He Left Me For Another Woman (7 Things to Do Now)

Are you thinking, “He left me for another woman?” 

You may be wondering what you should do next. I have never had anyone that left me for someone else in search of a new relationship, but I know it is one of the worst feelings you can have in the world, especially if you were madly in love with your ex. You might want this feeling to magically go away. 

I can understand what you are going through. He left you for another person; you might even want to get back with him if you had the chance. Unfortunately, there is another woman in the picture now and a new relationship. Do you feel like this is the end of the world? It can take a long time to heal from something like this, especially when your ex is with another girl.

However, you can learn to let go and live again for yourself with a few key things. And don’t worry; eventually, you will have new relationships, and you’ll have your ex in the rearview mirror. 

If your ex was a husband, this could really be hard because you felt like you were going to be together for eternity. 

What To Do If He Left You For Someone Else

1. Take the time you need to grieve from this relationship

take the time you need to grieve from this relationship

The first step you need to take is to digest the breakup but realize it will pass. One thing you can do is to have a good cry in the shower. Sometimes, when we grieve, nothing that anyone can say makes us feel any better; there just are no words. You may think things are bad right now, especially if this was a marriage, but in time, this will pass.

2. Pack up the memories of your life with each other

One of the best things you can do to get over this relationship is to get rid of the stuff that reminds you of your ex. If you have anything that belongs to this man, go ahead and get it together for him. Tell him it’s on the porch and to pick it up by a certain day and time. You will feel much better once his stuff is not a part of your home anymore.

3. Don’t stalk him or let him control your thoughts

It’s natural to want to know what your ex is up to, to want to drive by his house to see if her car is there, but don’t do this to yourself. Instead, take the time to let him go. If you devote more of your time to self-discovery and recovery, you will feel much better than if you are to let this man control your actions.

4. Get the support of your friends and family

When a relationship ends, it’s a really good idea to talk to your support group. Let them know what happened with the other woman, and allow them to comfort you in the best ways they know how. The more you lean on the people who care about your happiness, the more you will heal. Talk things over with your friends and family. 

5. Make the decision to get closure by talking to someone

make the decision to get closure by talking to someone

One of the greatest ways to heal is to talk to a qualified counselor or therapist. They can help guide you where you need to go next in life. You may feel as though the finale of the relationship means the end of your happiness, but that isn’t true at all. You will eventually find happiness on your own or with someone else. Just give it time and be patient.

The benefits of talking to a therapist are numerous. You may find that they know things that you would never have thought of. For example, many therapists and counselors are trained in ways to show you how to be independent. They may have handouts or book recommendations that you could take up and learn new aspects about living by yourself.

Look for new ways to find happiness. Maybe there is a book you could check out at the library to learn more about yourself and why you picked this jerk in the first place. You never know until you take the time to check it out for yourself! Give new ideas a chance!

6. Be happy by yourself

You can find happiness on your own, believe it or not. You may think this couldn’t possibly true right now, but it is. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will heal and find your own happiness without a man. You just need to spend some quality time alone. You may find it helpful to pick up a new hobby or interest. 

Take a cooking or pottery class. See why everyone is talking about Marie Kondo; get into the whole decluttering, minimalist lifestyle. If you immerse yourself in something new like this, you will forget all about your ex and his new woman. Instead, you will be too busy focusing on the new stuff in your life and what you are now interested in. 

The key here is to stay really busy. Consider taking a night class at a community college or join a church group. Make some new friends, and you will be so preoccupied that you will find happiness without even doing much work. Just believe in yourself and your ability to patiently get past this hurdle in your life. 

7. Move on to a new relationship when you are ready

move on to a new relationship when you are ready

Over time, believe it or not, you will be ready for someone new. You can find success in dating a new person if you just take your time. You don’t want to rush into a relationship before you are ready, but you will eventually get there. Don’t let one man change the way you view yourself and how you foresee your love life in the future. 


What do you do when someone leaves you for someone else?

Realize that your ex-boyfriend was not perfect, and now a new girl may be dealing with the same problems you had with him. Your life will get back on track with some time and patience. Love will enter your heart again; give it time, and you will heal.

What does it mean when someone leaves you for someone else?

If your ex-boyfriend thinks he can do better with another girl, he is not the smartest man in the world. He will just have a new set of problems with a different partner. He just thought he could find someone better, but love always has some pain associated with it.

Is it a rebound if they left you for someone else?

Well, if your boyfriend was still with you and cheated, it wouldn’t be a rebound relationship because you never broke up. If the question is that he is bouncing from one girlfriend to the next, yes, he thinks he can do better, but he’s mistaken.

How long does it take for guys to regret breaking up?

Every guy is different. Many guys realize it right away, but if the question is whether he will regret it, the answer is yes. Given enough time, he will definitely wish you were his girlfriend again. Every boyfriend has regrets about past relationships and love.

How do you make him realize what he lost?

The best way to move on after a breakup is to live your life; don’t let him know that you are in a negative situation. Instead, show him you are a success without him! This way, he will cringe at the very idea of you being happy without him.

To Sum Things Up

Are you in a breakup situation, where everything makes you think of your ex? Please realize that the rest of the world goes through the same thing! We all end up in a place of hurt at one point or another in our life. Please comment, and share!

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