He Said He Would Call But Didn’t. Should I Call Him? (19 Things to Do)

Sometimes, you don’t know what to expect or how to behave when you meet a guy. That could be a result of your previous experiences with men. You’re not sure of what would piss them. This is the same thing that applies when a guy says he’ll call but doesn’t.

So, how does this work? Let’s say, you meet a guy and you grow to like him over time. You both start talking and you feel you’ve both connected. He asks you out on a date and it’s successful, but his attitude toward you suddenly changes after the date. He either starts ignoring your calls or promises to call, but delays or never does. 

Or, you meet a guy through your friend, a dating site, or randomly. You both start talking and he asks you to go on a date with him. He promises to call before the date. You get excited and nervous with thoughts of how you’ll dress, how you’d behave when you see him, and what would happen during or after the date. But, he never calls. 

If you’ve found yourself in either of those two situations or experiencing similar ones at the moment, it must be heartbreaking or disappointing to experience it. And you’ve possibly spent the entire time thinking of what to do about it. Don’t stress so much. Here are 19 things to do if a guy said he’ll call, but never did.

19 Things To Do When He Said He Would Call But Didn’t

1. You could send a text to check up on him

When you don’t hear from someone who said they’ll reach out to you, you could always reach out to check up on them. That’s because you’re not sure if they’re going through a hard time. A guy could be sick or as bad as it can be, imprisoned for reason. 

A line of text would do or you could type a few sentences just to ask how he’s doing. In the same message, you ask him to reply or call back when he sees your message. If he ignores you and you hear nothing about him, something could be wrong.

2. Occupy yourself with something else

Don’t forget that your life doesn’t revolve around one person, especially a guy. You have the financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life to take care of. When you don’t receive his call, you should shift your energy to something else.

Take the online class you’ve always wanted to take. Go out for yoga. Take a little walk and meet other people. Watch the sunset, volunteer, and talk to random people at a park. This is one thing you should do when a guy doesn’t call.

3. Pick a dress for the date

It’s better to prepare for something even when you’re not sure the event will hold. You would have any to look too pretty than homeless. So, if a guy fixed a date and hasn’t called, you could use that time to pick a nice dress.

You could also pick accessories, makeup, and shoes that would go with the dress. If it gets to the day and he still doesn’t call, dress up in your best way, take photos, admire, and upload them on social media. Use it to have fun.

4. Discuss it with a friend

If a call said he was going to call, but didn’t, and you feel bad about it, you can vent to a friend. That’s not you being weak. It’s you expressing how you truly feel about the situation to someone you trust and possibly getting a solution to manage it.

So, you could cry, shout, scream, or use any means you’re comfortable with to express yourself, as long as you don’t harm anyone or the person you’re venting to. This process will help your mental health. This is what to do when a guy said he’ll call, but didn’t.

5. Give him some time, then call

Most people say you could give an average of three days before calling. But, it’s advisable to call after sending a text without getting a response. There’s nothing in calling someone who promised to call but failed, first. It doesn't take away your pride.

It only makes you a better and more caring person. Who knows? He could feel happy and appreciative that you called him. So, drop the pride and the fears of how he would react, and make that call. If he's a decent guy, he would love it. If he doesn't, stop calling.

6. Try to talk to other people

try to talk to other people

Of course, that guy is not the only person on your contact list you can call or text. Feel free to talk to other guys, especially if you both haven't started dating or are not in a serious relationship. Have fun with other people. He may be talking to other girls.

Video call them, go on a few dates, or go as far as playing games with them on chat or face-to-face. If a guy doesn't call, this is something you should do. If he decides to call you back, it will be a win-win situation for you. 

7. Check the time you both last spoke

It's very important to check when you both last spoke. Was it two hours, a week, or two days ago? You may be that person who loves spending time with people, while the guy may not be. Most guys calculate their time for everything, including fun.

If it's not been too long since you both spoke and you just started talking, you may want to calm down a bit in reaching out to him. It's not bad to spend time with someone you just met, but it's best to take things slow.

8. Don’t jump to conclusions yet

Many women have the attitude of jumping to conclusions when they're uncertain of what could happen when a guy promises and fails. If you fall into this category, you need to be calm, especially if the guy in question is a great guy.

You may want to confirm certain things first before concluding anything. So, you could send a good morning message to him. You could also go on his social media page to see how active he's been or call the people who know him if you know any of them. Take your time to investigate first. 

9. You could reassure him you’re interested, for real

How long have you both been talking? Has it been up to a month and have you been calling him as well? If no or one out of ten, he may feel you're no longer interested in talking to him. This is how many guys think.

“I always call and hope she'll like me. But, I don't think she's interested.” Make a phone call. Tell him “I think you forgot to call me back. So I thought I should.” Put in as much effort as he does.

10. Avoid bombarding him with messages

Situations like this could make you deeply hurt, but that doesn't mean you should bombard the guy with so many messages. Some girls go as far as using abusive words. You shouldn't do that. If you notice that he's not interested anymore, let it go.

Men pull away from women who they perceive as being clingy. So, maybe a text would've encouraged him to call, but seeing too many messages from one person could be irritating. You should try keeping your texting minimum.

