He Just Wants To Be Friends, But I Still Like Him (9 Possible Meanings)

It’s normal to develop feelings for a man you’ve known or been friends with for a certain period. Many times, women tend to like their male friends for several reasons.

Sometimes, men reciprocate those feelings; other times, they don't. The type of relationship you have with a guy depends on what you both want and how you communicate about it. 

A guy could like a woman but may not feel right about getting into a relationship with her. It doesn't mean she's not beautiful enough. It may just mean he has specific reasons not to, or he's avoiding doing the wrong thing. Men don't have the same mindset as women regarding relationships and sometimes may send out the wrong signs. 

The problem comes where there's an imbalance between the guy and girl involved in the friendship; when one person wants more, and the other still wants to remain as a good friend. But why would a man want to be friends with you when he knows you like him and would want more?

Read on to learn 9 possible reasons why a guy would prefer to remain friends with you.

9 Meanings Why A Guy Just Wants To Be Friends With You

1. He likes someone else

There’s a famous quote that says men know what they want. If you like a guy, and he says he's not ready for a relationship, he may like someone else but may not say it for specific reasons, but he may show it in his actions.

His attention may not be on you, so he may not notice your likeness for him until you say it. The other girl he likes would be his point of concentration. Try to find out if there’s someone he talks about often that is not a family member.

Observe his responses whenever you talk about you both being in a relationship. Whatever you get from your findings leaves you with choices to make depending on what you want as a person.

2. It may be the wrong time for a relationship

it may be the wrong time for the relationship

Another reason he may have which you should look into could be that it may be wrong timing for him. Maybe he just wants to be sure he's ready before thinking of going into any form of relationship. 

Sometimes a man could be going through a financial breakdown, issues at work, or struggling with bad mental health, making him want to pause a bit. Depending on the man, he could tell you his reasons if he knows you like him, or he may not.

So, both of you could be compatible, but it may just be the wrong timing for a relationship. In a situation like this, you may decide to stay or leave. It's up to you and how you feel about it.

3. He may not be ready for commitment

When a man is not ready for commitment, it doesn't only mean he's not ready for a relationship; it could mean he's trying to heal from a breakup and needs more time to do so. Not every man rushes into dating another woman after a breakup experience.

Furthermore, if he has never been in a relationship before, he may be avoiding commitment because of other people's experiences, a bitter family problem between his parents, or from any situation best known to him.

One of these reasons and more could make him avoid commitment. So, if you like him and he says he's not ready for a relationship, you may want to rethink your friendship if sticking to him hurts you.

4. He probably loves the attention you give to him

Everybody loves to get attention, especially when they're going through issues; men inclusive. The truth is, most of them don't openly share their thoughts. Instead, they'll do everything to get so much from a woman but wouldn't settle for dating.

Some of them are tagged as players, randomly enjoying different women’s companies without any defined relationship. If you spend time with a man and you both are intimate but you shouldn't always be available to this kind of man no matter how much you're into him. 

Set boundaries and talk to him about how you feel. If he's in for intimacy without a relationship, you should rethink your closeness with him or try pulling away.

5. He may not be into women

he may not be into women

The issue may not be that he doesn't like you. It may be that he's not into the opposite sex. This affects their decisions and delays them from going into a relationship with a lady consciously or unconsciously.

So try to observe the man you like and see how he talks to other women. Ask yourself specific questions like, does he feel comfortable being in the same space with them? Or does he feel irritated when they try to relate with him? 

These little findings and observations will keep you on the right to know why he behaves the way he does, especially when you've told him how you feel about him.

6. Maybe he’s flirtatious

Some male friends that avoid dating their female friends sometimes do it to protect the woman and her emotions. A guy may be sweet-talking you unconsciously without knowing he's spurring up emotions. 

He may have a habit of dramatically complimenting your dressing, hair, smile, composure, or general appearance in a sensual manner without thinking of dating you. This doesn't mean he's into you. He may be doing it to other women as well.

Maybe he's just one of those men that flirt or have their way with words to a woman's heart effortlessly. If he does this, and you like him because of it, he may just be nice and may not be ready for a relationship with you.

7. He doesn’t feel you’d make a good couple

he doesn't feel you'd make a good couple

Guys get excited to date a girl or get to know her more when they meet her for the first time. However, the vibe drops when they start hanging out with her but notice she has some attitudes that may not be compatible with his. 

You may have an attitude that he may be unable to tolerate, so he’d remain friends instead of dating you and ruining your friendship. For instance, if you snap at him for little reason when he prefers the calm way, it may be a no-no for him.

Another instance is if you both disagree on many things or have an issue with each other's lifestyle. This could be one of his reasons for not liking you the way you want him.

8. He doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone

There are many stories of people who do not want to get into any form of commitment because of how relaxed and comfortable they are alone. Relationships involve many compromises and the ability to change, and adaptability to a new way of life.

Some of them are afraid to handle any problem that doesn’t have to do with their personal life, making it almost impossible for them to be ready for a relationship. He may be the gaming type and you, the party queen. 

Or he could want to watch TV all day and you, the reading and orderly type. These could sound minor, but they could be one of the meanings behind his resistance to being in a relationship with you.

9. He may not want to ruin your friendship

A man may have strong feelings but may also be afraid to show it because he respects you and doesn't want to ruin your friendship bond, especially if you've both been friends for a long time.

Although friendship is the basis of every relationship and you don't get to go through the stress of knowing each other afresh, it takes boldness to transition from one to the other. And it gets awkward when two good friends get intimate.

If you both do it and it doesn't go well, your friendship won't remain the same. He may not only lose you but his entire group of friends. This may be one of the things he could be afraid of, which is why he would prefer to remain friends with you.


What does it mean when a guy likes you but just wants to be friends?

There are many meanings to this; he may not be mentally ready for a relationship, may like someone else, may like you too but hide it, or not find you attractive enough to date. It all depends on the type of guy you like and his reasons.

What to do when he says he just wants to be friends?

It's okay to develop a certain level of likeness for someone. But, at the same time, it's not advisable to force a man to like you. Just like it took you time to like him, you should also give him time to come around but don't force him into it.

Can you be just friends with someone you have feelings for?

Nothing is impossible. You could still be friends with someone you like, even though it may take you time to transition back. You may keep a distance for a while, or you may not be as close as you used to be, but you can remain friends.

How do you tell if a male friend has feelings for you?

When your male friend starts liking you, there are many ways to confirm. Some could tell you; others could show by gestures of adjusting your hair, dress or checking up on you. Some could even ask questions to know how you’d feel if they expressed themselves.

Will he change his mind after rejecting me?

He may change his mind if he has good reasons to. Before rejecting you, he may have had reasons to do so. If those reasons still exist, he may not change his mind, but if they don’t, there’s a higher probability for a good change.

In Summary

It’s not wrong to like a man that doesn’t feel the same way about you. These things do happen. All you need to know is his reasons for his decision, and you could read the 9 possible meanings I’ve mentioned for better understanding. Don’t forget to drop a comment and share with others if you liked this article.

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