Funny Things Couples Do (53 Weird Things Couples Do)

Relationships are supposed to be fun, spontaneous, and exciting. So it’s not really far-fetched to hear about some weird things couples do. Relationships can become pretty boring when there’s no sauce or spice, and sometimes, the best way to keep things fun and exciting is to keep learning ways to stay entertained and happy in a marriage or relationship. 

Think about it; when was the last time you and your wife did something out of the norm, or when last did you and your husband laugh over the weird experiences you created? Every couple should have those moments where they can step out of reality a little and just live. 

I’m pretty sure you’ve had a few weird or extremely fun experiences in your marriage, and sometimes, you may even feel embarrassed about some of them. However, what if I told you to be encouraged because there are things couples do that may totally trump what you have come to tag as ‘weird things’ in your relationship. 

There’s always a little more encouragement when you realize that your relationship isn’t the only one with a little bit of funk. Or maybe you feel you need to step up your game and add a little excitement and laughter to your relationship.

That’s not a problem, there are other couples out there that make it a point of duty to have the best time by doing weird things and creating time for exciting experiences. You can easily pick up a few activities and add some personal touches to them. So, with no further ado, here are some funny things couples do.


53 Weird Things Couples Do

1. Use baby talk to communicate

This is one weird thing couples do that can either put off others or make them go ‘awwww!’. You’ll hear a wife talking to her husband using baby talk, even for the most serious issues! If you love babies and don’t mind hearing adults babble away while talking about major or minor issues in their relationship, then you can join the train.

2. Digestive system wars

When talking about weird things couples do either in private or public, this one certainly takes the cheese! Wondering what this is all about? Well, here’s a clue; there’s food involved! However, there’s a very funny twist to this game; the couple eats a certain food, let’s say pasta. The couples then time themselves to find out who will poop first! Yup, sounds weird right?

If you’re playing this game, the timer starts from the point the food gets in your mouth until one person poops. Whoever goes to the toilet first wins.

3. Use the bathroom together

This may sound pretty normal, but trust me when I say it is one of the word things you’ll find in relationships. First of all, people love their personal ‘toilet time,’ and some may even describe it as therapeutic. 

So, when a wife is heading for the white seat and her husband tags along, that is certainly one funny thing to try or look out for. To make it even funnier, try mimicking your significant other’s toilet face and take a selfie if you dare.

4. Try out each other's hobbies

There are different ways of connecting in relationships, one of which is trying out each other’s hobbies. But before you rule this out as a ‘normal activity,’ do you think that playing golf, watching football, or playing football is more synonymous with torture? Or do you feel that chatting away at the spa, taking an art class, or getting your nails done is totally unnecessary?

I don’t mean to be stereotypical, and of course, you know your spouse or partner better. The point is, as much as you love and accept your partner’s interests and hobbies, trying them out for say, a day or two won’t be as easy as a walk in the park.

5. Do laundry checks

What’s the best way to figure out if your girlfriend's clothes are dirty? You sniff them out, right? Well, maybe that’s not the conventional way for many couples, but it certainly is one of the weird things couples do. While some people simply place their clothes in the laundry basket after it's taken off, others prefer to excitedly watch each other sort through laundry using their five senses. 

Smell for any foul odors, feel for any unusual textures, look around for any stains, listen for any giggles and laughs from your partner, and let’s hope your mouth doesn’t have to do anything.

6. Sing off-key

This is one major noisy event that could make any bystander, visitor, friend, family, or foe cringe in frustration. It’s even crazier when both couples have really terrible voices. But yeah, that won’t stop a determined boyfriend or girlfriend from singing at the top of their voices in melodies that are not pleasant to the human, or animal ears in any way.

7. Talking to each other’s feet

When you’re bored at home with nothing to do, what are the activities you can do with your husband? Cook? Clean? Watch a movie? Nah, those are too conventional! Think more creatively and try communicating with your significant other’s feet? 

Just before you step out or go to bed, after giving your wife a nice foot massage, take those feet and tell them everything you may not have the courage to say face-to-face.

