Goofy Relationships (45 Reasons Why Goofy Relationships Are Great)

We have been in all sorts of (almost) relationships from our teenage years to date. Relationship of convenience, the one that was never supposed to happen but did, and one that should have but never did. The one where I thought I was in love and another where I actually fell, hard.

Maybe nothing lasts forever, but I know there’s more to my past relationships ending than providence. Save for a couple of them, my current one included, the others had a lot of adulting going on. Not that we were extraordinarily busy or anything, we had our fun, sometimes, but the whole thing was a bit too reel life-y.

From the outside, we had it perfect. Between us, though, once we’d done our bit to assuage the current problems in our lives and we weren’t fighting or hooking up, we had nothing to do. You know those voids in communication that make you think about the fun ex you never dated and wonder if things would be different if you’d gone with him? I had those.

If I learned anything from those times, it’s that all work and no play make a relationship dull (and this is counting great sex as work too!) I found love again, but this time not at the cost of candid fun and downright playfulness. We’ve managed to put a smile on each other’s face for most of two years, and that is why I’d take a goofy relationship over any other kind, any day.


45 Reasons Why Goofy Relationships Are Great

1. The vibe is eternal

Infatuation, sexual chemistry, you name it—most of these passion-fueled feelings eventually wear off like the high they are. You get a couple of months, years if you are lucky, and that’s it. Not-so-suddenly, you realize you don’t want to jump each other’s bones all the time anymore.

The gaze, smell, voice, and every other sexy thing about your partner that makes the passion come easy, you will eventually get used to. The longer you are together, the lower the mysterious factor, and if that’s all you got going, the physical attraction sooner or later follows too.

While this is more or less the way most relationships go, goofy couples have a better chance of beating the odds. Long after the hormones fueling the typical “in love” feeling has waned, they can always count on making each other laugh and thus keep their spark alive.

2. Couples can present their grievances freely

We hear all the time how humor can help defuse a potentially explosive situation in relationships. If there is any pair that’s likely to have that on lock, it’s goofy couples. This doesn’t mean they run a loose ship or always make light of each other’s grievances. If anything, it’s the opposite.

Study shows it’s not so much saying something funny as the right kind of funny that makes the difference. In other words, the type of humor matters in easing tension. Given it’s usually two weird people that make a goofy couple, chances are it’s their similar kind of humor that brings them together in the first place.

Teasing each other would already be like their norm, so when one has a bone to pick with the other, they can easily pass it across in a funny moment. When arguments inevitably surface, a playful remark can help loosen things up, and they can hash it out in a friendly discussion rather than handle it like enemies. 

And when the cloud clears, all it takes is a joke for the status quo to return.

3. Goofiness breathes life into the mundane

They say the best moments in life are found in the little things, or something like that. The dates, romantic gestures, matching outfits, and whatever else boo’d up people do on the gram these days are only a percentage of the whole relationship experience.

The other part is really just filling time with mundane stuff like chores, grocery runs, conversations, bathroom runs, doctor’s appointments, and the likes. Now, in an ordinary relationship, those would be the boring moments. But clown-like couples find a way to make even those moments fun because they will always find something to amuse themselves.

Do you know what that means? Even dull moments are never dull with partners who match each other’s silly. And you wonder why they seem to have hacked this intimacy thing.

4. They can find amusement in anything

Goofy couples make their own happiness. Life doesn’t always give us reasons to crack up, but this lot makes the most of the cards they are dealt. They don’t wait to have all the money, comfort, or time in the world first, tbh (and I know how cliché this sounds), all they need is each other.

I mean, anyone who can make chores fun has my respect, but a typical nutty duo doesn’t even have to be on their turf to liven things up for themselves. In such relationships, nothing is ever so serious you can’t get a laugh. If not in the heat of the moment, then after it subsides. Most of the time, anyway.

