Guys Weakness (15 Greatest Weaknesses Of Men)

It is common knowledge that women are the weaknesses of men. It's usual to see a man be the alpha male, but when it gets to the woman he loves, somehow he is a big baby. Different guys have different things that women do that turn them on and make them crazy about their girls.

So what's it about women that turn guys on? According to a survey, men's weaknesses in a woman range from her smile to how she carries herself. However, it's not always about the physical looks, even though they contribute significantly to a man's craziness about a woman. 

Guys know what they want in their relationships. These needs are pretty simple and every lady at one point in time is developing or naturally has these qualities. While some may seem better than others, one thing is obvious: everyone has something special to offer. 

But, the question of the moment is: What's that guy’s weakness which makes him crazy about his dame? Here are some of the guys' greatest weaknesses.

15 Greatest Weaknesses Of Men

1. Women in heels

Almost every guy is crazy for ladies in heels. According to science, women in heels are more attractive and easy to approach by men. A lady in heels gives an impression of beauty and oozes attractiveness. Men love beautiful things. So he would obviously be crazy about a lady in heels.

Given how men are protective about what they love, they would not back down from a fight to protect his weakness. I mean, it is a chance to prove how strong he is. So if you're a lady who wants her tough guy to fawn over her, you should try wearing heels more.

2. Confident women

A confident lady is a sexy one. She is someone who guys cannot help but be aroused by her presence. Guys love it when they are challenged. A woman with low self-esteem would never want to with the decisions of the lone and strong alpha male. However, a confident woman would want to question the choices of the guy and put him on his toes.

Guys may not necessarily express happiness at being challenged, because they are supposed to be all tough and strong and never feel weak. However, deep down, they know a confident lady can be the fall of them.

3. Kindness

Men love kind women. This somehow leads to the fact that men pursue women in order to have a family with them. It is primal. A kind lady, therefore, means his children will get to grow in a kind environment. Which responsible man wouldn't want that? Women are naturally known as nurturers. You should understand that the nurturing ability of every lady differs

Even though that ability is resident in all girls. A kind lady, therefore, has a heightened sense of nurture because her kindness which makes her caring will bring her nurturing quality out the more. When guys see this in a woman, they cannot help but fall deeply in love with her. This is why all healthy relationships require kind women. 

Even if the man is not very obvious with his emotions, kindness has a way of exposing them.

4. A woman in control

Another weakness men have is when they come across a woman in control. A lady who is in charge of all aspects of her life (be it emotional, financial, social, or domestic) is an irresistible one. A strong man would want to pursue this woman because she would challenge him. A weak man, on the other hand, would feel intimidated by her. 

Men who are seen as strong would rise to the challenge this woman poses. This is because, in nature, a man is supposed to be tough. And the funny thing is they love it, especially when she poses a lot of resistance. It arouses them. A weak guy though will rather stay in his lane.

5. Loyalty

In every union, loyalty is a necessary currency. I say currency because it can buy happiness and longevity for relationships. When a guy knows that in the face of many options, his girl will always choose him. It creates trust and provides the guy with a sense of security

As it is said a man's greatest weakness is his facade of strength, and a women's greatest strength is her facade of weakness.

Guys also have weak points in their lives too, and sometimes, they need assurance. Society expects that men will always be looking all tough, macho, and strong with their emotions, actions, etc. However, when a woman comes into the picture at the lowest point in a “tough” man's life, she is bound to be his weakness.

6. Ambition

An ambitious lady is tough. It is often said that you attract your own kind. An ambitious woman is someone who believes she can defy whatever odds to reach her target and that there is one sexy trait a lot of guys are weak about. This is because this is a woman who has discovered her own strength. She is very motivated.

An independent lady has the tendency to attract a lot of guys. I mean she gives the impression that “I can do whatever I set my mind to, whether you like it or not” and it's why a lot of tough men are attracted by an ambitious lady. This is because even though she may be his weakness, it doesn't mean she cannot be his strength at the same time.

7. Intelligence


Many guys are weak over the power of the intelligent woman. The major reason guys pursue a woman is to be a potential breeding mate. Definitely, they would want an intelligent girl to handle that responsibility. That way, their children will also be able to benefit without exhaustion from the genetic code of the intelligence the mother offers.

A smart and intelligent lady is a safe space for trust. Which guy won't be weak about her? Such a lady tends to analyze, criticize or question the man's decisions. Being with a robotic girl who always says “Yes please” all the time can be quite boring to guys.

8. Naturalness

Guys have a certain kind of weakness towards ladies who are very genuine in their actions and act naturally. It could be the nature of the walk, how a girl smiles, or even the way she carries herself. Such girls are willing to go with the flow. Conversations with them are never forced.

And their reactions to matters are genuine. It creates room for trust. A fake lady can be hard to trust because how will he know who she really is? Once you don't know the person, it is hard to trust her. But where she is always herself around the guy, the love for the woman is definitely going to be strong. 

