Guy Who Likes Music (7 Things Your Guy’s Taste Says About Him)

It’s funny how you discover that a guy’s preference in music says many things about him. The truth is, people have different personalities, especially guys. They pick different behaviors from their environment and the lives they create for themselves. While music may be a major part of a guy’s life, it doesn’t mean it controls their existence.

Some guys don’t even listen to songs. They’re barely interested or notice very little detail about any song they listen to. But, in reality, if you observe them well, you’ll notice that there are songs they’re comfortable listening to, and there are some that they can’t stand.

It is something that much observation to use as a reference to a guy’s behavior. There are a million genres of songs out there. What makes it more complicated is the fact that many guys love a combination of two or more kinds of songs as that depends on their mood or state of mind.

This is what bothers most girls, especially when they're still trying to get to know the guy well. If your guy has a weird preference in songs and you’re wondering how it affects his personality, keep reading to learn 7 things his preference in songs says about him.

7 Things Your Guy’s Taste In Music Says About Him

1. Does he love Jazz?

If your guy likes music and it's Jazz, there are many good attributes to him. It means he’s musically adventurous. Jazz fans are open-minded. They’re ready to discuss and talk about different topics. Jazz lovers are open to new experiences. They're intelligent, smart, and smooth when it comes to handling issues. They’re very confident with high self-esteem. 

They would give you reasons to love them because of how comfortable they are in their skin. He knows exactly what you like at the moment. If your lover likes music and it's Jazz, you can count on him when it comes to creativity. It's a sign he may be calm and introverted, but that doesn’t stop him from being politically liberal, outgoing, and ready to meet different people.

2. Is blues his favorite?

Fans of blues are very open-minded, even though they may not be so energetic. If your lover is a fan of blues, he may have a laid-back but sweet personality. He would have deep thoughts about most things. You'd observe his gentleness and reflective attitude. People like this are soulful just like their favorite genre.

Guys who love blues are quite expressive, especially about their feelings. If your lover is into blues, he could be as dramatic as writing and singing you a song if he sings too. Like Jazz lovers, fans of blues are quite creative with high self-esteem. This makes it easy to get along with them in a conversation. Your lover’s personality may be this way if he's a fan of blues.

3. Is classical music his thing?

is classical music his thing

If your guy likes music and it's classical, it's a sign that he may be calm. He may be introverted most of the time. People like this love to keep to themselves with little or no disturbance from people around. If your guy likes music like this, he may be creative with a peaceful nature. So, if you're a dramatic, crazy, or loud lover, you may find it a bit hard to get along with him.

This set of people is always at ease with themselves. They take life one day at a time and nothing seems to bother them even though their imaginations are always wild. If your guy likes music and it's classical, it's a sign that he may have these attributes. The best way to flow with him is to get into his thoughts and get along with him whenever you can.

4. If he loves top chart pop hits

There are people who love to be current, whether it's in movies, politics, books, or sports. They want to know the latest updates about everything including celebrity gossip. It's not like they want to do anything bad with the information. You'll find them at places that’ll benefit them. They're always on the move to make friends and grab opportunities.

They tend to be extroverted and honest. Some of them are quite conventional and can't control it even if they want to. Although they could be on the lower side of creativity and more uneasy, generally. The good thing about them is that they're hard-working people. If your guy likes music and it's pop, it's a sign he may have these attributes.

5. Is he a lover of rap or hip-hop?

Rap or hip-hop has been misconceived by many people. Contrary to what people think, hip-hop lovers are not violent, aggressive, or insensitive. If you notice you'll see how outgoing your lover is. People like this have high self-esteem. They tend to be very expressive, straightforward, and care less about what people think about them.

They say their minds are faster and freer than you can ever imagine. Like the genre, rap, and hip-hop fans express their thoughts even though you may not understand them immediately. They perceive toxic people and try to stay away from them. If your guy likes music and is a fan of rap or hip-hop, you may want to be real with him, and cut down on any relationship drama.

6. If he likes traditional, western, or country songs, he could be conventional

if he likes traditional western or country songs he could be conventional

If you observe, you'll notice that he sings along with the songs as well. This may be a bit rude, but if your guy likes music and it's any of these three genres, he may be a close-minded person. This set of guys believes that things should go in a certain way. 

Their view about people’s open lifestyle is different and they tend to hold on to past things. If you have a different perspective about things, you could sound a bit different in his world. If they have a hobby, it may not be the usual thing as every other person. It could be something you least expect or conventional as in past times.

7. If he likes fast-tempo songs, he could be energetic

There are many hyper people out there. Some of them are introverts, while others are extroverts. If your lover is a fan of energetic songs, he may love anything that pushes him or types him to make a move. Guys like this want to dance until they drop down. They want to have fun while they can.

Maybe, they don't have this opportunity all the time, so they try their best to be happy, which is why they would prefer to move to fast-tempo songs. If your lover likes fast-tempo songs, it means he likes to have fun. He has a high level of energy, he's enthusiastic, and has high confidence. A guy like this may not be so sensitive or gentle.


What music taste do guys find attractive?

It depends on each guy and his preference. Let’s say, a guy could find pop songs attractive until he has a bad breakup memory with a girl who likes pop. That way, he begins to hate it, and everything changes. Generally, guys are attracted to women or people who share the same preference in songs as them.

Do guys care about music taste?

Unlike women, most guys care a lot about preferences in songs. For some of them, that's what really attracts them to associate with a woman. It may not be a requirement for them to get involved with a woman, but they get more attracted to a lady who shares the same or similar preferences with them in music.

What does taste in music say about a person?

Music has a lot to do with a person’s personality. Empathizers, people who can relate and understand thoughts and emotions, love soft songs most times. People who love fun prefer energetic songs, so they can dance to them. This set of people has very little empathy for people. They don't like stressing over things.

Is good music taste attractive?

Yes, good preferences in songs are attractive. Like every other aspect of a person’s life, a good music taste could attract someone to you. That's because it's one way for someone to get to know your true personality when they hear the kind of melody you would like. So, you could see an introvert listening to rap.

Can people with different music tastes date?

Nothing is impossible. People with different tastes in songs can date. That's because there are many things for you to look out for in a relationship. Those things include goals, personalities, and how you feel about that person. When you consider these things, preferences in songs won't matter.

To Conclude

It doesn't matter the genres of songs your lover likes. What matters is the other aspects of his life and the ones you can cope with. If you get confused, you could refresh your mind using the 7 things I've mentioned as a reference. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please remember to drop a comment and share it with others.


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