Fun Things To Do When Pregnant And Bored (131 Super-Fun Things)

Boredom during pregnancy is usual, especially in the third trimester. It's okay to be tired of going through the different stages of morning sickness, food cravings, mood swings, active sense of smell, forgetfulness, and other pregnancy symptoms while having to stay in bed all day, depending on how bad you feel. 

The truth is, what makes life fun and exciting during your first or second trimester may be boring during your last weeks of pregnancy. In reality, it's not easy experiencing morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms while waiting until your beautiful baby arrives, whether it's a boy or girl.

To other people, they may see you as being unhappy, ungrateful, or uncomfortable with your pregnancy. The fun part is, you have other people going through the same thing, which makes it normal and relatable if you don't express your boredom, discomfort or how you feel to the next person. 

Pregnancy boredom is nothing to worry about. If you're not interested in any fun event, you feel like you're out of exciting things to do or unmotivated to do anything; it could be signs of depression, and it's terrible for you and your baby. To avoid getting to that level of boredom, try these 131 fun things to make your life exciting.


131 Fun Things To Do When Pregnant And Bored

1. See movies at home

During pregnancy, one of the fun things to do is to see a movie. It could be a movie you've always wanted to see, an old one you’re fond of, or a random film that has good reviews.

2. Watch comedy shows

Comedy shows are there to make you laugh. It doesn't matter if you're home for a whole day. They'll take your mind off many bad thoughts. It could be on TV or a social media platform.

3. Read books

When you’re expecting a baby, you could be limited to doing certain activities that won’t affect your health as a pregnant woman. Reading books is part of them. It could be comics, educational, or romantic novels.

4. Do light chores

Little chores could be dusting surfaces, doing the dishes, or simply picking things around the house and keeping them in their rightful place. These are some of the light exercises for a pregnant woman to do when bored.

5. Register for yoga classes

Yoga is relaxing for a pregnant woman in any trimester. It soothes the body before and after the baby arrives and keeps the body in good health. It’s one thing you can count on for both you and your baby.

6. Join online pregnant women forums

During pregnancy, talking to other pregnant women helps to give a woman some sort of assurance they’re not alone. So, throughout your pregnancy time, you have other pregnant friends asking questions, laughing, and discussing with you.

7. Window shop for yourself

It’s fun to sit with your phone, tablet, or laptop and look at things you don’t have to pay for online. You can look at maternity clothes, a car seat, or examples of things you’ll need to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

8. Chat with your loved ones

One of the fun things to do during pregnancy is to chat with family members or close friends you’re comfortable relating with. You could talk about parenting, your food cravings, or ask about their activities for the day.

9. Listen to calm songs

Calm songs help to balance your mental health. You could lay in bed and listen to them until you sleep off or when you feel uncomfortable or irritated by something. So it could be one of your go-to ideas.

10. Watch food tutorials online

Every pregnant woman has food cravings which makes it fun to watch meal tutorials online. You don't have to cook it immediately; it's to while away some time and adds to your activities if you're bored during pregnancy.

11. Play video and computer games

One of the fun things you can do if you're home before your baby arrives is to play video or computer games. The good thing is, it's suitable for any pregnant woman, no matter her pregnancy trimester.

12. Go for a massage

go for a massage

Getting a professional body massage is one of the numerous ways you can spend your time before your baby arrives. It makes you feel balanced, hence, keeping your baby's health in good condition.

13. Have a date night with your partner

One of the fun things to do as a pregnant woman is to spend some time with your partner. You could have a date night or two at your favorite restaurants. It will help you both spend time together. 

14. If you have other kids, hire a babysitter

You may be looking for ways to use your time, but it doesn't mean you should overdo yourself. Avoid stress during every trimester, and try to rest. Hire a babysitter to help you, especially if there's another child. 

15. Make video calls

You can make group video calls with your friends, family members, or partner, depending on their schedule and how much time they have to spare. This is when you get to express yourself and ask for advice openly.

16. Sew some homemade clothes

You could make a simple blouse, scarf, hair bands, skirt, or mend some of your maternity clothes with a hand needle and thread. It makes staying at home easy, and it doesn't require you to talk to other people.

17. Start a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel owned by you would take plenty of your time. This is because you'll arrange your space, shoot, edit, and share your videos. It's one of the fun things to eliminate boredom.