11. Don’t go ranting on social media

Most women have the habit of posting everything about themselves on social media platforms just to get attention. Avoid doing this. You could find a friend, family, or any loved one you trust to rant to. If you don't have anybody like that, you could go in for paid therapy.

Alternatively, you could write how you feel in a book. It could be on pieces of paper. Writing is therapeutic and is known to help you improve yourself. This is one of the things you can do when a guy stops calling you.

12. You could find a way to meet him face-to-face

you could find a way to meet him face to face

Most times, the best way to solve certain problems is by meeting with the person face-to-face. You could try this with the guy. Don't get this wrong, this doesn't mean you should go stalking him. If you know his friends, you could ask them how you could meet him.

If you also know his house, you could take a stroll down there in the evening or whenever you feel he would be free at home. This is what to do when a guy said he would call, but never did.

13. Have some self-respect and read the signs

Actions speak louder than words. If you've tried calling and texting, all to no avail. Have some self-respect. Don't act or sound too desperate to have him back. Give him the freedom to go and have the fun he wants to have.

You would also meet a guy who wouldn't wait to call. You deserve better, so if a guy gives you attitude, walk out like the queen that you are. It's best to read the signs on time. This is what to do when a guy doesn't call as he said.

14. Don’t blame yourself for anything

A guy losing interest in you is not your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself for the mishap in any way. People act based on how they feel and not because of other people's flaws or values. If they have a problem with you, they'll say it.

He never called because he didn't want to, not because you refused to kiss him last night. So, do yourself a favor and pat yourself on the back for escaping any future bad experience that should have happened. This is what to do when a guy refuses to call. 

15. Take yourself out on a date

Treating yourself right is a no-brainer. If a guy can't treat you right, then you should do it. Nobody can value you as much as you do. Dress up, wear nice accessories, put on makeup, and take yourself out on a date. 

It doesn't have to be something serious. Just a simple date in a nice restaurant or cafe. Take your headphones to play some cool music, see what social media has, and enjoy some natural breeze. This is something to do when a guy refuses to call.

16. Avoid venting to untrusted people

It's a bad idea to vent to people you don't trust, except if you mind your personal business becoming a general topic. Stick to the people you know and trust or better still, stick to yourself to avoid problems.

Give yourself time to calm down from the situation. Watch TV programs, read books, and listen to take your attention away from the situation. You could vent to a professional to ease your pain. This is something to do if a guy doesn't call as he promised.

17. Go hang out with friends

Have you been looking for a time to hang out with friends? Now is the time. If that guy didn't call you, don't stress yourself. Find a time and hang out with the girls. You may or may not share it with them. That's your choice.

If you don't have friends, now is the time for you to make a few. You could make friends that would join you on a girls’ night out. You all go out, take a few drinks, get involved in karaoke, play games, and laugh. Have fun.

18. Go back to the dating app and have some fun

go back to the dating app and have some fun

Have you thought of going back to your dating apps? You would find another guy the same way you found the guy who stopped calling. You shouldn't stop doing this until you find the right guy. If you're not a dating app, you could try going on dates with other guys.

You may not want to get serious yet, since you're still trying to heal from the previous experience. Keep everything minimal and don't expect his calls so much, so stay sane. This is what to do when a guy stops calling.

19. Move on

It doesn't matter if you were getting somewhere with this guy or not, you had one great night with him or not, when you see red flags like this, move on. It's okay to be hurt or feel bad about the whole situation, but don't waste so much crying over it.

Take it as one of those necessary experiences you need to live your life. Moving on is one of the best bets you need to tackle any situation you can't control or bring to life. This is one thing you should try.


What to do when he says he will call and doesn’t?

When a man doesn’t call when he said he would, you could either send him a text or call to find out what may have gone wrong. Depending on the guy, it would mean a lot to him. He could open up and you both could have an actual conversation if you never had time for that.

Why do men say they will call and don’t?

The general idea many people have when a guy says he’ll call and doesn’t is that he is not interested in you anymore. But, sometimes that’s not true. A guy may not call as promised because he could be extremely busy. He may also be sick, lost his phone, or had an accident.

How long should you wait for a man to call you?

According to research, you should wait for an average of three days for a man to call you. But, it depends on you, the time he said he’ll call, the situation at hand, and how your conversation went the last time you both spoke. You could send him a text first to know if he forgot or got caught up in something. 

How do you make a guy miss you badly?

It’s simple. Don’t be too available whenever he wants to talk to you or meet you. That doesn’t mean you should intentionally snub or ignore him. Make him laugh and be nice to him during the moments you spend with him. Tease him and compliment his strengths whenever you talk. Be fun to be with.

How do you know he doesn't want a relationship?

Some people say that you know and are sure when a man loves you and wants to be in a relationship, but when he doesn’t, you’ll have mixed feelings about him. That means you won’t know if he wants a relationship with you, wants to flirt, or is just there as a platonic friend.

In Summary

There are numerous reasons that could stop a guy from calling. You may or may not return the call if you wish. I’ve mentioned 19 things to do when this happens. Feel free to apply them your way. Did this article help? If yes, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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