Growing Old Together (13 Great Things About Growing Old Together)

Life is good! You have someone who loves you, goes for walks to the beach with you, and dances together to loud music. And though your old bones are protesting with rage, you both laugh in love. 

Experts say that there are four types of love between couples. Pay particular attention to the one called true love. I say so because if you are still happy and have managed to spend more than half of your years with one person, well, congratulations he is your true love. That is why you have grown old together.

Loving couples desire to grow old together and spend their lives with their grandkids in happiness. Growing old together with your spouse is one of the best things you can ever have on this earth. However, unlike what most young people think, it is not an easy journey. It is a road filled with sacrifices, compromise, understanding, empathy, sadness, joy, anger, despair, and a whole lot of sentiments. 

It is basically a test of the love couples promise each other on their wedding days. And because of the experience associated with growing old together, not a lot of people get to grow together, either voluntarily or through life’s mysterious design.

Growing old together takes a lot of work, but it is not impossible. It, therefore, takes effort from two people who are willing to make it work. And when that is done, the results and rewards are endless and refreshing. Here are a number of great things about growing together. 

13 Great Things About Growing Old Together

1. Mutual respect and understanding for each other

One great thing about growing old together is the mutual respect and understanding that exists between you two as a couple. You do not read unnecessary meanings into your husband’s actions because you have been together for so long that you understand every motive behind his actions and inactions. 

You also respect each other a lot. You may agree on a lot of things but you both view your disagreements as a way to nurture the relationship between you as a couple.

2. Unbreakable emotional bond

unbreakable emotional bond

Growing old together creates an unbreakable connection between you and your spouse. Early in the relationship, there were a lot of hormones doing the talking in the marriage. Then you tried to love, understand and live with your partner during marriage. 

And now that the hurdle of trying to live with your spouse has been passed through the many tests of time, you finally settle with him

This is because the many experiences you have been through together have created a bond so tight that it would be very difficult to break. You both know what the other is thinking because of the emotional connections you have with each other. 

3. Ability to have awkward talks

Every good relationship is based on communication, and you would have realized that during marriage. But what are awkward talks when you are 60 years old? You two are literally joking about your sight issues, and who can do what better than the other. 

That is where the beauty lies because you both can talk about anything, anytime and anywhere without feeling weird. And that is the perk about growing old together.

4. Enjoy each other’s company

If you both have grown old together, then there is a lot to reminisce about. And which other person to relate to your life other than your spouse? As you walk down memory lane, you talk to each other about life in general; the personalities you knew, the experiences you had, and discuss issues amongst yourselves. This is so because you enjoy each other’s company.

5. You become grandparents

Nothing is more beautiful than love which begets a child, and that child out of love begets another child of its own. It is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. This is how the love between you two is celebrated by nature as you grow old. 

When you both had kids, it was fulfilling, but when those kids grow, get married and produce kids of their own, the joy is endless. You are a grandparent, and as you watch the baby cooing in his court, his glassy eyes staring but not seeing you, you realize how that relationship you had with your partner in the very beginning was worth it.

6. Never feel old

You never feel old whenever you are with the love of your life, because age never matters where love is concerned. Also, his love makes you feel so young all time. And the best part is, the kids have flown the nest, you get to live life every day with your partner as a couple—sharing happiness with each other, being partners in crime, and pampering your grandchildren rotten.

7. You are happy

you are happy

The best thing about growing old together despite the backaches, joint pains, sight problems, etc. is that you are happy with your partner. Every experience between you two as a couple is proof of love. Since you have had the time to grow old together, your partner understands your love language and you understand him so well, you literally live a life of fantasy; one of complete happiness.

8. You know each other so well

Growing old together affords you both as a couple to know each other so well. This knowledge comes with expectations, as you may learn early in your marriage. These expectancies, when met by the couple, strengthen the relationship between them and allow the union to stay intact. 

For instance, hubby likes his food hot no matter what, so the expectation is that the wife provides hot food. However, when there is no hot food, hubby knows that the wife always comes through for him. So there must be a special reason, and instead of yelling at the wife, he kindly asks. 

Also, in cases where being lovers fail and communication as couples is at a standstill, the couple can be friends to each other. 