He will always be helpless around her because fake can never compete with real. Guys are really into practical things—the real deal. So if you are a lady, don't be surprised if a man keeps staring at you when you smile, and the sparkle in your eyes lights up. It is evident you make him weak in love with you, and you kind of arouse him in the process.

9. Friendliness

Guys love women who are friendly. There is a high probability that friendly girls have a very good sense of humor. It could be intentional or unintentional, but if it brings a guy happiness, he will definitely not forget that woman in a hurry. Friendliness gives the impression that a lady is easy to approach.

A woman who is easy to approach is important in every union. This is because not only is she easy to communicate with but communication is fundamental to every relationship. Also, she can be a friend when the guy needs one. Which guy won't be crazy and weak about that woman? My guess is all guys would.

10. Disciplined and matured

Every tough alpha male needs a disciplined and mature woman by his side. In order to see his children have a proper mindset that is consistent with the values he stands for, that guy would definitely be attracted and crazy to a woman who is disciplined in her ways and carries herself maturely.

Such a woman is always prepared and likely to have a solution at hand to any problem and has the discipline to see to its most effective implementation. It is obvious that such a woman has the tenacity and the ability to support the family in times of need. 

Because men feel that they must always be very strong and come through for their families, they tend to make the women who see through their suffering their safe space. 

This is because she understands what the guy is going through, and she is mature enough to pitch in to help without making the guy look weak. And that right there makes a guy feel so weak in love.

11. Creativity

A creative woman is a thoughtful one. This is one who can always show up for her man in times of need and always wants to see her guy full of joy. This woman wouldn’t mind making a surprise dinner or planning surprise dates for her guy. She does all she can to let her guy see that she appreciates and loves him very much.

Guys also desire to be appreciated. While women are used to receiving gifts and getting surprised, in comparison, men are usually barely recognized. So if a woman is creative enough to always remind him not merely with words (but with deeds) that she is in love with him all the time, such a man will be weak about her.

12. Respect and submission

All men desire respect, and would always want to look tough, strong, and in control of all things. One way to make him feel all three is when has a partner who respects him and submits to him. 

Respect is basic. In as much as a man desires it, he needs to give it out first. But a woman who goes out of her way to submit and respect the guy she is in a relationship with automatically earns the adoration of that guy.

13. A woman who knows how to dress

A woman who knows how to dress has guys wrapped around her cute manicured fingers. I say this because most guys would be intrigued and therefore, want to see her. She always has one fashion thing going for her one way or the other. She knows the attires to wear which would have them at her feet, and she knows what to wear to tease men.

Guys love curves on a woman. Therefore, a woman who can dress to accentuate her God-given curves is a man's weakness. This is because she could have him begging to run his hands through her body because she looks irresistible.

14. Emotional stability

emotional stability

A lady who is in charge of her emotions is very powerful. This is one who is calm in the face of trouble. It is not that she is not moved, but it is because she knows she has to stay strong for the benefit of her guy. Such a woman will not go about nagging at her guy at the slightest hint of a problem.

Every guy will be thankful for this kind of support because if anything, nagging has a tendency to make things worse than it is in the relationship. By her calmness, she has him weak for her.

15. Positive energy

Everyone loves positive and good energy. It has a way of brightening up the environment and bringing optimism. In every union, there are ups and downs. It is like a known secret. But it's how the couple handles these problems that determine the growth and kind of relationship these two have.

A lady who has the ability to give her partner hope is everything. Thus, her guy will be weak in love with her. I mean, who wouldn't?


What is a man's greatest weakness?

The woman is man's greatest weakness. This is because man always wants to be adored and pleased. His need for pleasure and importance requires him to get a woman.

What are the characteristics of a weak man?

A weak man is lazy, selfish, unemotional, very indecisive, and never defends his woman when she is talked badly of. He doesn't want to offend anyone and he is always in his zone. He neglects his woman when she needs him, but he is quick to please others. He is also always indecisive, and when issues come up, he can't seem to solve them.

What does it mean to be a man's weakness?

It means that even if the man is regarded as an alpha male in all situations when it comes to his girl, he is a big softie. In other words, it means that he is so into his dame that if she sends him away or rejects him, she can damage him.

How do you make him crazy about you?

To make him crazy about you, you need to first be yourself around him. Be confident and make him work for it. By that I mean let him see that you cannot be had by just anyone. Allow him to be the man and dress properly. Also, be courteous and kind too. 

In addition, try to up your humor game for his benefit. What’s more, be kind to his friends, and do not be a crazy jealous lady. Lastly, let him know you can live without him.

What are men's needs in a relationship?

According to an internet survey, men's needs include the following: sexual fulfillment, companionship, an attractive partner, domestic support, admiration, and respect.

In Conclusion

Before I sign out, it is known that guys are usually crazy and weak about a woman's body. While that is true to an extent, the above-raised points are sure and guaranteed weaknesses of men. 

I hope you liked this article. I want to know your feedback, so kindly type them out in the comments section. Also, kindly share.

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