Guys Perspective On Texting (13 Things Guys Really Think About Texting)

While communication is a hassle in many relationships, many women don’t have so many issues with it; instead, they do with the conversation mode with their boyfriends, which involves texting. It’s not a new thing that some guys dislike texting. The problem is with you as a woman who loves to send texts meets a man who doesn’t.

Of course, there are guys out there who text a lot. This means not all of them have a problem sending texts, but they may not approach it the way most ladies would. Unlike a girl, a man may not spend so much time sending a text or may not reply immediately for specific reasons. If he does, it could be; maybe he wants you to be his girlfriend or feels you’ll be a good friend.

If you meet a man you wouldn’t mind dating, he rarely responds to texts, and you don’t understand his reasons for doing so; here are 13 things you should know about what guys think about texting.

13 Things Guys Really Think About Texting

1. Your message should be short and precise

Not every guy loves texting, especially when they feel it doesn’t carry important content like news about a recent event or urgent need. This is why they think text messages should be short, precise, and straight to the point

To them, it should be something they can easily read and move on to something else. Most of them have many fun and exciting physical activities occupying them, like games, drinks with friends, work, studies, or a good sleep. And they don't believe in responding to a long paragraph or numerous messages when they’re taking some time out to have fun.

2. They’re open and true when comfortable with you

Some men love to text. So they may respond to your messages or text you first but would filter almost everything they send. This is because most men are afraid of having fallouts, making them avoid sending certain texts they feel may cause a misunderstanding. 

When a guy starts texting you initially, he will try his best to say everything he feels is appropriate and acceptable to you. So when you observe his gradual or sudden change in the way he talks to you, it means either he’s beginning to be comfortable with chatting with you, or he’s tired of you texting.

3. They don’t like emojis when texting

While women feel it’s right and cute to use emojis to communicate during texting, it’s the direct opposite for men. A girl would use emojis or smiley faces to regulate her tone and create a lovely texting atmosphere between her and her converser. But a man may send his messages with a few or no emojis.

Unlike a girl, a man wants a conversation free from smiley faces. That’s because sometimes, they rarely know what they stand for, why people use them, or the idea behind their invention. So, try to observe any guy you text and how often he uses emojis to understand his texting way.

4. They want you to start the conversation

Men love bold girls. Not all of them are comfortable texting first, especially when it becomes too frequent. If you text a guy first after exchanging numbers, it makes your conversion warmer because it assures them you want them around, or you wouldn’t mind a chance to get to know them. 

Additionally, it gives them the courage to engage you in the text, knowing that anything they say may not be a bother to you, and if it is, you can both sort it out in little or no time. If you’ve met a man you want to be in a relationship with, don’t be shy to start the conversation.

5. Don’t text them all day long

dont text them all day long

Except you’re dating, and he’s okay with you being a texter; guys don’t want you to text them all day long. Even if they’re not busy, they don’t want to perceive you as a jobless person, and they don’t want you to be clingy.

They believe nobody should spend too much time sending many texts, especially when there are important things to do. Most men think there’s time for everything, and texting should not be the main priority for the day, even when there’s nothing else to do but rest. So, if you like a man and you’re thinking of dating him, don’t text him always, except he does.

6. If he texts a lot, he likes you

If you’re in a relationship and your man texts you frequently or often without any complaint or having issues with it, it’s a sign he’s in love with you, and he’s comfortable being the person texting first. But, this doesn’t happen all the time when you’re dating a non-text lover.

So if you’re sending text messages to a man who claims to dislike sending messages, it means he wants to talk more. He may not say it immediately for specific reasons. At the same time, he may not necessarily like you or be in love with you but may just be fond of you.

7. Texting should be interesting

Guys love fun things, whether it’s through texts or not. They want to be able to relate and respond to your text message effortlessly. Use the right words; sound interested in his career, ask about his family and send him funny videos.

Try not to push him to talk or say certain private things if he doesn’t want to. A man believes texting shouldn’t be boring with the regular questioning of how they’re doing. He expects you to put in some effort to add a little bit of humor while texting a guy to get his attention and keep him constantly engaged.