8. Smelling each other

Do you have a significant other who just smells nice all the time? Then you’ll understand why smelling a partner is one of the funny things couples do. It doesn’t matter if you go on all fours and sniff around them like man’s best friend does, or just pull their neck in for a nice, deep sniff. 

It’s also a nice gesture before kissing him or her on the mouth, pull them in and give them a short sensual sniff before trailing your way to their lips.

9. Walk around doing the roar

Yes, this is part of the funny things couples do in relationships, even though it seems totally unnecessary and childish. Well, I guess that’s what makes it funny and weird, especially when you’re bored at home. So basically, couples get down on all fours and do their loudest and most authentic roar. 

It’s simple, just open your mouth wide and let out a low yet loud ‘roooaaarrr!’ whoever sounds intimidating and real gets a foot massage… I guess.

10. Wear each other’s clothes

wear each others clothes

Okay ladies, you probably don’t think this is anything new, because this is one ‘crime’ many ladies are guilty of. Guys can testify that 20% of their girlfriends' sweatshirts or T-shirts don’t belong to them. Well, did they shoplift them? Nope, they just had to window shop around their partner’s closet.

So guys, this is the time to return the favor, pay your significant other a visit and sort through their clothes. Even though you don’t have plans to keep the clothes, both of you will certainly have a good time laughing about it.

11. The husband makes his wife up

We’ve seen ladies attempt to dress the men in their lives, up from their top hats to the sneakers they wear. Guys, now you know one of the funny things couples do, use this tact to convince your girlfriend or wife to accept a personal makeover courtesy of you. 

Ladies don’t play with their makeup, but I guess that’s what makes it more exciting. Plus, if she’s agreeable and open to trying new things, she won’t mind some blush on her eyelids.

12. Burp around each other

Once you become a couple, all the ‘fine lines’ that existed before the relationship kind of disappear, especially in marriage. So it’s normal to find couples doing things like burping in each other’s faces just for the fun of it. It’s just one of the funny things couples do.

13. Giving puppy love

Don’t be deceived by the whole ‘puppy love’ name tag, this has nothing to do with childhood love. So, we know that puppies love to lick and be cuddled, fondled, and rubbed around the ears. 

That’s exactly what is required here, the wife could start whimpering like a puppy, and then her husband knows it’s time to cuddle, kiss, lick, and maybe even rub her ears. It all depends on what the couple is into right?

14. Get wet in the rain

Have you ever run out in the rain with your significant other and just played around, kissed, and danced until you were soaking wet? Yea, you’re doctor probably won’t approve, but hey, five minutes of fun won’t get you sick right? Don’t take it from me though.

15. Send text messages in the same room

The wife is lying on one couch, texting away, and the husband is by the dining room, doing the same thing. As a bystander, you’d think this makes believe couples are messaging other family members or friends, but in this scenario, they are messaging themselves. 

Thanks to how much technology has influenced our lives, a couple could practically be in the same room and still text to find out what’s for dinner, when grandma is coming, and which fictional character they are role-playing later that night. Sounds interesting right?

16. Play shopping games

So a creative couple invented this game where they pick a usually scarce item, choose a shopping mall, grab a shopping cart and then practically run around searching for it. Of course, the first person that figures out the compartment and rows it on wins the game. This game is more exciting when it’s a new store both couples have not been to.

17. Walk around like penguins

If the other things didn’t sound weird, this certainly takes the cake. This ‘Happy Feet’ inspired activity has couples walking around and waddling across the room until they both get tired I guess. There’s really no point to this activity, it’s just for laughs and a good time.

18. Do the same haircut

Relationships are all about risks, right? Well, this funny move is quite risky because it requires both couples to decide on a haircut and compulsory go for the same style. Ladies, are you ready for that big chop? This move is only for the brave at heart, and women, and men that are always ready for a challenge any day and at any time. Hair grows back right?

19. Walking on all fours

So, this should technically read ‘crawling on all fours’, but the move requires the couple to actually walk on all fours, which means both their knees are off the ground. Just imagine a bear running around and don’t ask me why anyone would want to do that for recreation or fun. 

People derive joy from different activities, and sometimes in relationships, you have to be prepared to do the silliest things just to keep those smiles coming.