5. Embarrassing moments are less uncomfortable

Think of all the things you wouldn’t normally want to do with someone you are in love with present. Passing gas, using the loo, receiving aunt Flo unexpectedly, a bad case of the flu, basically, all the human stuff you’d generally feel uncomfortable doing around your crush.

Having your goofy partner around won’t make the situation less gross, but you are both real enough to mock each other through it without anyone taking it personally. The whole relationship is probably a series of messing around with each other anyway, so an embarrassing moment is nothing more than material for future teasing.

6. You can switch from serious to jovial and back just like that

Don’t mistake the hilarious nature of funny relationships for lack of depth, you will probably not find someone better to get serious with than your goofy partner. The best of them know when to flip the switch, but couples don’t meet each other perfectly, so you may need to work on what defines ‘necessary’ at first.

The point is, your relationship doesn’t have to be a one or the other type of situation. If you can respect each other enough to take ourselves seriously without having to repress your playful sides, what else is there?

7. You are each other’s source of entertainment

Does this mean dating someone as goofy as you mean you never have to renew your entertainment subscriptions? Maybe. Just don’t mention me at relationship counseling years down the line for encouraging overreliance on your partner. 

No, this just means both parties would be more capable of entertaining each other if you are in a relationship with someone who shares your sense of humor. Hilarity isn’t some big gun you break out during conflicts alone, it’s the thing that keeps you talking and laughing all day long without even realizing it.

8. Being goofy sets the tone for spontaneity

being goofy sets the tone for spontaneity

You should know that ‘omg, you’re crazy’ basically comes with the territory of fun relationships. You could be yammering about something inane one second, and the next one, you’re in the middle of a pillow fight and taking silly selfies.

Someone can say something in passing, and your idiot partner would turn it into a ridiculous dare like you are middle schoolers. Neither of you feels up to cooking? How about eating out and then going somewhere neither of you belongs to goof around some more and give others a show while having the time of your lives dancing offbeat.

9. Better sense of adventure

Goofy couples’ proclivity for spontaneity effectively means you can look forward to lots of adventurous activities with your significant other. Will there be unnecessary risks involved sometimes? Maybe. But they will mostly be fun too, especially when you are trying new things together.

And in the event that something you try isn’t as exciting or interesting as you hoped, the lighthearted nature of your relationship means the experience still wouldn’t be a total letdown.

10. There is always a sense of novelty to the relationship

When there’s no telling the kind of games your significant other will have you play together or which activities will catch your own fancy next, newness sort of becomes the usual. Even if your type of adventure isn’t the outdoorsy kind, you and your partner will still find ways to infuse your definition of fun into your relationship.

In fact, your thing could be laughing over the things you can’t do yet or creating your own mock versions of them. It’s really just about both partners being open to trying new stuff together and taking it as an adventure however it goes. Goofy affairs are all about the process, not just the result.

11. You can come back from almost anything

It generally takes a lot to offend goofy people, but we all know the closer to home an offense is, the more painful it usually is. Still, research has shown that perspective-taking can facilitate the forgiveness process and that certain kinds of humor (self-enhancing, affiliative) are, in turn, positively correlated with perspective-taking empathy.

Another study finds forgiveness to be positively correlated with joviality and positive affect. While neither review can definitively speak for all playful people, they both seem to imply that the right mood and sense of humor can make us more understanding of the other person’s perspective.

12. You feel more comfortable getting vulnerable

Add those observations on forgiveness with goofy couples’ tendency to express their grievances with one another more freely, and you can see how vulnerability wouldn’t feel like the end of the world. In addition to their playful nature making their relationship a generally judgment-free zone, we just learned that it might be a hack to come back from the more significant offenses.

There’s a special kind of assurance that comes with the mutual vulnerability and nonjudgmental sensibility playfulness affords a couple. In other words, you are more likely to let go of your fears and defenses in an environment as nurturing as a whimsical relationship can be.