8. They ask more questions if they find the chat interesting

Men love it when a woman involves fun in texting them. You may push words out of their mouths in curiosity to know the kind of lady you are. For instance, if you talk about their interests, have a good sense of humor, and suggest playing games they like to participate in.

They’ll begin to ask many questions and respond well to the texts you send to them. It may even interest a man more when you don’t seem desperate, even when you like him. You may need little or no effort to get to know a guy before dating him with these steps.

9. Like emojis, they dislike abbreviations

Most guys want to understand your text merely by scanning through them. They don’t like anything that will give them a tough time reading, understanding, and responding. Texting a man with abbreviations would look strange to him and make him your text message without a second thought.

So, if you like a guy and you feel you both should get to the dating stage, you may want to cut down on using unnecessary abbreviations. Use them only if you think they’re essential, and try as much as possible to make them clear enough for him to understand even with sleepy eyes.

10. Texts should not be replied to immediately

texts should not be replied to immediately

Some guys believe people should use texts only when they don’t need responses or wouldn’t mind late replies. For instance, sending them messages with a reminder about a meeting or giving them details of an event they may be interested in attending. 

Most men like this because it gives them the freedom to choose when to respond to the messages. Some may call if they can’t text back to acknowledge the receipt of the text message, while some may just ignore it. If you meet a man like this and understand his preference on time, you’ll build a good relationship with him.

11. Liking you doesn’t mean more texting

Most women believe a guy would change his views on many things when they like them. A man who is not a texter will not become one if he likes you and thinks of dating you. So, don’t mistake his intentions to be in a relationship with you with something else.

He may accept compromise, texting you sometimes to show how much he loves, cares, or has your best interest at heart, but it won’t make him a lover of sending messages. At the same time, he would improve in sending you texts if he likes, but he may not do it for some other girl.

12. Texts should be sent after a missed phone call

Some guys believe you should only send them messages if they miss a phone call or two to pass the information they missed, especially if you’re both not in a relationship. They don’t believe texting should be a mode of vital communication. This means it should be your last option after many failed attempts to reach out to them. 

For instance, you didn’t see them at an important event, they’re late for an appointment they have with you, or you need to update them, and they’re not picking up their calls. That’s when they expect you to send a short text message, going straight to the point with the reason why you called.

13. Not all information should be sent through texts

A woman could say anything via text. She could use all the emojis she can to try and make it feel as natural as if she’s talking to you in real life. This is because not every woman can control their emotions for long. They want to say how they feel about something as soon as it happens. 

That’s different with guys. They feel certain news or updates should be passed face to face, via call, or in a scheduled meeting. Texts should be one of the least options to give vital information, and emotions or feelings for sensitive things shouldn’t be done in texting.


How do you tell if a guy likes you while texting?

A man who likes you will make his responses to your texts as detailed as possible. He will tell you more about himself, share interesting external facts, ask you questions, and respond to your messages whenever he has time. When he delays responding, he’ll give you good reasons. 

Do guys like it when girls text first?

Guys love confident girls, so it's exciting to them when a girl texts them first. It gives them the confidence to relate with you without holding back many things. But not all of them love this. Some guys feel they should text you first, only when they think the time is right.

Does texting a guy every day annoy him?

If he likes you and would like to know you more, it may not annoy him. If you’re dating and he doesn’t mind you texting, it won’t be a bad idea for him. On the contrary, if a guy doesn’t want you to be around him, texting every day would annoy him. 

Will a guy text you every day if he's interested?

It depends on his personality. A man who doesn’t love to send texts may prefer to call everyday text a little bit to show he’s interested. But for most men, you have to be interested in knowing them, too, encouraging them to reach out every day without complaining.

How do you know if a guy is playing you?

There’s no defined way of knowing when a man is playing you. Each player has a unique approach. You just have to observe the way he talks to you in comparison to another girl out there. If he seems too perfect and does the same to another girl, it's a sign he may be playing you.

The Bottomline

Every man has his perspective about texts or how to respond to them. Try to observe and understand them whenever you meet them. Don’t hesitate to read the 13 things I’ve mentioned for a better guide if you need help. If you liked this article, please drop a comment and share it with others. 

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