20. Hug and smack each other’s behind

hug and smack each others behind

So, we are still talking about silly behavior, I mean, that’s the whole point of this list no? Couples in a marriage or non-committed relationship have to keep the excitement, love, and high spirits going. So, rather than sitting around and watching each other do nothing, why not get in the mood and do something unconventional. 

This activity is simple, the couple walks around trying to hug and smack each other in the bum. It’s not a game per se, as it could continue for hours or even days. For example, if the wife strategically smacked her husband’s butt and ran away the previous night, he’d probably be planning his revenge before dawn. 

The nature of this activity depends majorly on the element of surprise, so you’ll both have fun getting each other when you least expect it.

21. Show your husband all boo-boos

Do you do this already? Talks about all the wounds, scratches, nicks, and bruises you get in the course of the day? Well, it’s one of the funny things couples do. Either the wife or husband could choose to constantly show their significant other the ‘boo-boo’ they get during the day. 

There’s nothing like a nice kiss or cuddle whenever you mistakenly hurt or harm yourself (emphasis on ‘mistakenly’).

22. Tickle torture

When a marriage is filled with laughter, it’s less likely to fall apart right? Apart from sex, commitment, and communication, constant laughter keeps the heart happy and merry. So don’t be surprised this made it to the list. 

One partner may decide to tickle their partner until they practically roll on the floor laughing, spit drooling, eyes tearing, and practically choking on happiness. It’s a nice way of keeping each other happy, especially when the other party is feeling a bit down or unloved.

23. Cuddle without having sex

Sex is a major activity/experience required in any marriage. It’s one of the most intimate ways of connecting with your partner, and one of the things that keeps a couple happy. But sometimes, it’s interesting to connect in other ways; for example, cuddling. It sounds weird or strange cuddling without a purpose which is sex, but that’s what makes it unique or strange. 

So next time when your significant other reaches for your zipper or bra clip, gently move their hands away and whisper, “we’re just cuddling babe”.

24. Give each other weird names

‘Cuddle-bunny’, ‘poo-baby’ ‘miss thang’, ‘doodle-munchkin’, ‘princess drama’, you name it. There are so many funny pet names couples give each other just to put a smile on the other person’s face. It could be inspired by their character, their favorite movie, a funny commercial, or any other thing.

What makes it even funnier is when your significant other can laugh about it because there’s a story or a reason behind the name.

25. Create a secret gossip language

In relationships, there’s always a time when a couple would want to gossip without letting anyone in on their little chat. Sometimes, you can’t just wait to get home. If you have the time, create a secret gossip language with your partner. It could be as simple as adding ‘t’ to every word and ending with an ‘r’. Just hope that no one catches on and busts you guys.

26. Play fighting

They say you should never hit a lady right? Well, that’s very true, but what about when you’re play fighting? It’s common in a marriage or other non-committed relationships for a couple to play fight, even when they are visitors. Both parties just have to remember that it's a game and not training for the WWE. 

So both partners basically wrestle it on the bed, couch, kitchen counter, or wherever it is spacious and convenient enough. The whole experience can be very thrilling, to be honest.

27. Playing ‘poop-tag’

Poop tag has many versions, it all depends on the creativity and tweaks each couple put on it. Now, the name may sound very disgusting, but it’s nothing to wrinkle your nose about. Poop tag is really interesting when both parties really need to go to the toilet. The first partner goes in and is timed by the other. 

The first party is supposed to finish in record time and rush out to tag the other person in. Here’s the part that’s even more unconventional; both parties need to have proof that something actually landed in the toilet after all that fuss. So please take a selfie before rushing out of the toilet.

28. Recording each other’s snores

Do you have a partner that swears he doesn’t snore? That’s actually very common, especially early on in marriage. What’s the best way to prove to your partner that he/she actually does make snorty noises while sleeping? Record it of course. 

The next time your significant other’s snores wake you up prematurely, grab your phone and record everything then show them the proof in the morning.

