15 Good Qualities In A Boyfriend To Look For

Are you sick of always attracting the wrong guys? 

Are you tired of thinking you’re with a man who will love and cherish you, only for him to bounce to some other woman soon afterwards?

Do you wish you could get yourself in a solid relationship with a man that’ll make you happy for a long time? 

It’s actually extremely common for women to keep choosing men who are bad for them, because of blind spots in their psychology. 

This article is here to stop you from doing that. It features 15 qualities that make men good boyfriends. Hopefully, by seeing these traits written down, you’ll train yourself to actually look for men who have them. 

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With that said, let’s now explore my list of good qualities for a boyfriend to have.

Qualities In A Guy To Look Out For Before Making Him Your Boyfriend

1. Integrity 

This is one of the most important traits all humans must possess. Integrity shows how honest and principled a person is. Relationships without integrity from both partners usually end in break up. Sometimes there might be some damages done before the guy and the girl leave each other because there is no honesty. 

Your boyfriend must be as honest as possible since you really don’t know if you will end up marrying each other. If you don’t see this trait in him then there is no crime or excuse in leaving him even if he has the riches and every other thing which a girl needs in a guy. This quality is very important as it will determine if a relationship works or not. 

I’m placing this quality as the first because it’s what relationships depend on before leading to marriage. Hence ensure you see this before considering that guy as your boyfriend.  

2. Consistency 

When you are dating a guy who you trust so much that there is nothing making you have doubt in your trust then there is consistency in the relationship. You know what makes him happy and what makes him sad. If your partner's attitude changes over time how would you be able to know him well? There needs to be consistency in everything he does with you. 

A relationship without consistency in everything will surely end even when everything seems to be ok with the both of you. If your partner is consistent in everything he is doing with you then give him the opportunity to be your boyfriend. A man without consistency will never bring comfortability to the relationship and I’m very sure you don't want that. 

3. Fun And Exciting

A life without fun and excitement will always end up with boredom. Your boyfriend has to be active and at the same time must have fun in his own life. I don’t expect someone who doesn’t have fun to bring fun into your life. He must have a good social life and possess the ability to get along with people easily. 

There must be this likable and warm aura about him that draws people towards him without him forcing them to be with him. If that guy you like or love so much now has this attribute then he is a good boyfriend to be with. Don’t let the opportunity slip past you. 

4. Romantic 


While some guys may woo a girl until she accepts to get into a relationship with them, others might take things slowly until the girl gives a green light. Don’t try to date a guy who will want you to do everything once you’ve started dating. You should be the object while he is the subject making the romance thing happen. 

Romance is one thing that makes or keeps relationships invigorating and exciting most times. Get along with that guy who will always spice things up with his partner through the different acts of romance. This might be emotional stuff or a physical one but not minding the way it comes, make sure your boyfriend is romantic. Being romantic is a sign of a good boyfriend. 

5. Cares About His Appearance 

Your boyfriend’s physical well-being is also very important. It’s not only emotional health that must be checked out when searching for qualities that a good boyfriend must have. Great boyfriends ensure they are neat and well dressed as often as possible. 

They take good care of themselves by maintaining proper hygiene, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, etc. 

The way you appear will always determine how you will be addressed by people who see you. If you associate yourself with an unkempt person who looks shabby all the time then you might be viewed that way also.  Go for a man who looks nice and you will be happy with what you hear on the outside about how you and your boyfriend appear in your relationship. 

6. Selflessness 

This trait shows if he cares about other people and not himself alone. Imagine yourself being sick and your boyfriend doesn’t care about you at all. Even a phone call from him just to check on you is a difficult task to accomplish. A good boyfriend will always want to know about his girlfriend first before discussing anything about himself. 

This is a sign that he really cares and thinks about you every time you are not around him. This quality must be seen in your partner before you can consider him as your boyfriend. Relationships without selflessness don't work out most of the time. You don’t care about him and he does not care about you too so why should you be in a relationship together?. 

Check out this trait in your boyfriend before you give him a yes as an answer.

7. Humility 

How does it feel when you are dating a guy who is successful and at the same time very modest about his success? Wonderful right? 

A man who knows the value of hard work while he is also realizing that it takes a supporting cast to help get a job done. He needs to be surrounded by people for him to accomplish what he has. And one way to get this done is by possessing humility as part of your trait. A boyfriend who lacks this will never appreciate your presence in his life. 

He can’t be there for you when you need help because humility is absent from his characteristics. I’m very sure you want a guy who will always be there for you even in difficult times. If you don’t find this then don’t get into a relationship with any guy. Until you see this remain single and searching.

8. Ambitious

A man without ambition is just like someone who has no future. You can never be successful if you don’t have a specific goal you are aiming at. Being ambitious pushes you towards being successful. If your boyfriend lacks this trait how do you expect your relationship to look like?. Like I would always say, “he who fails to plan will surely plan to fail”.  

Every successful man you see out there had plans before they became successful. Though he needs someone behind him that will always encourage him so he can attain his goal because the road to success is so rough and one might quit when he can’t cope. But the question is does he have that goal? If yes then everything is fine. 

You can be together and I know he won’t push you aside once he has made it. 

Be sure the guy you love presently has this attribute so you don’t regret being in a relationship because without this attribute he can’t make the list for the best boyfriend. 

