How Do Guys Feel When You Block Them? (15 Possible Ways)

When you block a guy, it is normal for him to feel a certain way. It could be your ex who is coming back to try and make your relationship work or a random guy who is in love with you. The act of blocking tells them you don't want them in your life.

Men are naturally known for their egos. For some, this might have little or no effect, especially if they didn't love you from the start. While for others, this could affect their emotions, and try all they can to make the relationship work.

So when he gets ignored and blocked, in his mind, it raises his emotions. Yes, this doesn't mean it raises so many emotions in his mind. Men are not as emotional as women.

When your ex wants your relationship back, he takes any chance he has to try and make it work. Still, if he gets blocked when he tries to contact you, this directly tells him you have made your decision, and you never want to have a relationship with him anymore.

Are you wondering what a guy feels when you block him, what his emotions are? And what exactly he thinks when he gets blocked. Here are 15 ways to know.

15 Ways To Know How A Guy Feels When He Gets Blocked

1. Demeaning

Although it depends on his personality, any regular guy will feel humiliated and disrespected. As a girl, you should be careful about hurting the ego of a boy. Because it means so much, and when you block a guy, it is demeaning, and he doesn't take it so well. 

He may start to seek an avenue to revenge. Some guys say that is why they'd rather date older women because instead of blocking them. They have a more mature way of dealing with such situations other than running away.

2. He feels shocked

he feels shocked

When you've spent time with someone, you somehow become attached to that person, and they become part of you. The act of blocking a guy you spent time with will always have a psychological effect on them. He will feel lost, shocked, and bewildered. 

So, no matter how strong a man is when he discovers that you blocked him, he will feel the loss for sure. You will directly affect his self-esteem, and his self-doubts get triggered.

3. Overthinking is certain

When you block a guy without leaving any prior message as to why the guy starts digging into the past to find out why you must have blocked him. He goes through your previous chat to see if he has unknowingly hurt or disrespected you. 

Just know that when you block a man overthinking is certain. He keeps wondering why you blocked him, and it may lead to aggression when he realizes you are playing mind games with him.

4. He is in a puzzle

It's not easy for the mind to tolerate incompleteness. When you block a guy, you put a big puzzle in the situation. So his mind comes up with so many reasons and uncertain conclusions.

His mind also goes through positive and negative possibilities. He could end up drawing any conclusion that satisfies and solves the puzzle.

5. Put yourself in his shoes

A guy has blocked me before, and whenever I think about it, I feel hurt because it's not right to shun somebody and behave like they never existed. This is mostly true if you've shared something special with that person, it feels terrible. So before you block someone, put yourself in his shoes. If the reverse was the case, how would you feel?

6. Unimportant

When you decide to block a guy (maybe your ex-boyfriend), one thing that is obvious to him is that he is no more important. Many people say cutting off all contact with their ex has saved a lot of relationships. So, it can be easy for them to let go and free their mind of any reason that may lead them to want you back.

Also, when you stop dating someone, and you are still in contact with them, it may be an issue because your hope may get high that there is a chance that you can get him back. But when you block him, it's obvious that he is unimportant to you, and that's the best space for you to heal and move on.

7. It’s a lifetime ban

Men are as emotional as women are. They are also weak and vulnerable. For example, how will you feel if a guy blocks you? Well, they will likely feel the same way, especially when it’s a lifetime ban. 

There are other ways to solve issues with a guy than just blocking him on all social media or other contact points. Even if you both manage to talk about it later and move on, it will still hurt whenever it comes to his mind, and things will never go back to normal.

8. He may overlook it

he may overlook it

I earlier mentioned that men are different, and their reaction to these things varies based on personality. Hence, while another guy is soaking himself in hurt and regret, another is overlooking it.

For some guys, their reaction is “It’s not a problem if she isn’t interested”.These types of men feel that there are enough girls in the world. He can be with another. The world doesn’t revolve around you, so he will overlook that you blocked him and face other things.