29. Making up a secret language

Relationships thrive on secret languages, especially when everyone around you speaks English and that’s the only language you and your partner share in common as well. So, the smart thing is to develop a secret language that allows you to communicate hunger, suspicion, tardiness, or even sarcasm when in public. 

So, don’t be surprised when you hear a couple say ‘beep, bop, beep bop’ in public. It could mean anything from “ I’m hungry let’s go home” to, “he’s lying I can see right through that scum-bag,” Excuse my french, please.

30. Shaving each other’s pubes

shaving each others pubes

The mere mention of shaving another person’s pubes could make any love-dovey partner puke. It all depends on how close you and your partner are; this may not sound cool to you at all, but it’s certainly one of the weird things couples do. Think about it, we can’t always reach those stubborn hairs down below, we can’t even see them. 

Who's the best contractor for the job? Your partner, of course, hopefully, his/her eyes will stay open long enough to do a great job.

31. Following each other to the toilet

Have you been in another couple’s house and watched them walk into the toilet or bathroom together? Yeah, a lot of tight-knit relationships have couples like that. It’s kind of fun to be honest unless the other party does a really smelly number two and holds unto you until he/she is done!

32. Go skinny dipping

Ditch shower sex and go out on a night of fun! It’s crazy, wild, and maybe even illegal, but it’s still one of the crazy things couples do. Some people head out to private pools at night, take off their clothes and enjoy the thrill of ‘almost getting caught.’ However, if you are a scaredy-cat who’s afraid of getting caught naked, it’s best to skip to the next number.

33. Torture-farting

Torture doesn’t always have to be gruesome, painful, and draining, it can simply be … smelly. In some relationships, this is an annoying norm that either one or both parties have gotten used to. However, while some just sit silently and fart mysteriously, torture-farting involves farting directly in the person’s face!

34. Breathing in each other’s noses

Have you ever heard of the ‘wholly-whore?’ yes, this is a thing! Think about it? Which alphabet requires an open mouth more than ‘w’ and ‘o’? Not many. So, the point of this activity is to creep up to your partner and say “wholly-whore” right in front of their noses. Did I mention that you should preferably do this in the morning before you’ve brushed your teeth?

35. Watching movies and adopting themes

Movie night is a norm in relationships, but what isn’t so conventional is having two grown-ups mimic their favorite movie costumes a day or two after. Some couples go as far as custom making outfits or ordering them online, just to have a feel of ‘game of thrones’ ‘Wakanda’, ‘Coming to America,’ and the likes.

36. Watch movies over and over

Additionally, some couples just prefer watching one movie over, and over, and over again. Especially when it’s a classic like ‘Pretty Woman’ ‘Naked Gun,’ and the likes. 

It’s great to have one or two movies you treasure, but watching them on repeat almost all the time, that’s something that’s not so normal. But hey, if it makes the couple happy, satisfied, and fulfilled, who are we to judge?

37. Hold grudges against certain shops or restaurants

So, the sushi shop where you both first met increased their food prices and no longer gives complimentary drinks, what’s the next step? Give those fish-selling know-it-alls a taste of some beef! And your partner must follow suit of course. Isn’t it weird when one partner decides to hold a grudge against someone or a business establishment, and then expects you to do the same?

Some couples already know what is expected of them, and once their significant other starts beef with a person or business, regardless of how good they are/were, he/she just does the expected and hates on that person/restaurant/shop/diner too.

38. Have pretend sex at an in-law's house

Many parents don’t actually mind their children having sex in their home, simply because they expect it to happen anyway. However, that doesn't mean they will happily welcome moans, screams, bumping sounds, or anything of the sort. However, if you want to get on their nerves or maybe even scare them a little, then pretend sex is totally the way to go about it. 

Simply wait for a convenient time of the night when they are either sleeping or discussing, then start the drama. Don’t overdo it though, momma may just come into the room with a bat to teach you and your partner how to have a little respect!

39. Make jokes about each other’s shortcomings

People’s weaknesses and shortcomings are usually sensitive topics to discuss. They would rather not discuss their weird-shaped toe, lack of confidence, greying hair, or the likes. However, some couples make it a point of duty to make jokes about such things, and funny enough, everyone ends up laughing. 