13. There’s plenty of chances to be there for each other

As a connoisseur of the lost art of living in the moment, those in relationships that aren’t so serious all the time seize plenty of chances to make their partner feel loved. Often without even thinking.

Many people mistake being lighthearted with being stupid or careless, so you may need to keep your guard up outside. But even on the worst days of dealing with such people, being back with your S.O can make everything feel right again, and it isn’t always because of the jokes. Sometimes, just the satisfaction of being back with your kindred does it.

14. Couples who goof around are generally more honest with each other

Facing life together from a place of humor tends to bring out the best in people. Couples who laugh together stay together, right? The jokes and most of the fun things they typically do together subconsciously make being real with one another easier.

Few things are as authentic in life as two people cracking each other up. Laughter gets all the good juices flowing, effectively enabling intimacy. Plus, it’s a lot easier to be honest when the truth doesn’t get you judged or punished.

15. Openness means you don’t have to filter out the deep dark deets and feelings

Usually, what funny people want is that they do not get taken for granted, especially by those who mean the most to them. They are typically okay with the teasing and banter as long as there is no underlying animosity there.

Therefore, honesty and openness are encouraged in their relationships to truly share what you’d naturally hide behind jokes for outsiders. Opening up doesn’t feel like that big of a deal in such an atmosphere, and sharing your true fears and feelings creates a safe enough environment to develop a deeper emotional bond.

16. Trust via acceptance

trust via acceptance

Being honest and open with one another in a relationship forms the baseline for trust for all involved. You are more likely to put your faith in someone who makes you feel accepted just the way you are. Someone you can have no holds barred conversations with, laugh your face off, and cry together when necessary.

You may not always be able to predict your goofy partner’s moves, but you can rest assured knowing there are some things they’d never willingly do to you.

17. Private jokes

Private exchanges are a sign that a couple has arrived. Inside jokes, memes out of context, literally telling what’s on your significant other’s mind in a gathering by just exchanging glances. Having a look/secret language for most feelings – exasperated, bored, horny, and save me! – always feels good whenever you make that subtle move, and your partner actually gets it.

The same goes for when you are alone, you can notice a change in your partner’s mood by their facial expression even if they only let a hint of it slip. And if texting or calling is how you communicate the most, the tone makes the jokes or conversation interesting, and even a slight dip would be noticeable.

18. You can boost each other’s mood as easily as you can notice it

Not only can you tell when your partner is in distress by just looking at their face, but you can also influence their disposition if you want to. One thing goofy people in love will always have going for them is closeness; your mood affects your partner’s one way or another.

Therefore, the choices are usually to either join in on the sourness or pull the other person out of it. Being the lighthearted pair they are, restoring the cheery air around them will almost always trump the alternative.

19. You don’t have to be on your A-game all the time

There’s nothing wrong with relationships that bring the best out of you, it becomes an issue if relaxing a little bit means game over. No one is at their 100% every time, so a relationship based on such a notion is basically a ticking time bomb.

While it’s no excuse to let yourself go too much, you should be able to kick back and get comfortable with the person you love without worrying about putting them off. We all occasionally need a break from the more serious things in life, and playful relationships offer an abode for precisely that.

20. You can call your partner when you need to feel better

Another reason these relationships are so great is that you get a partner in all seasons in one person. Your happy-go-lucky S.O wouldn’t just come through with the jokes when you are in a good mood, they usually also know what to do when you are upset.

In need of some perspective amid a particularly difficult day? Need a little pep talk before an important meeting? You just encountered the most uncouth individual on planet earth in traffic? You will always have someone who’s just right for the job at your service.

21. The driest activities can be a lot of fun if you are together

Boring shows, work events, any other thing you can think of that is less fun than watching paint dry can have you cracking your ribs when you’re with your person. Goofy couples can see the humor in a room full of sullen faces, like when an amateur comedian is trying so hard you can hardly bear to watch them. 