9. Regular Communication 

A good boyfriend loves talking to his girlfriend as often as possible. Whether it’s via phone call, video call, text messages, or physical talks, he makes sure he maintains communication with her. This is to ensure he doesn’t miss anything about her and it shows how much he likes to be with her. 

Communication also helps you understand the type of person the guy is. You will be able to tell when he is angry or not because most guys do showcase their anger through their tone of voice. You know his tone of anger and his tone of jokes. You won’t misinterpret him for anything he says and he won’t do the same with you. 

Be with a guy who communicates regularly with his girlfriend and you will never regret being in a relationship. 

10. Expressiveness

Another way to determine if you are dating a good boyfriend or not is by checking if he has the ability to convey his thoughts or feelings easily without any difficulty. Good boyfriends are neither a rock which can’t be moved nor an impassive machine. He has a lot going on in his mind, and he needs to pour them out so his heart won’t be heavy. 

If he is unable to do this without stress, there is surely a problem. You won’t be able to tell if you’ve got the actual solution to the problem he has or not. Your boyfriend should be able to express his happiness and sadness as this is very important in all relationships. He doesn’t need to be impervious (imaginary), he needs to be real, and one way to do this is by expressing himself. 

You don’t need to meet his friends before you get to know what's really wrong with him. His friends might be ready to tell every time you go to them, but in a situation where you don’t know or live around them anymore what could be done? Of course, nothing can be done. So a good boyfriend must be expressive in nature. 

11. Gentle And Not Violent 

Gentle And Not Violent

Gentility and violence must be checked out before you start dating anyone. Most relationships that lack these traits often end within a short period of time. A violent man does not have courtesy for a woman. He knows he has the power to beat a woman because it’s natural that men should be stronger than women. But a man who has the ability to show restraint even when he is frustrated is considered to be a good boyfriend. 

Love a man who is gentle and doesn’t see the joy in beating a woman. If you go for a violent person, then you should be sure he is going to make life miserable for you. And when your friends see you, they feel remorse and some might even laugh at you. So be wise when going through the list of guys you want to date. 

12. Commitment 

Research has shown that relationships with commitment often last longer than those that lack it. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly throughout the time you spend with a man. Things change drastically as that is how life is structured. If you are dating someone who will leave you when things don’t go the same way they used to, just know that he doesn’t love you. 

A good boyfriend will always stand by you even in difficult times when life is hard. This trait shows how much love your partner has for you. 

Put a man with this type of trait on your list of boyfriends and you will remain happy throughout the time you spent with him. 

13. Kindness

A girl who wants to be happy among friends should go for a kind partner. Nothing beats this old fashioned trait. For me, a kind person has the capability to show sympathy towards others, especially his partner. A good boyfriend views life to be simple

14. Curiosity

The saying “curiosity is what kills a cat” is true, but mind you, this doesn’t work like that in relationships. Dating someone who wants to know everything about you is very important. You need a partner who is ready to hear things about you as if you were his teacher. 

Do you know how sexy it is when a man asks you for directions just because he wants to be sure he is on the right path? Curiosity gives him the courage to ask about things he doesn’t know but he is sure you will have an idea. This feeling shows how much he respects you and your idea. 

15. He Has No Addictions 

So many guys there find their lives spinning out of control due to their inability to control addiction. Dating someone who can’t suppress his addictions can give you stress communicating with him or giving you attention because he is filled with what he is addicted to. 


What Are The Qualities Of A Good Relationship?

Qualities of good relationships are those things that make it successful. There are a lot of them, but I’ve listed just 15 in the article and I’m still going to share with you about 5 more. 

1. Your importance to the man. 
2. He gives you the opportunity to execute something. 
3. He gives you listening hears. 
4. He has principles. 
5. He makes you feel secured with him.

What Qualities Do You Look For In A Guy?

There are so many qualities you should watch out for in a man before you get into a relationship with him. Some of these include: 

1. Integrity 
2. Faithfulness 
3. Self-confidence 
4. Maturity
5. Gentility
6. Commitment
7. Humility
8. Trust 
9. Care 
10. Curiosity

What Do You Want In A Boyfriend?

There are a lot of things which I want in a boyfriend ranging from his lifestyle to health, and sex life. Here are something I want in a boyfriend: 

1. Sense of humor. 
2. Nice appearance. 
3. Kindness
4. Integrity.
5. Honesty. 
6. Romance.
7. Communication.
8. Good hygiene
9. Sensitivity.
10. Selflessness

What Are The 3 Main Qualities Of Love?

For love to last long, there are three main qualities that it must possess. Listed below are some of these qualities: 

1. Honesty. 
2. Respect. 
3. Trust

These things must be shown by two people who are in love with each other. Without these, relationships can’t last.

What Makes A Strong Relationship? 

This is a very good question which I think everyone must pay attention to. There are three things which make relationships strong and they include: 

1. Commitment
2. Trust 
3. Vulnerability
4. Communication
5. Let go of something that is not important and try to always reach a compromise.

In Summary…

Of all the 15 qualities listed above on how to be a good boyfriend or how to be a better boyfriend, which is missing in your partner, and which ones are present? If you know the missing ones, you can always try to fix it within yourselves. It’s not so easy for that man you love so much to know or realize he is missing something but you can always help him out. 

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