I guess it’s true what they say, sometimes, the best way to get over insecurity is to own it and have a good laugh about it.

40. Using pet names in public

using pet names in public

‘Coco-sugar’ ‘spicy-taco’ ‘bumble-bee’ ‘My king/king,’ I could go on and on because I have heard many and so have you! Some couples do not have the time to hide any part of their affection even for a minute. So, whether they are in public or at home, coco-pops will be called just that, and ‘smooth rider’ will happily answer to his name. 

Both parties have probably already gotten used to the names, but for friends, family, or even by-passers, that may never sound normal or okay.

41. Wear each other’s underwear

Okay, so we have talked about wearing each other’s sweatshirts, slides, slippers, hats, and T-shirts, but who said anything about underpants and boxers? Well, apparently, some couples did, because people always have to take things to the next level. 

Can you do this? Exchange your sexy little panties for your boyfriend's boxers and vice versa? It does sound really interesting if we are being honest. Regardless of how unconventional this sounds, it is certainly something many couples indulge in and have a good laugh about.

42. Attempt to ‘fix’ each other’s hair

During the lockdown, a lot of people had to find DIY ways to cut their hair, fix a weave, do cornrows, and the like. A lot of them were designed to employ the services of their spouses. So, would that be something you would consider taking into consideration your partner’s hair-making or cutting skills? 

It’s certainly something interesting to try out once in a lifetime, hand them that comb, scissors, or clipper and let them have a go at what could either be a disaster or brilliant endeavor.

43. Have a cuss day

Some couples have things like a rest day, laundry day, yes-day, no-day, and the like. But what about ‘cuss-day?’ what’s that all about? Well, it’s basically a day where both of you can use any cuss word to express yourselves, especially if that’s not usually allowed. Go all “vsahjgduwdifqwahdiahgxfydf’ on your partner without any consequences. 

You could basically be saying the nicest things with the dirtiest words you can muster. Of course, there should be a prize or some benefits for whoever gets more creative with it.

44. Talk about bowel movements

This is certainly strange, especially for the ‘prim and proper’ couples who don’t talk about anything that goes on in the restroom. In other words, their ‘shit’ is their business, and they won’t share any information about it and wouldn’t appreciate any over-sharing either. However, if you don’t mind some dirty talk, this is certainly something interesting to try. 

Get really descriptive to keep things very interesting, the first person to cower out has to carry the other party on all fours!

45. Dance funny in public

There’s always that couple that makes things weird when dancing in public, the dab, do the ‘nay-nay’ and any funny dance move they can muster. It’s the funniest thing to watch, and even more hilarious when both parties are getting their groove on without a care in the world. 

Any couple who is bold enough to chicken dance or get goofy in public all in the name of love is certainly comfortable, proud, and excited about the union they have with their significant other.

46. Agree on seeing certain movies together

It may not sound like the weirdest thing to do, in fact, this may only sound weird for some envious singles. Couples are always doing the most when it comes to planning hangouts, date nights, and even movie nights. It can get a bit frustrating for singles that tag along when couples already have everything planned out.

What’s even more annoying is the kind of movies they choose, chick flicks, comedy movies, horror movies, family movies, generally what other people may not be so keen on watching.

47. Talking to each other in fake cultural accents

Have you ever heard a white guy try to mimic an African accent, or an African man trying to master a British accent? We could go on and on about it, but the bottom line is that it’s not cool. 

However, when it comes to couples I guess we can get away with anything, right? So, yeah, this point is so valid because it certainly still gets a bit weird when listening to a couple trying to converse in a traditional accent when they really don’t have the knack for it.

48. Hog the duvet

Yes, this is a major weird thing couples do, especially when they are married. The wife either dominates in possession by rendering her husband ‘cover-less’ at night. 

However, it can also go the other way. To whoever wins in this game of blankets, kudos, cause it’s no easy feat winning back possession of a blanket once it’s in the claws of a partner that just doesn’t know how to let go… the blankets.

49. Make common enemies

Rita from work, Peter from the school board, Xavier from college, Dan from high school, the list is endless. Some spouses or partners have already talked about the people that hurt them in the past, in the present or those that are most likely to hurt them in the future. So there’s this big imaginary black book where all the offenders' names are ‘inscribed on.’ 

