11 Things To Do When You Are In A Hopeless Relationship To Make Things Better

Do you feel trapped in your relationship and have no idea about how to make things better? Are you looking for ways to make your relationship like it was in the beginning? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Believe me; only sometime back I was in the same position and I know how bad it feels when your relationship is in a category where you cannot be happy with him.

I did thorough research and talked to many friends to find the recipe for a happy marriage. Finally, I realized that almost every relationship goes through a period of hopelessness once in a while. The important thing to do is not to lose hope and keep making efforts to make the relationship happy and content.

In today’s article, we are going to look for steps to take when you feel that your relationship is hopeless. These tips will help you to soon have a compatible and happy relationship with your husband, which means fewer fights.

We will also learn what is a hopeless relationship and what is the sign of this kind of relationship. 

What Is A Hopeless Relationship?

A relationship between two individuals is hopeless when the people involved in the relationship are not happy. There are constant fights, disagreements, and unhappiness and it feels like the relationship will not survive. It feels like you are a prisoner and even love turns into work. You look for ways to distance yourself from your partner.

In this relationship, you no longer make plans for your future together and are not sure about for how long you and your partner will be together. However, you mustn't lose hope and constantly make efforts to work on the relationship. Constant efforts will ensure that things become better one day.

Make sure that you do not stay in this kind of relationship for long if things are not working out. If you do not change your situation, it can take a toll on your mental health and result in depression.

What Is A Hopeless Relationship Like?

A relationship is hopeless when instead of feeling love, you get annoyed by the little things that your partner does. There is unhappiness and a feeling of incompleteness in your relationship. 

This kind of relationship might make you feel that you are in a relationship with a teenager who is not emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship. This hopelessness can also be a result of our past, in which either one or both of you might have made mistakes in the past and now you are not able to overcome these past issues.

This kind of relationship will make you feel tired and exhausted all the time. You would not have any energy left to work on your relationship and feel that it is not worth it. Sex will also become monotonous and in most cases, you will be with your partner only for the kids or for society.

Steps To Take When Your Relationship Feels Hopeless

1. Communicate with your partner

Communication is very important in a relationship. Clear and transparent communication with your partner will help you understand each other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Tell him about how you feel about the relationship and discuss what can be done to get rid of hopelessness in your relationship. This is one solution, which will help you resolve conflicts.

2. Spend time together

You might not feel like spending time with your partner due to the bitterness in your relationship. However, try to keep your differences aside and look for ways to find the lost love between you two. Try doing any activity of your partner’s choice and invite them. Make sure that you concentrate on enjoying yourselves and avoid topics that can cause a rift.

3. Do not take your partner for granted

As a relationship progresses, one or both the people involved in the relationship start taking each other for granted. They think that their partner already knows about their feelings and thus they stop showing their love. However, such a situation can put a thought in their mind that maybe you are no more interested in them and they might look for attention somewhere else.

4. Do not discuss your relationship problems with your friends

It is natural that when you are feeling hopeless you would like to share your feelings with your friends. However, no matter how close you are to your friends, you should never discuss your relationship problems with them. This is because nobody can properly judge your relationship only by listening to your side of the story and this will only cause more problems.

5. Be compassionate

be compassionate

Try to understand that whatever feeling of hopelessness you are going through, your partner must be feeling the same. So, make it a point to understand where your partner is coming from and try to work on the relationship together.

6. Use the right approach

Even if you are feeling hopeless in your relationship it does not mean that you stay angry and frustrated with your partner. It might be difficult but you should try to soften your approach and be a little considerate when talking to your partner. The more you criticize and blame your partner, the more issues in your relationship will arise.

7. Start all over again

Instead of losing hope, try to rekindle your love by refreshing the old memories of your dating period. Together go through the pictures from the time when your relationship was new or visit the restaurant you went to on your first date. These small, little things will help you break the walls between you two and help in bringing the relationship back to where it started.

8. Keep your expectations in check

Relationships do not always turn out as you have always imagined them in your head. It is natural to have expectations from your partner, but they should be reasonable. You should let your partner know when their actions do not match your expectations. However, you should not depend too much on them and accept them as they are.

9. Set goals

Both you and your man should come together and make relationship-related goals, which should be both long-term and short-term. the life you want to build together. These goals should comprise the dreams, and aspirations, you and your partner want to achieve concerning your marriage or relationship. 

Couples should take out some time each month where they solely discuss these goals and the ways to achieve them.

This kind of goal setting helps couples in planning their ideal relationship, where they grow and evolve together.

10. Do not give up too soon

do not give up too soon

All relationships have their challenges, however, it does not mean that you break up as soon as things get tough. Couples need to understand that marriage is a serious business and it needs effort. So whenever the thought of leaving comes to your mind, you need to take a deep breath and try to reason why you feel that the love has been lost.

Your relationship doesn't always need to be perfect. Whenever you start feeling hopeless in your relationship take a small break and there are chances that things will return to normal.

11. Visit a marriage counselor

If even after trying everything you are still feeling hopeless in your marriage then you can visit a counselor. This professional will help you sort out your feelings and build a connection with your partner. Counselors are known to change the lives of couples and show them the right path. These sessions will give you hope and help you feel the love between you and your partner.

However, if even after many attempts things don't change and if there is still the feeling of hopelessness then it is better that you end the relationship. 


What is a hopeless relationship?

A hopeless relationship is the one, which always feels gloomy. The people involved in it are hopeless about the future of the relationship and do not believe that it would last long. Many causes can be a result of this kind of relationship.

How do you fix a struggling relationship?

You can fix a struggling relationship by following the steps given above. One sign of a struggling relationship is you losing interest in your partner. To fix this kind of relationship you can follow the steps given above. 

What is a hopeless person?

A hopeless person is someone unhappy in their life because he/she feels that there is no possibility of a better life. This person has lost all the hope, and passion and does not believe that they can lead a happy and successful life.

Is it possible to revive a relationship?

Reviving a relationship might not always be easy but it is not impossible. All it takes is some effort and patience. You need to take steps to fall in love again and relieve the old times. However, it might not be easy if the reason for problems in a relationship is something like infidelity. 

Why is hopeless romantic bad?

A hopeless romantic person is always in their fairy world and often ignores reality. As a romantic woman, you might have high standards of men, which can decrease your options when it comes to getting in a relationship with a man. Therefore, one should try to be more independent and practical to succeed in life.

To Conclude

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