18. Read about other pregnant women

This is one of the activities that would give you more ideas on how to survive pregnancy through each trimester. It doesn't matter if you stay at home or you're an employee; you get to discover things you never knew.

19. Register at the gym

Going to the gym makes you meet people and make new friends. You won't only do light exercises, but get advice on the kind of meal and time to eat. You’ll get health tips and participate in group activities.

20. Window shop for your baby

Sometimes, it’s fascinating to see a tiny-looking outfit with a price attached to it online. You could look at baby clothes regardless of gender, a car seat, or other adorable things you would like to have before your baby arrives without paying for them yet.

21. Visit the orphanage

Visiting other places like the orphanage is another way to kill boredom during pregnancy. You'll get to spend time with other kids that grew up outside their biological home. You could go with gifts or do fun things with them.

22. Run your tummy and talk to your baby

It may sound minor, but it's nice to rub your baby bump most times and say positive things to your baby. It's a way to bond with it before the arrival and starts your journey of parenting.

23. Try some DIY hacks

A simple way you can stay out of bed or get rid of boredom during pregnancy is by trying out some simple DIY hacks. It may be a new one or something you've always wanted to try out.

24. Get an online job

get an online job

Online jobs are not easy to come by, but if you're lucky to have one, that's a 90% farewell to boredom. You may not have time to worry about your life, and you'd have more money in your pocket.

25. Render home services

If you're an entrepreneur but limited by the pregnancy, you could take your time to continue your career at your pace and do home delivery, or invite them to your house and do it. This is for things like hairdressing.

26. Spend more time at work

If you're an employee and your workplace is convenient for your pregnancy, you could spend time with your colleagues. Maybe, have some pizza after work at the office before going home. That also cuts down the boredom.

27. Dress up in a costume and take photos

You could dress up in one or different costumes to take pictures at home. It could be a Halloween costume or any other that makes you happy. Then take silly photos to laugh about in the future.

28. Take a walk

Walks help to relax the body and mind. You get a breath of fresh air, see your surroundings, say hello to neighbors, and stretch your legs. Walks during pregnancy reduce complications and prevent unplanned cesarean sections.

29. Go for house parties

House parties are more like get-togethers where you play different games, reminisce about exciting old memories, take non-alcoholic drinks, and be safe enough to dance with people. And it's an excellent way to have fun.

30. Get a pet

If you're a lover of pets, you may need one when during pregnancy. They're fun to be with, creatures you can talk to, and more like babies. Staying with them is like learning more about parenting.

31. Start a conversation with your toddler

This is mainly for women already involved in motherhood. If you're a pregnant woman but have a child, whether it's a girl or boy, you could talk to and engage them in exciting activities.

32. Read about baby products

Using parents usually give ratings and talk about the different baby products they've used, the pros, cons, and whether you should buy them. As a bored pregnant woman, it should be one of your ideas to keep yourself busy.

33. Have drinks with friends

The good part about having drinks with your friends is that they understand you're a pregnant woman, so you get to enjoy the benefit of having more fun and special treatment from them.

34. Go for karaoke nights

This is one of the fun things you should do during pregnancy. It could be with your friends, partner, or family member. It could be on a Friday night when every other person is relaxed to have fun.

35. Go shopping for your baby

Before your baby arrives, you should buy certain things to prepare for them, like baby clothes. For instance, a baby girl would require more fancy things than the other gender, reducing boredom.

36. Choose an outfit for your friends for an occasion

choose an outfit for your friends for an occasion

Your friends could need some advice for choosing an outfit for a wedding, party, or date night. You could spend some time with them helping to select a lovely outfit. This is another way to kill pregnancy boredom.

37. Walk your pet

If you have a pet and you feel taking a walk alone might be a bit lonely for you. Try walking your pet. You could take them out in their cages to avoid going through so much hassle to control them.

38. Attend live webinars for pregnant women

There are some gynecologists out there that organize free online webinars for pregnant women. You could try finding them and attending a few to educate you on parenting and motherhood. It's a great thing to reduce boredom.

39. Try to satisfy your cravings

It's not a new thing that one of the pregnancy symptoms is plenty of food cravings. Maybe you could try a recipe to satisfy the one you may be feeling at that moment or a long time craving.

40. Make a painting

Playing with colors helps to kill boredom, especially if you're home and have plenty of time to relax. It doesn't matter if you're an amateur or a professional. Colors are known to brighten moods.

