Perfect First Date Gifts (21 Unique Gifts To Make An Impression)

You have a first date planned with your crush, you want to give them a small gift, but you need to make sure that it is subtle enough so as not to freak them out or put them off. 

If you are planning to bring a gift to your first meeting, it is important to get the balance right. It can be a sweet touch that will make this person fall hard for you, or it may backfire. 

Your partner will likely not expect a gift on your initial date, so it is important not to overthink it too much. It is also important that you don’t go over the top when picking a gift to give on your initial date. Remember, you still don’t know one another very well yet, and giving them an extravagant gift too early on may send the wrong type of signal. 

First dates can be extremely stressful and you may spend hours or days beforehand worrying about what might go wrong. It can be difficult to know how to get things right. However, a simple, subtle gift will show your crush that you care and that you are ready to put in an effort to really get to know them. It can be difficult to know the perfect first date gift.

21 First Date Gifts to Impress

While it is not that common, giving a gift on a date may help to break the ice. It may even be a conversation starter, especially if you are finding it hard to get the conversation going. Giving a gift on your initial date may be different if you are already friends first. Giving a gift to someone can let them know that you see them as more than a friend. 

Keep reading for the perfect first date gifts. 

1. Jewelry

No matter the occasion, jewelry is a great gift. However, make sure not to spend too much on an initial date gift. After all, you don’t know how things are going to work out and you cannot start spending a fortune before every initial date. Consider something cute but simple, just ensure not to go over the top as you may scare your crush off. 

Ensure to avoid any really expensive brands, and choose something more subtle instead. A simple pair of earrings may be a good idea. Gifting something extravagantly expensive on the initial date will likely send the wrong signal. You may appear desperate and this will likely scare your data away. 

If you are unsure of what to buy, consider taking a friend jewelry shopping with you for a second opinion. Thus, you will have the peace of mind that you made the right choice. Also, ensure not to overthink it. Don’t set your heart on this initial date working out, as that is often just not the case. Finding the right person takes time to be patient and don’t try to force anything. 

2. Movie tickets

movie tickets

If you already have a dinner date planned, why not give your partner movie tickets so that you can go together after you have had dinner. If you are confident about the date going well, your crush will love to have the date extended. Also, if things aren’t going so well, you don’t even have to talk in the movie theatre anyway! 

However, if things continue to go well between you, watching a movie together will give you a starting point for your next conversation. Keep the conversation going via text until you see one another again. Try to find out what genre of movies that your partner likes so that you can be sure you will pick one that you will both love. 

Perhaps avoid this option if you have no idea what movie genre your partner likes, as you may end up boring them and putting them off. However, showing interest in a genre that they love will likely make them fall for you even more. If things go really well you may even extend the night even further and go for drinks after the movie has finished. 

3. Tickets to a sports game

If you met your crush through a mutual love for a sports team, then tickets to their next game could be the perfect date gift. Plan your dinner date to happen just before the game is supposed to start and surprise your crush with the tickets. This will show that you pay attention to them and you already know what they love. 

This is also a great means to bond with someone. In every relationship, while it is important to have some differences, having things in common is vital. Nothing will bring you closer than to cheer on your favorite team together. This initial date is likely to create an amazing first impression and your partner may even suggest going to more games together in the future. 

4. Concert tickets

Consider buying your partner concert tickets if you share a love for the same artist. If things do go well between you, this will also make a first date story. However, ensure to stay realistic and avoid coming on too strong or appearing desperate as you will likely push your crush away. If you want to keep things, even more casual, consider a double date with mutual friends so that there is a bit less pressure to keep the conversation going all evening. 

5. A picnic basket

If you really like this person and you want to impress them, consider filling a picnic basket with a range of food and drinks, and then bring them to the park to enjoy together. This is a perfect present to ensure your initial date is memorable. 

6. A book

Perhaps you met your crush in a library or a bookstore. Nothing will show you care more than a book in your crush’s favorite genre. If you know that your partner loves to read, a gift of a book will truly warm her heart. Try to keep in mind the type of books that they like, and you cannot go wrong with this gift. 

What could be more romantic than gifting your crush a novel on your first date? If you want to take things a step further, consider writing a sweet note inside the cover for your crush to read when they get home. Also, consider gifting a book that you have already read. This will act as a conversation starter once your crush has read a book. 

7. A pet toy

If you know that your partner adores their pet, consider buying a toy or a treat for them. However, only do so if you already know the person as it may be considered too forward otherwise.  

8. A handmade gift

a handmade gift

Nothing is as special as giving someone you care about a handmade gift. If you are talented at making jewelry, pottery or calligraphy, use those skills to make a gift for your crush. This is a great means to show your partner just how much you care about getting to know them. However, ensure to still keep it subtle and not overly personal. 

Ensure to reserve any extremely personal gifts until later on in your relationship, otherwise, you may scare the person off if you come on too strong. A handmade gift is a perfect opportunity to show off your creative side, without having to spend much money. If it is around Christmas time, consider making a pretty wreath or a festive bouquet. 

This is something that your date will truly adore and cherish, and a great opportunity to start the first meeting. It will also give you something to talk about if the conversation becomes boring. Bring up your love for pottery or art and perhaps your date will let you know what they love to do in their spare time. 