9. He will get over it

Ever heard the saying ‘If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’?. Most guys understand that girls don’t like confrontation and would instead run away from certain discussions. For these men, it’s best to block them from avoiding the burden. 

Some guys already understand how we act. At first, they may feel sad and think revengeful but later get over it and forget everything. Hopefully, he won’t lose respect for you.

10. He could be consumed with guilt

It can make him feel guilty when you block a guy, although this depends on how he thinks and his beliefs. The kind of guilt differs because one guy may feel guilty because of a mistake he made, while another will feel guilty thinking that he gave his time and love to you. 

This can impute guilt on him. When your boyfriend upset you, and you block him without giving him a chance to explain himself or even leaving an explanation as to why you blocked him, as much as he may feel guilty, you may regret the loss later.

11. It wasn't worth it from the start

Let’s say you've been friends with someone. You’ve shared nice moments together and you've vibed with this person and probably feel connected. When you block this guy like that, he might feel regret for every effort he put out in the past for you, even if he wasn't your boyfriend. 

He will feel unfairly treated, and whatever he feels will slowly fade and become a regret. He will soon wish he had done things differently. It just makes him feel like you weren't worth it after all.

12. Necessity

Is it really necessary to block this guy? It's inappropriate to ignore or shun a person who is genuinely interested in you. It's not right to be so judgmental when you don't even know him well. This world is a small place. 

In your bid to ignore and block people to boost your ego, you may end up losing beneficial and potential friendships, relationships, and opportunities. Don't let people into your life and see how it goes.

13. It's selfish

When you block a guy, it shows that you were thinking about yourself and care about yourself. It's disrespectful to the other person because you just indirectly dragged them in the mud. 

Also, with the block, you are indirectly sending a message about the situation. You are saying “I don't care about you anymore, you are useless to me, and I do not need you in my life.” That's not nice if you do it out of anger. If you feel guilty afterward, my advice is to unblock them and apologize. It's okay to make amends if you feel the need to.

14. What's your reason for blocking him

what's your reason for blocking him

Suppose you have to beg for attention or force a conversation every time. If he always disappoints you and replies to your long text with one word. He never acknowledges you or treats you like an option, then maybe blocking him won't be a bad idea. 

But you should talk to him about these things first before you go ahead to block him. You are unique, and you should never constantly feel sidelined. You shouldn't have to force yourself on anyone. So in as much as you should consider his feelings, consider yourself as well and do what's best for you.

15. The effect on you

As much as we are curious about how a guy feels when he is blocked, the situation also affects you because you blocked him for a reason. You are your priority. If you feel that you are being treated less than you deserve, do what's best for you. 

If keeping contact with an ex-boyfriend affects your mental health negatively, then block him. If he abuses you emotionally or physically and you can't talk to someone about it, it’s time to act. If you feel that blocking him is a way to cut all links with him, make sure you do that. It's not selfish to protect yourself.


Is blocking someone a sign of weakness?

No, it is not. Some people see it as immaturity, but girl, your sanity and space are better than anything in the world. If your ex should contact you and doesn’t want him in your space, block him. You must not be in a relationship with him.

Should I block him or just ignore him? 

This totally depends on you. If your reason for wanting to block him is to get him off your back, then do it. Don't be sentimental with such a decision because your emotions are important. Don't let anyone make you feel like the worst person on earth.

Does ghosting mean blocking?

No, they don't. There are two different words when you ghost someone you just stop all forms of communication with that person. This doesn't mean the person can't contact you, but when you block someone the person has no way of reaching you.

Will he come back after blocking me? 

Yes, he can, but I don't think you should go back to him. No one has the right to hop in and out of your life whenever they feel like.

Why would a guy suddenly block you? 

There are several reasons why a guy can block you. He could be mad at you; he could be tired of chatting with you. He may not be interested in you and can't tell you; maybe he wanted you guys to be more than just friends, but you are not giving him a chance at all.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Before you block anyone, don't just think of yourself alone. Think of the impact your action might have on them too. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others. 

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