41. Write your pregnancy chronicles daily

One of the fun things you could do is have a diary or empty book to write your daily pregnancy experience and how you feel each day. It may help guide you to answer questions about your health.

42. Window shop for your partner

A little love for your partner won't hurt. You don't have to pay for anything, but just the thought of checking out a simple outfit for him will go a long way to show you always have in mind.

43. Go to the cinema

One way to reduce boredom is to pick a time to go to the cinema. Seeing a movie on a larger screen would add another feel to your life and give you calm excitement.

44. Do some laundry

Selecting different colors and cloth types could be a daily pregnancy life routine to help tea your mind from certain things. And it's something you can take your time to do.

45. Water the garden

This is more like plant parenting, where you give the right amount of water to each plant. At the same time, you get some fresh air and do a light exercise for your body.

46. Do a facial treatment at home

Staying home during maternity leave is a period to try out a facial treatment. For some women, bad skin or face is one of the pregnancy symptoms they have. You could follow a tutorial online or buy an already made one from the shop.

47. Start home tutoring

Spending on your career, you could go to people's houses to teach them some skills, like baking, presentation skills, pottery, and knitting. That way, you relate with people, hence, reducing boredom.

48. Customize an old pair of shoes

customize an old pair of shoes

You can customize an old pair of shoes with paint or leftover materials from picking around the house. It could be kept as a decoration or worn casually for grocery shopping.

49. Go for an opera show

Musical drama has a way of making your life feel renewed. It's a physical and mental distraction from stress and sometimes could be food for the soul. You could go with your friends or partner.

50. Spend some time with your husband

If your spouse works, you could try giving him a massage, cuddling with him in bed, or having a deep conversation on how you spent your day. A little time will make a difference, no matter how short it is.

51. Go for a volunteering job

Being a volunteer helps to take you out in a good way for a great cause. You'll meet and interact with people from different backgrounds and get to spend your time helping the community.

52. Assist your kids with their homework

If you've been into motherhood for a while, you must already have kids. One way to be pregnant and not get overwhelmed by boredom is by assisting them to do their homework. It will make you livelier than ever.

53. Join a dance class

Dance lives the moody people. You may not need to participate; you could sit and watch others dance while you munch on snacks while moving your body lightly.

54. Go for live sports

One of the fun activities to do is get tickets for you and your spouse for a sporting event. It could be during the weekend or his day off at work. You will cheer, laugh, and have a good time.

55. Register for online classes

Attend short courses online. Online classes are one of the best things that could happen to you as a pregnant woman. All you need is a comfortable space and enough food to go with it.

56. Customize an old t-shirt

Another exciting thing to do is try your hands on customizing an old t-shirt. It could be yours or your partner's. You could dye, scribble on it, or cut out some parts to make it fashionable.

57. Learn a new skill

You could register for a class with a professional tutor and attend in person or pay for an online course to learn the skill you've always fantasized about learning. It's a way to overcome boredom during pregnancy.

58. Read a story to your baby

Babies hear too. Try reading stories to your unborn baby. According to research, it makes them turn out to be geeks with outstanding intellectual abilities. You get to create a stronger bond with them too.

59. Start watching new reality TV shows

Watching a celebrity live life would give you many thoughts, questions and make you want to find out about what people have to say about those reality shows. You'll even look forward to future ones.

60. Make a new playlist of your favorite songs

make a new playlist of your favorite songs

Having your favorite songs in a playlist is one of the fin things you don't want to miss out on before your baby arrives. You could dance to them while doing different activities.

61. Fix puzzles

Puzzles are a great distraction from the physical environment and numerous thoughts. They make you try your best to get them right, and if you do, it may take a long while.

62. Have a cooking competition with your husband

This is one of the fun things you should try out during pregnancy. Challenge your spouse to a cooking competition and see who comes out best. It's one of the bonding activities for couples.

63. Read funny articles

If you're not a huge fan of television, big novels, or talking to people, you should try to read articles. They are short, precise, funny, and straight to the point, so you don't need to figure out any plot twist.

64. Relax and take a bath

During any trimester of your pregnancy, try to have a bubble bath as much as you can. It's relaxing, refreshing, and calms you wholly. The scent and warmth would improve your mental health too.

65. Fantasize about your life

Create some beautiful fantasies in your head when you're fighting boredom. They could be unrealistic or ones that would come to pass in the shortest time, but it's a way to keep yourself busy.

