How Do Guys Feel When Other Guys Look At Their Girlfriend (15 Ways)

When a guy is in love with a girl, he feels overprotective of her, whether they’re in a relationship or not. Sometimes, he could try to let things be for the trust he has for her, even with the ability to complain about them. But, that overprotective behavior most times develops into a high level of jealousy and misunderstanding in many relationships.

The truth is, even when you ask your lover how he feels when another man looks at you, he may not say it. Or, he may want to say it but lacks the words to express himself. It’s not like sex that they can easily use gestures to show what they want. 

For some guys, you could see it in their facial expressions. While the rest would keep cool until after the other man leaves. If you’ve been how your lover feels when other guys look at you, here are 15 ways to start with.

15 Ways Guys Feel When Other Guys Look At Their Girlfriend

1. They feel awkward

Not only girls feel awkward when other girls look at their boyfriends. Men do, too. Imagine if you were talking to your lover and another girl starts giving him ‘the eye’ from afar, how would you feel? You won't only feel awkward, you'll feel jealous, too. 

It's the same scenario for a guy. He doesn't want a random man to jump in and ruin his good love life by using mere eyes as a starting point. So, for some men, they feel awkward when they see other men look at their women in ways they don't like.

2. A guy would feel angry when he sees another guy looking at his girlfriend

Some men take time to react to a situation even with the ability to respond immediately. They would only come when they sense something fishy. For instance, if another guy looks at you in an abusive manner like he wants to have sex, that calls for alarm. 

If he also looks at you in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's enough to make your lover angry. In this case, an abusive situation is bad, no matter the time and place, whether it's day or night. Your lover has the right to be angry if another man looks at you this way. For some men, they could feel angry enough to walk and talk to the other man, amicably.

3. They feel jealous

Controlled jealousy is a good sign of a healthy relationship. But, when it becomes frequent, it's enough to drain a woman mentally. Many men become jealous when they sense something that makes them feel uneasy. They would feel like it's been happening or something would happen if they're not present.

Whether you're cheating or not, as long as you're in a relationship with a guy, he would feel jealous when he sees another man look at you. Sometimes, his eyes could tell it all to the other man without you knowing what's going on. Jealousy is another feeling that comes to a guy when he sees other guys looking at his girlfriend.

4. A guy could be confused

He would be wondering why the other man would look at his girl, aimlessly without a word or reason. The funniest situation is if you're both sitting together on a nice night's hangout and it's obvious he's your lover. Another guy looking at you at that point would be quite confusing to your lover.

That's because he's not sure if the other man sees you as a beautiful girl or is interested in you for sex. He knows how many men think. That could make him very skeptical about the other man’s thoughts. As funny as it may seem, many men get confused when they see other men look at their girlfriends.

5. They feel lucky to have the girl

Like the opposite sex, men love to live a good life with quality things. This also includes the single women they relate to and would love to build a relationship with. This makes them have a good feeling when they see another guy admire their lover, a combination of prestige and high self-esteem.

It makes them know they have a beautiful woman as a girlfriend. They would walk like kings knowing they have something special other men can't have. And when you notice them improve their love language to prove a point to that man. So, it's not all negative. Some men take the positive side of it, too.

6. They feel uncomfortable

they feel uncomfortable

Like many women, many men feel uncomfortable when they see another man admire their wife. They may not be necessarily insecure, jealous, or angry. Your husband could just have that uneasy feeling seeing another guy look at you in ways that should be exclusive to him only.

If a guy’s body language doesn’t show how uncomfortable he feels when another man looks at his wife, it means he has a high level of composure. And some men are good at this. But, a high level of composure doesn't mean they're okay with it. Some of them could walk away to avoid doing anything nasty.

7. Guys mentally fight other guys who look at their girlfriend

One thing about guys is that they secretly fight a guy that looks interested in their girl. Some of them may not make a move yet until they’re sure things are getting out of hand. They would prefer to observe the other man and fight him in every scenario in their head. That's when they start harboring evil thoughts with you, their lover knowing.

For this type of guy, if you watch his gesture and mode of speech afterward, you’ll know his thoughts. He could either integrate it into his discussion with his girlfriend or revisit it when he feels it’s necessary. This is one way a guy feels when other guys look at his girlfriend.

8. They feel insecure

Don't get this wrong, insecurity doesn't begin immediately, most times. It builds up gradually, and sometimes your lover may not know how insecure he is until you or someone else tells him. A guy seeing his girlfriend relate with another man could start by unconsciously being jealous. It's that jealousy that builds up insecurity.

Most men start having insecurities when their girlfriend reduces the time she spends with them or refuses to live according to their rules. They also feel insecure when they see another guy they think looks better than they talk to their girlfriend. Depending on how fragile they are, they could either express their hurt instantly or let it build over time.

9. He could pretend to be calm, but deep down he feels threatened

Men have different personalities. While some of them get angry and fight another man physically, others take their time or do it passive-aggressively. Your lover could be jealous, insecure, or mad, but may not show it. The good thing is, some men admit they're jealous if you ask them, openly. 

