give his heart to someone, but if you meet his family you can be sure that he is serious about you. He’ll want his friends to like you as well. His friends are as important to him as his family.

This is one way to know that this Scorpio really likes you.

20. He spends a lot of time with you.

He spends a lot of time with you

When a Scorpio man spends more time with you, his feelings are deepening. He could go from spending a few hours a week with you, to a couple of hours a day. If he starts spending more time at your place, it is a sure sign that he likes you a lot.

A Scorpio man doesn’t like to waste time and energy, so if he spends much of his time with you, he is serious about you. As relationships deepen, a Scorpio will start to spend more time with the one he likes.

He may increase the amount of time you speak every day, going from a few minutes a day to hours of conversation. When he asks you over to his place, you can be sure that he likes you, as a Scorpio man is not a time-waster.

If he likes you, a Scorpio will want you by his side wherever he goes. If he really likes you, he will want to spend as much time as possible with you. This man will be clear about who he wants to spend his time with. If he knows something is important to you, he will make an extra effort to be there.

No matter how busy he is he will make sure you are his priority and will always make time for you, even if he has a hectic work or social schedule. He’ll want to take you on special dates, and exciting adventures. If he is spending more and more time with you, it is very likely that his feelings for you are getting stronger every day.

This is a sure sign that the Scorpio in your life is really into you.

21. He wants to bond with you.

A Scorpio man desires a connection on an emotional level before a connection of a physical nature. He wants to know that he has found the love of his life, and will not push for sex early on in a relationship.

He wants to take the chance to get to know you and to show that he respects you. A Scorpio man sees a soul connection as the most important thing in a relationship. He wants to build on this before he focuses on other things in your relationship.

22. He sends you sweet texts.

When a Scorpio man likes you, he will think about you throughout the day, even if he is busy. He will often send you flirty and sweet texts out of the blue. He wants to let you know that he really likes you and keep your desire for him growing. So, if you hear from him often, or receive flirty texts from him, that Scorpio man likes you a lot.

A person with this star sign may send you quotes or songs that reflect how he feels towards you. He is often trying to tell you something in these messages. He will show his love for you in meaningful conversations. He will frequently text you– and say nice things, flirt with you, and make you laugh.

He is looking for someone that he can create an intense emotional connection with, so he will pay attention to you and keep in contact with you. Pay attention to his sometimes cryptic messages!

This is one of the signs that your Scorpio crush is falling in love with you.

All Things Considered…

It may be hard to initially connect with a Scorpio man, because of his confusing characteristics. A man with this star sign may present a challenge at first, but if he decides that you are right for him, he will love you for all of your flaws.

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  1. I’m a Leo female who dating a Scorpio guy. Its seem accurate. We’ve been dating for 3 months and going strong. I’m more likely crazy about him ❤

  2. I am an Aquarius. Please help me figure out what is going on as I am starting to crazy and think that it’s all in my head and i don’t know if it’s him making me crazy. I am very confused please explain. I have met a Scorpio man recently, he is my sports coach. Since the first time we met I had an intense feeling with him and his first words to me were ‘do we know each other from somewhere’. Anyways, as the days go by I feel like he is trying to be closer to me but still I am unsure. He always asks how I am and makes jokes all the time to make me laugh. He even speaks out my name more than others and I catch him giving me glances from across the room. He also kind of doesn’t let me be alone with the other guys at the gym, like for example when at once we had a small talk with one of the guys at the gym he kind of attacked me afterwards and wanted to make the other guy seem less in my eyes and I don’t know if it was something he did but the guy did not speak to me for a week after that. I don’t know if he is jealous or possessive but I have noticed that any guy that comes close to me and he notices for some reason they back off and keep their distance afterwards. I don’t know how but he is stuck in my head all the time the past few weeks after he has become a bit more intense with me and I feel very very much attracted to him much more than before all of a sudden. Also I have a boyfriend and I think he knows because he checks out my Facebook profile, but even though I love my man to the death this Scorpio has messed with my head and I cannot not think about him and how close he becomes at some points and how much attention he gives me.

  3. I’m sagittarius and I’m getting know Scorpio man about 9 motnhs right now… And everything you’ve said, it’s really accurate in our relationship… And I’ve been tested from beginning until now, just because he wanted to know whether I’m strong enough for him…

  4. I have never read such a precise description of the scorpio man’s personality traiTs. Im a scorpio woman and im going through this with a scorpio man right now. You couldNt have described this any better. SalUte

  5. Hi!i recently met a scorPio.i am a virgo.he is nOt my type but he won me over by hello!he is a COMBINATION of Emotions That always keeps you wonder!he is serious he is goofy funny and intense at the same time!i see myself falling for him and i am scared bc he is 3 years younger and also told me he is not looking foR a relationship….i know he likes me but i am not the tYpe of person or in the age to waste time on meaningless relationshiPs.always CRAVING fOr StrOng feelings and bOnds..what to do?thanK U in advance

  6. As a scorpio can say very acc never knew why i did these things but niCe and eye opening to read struggling to finD a gIrl myself so its helpful to see in order to improve myself


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