66. Arrange your shelves

Pick a shelf or two to arrange. Maybe your home office space, your makeup cupboard, mini library, or wardrobe. You can choose one or two of them to arrange. That's another way to make good use of your time.

67. Go on a spontaneous adventure

Wear a beautiful outfit, and go out on a spontaneous adventure. It could be in your immediate surroundings or somewhere goofy in the middle of town. But don't forget you're pregnant, so limit the amount of fun to have.

68. Give yourself a nice manicure and pedicure session

It doesn't have to be something serious or professional. You could soak your feet and palms in warm water, trim or file your nails to a certain level, and paint them to look nice and classy. 

69. Bake pastries

Making any kind of food, including baking pastries, is one way to use your pregnancy time to have fun. It could be cookies, bread, cake, donuts, or any kind of yummy snacks you can think of.

70. Plan a business idea

Having maternity leave will help you plan a lovely business idea you've longed to try. Whether it's a personal or group one, you could use part of your time to achieve it. This is another way to eliminate boredom.

71. Visit a natural park

A random visit to a natural park could do the trick of fighting boredom. You go there to watch the sunrise, sunset or walk around in the beautiful environment for sightseeing. It's a lovely reason to leave your home.

72. Play board games with your loved ones

play board games with your loved ones

Most families have one favorite board game. Choose the most familiar one in yours and play it with your partner, extended family, friends, or neighbors. It's one way to laugh and bond together.

73. Go on a picnic

Picnics are exciting. You could go for one with a group of friends with fruits and snacks to eat, relax, have fun with one another. It could be at a park or beach.

74. Practice your breathing exercises

Apart from wiling away time, breathing exercises will help improve your health and aid easy labor. So you could try it in your spare time when you feel you can't stand boredom.

75. Plan your next meal for the day

Meals take a great deal of time to prepare. So you could ask your kids or partner about what they'll love to eat and make a casual date night for everyone.

76. Act out a play with your loved one

You and your partner or friend may have seen a couple of movies with scenes you loved. You could try mimicking those scenes together to have a good time. It's one of the ways to keep a pregnant woman happy.

77. Compose a song

Compose a short and simple song with one stanza or three lines. Use happy lyrics, and it will be lovely if it speaks directly to your baby. You could still sing to it before or after its arrival.

78. Go around town to see places

Your partner could take you around if he has a flexible schedule. Alternatively, you could get a taxi, drive yourself, or ask your friend to take you to see the city and go back home afterward.

79. Visit a museum

Seeing ancient monuments or artifacts is a way to spend your maternity leave. It could even be more interesting if it's a national one you've never seen before.

80. Go out at sunrise in the morning

The morning sun is famous for activating skin molecules that produce Vitamin D. You could take a little walk outside your home in the morning to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the serenity of your surroundings.

81. Play with your pet

Pets are adorable and loving when they perceive pregnancy. They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. If you have one, you could play with it to avoid being bored.

82. Go on a short vacation

Plan a short vacation with your partner. Don't forget you both want to have a lovely time before your baby arrives. Pick an exotic location and make preparations for it.

83. Learn a new language

This is a big plus for you, especially if your job or career requires many trips. So you watch tutorials online or attend in your local area. It's a way to tell of boredom.

84. Listen to audiobooks

listen to audiobooks

Many people have difficulties with reading or watching television. An easy way is to listen to audiobooks. It could make you sleep or play a picture of what you hear in your head.

85. Handwash your underwear

You could give your washing machine a break. It doesn't make it cleaner or easier; it's a way to add to the list of activities to try on a typical dull day.

86. Rearrange your room

When you’re pregnant and bored, you could try rearranging your room for more ventilation or light rays to come in. If you share a room with your partner, you should discuss it before making a decision.

87. Discard unwanted things

It's time to throw out those empty bottles of perfumes, spray bottles, and expired things. Use this time to clear out unused clothes, shoes, or broken plates for more breathing space in your home.

88. Write a poem

Not everyone is a fan of writing stories. You could try writing a poem. It must not be perfect. It could be to your unborn baby or partner. It's a way to express yourself with short sentences.

89. Create a meditation space in your home

Another fun thing you could do is create a lovely, comfortable, serene, and private space in your home for daily meditating life. It could be in your room or backyard.

90. Delete unwanted photos from your phone

If you're pregnant and fighting boredom, one way to do it is by deleting unwanted photos from your gallery. It could be the blur ones or those that didn't make you feel pretty enough.