9. A candle

A candle is a thoughtful gift that does not have to be regarded as overly romantic. However, it is a special first date gift to give to someone when you are not sure what to buy them. Choose a handmade candle that is made from pure essential oils and let this person know that you really care about them. 

It is important, when choosing a first date gift, to ensure you don’t give anything too extravagant. A candle is a perfect balance between romance and simplicity. When your date arrives home after your first date, they will have the candle to remind them of you. They will likely think of you each time they burn it in the evening. 

Your date may even invite you home to enjoy the candlelight together after your date.

10. Flowers

While flowers are a traditional gift, there is nothing wrong with giving flowers on a date. Nobody will dislike receiving flowers and it will show them how caring and thoughtful you are.

Consider roses or lilies as a classic flower gift or a bunch of lavender or eucalyptus for something more modern and unusual. However, you cannot really go wrong with flowers as a gift for a date. Just avoid spending an extortionate amount of money on the bouquet you choose, as you cannot know how the date will actually go. 

11. A plant

If you don’t want to give cut flowers, consider buying them a small potted plant, for a gift that they can keep for a long time. This will be the perfect addition to their apartment that will remind them of you every time they see it. 

12. A cuddly toy

A cuddly toy is a perfectly sweet and thoughtful gift that will remind your date of you every time. Choose a cute and cuddly toy to make your date smile

13. A box of chocolates

a box of chocolates

This is a classic gift to give a date, but it is a winner. Your date will love that you thought to buy them gifts and will likely offer to share them with you. Avoid choosing anything too expensive and rather think of it as a simple gesture. 

14. A board game

A board game is a perfect way to break the ice on your date. This is a great way to get to know someone and have fun with one another. First dates can often be somewhat overwhelming and stressful, so this is the perfect gift that will ensure you both start to relax and really enjoy your time together. 

This is a great gift if you are looking for someone to have fun within a relationship. You will soon determine whether you share a similar sense of humor by playing a board game together. This gift is also great if you are looking for something that isn’t overly expensive or romantic. It is the perfect balance between thoughtfulness and fun. 

15. Wine glasses

If your date has invited you for dinner, consider bringing a pair of wine glasses if you do not want to arrive empty-handed and without a gift. This is a perfectly useful and thoughtful present. 

16. A scarf

It is hard to go wrong when choosing a scarf for someone. Choose a neutral color that almost everyone will love. This is an especially perfect gift if you are planning to go on a winter morning walk together for your first date. They will learn immediately how thoughtful and kind you are. Choose something that is good quality but not overly expensive, as it is only the first date. 

17. Perfume


A perfume is a perfect present for a date. Pick a scent that everyone will love rather than something too strong. Choose a classic floral scent for a romantic touch. This is a great way to let them know just how much you care about them. 

If things go well on the initial date, you can consider buying a more expensive present for your next date, but don’t put all of your hopes on this person until you know them a little better first. Putting too much hope or expectations on your first date will likely ruin your chances of anything happening.

18. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are a cute and simple gift to give on a date. Choose ones that are made of essential oils for a luxurious experience. 

19. A quiz game

If your first date is at a bar or a coffee shop, consider a small tabletop game that you can play together for hours. You could even make your own version of 20 questions, however, this is likely only suitable if you know the person somewhat before you are going on a date with them. 

20. A journal

A simple notebook could be the perfect gift for someone that is hard to buy for. Everyone has a use for a notebook so you can be sure that it won’t be wasted. 

21. A DVD

This is a great nostalgic way to bond with someone new. What better way to spend the start of your relationship than to discuss your favorite movies. Why not suggest swapping your favorite DVDs with one another and then meeting up to discuss them after? Showing your crush you share their interest will truly make them fall deeply for you.


Should you bring a gift on a first date?

It is up to you whether you should bring a present on your first date with someone. Often gifts are reserved for further along in your relationship, but something small and thoughtful can do no harm. Just remember to avoid buying anything over the top or too expensive, as you may scare the person away as it is so early on. 

What is an appropriate gift for a first date?

When looking for a gift for your first meeting with someone, keep in mind that you should avoid anything too expensive or over the top. There is no way to know how the first date will go, so there is no point in spending lots of money on it. A simple gift such as a box of chocolates or a scented candle will be perfect. 

What should you bring on a date?

You do not have to feel pressured to bring a present on a date. Especially if it is your first one, your date should not expect anything from you. However, if you do want to bring something with you consider something simple like a scarf or a pretty bouquet of flowers as a kind gesture. Just avoid choosing something really expensive this early on. 

What should I tell her on the first date?

On your first date, it is a good idea to keep the conversation light. Don’t start talking about deep or complicated topics and rather focus on getting to know one another first. There is no need to worry about discussing everything on this date. It is a good sign if you have loads to talk about, so just plan your next date

How can I impress my first date?

You shouldn’t worry too much about impressing your date. First dates are about really getting to know each other, so it is important to be yourself. You may want to bring a small gift such as a potted plant or a scarf, but avoid anything over the top as it may give the wrong impression. Try to relax and have fun, and things are likely to go smoothly. 

To Sum Up… 

First dates can be stressful enough without having to worry about what first date gifts you should give. There is no pressure to bring a gift on a first date, but if you do decide to, ensure to keep it simple and avoid spending too much money on it. Anything too extravagant may give the wrong impression. 

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