You can turn the situation around for yourselves by analyzing what’s going on in your fellow unsuspecting audience’s minds. It’s also not beyond silly couples to chip in a side-splitting commentary now and again to everyone else’s chagrin.

22. Date nights are guaranteed not boring

Life may have its grey moments, even for the most hilarious of couples, but boring is one thing you can count on your hangouts not to be. You could do the same thing for every date and still not be able to predict what would happen on each one.

Will your partner spontaneously do something ‘embarrassing’ like cracking dry jokes or forming an accent to place an order just for fun? The two of you might decide to team up against another weird couple like yourselves and live it up with people you’ve literally never met. You never know.

23. Your partner is more likely to get along with your family

There is always that one person in your family who can’t get enough of your goofy partner’s endearing quirks. Siblings, dad, mom, someone just has to connect with your funny companion like they old pals in an alternate world.

Usually, it’s the kids in the house who fall first. Anyone with an active imagination is their best friend, and thankfully that’s something people who are in touch with their silly side are in no short supply of.

24. Your kids would be coming into an exciting home

your kids would be coming into an exciting home

Speaking of kids, if you decide to start a family with your playful partner, your kids might thank you for your choice later in life. When your marriage isn’t conventional, the odds of you or your spouse clamping down on your children’s expressiveness is low, and they will be better adults for it.

On top of the tons of adventurous stories you’d have to wow the kids with, you will also make many more fun memories by engaging in exciting activities together as a family.

25. Your kids would feel freer coming to the ‘rents

Another beneficial side to having kids with your playmate is that you’d essentially nurture them in an environment that encourages sincerity and openness. They may keep their own secrets as they grow up, but they’d generally be able to talk to their parents when they need to.

The jokes aren’t all they will take away from your interaction with your significant other. They will also notice your attitude towards each other on the important life stuff and possibly make what you have their role model relationship.

26. You naturally tend towards thoughtful gifts for milestones and holidays

When you think about it, goofy couples set the bar high between themselves. Your creative wheels can spin for the entire year just so you can outdo your partner at something awesome they did for you on your previous anniversary. Or just yourself. 

You know it’s not going to be the jewels or the latest expensive toy that knocks your S.O off their feet, the real reason behind their smile would be more sentimental. Like how you manage to put a fresh spin on every present, despite how long you’ve been together.

27. Being silly is good for your health

If you need more reasons to rate goofiness in a relationship, how about your wellbeing? Silliness brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh, two reactions that do wonders for your health.

Studies describe smiling as a natural drug that can elevate your mood and release hormones that help you relax and reduce physical pain.

28. Reduced stress levels all around

More on those feel-good hormones, your brain releases neurotransmitters (dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin) when you laugh and smile. These guys all work together to bring you that positive energy. Endorphin is the pain-killer we just discussed, dopamine triggers your pleasure centers while serotonin is a natural antidepressant.

Together, they all work to alleviate stress and boost your body’s ability to resist illnesses. Then there is the emotional bliss that comes with letting your guard down and having fun with the one you love. No matter how you look at it, there’s always something to gain in weird relationships.

29. You don’t feel like you have to control every moment

More reason why two oddballs dating is so great is that you can both let go of control, if only some of the time, and just be free. A relationship where you have to plan and ponder the outcomes before doing anything may be safe, but what’s the fun in that?

The fact is, we can’t possibly control everything. Rather than fret over the things beyond us, like what will happen tomorrow, choosing to let loose and live in the moment can be quite liberating.

30. You can be yourself with each other

You have either been or know someone who has been with someone they can’t be not intellectual/sexy/prim around. For some, it’s the opposite because their partner doesn’t seem to find anything they do funny. 

A feels stupid whenever she lets herself go. B feels like he’s expected to laugh just because they are sleeping together and thus executes his right not to be arm-twisted (ff that’s a thing) and disobliges. 

All this drama goes on subliminally, by the way, no one actually tells the other anything. Before you know it, resentment builds, intimacy collapses, and along with it, the entire relationship. 