So at dinner, both parties already know the ‘he/she who must not be named’ and ensure they both keep malice with such people forever unless there’s a miraculous reconciliation.

50. Pretend-fight in public

pretend fight in public

Some couples make the most out of their time here on earth, not by helping a charity or anything too serious, but simply by spreading the gift of drama everywhere they go. 

So, when they dine out together, a little brawl is already scheduled for quarter past seven- right after dessert. They’ll pretend to cuss each other out, break up, and go their separate ways until they meet right back at their car of course.

51. Role-playing in public

This is an incredibly interesting way to pass time. Go out dressing like your alter ego, change your names and even act like you’re just meeting each other for the first time. It’s funny to watch, and even more thrilling for both parties. Of course, they must both bring their A-game, be creative and never break character.

52. Proposing again in public

When the days get boring, and there’s nothing much to do, why not think of proposing to your partner again, in public? 

Go somewhere no one really knows you and have a splendid lunch or dinner. Right at the end when you’ll have everyone’s attention, go down on your knees and ask your wife to marry you. 

All the awe’s and ooh’s will certainly have both of you rolling in laughter when you get home.

53. Give each other the best compliments in the meanest tone

This is certainly one of the funniest things couples can do to spice things up in their relationship. You don’t need to go out or even dress up, just create a day or hour where you and your partner give each other the nicest compliments in the most evil, dark, or meanest tone you can muster. 


What do couples do for fun?

There are many things couples can do to have fun in a relationship, it all depends on what each couple prefers. However, some of the most popular activities couples enjoy together are; creating a secret language, eating from a significant other’s mouth in public, cooking together, taking a tech-free vacation, taking an exciting car trip, or writing each other love notes. It all depends on what the couple enjoys doing together. 

What can couples do for fun at home?

Relationships can get boring when there are no plans or thoughts to create any excitement, and there are a few things that can be done to keep the vibrant tempo going. A couple could write a bucket list together, make funny jokes about friends and family, play couple charades, play a card or board games, dress up and take pictures or do a Tik-Tok video together. 

Couples could equally choose to book a spa night together, plan a movie night, do home karaoke, have water gunfights, and the likes. 

What do bored couples do?

Couples are bound to get bored every now and then, especially if there are lockdown measures limiting outings and visits. 

Rather than sleeping all day or engaging in personal projects all the time, a husband could choose to organize a surprise picnic for his wife, or they could both put together a family scrapbook, plan a future vacation, take a warm bubble bath with essential salts/scents, start working out together, organize a barbecue, or learn a new skill together. Another amusing activity would be to listen to old school songs together or reminisce on some popular dances that trended back in the day. 

What crazy things can I do with my boyfriend?

There are different ways to have a crazy, romantic experience with your boyfriend; after all, people say that if you’re comfortable doing crazy things with a significant other, marriage won’t be a challenge. 

So, a few things couples can do together include but are not limited to going bungee-jumping together, dressing up like sci-fi or Disney characters, looking at childhood pictures together, play fighting, annoying each other, scaring or pranking each other, and talking with your mouth full.

How can I entertain my boyfriend?

There are simple ways to entertain your boyfriend, and also some more luxurious routes to take when trying to make the relationship more interesting. For example, you could choose to invite him out to the park and surprise him with a simple and healthy lunch or dinner. 

However, if you’re feeling generous and romantic, invite him for a private wine tasting and put some cheeses, crackers, crisps, or pretzels on the side. 

You could choose to have a buffet-style dinner and depending on his lifestyle, stick to ‘soul food’ or more healthy vegetarian or vegan menus. However, if you really want to blow his mind, get some video games (convince someone else to teach you the basics if you’re a beginner) then invite him over for an invigorating and romantic game night. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy reading this list? I sure hope you did. Remember, doing funny and weird things is one of the major ways to keep things interesting in your relationship, so step out of your comfort zone and try one or more things on this list. I would love to hear your feedback, simply leave a comment in the section below and share this with others. Good luck.

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