How Do I Find Out What Websites My Husband Is On? (11 Possible Ways)

Are you wondering, “How do I find out what websites my husband is on?” What I would like to know is why you feel the need to check up on your spouse. Do you suspect that he’s online dating other women? Are you just unsure of what he’s up to and wonder if you can catch him doing something behind your back?

I have been in your shoes, believe it or not. My ex was a chronic liar and would sneak behind my back every chance he got. He’d do things like look at pornography sites, talk to other women online, and join dating sites in an effort to have more excitement in his life; at least, that is my guess for his reason for doing this. 

I would fall asleep, and my ex-husband would immediately go to his computer to check the status of the dating sites that he had joined or to check his email to see which women wrote him back. That was back before we had the wonderful technology that we have today. I just know, first hand, what it feels like to be deceived. Let’s look at how to catch your man in the act!

Ways to Find Out What Sites Your Husband Is On

1. Look at the search bar on his computer

I’ve caught boyfriends looking at adult sites by simply getting on the internet and going to the search bar. Start by entering the letter “a.” It should pop up with the last web address that was visited on that computer that started with an A. You can do this with all letters of the alphabet to see what sites your husband was on.

2. Check the dating websites

check the dating websites

Hop on eHarmony, Match, Plenty of Fish, and OKCupid to see if you recognize any of the pictures on there. If a man is dating other women, he should have a dating profile out there, which may be easy to spot, especially since you know what criteria to look for in a guy; after all, you do know the stats on your husband (dark hair, blue eyes, and so on).

3. Look at his phone while he’s sleeping

Most husbands won’t think to clear their history before going to sleep. You can check out his Facebook and other social media accounts to see who he is talking to that you don’t already know about. If he’s been on dating websites, you should see it on internet explorer or safari. Just don’t jump to conclusions before talking it over with him.

4. Look at the saved bookmarks on his laptop

If your husband visits certain sites a lot, he will probably have them saved on his computer. If he’s dating other people behind your back, he may be on a dating website. Look at the search engine on his laptop to see what sites he’s on. He could be on several dating sites with many dating profiles. Try to stay calm no matter what, though.

5. Check his browsing history

You can go to the internet settings on your computer to see all of the visited sites. If your spouse frequents dating sites and is online dating, more than likely, your partner is cheating on you. Check out his Facebook account to see what his profile shows. Who does he DM with? What sites does he visit the most? Where does he go online?

6. Watch what ads pop up when you’re on the internet

The internet is smart and a little creepy. Did you know if you search for something or visit certain sites that the ads you see will reflect your browsing online history? So, for example, if you have been going to dating sites, you may have ads for dating sites you didn’t know existed. Look at his laptop to see what ads pop up. 

7. Hire a private investigator

If you are very suspicious of your husband, you may find it helpful to talk to a private investigator. He or she could look up his phone number and see what websites he is registered on. There are actually many ways a private eye can help you determine what your husband is truly up to. You will find out the absolute truth by doing this.

8. Sneak up on him when he’s on the internet

This one may sound quite childish, but it works. I caught my ex-husband registering for a dating site when I quietly walked up behind him when he was online. He was actually a part of many dating sites; I just didn’t know it until later. Don’t jump to conclusions until you know all of the truth, the actual facts around the issue. Some things are innocent.

9. Check your bank statement for suspicious activity

check your bank statement for suspicious activity

Many sites require you to pay to view their content. Therefore, if you check your bank statements, you could find out what dating sites, for example, that he is paying to use. There’s a real possibility that your bank statement could tell you even more! Check out which sites you are paying for that you do not recognize and talk to your husband.

10. Ask his friends what he is up to

You may be able to tell what dating sites your husband is on by just asking his buds about what he’s up to. Of course, they will probably have his back, but it could work. Explain that you want your marriage to work but that you think your husband is on dating sites with a different profile on each one. They may just be on your side.

11. Talk to your husband directly

If your husband is on a dating site or on multiple dating sites, the best thing you can do is to ask him about it. Find out why he has dating profiles on dating sites when he is married to you. Explain that you found out he’s on a dating site or on a number of dating sites, that you know the truth, so there is no point in lying.

If you need to, go ahead and pull up his profile on the dating site you caught him on. Tell him you read his profile and do not understand why he even has a dating profile when he’s married. Ask him how he would feel if you had a dating profile on a dating website. Sometimes, just phrasing it like that can help him see the harm he’s done.

Explain that you do not understand why he would be on dating sites if he is not actually dating anyone but you. Ask him if he is dating around. If he has a dating profile that you find very hurtful, which most likely any dating profile is hurting you, ask that he shut it down, or explain that you are confused why he has one.

Your husband may be relieved that you found out about the dating sites he is on. He may have been feeling very guilty over his dating life behind your back, and he may have been wanting to come clean for quite some time. You really won’t know until you ask him. If he is on a number of dating sites, request that he close them out.

What to Do If Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

what to do if your spouse is cheating on you

If you believe your husband’s online activity constitutes an affair, you should definitely talk it over with him. Tell him you are interested in couples counseling if you think that could solve the problem. Explain that the sites your husband is visiting are harming your relationship, and you want to know why he felt the need to join them. 

He may be honest with you about the whole thing. If you determine there is a problem in your marriage, you may want to address it directly if you want to keep the marriage going. Request that he quit looking at the sites that hurt you. If you think he has stopped over time, you can always check again to see if he did, in fact, stop looking at those websites.

Your best bet is to attend marriage counseling, get him to stop his behavior, and/or get to the root of the problems.


How can I find out what my husband is doing on his phone?

One way to find out what he’s up to without him knowing is to wait until he’s gone to sleep. You can then check his browsing history, text messages, call history, and other cell phone data. Alternatively, you can grab it out of his hands to immediately tell what’s happening.

How can I find my husband's secret social media accounts?

You can search for his picture or email address on various social media accounts. It may be more useful to ask him if he has another social media account rather than sneak around behind his back. This way, you can look him in the eyes to see if he’s lying.

How can I see if my husband is on tinder?

I have found that when it comes to dating sites, the best way to tell if your husband is on there is to ask him. If you are worried he won’t be honest, you may want to just browse the site to see if his picture or email are there. 

Can you spy on someone's phone without installing software?

Yes, there are websites you can visit that will tell you information about a person’s cellular phone without installing software on their phone. XNSpy is a program you can use to accomplish this goal; you will need access to his cellular phone, though.

Can you tell if someone is tracking your phone?

If you have installed an application on your husband’s mobile phone to find out what dating sites or porn websites he has visited, you need to be careful. If he does an update to his phone or looks at it too closely, he can find what you installed.

To Sum It All Up

Do you suspect your partner is cheating on dating sites? Do you know of a search tool or way to tell if someone is visiting an adult site? We’d love to hear all about your suggestions. Please leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to share this post!

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