That's why it's advised to always communicate in your relationship. Some guys keep cool when they see the other man look at their girlfriend. They want to take some time to confirm or prove their thoughts wrong. But, deep down they’re already threatened and waiting to see the other man’s next move, so they can respond accordingly.

10. They feel good and happy about it

While this situation is a pain to some men, a few of them use it as a springboard in their relationship. When they see other men looking at their girlfriends, they become happy. You may be wondering why? It's a way to boost their ego knowing they're good enough for you to choose them, instead of choosing other guys.

For some men, their confidence literally increases when they see another guy looking at or talking to their girlfriend. That's because they know the girl won't be so interested in the other man trying to talk to her. What does that mean? It means she respects him so much she'd tell the other guy that she has a lover.

11. The situation makes them value their girlfriend more

Not every man out there appreciates their girlfriend the way they should. A guy could have no regard for his girl, but see her as someone who should worship all of him. What does this mean? When some guys see other men looking at their girlfriend, it serves as a rude awakening to them.

At this point, if a guy was rude to his girl, such behavior changes immediately, when he sees other men look at her like a queen. He comes to the awareness that she could be taken away from him at any time. If you have a lover like this, at this point, you’ll notice him admit that you’re a loving woman.

12. They feel like they’re in a competition

they feel like theyre in a competition

For some men when a guy checks out his girl, they feel challenged. The possessive ones could go as far as asking the other man if there’s any problem. If the situation is not handled well, one of them could get angry enough to start a fight. As petty as such behavior could be, it could happen anywhere at any time. 

Every guy feels threatened when they see another guy looking at their girlfriend. No matter how much they trust her, there’s always that little curiosity to ask questions or speak up about the situation. If you, as their girl, don't have answers to their questions, they begin to feel they’re not good enough for you.

13. They analyze the other guy

As a girl, try to observe the guy you’re dating when another guy is in the same place as you two. Whether the random man looks at you or not, your lover would take some time to analyze him. You’d hear him talking about the other man’s outfit or behavior. Sometimes, guys do this with other men to feel better about themselves. 

That’s if they’re envious or disgusted at their fellow man. They could also do this to discourage the girl from admiring the random man. You could call this jealousy, depending on how the scenario is. And a man may refuse to admit how uncomfortable he is with another man even when you ask him.

14. They start having doubts about their girlfriend

Some guys don’t fully trust their girlfriends. So, whether they see her talking to another man or not, they'll always be jealous. A man could feel his girlfriend accommodates any guy who comes to her for a conversation, which sometimes shakes their love because he starts losing trust in her loyalty. 

For some who trust their girlfriends, they could begin to question it when they see another man compliment or speak to them. Most guys start having doubts about their girlfriend when they’ve noticed other guys check her out several times. If you observe this you’ll know. This is one of the ways guys feel when they see other men looking at their girlfriend.

15. They wonder what the other guy could be thinking

When another man looks at a guy’s girlfriend, he could spend time observing that guy just to depict what his intentions are. If he can’t after a few seconds, he could pull the girl closer as a way to let him know she’s his girl. That’s him basically saying “she’s mine. Back off.”

They want to know if the guy would be disrespectful enough to compliment their girlfriend’s body or talk to her without saying hi to them. As surprising as it could be, situations like this could sometimes make the guy so skeptical enough to get angry even though he might keep cool in his appearance.


Do guys notice when other men look at their girlfriends?

Guys know when other men would look at their girlfriend. They sense it before it happens. That's because they see how she's dressed and know what would attract another man to look at her. So, they intentionally look around to see any man admiring their girlfriend in every environment.

Why do guys get jealous of their girlfriends?

Guys get jealous of their lovers because of a lack of trust, low self-esteem, and insecurity, which could make them believe you would cheat. That could be from past hurtful experiences. They could also think that you're beautiful and better than them, which is not an assurance that you'll stick to them.

Is it OK to look at other guys while in a relationship?

Of course, you can't close your eyes while walking. And if you don't have male friends, your business partners, work colleagues, or acquaintances would be men. What you shouldn't do is get too involved with them physically, emotionally, or otherwise, so you don't develop feelings. If you do that, it could affect your love life.

Why do guys look at other girls?

Some guys look at other girls out of curiosity. Some others look at their body to see how curvy they are. So, they could be looking at a lady’s or many ladies' boobs, butt, face, and other physical features to compare them or determine how beautiful they look. 

What do men look for in a woman physically?

They look at a woman’s body to see how beautiful she is. They could also look at her body features, which include clear skin, a pretty face, nice lips, round boobs, and butt. Sometimes, they could look at what she's wearing, her makeup, or how organized she is in an environment.

To Conclude 

No matter how much your lover trusts you, he'll always feel a bit jealous or have mixed feelings when he sees other men looking at you. I hope this article settled your curiosity a bit. If it did, please don't forget to drop your comments and share them with people you know would love it, too.

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