But with a goofy partner, you don’t even have to try to be funny. Just feel free to play when you want to, and if you happen to find what your partner does hilarious, you don’t have to pretend it’s not funny just to get even. It’s that easy.

31. Being yourself = happiness

I know many partners aren’t as rigid as B above and would still pretend to laugh for the sake of peace, but there’s always still a disconnect if you don’t genuinely vibe. Being with someone with whom you can express your freedom to be your no-holds-barred self brings out your inner child in the best possible ways.

I realize happiness is subjective, but it sounds a lot like it, in my opinion, if your S.O brings out the happy side of you, adulting actively gives you reasons to repress.

32. You can laugh at yourselves when things don’t go your way

you can laugh at yourselves when things dont go your way

Goofy couples don’t only make jokes at other people’s expense, rounded ones can also take them as good as they dish and even make fun of themselves. The reason it looks like playful couples have a relationship all figured out isn’t that they don’t have their share of disappointments.

Rather, it’s their ability to take it in stride and laugh through the troubles at work. You’d have to really push it or get your partner at a bad time for them to take your jest personally.

33. There will be lots of trial and error, which is key to getting things right

Like I mentioned earlier, no two people meet each other as a ready-made couple, no matter how much they have in common. So, when two characters come together to start a relationship, they’d naturally have the stuff to figure out as a unit.

The catch is, not everything you attempt will be fun, and you sure as hell won’t always be up for trying. But the good news is being with a fellow fun-lover means you can complement each other’s drive, so when you don’t feel like trying, they will ginger you up and vice-versa.

34. You are guaranteed fun while figuring stuff out

One minute you are sifting through bills wondering if you are in over your head by moving in together (or something), the next, you are in the middle of a tickle fight. You’d laugh the anxiety out till your abs hurt, and by the time the fuss subsides, you can sit and brainstorm without all that tension looming over your head. 

It’s the best feeling in the world when you can put your problems aside for a minute then face them together afterward like the most grounded couple in the world.

35. Your sex life can get better with time

It is true that the physical thrill of seeing your partner naked diminishes over time, but all hope is not lost for long-term relationships. As time passes, you realize that maybe, just maybe, fiery passion isn’t all that guarantees a great sex life.

In fact, according to experts, your sex life actually improves the longer you stay in a relationship with someone for several reasons. You’re no longer in the awkward phase, you have time to explore, you can try different things without pressure, and more importantly, you can be honest with each other. Does any of that remind you of a certain kind of couple?

36. Your most memorable moments happen unplanned

Given the spontaneous nature of goofy unions, your most memorable memory today may get pushed to the second position any second you two spend together. Sometimes, it’s not even about one partner planning a surprise for the other. You can literally just come upon something together, decide to give it a try on the go, and it ends up a banger (or a disaster).

They say the best moments in life are unexpected, and it certainly helps the odd of this lot that they will hardly say no to activities that seem fun or crazy.

37. Goofiness feeds your connection

Many of us tend to underrate the funny guy or girl until we get into a relationship with people who are – for lack of a better word – no fun. You may have heard this before, but looks won’t always make it easy to choose someone every single day and love them intentionally.

Power, money, etc., you get used to as time passes and realize the more lasting stuff are less physical. The things that do the most to strengthen our romantic connections are those you can do with little to no effort. Activities that make your body, soul, and everything in between feel good, like goofing and laughing together.

38. The relationship wouldn’t feel like work

In a similar vein, we all know that successful relationships take effort to maintain, even for the most carefree couples out there. However, there’s a difference between working for something you love and it feeling like work.

The ideal thing is always to balance putting in the effort and making it look effortless. That’s one thing at least that you can’t take away from lovers who aren’t afraid to get silly together.