91. Learn to make different salads

Anything you eat affects your baby. Salads are healthy for you before and after the arrival of your baby. So take time to make assorted types depending on how you feel.

92. Update or write your resume

With so much time with you, you may want to try creating a new resume, adding new work experience, or updating your skills to make it look juicier.

93. Stretch your body a bit

A few body movements could release some joints and make you feel a bit more relaxed. You may try the ones given as medical advice to loosen you up for a while.

94. Take a nap

There's nothing as satisfying as taking a power nap, especially after strenuous activity. Sleep as a form of rest helps to rejuvenate, and it's needed for a healthy life. As a pregnant woman, it is a necessity for good health.

95. Plan a nice trip

Plan an exciting trip to your dream destination. You don't have to travel immediately or before your baby arrives. You could check flight, hotel, and miscellaneous costs in anticipation of it. It's just something to keep you busy.

96. Make a nice meal for your neighbor

make a nice meal for your neighbor

If you relate with your neighbors on a reasonable level, you could make them some food or snacks to say ‘have a lovely day ahead,’ visit them and spend some time with them.

97. Save photos of your dream home online

It's a perfect moment to go on pages of exotic houses and land property on social media, look at photos and make different wishes. You could take screenshots or save the images for a future laugh or investment.

98. Watch the news

Being pregnant doesn't mean you're prohibited from knowing what is happening in the world. Watch the news, debates, and political happenings to stay updated on what's happening around you as farther.

99. Listen to a podcast with earphones

Using earphones will make you block unnecessary sounds and concentrate on your universe. Listen to a few or as many as you can assimilate. It's an excellent way to spend your day at home, and you could be in bed too.

100. Make a list of your goals

Make a long list of your goals, ones you can fulfill immediately and in the long run. You could write side notes to go deeper and decide when you would live to achieve them.

101. Plan a little house party

A little get-together during pregnancy won't hurt. Instead of staying home all day, you could invite close friends over and plan different exciting activities to get her with lots of snacks and juice.

102. Learn to make smoothies

Good health is a priority when you're pregnant. To complement food cravings or balance out other kinds of meals, you could learn to make your kind of smoothie reduce boredom.

103. Start a chat with your friends

You could pick a few friends, send them memes, videos, or pictures of other things, laugh about them or ask for their suggestions. Or simply chat about your baby shower if you plan to do one.

104. Watch different documentaries

Documentaries are educational and carry a lot of information we may not find out or learn independently. So you could watch on your television or the appropriate social media platforms.

105. Make a surprise meal for your partner

Spend a little time to plan a surprise meal for your spouse. It could be their favorite or something you know would be suitable for them to eat after a long and stressful day.

106. Set a daily routine for a few days

During pregnancy, one way to fight boredom is by creating a temporary daily routine. It could be your fun schedule for a few days; after that, you can change it to something else and back.

107. Watch people’s social media posts

Seeing other people post online makes pregnancy life fun. You stay in the comfort of your home and get updates about different things happening to individuals and, sometimes, a trending rumor or gossip.

108. Offer a helping hand to your friend

offer a helping hand to your friend

Your friend could need help clearing their little storage or someone to accompany them to do grocery shopping for the week. You could offer to join them or drive them there.

109. Make a meal plan for the week

One of the fun things to do during pregnancy is to make a weekly plan. You may most likely not follow it, but it will help to cut down the boredom.

110. Give out old things

Before your baby arrives, you could try freeing up some space by giving out old clothes or shoes. It could be to empty a room for your baby or give more breathing space in your home.

111. Call a loved one

It may be a call to your mum, sister, best friend, or partner, just to talk to them. They'll understand it's the usual boredom that comes with pregnancy.

112. Create a slideshow with pictures on your phone

Some phones automatically do this for you. So you could add or delete some photos or create a new one by yourself and add background music. This is none of the fun things to do during pregnancy.

113. Stroll out to get some snacks

Don't forget; you need to keep yourself active during pregnancy before your baby arrives. So you can take a walk to a nearby snack shop to get something to chew.

114. Start a conversation with a random nice person at a park

Sometimes you see other people sitting or walking alone. You could go to them and start a conversation if they're friendly enough to respond. 

115. Oil and style your hair

Beautiful hair would make you feel better. You could do it your way or follow someone else’s tutorials to guide how to do it. 