9. You barely argue

Marriage is a partnership. It is no secret. It is also not hidden knowledge that communication is one of the basic characteristics of a good relationship. This leads to less arguments

Also, you would have gotten mature as the years go by, so who cares if there are dirty dishes in the sink? You won’t stress over it because they are just dirty dishes, you will take care of them later; you both have other important things to do.

10. You are suddenly an expert on relationships

You may not know anything, because all you did in the relationship was love your partner, have the necessary communication, and mutually understand and respect each other but voila! You are suddenly a pro on relationships. Nobody listens to you when you give good relationship advice at 25. 

Your mates would roll their eyes and go like, “Shut up! What do you know?” But when you are still living in happiness with your spouse at 70, well, expect to see young couples at your doorstep coming for relationship advice from you.

11. Growing through the changes

You have spent a lifetime growing old together. There is definitely bound to be a lot of transformation; what was there and isn’t there now. You both have had to go through different kinds of changes; scary, bad, or good. 

Along the way, you learn to sympathize while being each other’s rapport during the hard times in this life, be there for each other during the scary times and be happy in the good. Growing through it all defines your relationship and binds you as a couple in your marriage.

12. Accept each other’s struggles and strengths

Growing old together gives you the chance to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Most people think it is easy work. The hard truth is that it is not! “Love conquers all” they say, and therefore not a lot of people are ready to put in the work love requires, but those who do enjoy its labor. 

This includes knowing yourself, understanding your weakness and strengths, and knowing that of your partner too. The beautiful thing about that is it creates room for understanding and growth.

13. Encourage each other

encourage each other

Your husband is 62, he has always wanted to open a hardware store downtown when he gets old, but old life can be tiring, and therefore he wants to give up his dream. You realize him sulking and you know, he really wants to build a store but he lacks motivation. 

No! You won’t agree. You believe he deserves it. He has always spoken about his dream old store to you in passing, so you encourage him to start. 

In times where you also feel inadequate, he comes through for you with words and actions, then you realize why you never regret the choice you made to be with him. This is because you realize that growing old together tightened that bond between you, and you cannot afford to see him unhappy because you will be unhappy too.


What does it mean to grow old together?

Growing old together means being each other’s keeper, being there when your partner needs you, being each other’s secret keeper and partners in crime, and being their protector because you are committed to their best interests. Above all, it means accepting your partner the way he is, in terms of weakness and strengths. 

Any couple that has been with each other for long have had to put in work, compromise, sacrifice, and adjust to changes with each other. Since their love has had to endure the test of time, it is obviously not the same as the beginning. Growing old together means being content in each other

How do you help each other grow in a relationship?

Couples should help each other grow. You must both put in the effort and you must first want it to work. Here are other ways you can help each other grow in your relationship: be kind, be grateful, engage in healthy arguments, be willing to have awkward talks every day, have time to talk about your relationship.

Also, allow yourselves to have close family relationships and friends separately but have time for yourselves, own your wrong and apologize, build memorable memories, have an interest in your partner’s interests, never allow resentment to build up, occasionally plan fun surprises for your spouse and lastly, do not forget why you fell in love.

How do I make my love grow?

To make your love grow, you need not have any expectations, live in the present, and have fun in your relationship. Surprise your spouse with gifts, be forgiving, and also learn to see from another perspective.

Does space help a broken relationship?

It depends. I say this because how long is the space going to last. If it is more than a month, it is literally a breakup. A week or two tops should be enough time for you both to decide if you want to continue the relationship or end it. While space may help to put things in your relationship in clear perspective, too much of it is bound to make you two drift away from each other.

What is a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is a relationship where conflicts and constant unhealthy competition between couples is existent. This type of relationship is characterized by bullying, perfectionism, jealousy, frequent fights, isolation from friends and loved ones, disrespect, dishonesty, bad communication patterns, lack of support, and unforgiveness. 

In Conclusion

To end with, growing old together with your spouse is an enjoyable experience, and not one for the feeble, especially when you look at how far you both have come and realize that age does not determine your love for each other. And when your love for each other has progressed, you realize that you made a good choice in the long run, the best part was that you just said ‘yes’ and made it work. 

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