39. You’ll have a lot of awkward moments to look back and laugh at

From your partner’s failed attempts at doing a celebrity impression to that one time you laughed so hard you cracked one up in the theatre, goofy love is nothing without the bloopers. It may not feel so great at the moment, but it would be less difficult to process if you and your S.O are on the same frequency funny-wise.

We all want someone we can face our lowest (and best) moments with, and with an unserious mate, you can count on looking back at those embarrassing events fondly.

40. You have to find a way to ditch your partner if you want to be sad

you have to find a way to ditch your partner if you want to be sad

Have you ever been with someone who makes it practically impossible to wear a long face while they are around? Keep them. This is not to say you relinquish your right to your feelings when you sign up to get with people like this. All healthy couples need space from their partner sometimes, even goofy ones.

But it’s the contagious happy vibe that you want around when you’re down against your will that I’m talking about. And the best part is, you are equally as capable of having that same effect on your partner when it’s their turn to have one of those days.

41. Increased level of relationship satisfaction

More studies on the benefit of playfulness in a couple’s love life suggest that it facilitates positive experiences and ultimately makes for more satisfying relationships. While there are some kinks to work out, like the specific kind of play you engage in, the overall conclusion is that it works.

Science aside, it makes sense that something that helps you handle conflicts better and makes you embrace your inner youngster would be such an effective relationship booster, doesn’t it?

42. Your partner is less likely to leave you for your best friend

Not to make excuses for cheaters or anything, but as reasons for infidelity go, dissatisfaction and boredom are some of the primary ones. If being all kinds of playful with your significant other indeed makes your time together more satisfying, then they have less motivation to look outside.

As someone who has been cheated on before, I know how incredibly naïve this take sounds, given humans are complicated beings. But if we are going by theory alone, then being goofy together can probably make some difference.

43. Sense of security like no other

You are rooted in your belief that you belong together and with that sense of belonging comes all of the room to bring your best self to the table. When you feel this secure in your relationship with someone, quips come easy, and the love just flows.

Besides love, every other element that makes for satisfying relationships, from trust to commitment and even effort, is influenced by this sense of safety.

44. You two just get each other

The bliss alone from meeting another human being that relates with your oddities is invigorating, not to mention the more surface-level stuff, like finding similar jokes funny. Perhaps the best thing about whimsical relationships is how relatable those in them find each other. It’s like finding your tribe in a world that’s so bent on separating us.

45. You could break up and still stay friends

Finally, not every relationship will last forever, even something as good as what we’ve been describing can end. But the best part about having a connection beyond romantic feelings is that it doesn’t have to end, even if you no longer work as a couple.

Goofy romance makes it so that you do not have to lose one of the most profound bonds you’ll probably ever build just because you’ve fallen out of love. And if that isn’t one of the most beautiful things in life, I don’t know what is.


What does it mean to have a goofy personality?

Someone who has a goofy personality behaves in a way other people find silly or ridiculous for their age—someone who is whimsical, lighthearted, and somewhat ludicrous.

Is being silly a good thing?

Being silly means being able to see the fun and amusing side of everything. In a world where everything is often so serious, that is an incredibly good thing. The ideal thing, though, is to try and strike a balance between your silly and rational side.

Is fun important in a relationship?

The fun keeps the spark alive and continues to feed your connection long after the initial, heady phase of your relationship has passed. Couples who have fun together are likely to not just stay together but also be more satisfied with their union. 

What things make a relationship great?

Some of the things that make for a great relationship are love, humor, physical and emotional intimacy, freedom of expression, respect, commitment, and effort. Each of these plays a part in collectively forming a whole, healthy union.

Does goofy mean funny?

Goofy is a particular type of humor that would be considered funny by people who share the sentiment. However, others who don’t may see it as being crazy or silly, if slightly amusing.

To Conclude

Not to rain on the parade of other types of relationships, but I honestly believe everyone should lean into their goofy side in love at least once. As they say, don’t knock it till you try it. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Kindly let me know in the comments if this does anything to sway your view on the matter, and share the article if you liked it.

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