116. Watch kids play at an amusement park

During pregnancy, there are some fun things you shouldn't get involved in, like those with high fall risks. So you could sit somewhere safe and watch kids play.

117. Redesign an old cloth

You don't have to cut up the clothes; you could draw another version of it and see possible ways of redesigning it before trying it out. It's one of the fun things to do before your baby arrives.

118. Briefly visit your partner at work for lunch

Do all the fun things you can before your baby arrives because you both may not have time together afterward. So go to his office and take him out for lunch.

119. Go shopping physically

You should try going shopping. It could be for your partner, baby shower, or you. Either way, it will make life during pregnancy more fun for you, even though it may be a bit expensive.

120. Watch old videos and reminisce about good memories

watch old videos and reminisce about good memories

This is one of the fun things that make people have a good laugh, which is good for your baby. It could be on your phone, camera, or laptop. But it will make you smile.

121. Plan for a future event

You could plan a fun event while expecting your baby. It could be a baby shower, a wedding, a massage session, or a friend’s surprise party. It will help keep your mind busy.

122. Go on a train or bus tour

One of the fun things you could do during pregnancy to eliminate boredom is hopping on a train or bus around the town. You could take pictures of random things while doing so.

123. If you have a pet, cuddle with it

It could be so cozy to cuddle with your pet, especially if they're warm and fluffy. Pets love to cuddle, so they won't hesitate to give in to the good act. 

124. Check your finances

It's fun to keep track of your finances so you know how to add or cut down on your expenses. In addition to that, you can have the fun of having big fantasies with little money, like planning a baby shower.

125. Read the dos and don'ts of pregnancy

You may be missing out on some things unknowingly. So you could read pregnancy and childbirth books on what to do and what not to try while expecting your baby. It will broaden your knowledge.

126. Have sex

One way you can stay happy while expecting your baby is by having sex with your partner. Intimacy improves pregnancy life, reduces stress, and strengthens your bond as a couple.

127. Listen to goofy songs and dance

An excellent way to feel great when expecting a baby is to dance to lively and goofy songs. They make you active, happy, and satisfied. The beautiful thing about it is, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

128. Make a bucket list

 A bucket list of the fun things you would like to try in your life would add positively to eliminate boredom while expecting your baby. You could write it down in a notebook or a piece of paper. 

129. Research about each trimester in pregnancy

Each trimester comes with its unique changes and demands. Read and ask questions to know more about yours and seek medical care where it seems abnormal.

130. Talk to mothers and mothers-to-be online

There are many online platforms created strictly for pregnant women. You join one of them to ask questions or start private chats with the ones you flow with, making life more interesting for you.

131. Knit a pair of socks for your baby

Knitting a pair of socks while waiting for your baby to arrive will keep you relaxed and less bored. You could knit a cute beanie cap or sweater to add to it. Your attention to detail is what will make it more fun for you.


What can you do for fun when pregnant?

You can plan your baby shower, write a list of lovely names to give to your baby boy or girl, depending on the gender you're expecting. You should do many other fun things you feel will excite your life until your baby arrives, like watching films and TV series or going for a walk.

What activities can pregnant ladies not do?

Pregnant ladies shouldn't drink alcohol, too much caffeine, or get involved in strenuous chores like lifting heavy trash bags and specific sports. They shouldn't eat any food prohibited for this stage of life. During pregnancy, avoid hot tubs, saunas, or any harsh thing directly affecting the skin to prevent skin reaction or allergy.

How can I spend my free time during pregnancy?

Try fun things like daydreaming about your baby, getting your hair done, and visiting a nursing or another expectant mother. Buy cute baby toys, whether it's for a baby boy or girl, talk to your partner, go for a massage, and eat any healthy food you can get around you.

How can I make my baby happy in the womb?

Form a habit of talking, singing, or reading stories to your baby. They can hear you. Touch, rub, or gently massage your belly. Take walks, a warm bath, and try to think about your baby in a constantly loving way. Remember to respond to their kicks and have an ultrasound when need be.

How can I make my baby intelligent during pregnancy?

Get enough rest and sleep, eat healthy and balanced diets. Try to be active and stay off alcohol and nicotine. Furthermore, take prenatal supplements, read and talk to your baby as often as you can, and do fun things.

In Conclusion

Each pregnancy has its ups and downs, but you can make yours fun by trying some of the 131 fun things I've mentioned and how things turn out. If you liked this article, please share it with others and drop a comment.

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