How To Stop Feeling Alone In A Relationship In 9 Easy Ways

Do you feel lonely even with your partner? Are your needs in the relationship not being met, and do you feel unwanted? Believe me, I have also experienced the same at a time in my life, and this experience is not that uncommon, but still extremely unhealthy. I felt lonely, and it destroyed my mental peace and made me extremely insecure.

If you are going through the same, then you must accept what you feel rather than ignoring your thoughts. You need to ask yourself questions to understand yourself better. I eventually came out of this predicament by accepting myself as I am and not looking out for validation from someone else.

In this article, we are going to learn what being lonely in a relationship is and look for ways to stop feeling alone. These tips will ensure that you share a healthy and loving bond with your partner without feeling alone all the time.

Feeling Lonely In A Relationship

The feeling of being lonely in a relationship is complex and can be a result of a variety of reasons. This feeling might make a person feel unimportant and unwanted in the eyes of their partner, which can slowly break the bond. 

The feelings of loneliness might be the result of the wall that you have built around you, which is preventing you from being vulnerable in front of your partner. Feeling lonely might also be a result of you and your partner being completely different human beings and not having anything to share.

If you feel lonely in your relationship because of any reason, then you must find a way out of this situation and take efforts to make things work. Below are some ways, which can help you to stop feeling lonely in your relationship.

Ways To Stop Feeling Lonely In A Relationship

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Your feeling alone in a relationship points to a problem, which needs a solution. In such a situation, you should not try to suppress your feelings, rather try to be compassionate yourself and accept the reality. Don’t be hard on yourself, feeling alone does not mean that you are weak, it means that you are human.

2. Self-Evaluate

self evaluate

Ask yourself why you are feeling lonely. Is it because your feelings for your partner have changed or because you are bored. Don't blame your partner for the situation, rather ask yourself questions and analyze. Evaluate yourself and your feelings, maybe it is you who has changed and become more guarded. 

3. Remember the good times

It happens a lot that after a time, the spark gets lost. To make things work, try to remember the old time. Think about the butterflies you had when you saw them and all the good things they have done for you. If you have old letters, read them to ignite that lost spark and make things like they were in the beginning. Don’t focus on the negatives and be more accepting.

4. Self-care

How can you expect someone to be nice towards you if you are not compassionate towards yourself? Don't be hard on yourself, and don't feel guilty about your feelings. Give yourself a break and try to be happy with yourself. Treat yourself kindly and do things that will increase your self-esteem as a lack of it can be a reason behind your feeling of loneliness and depression.

5. Talk to your partner

There are chances that your partner might also be feeling the same loneliness. Talk to your partner about your feelings but make sure that your partner does not feel that he is being accused or judged. With your partner, there is nothing wrong with asking what you need, so you must be vocal about your feelings and needs.

6. Listen to them

Just like speaking up, listening to your partner is also equally important. Communication is a two-way street, and to make sure that your feelings are communicated well, you need to listen to the perspective of your partner as well. This way, usually if there are feelings between the couples, they can work things out.

7. Do your own thing

Just because you are married does not mean that you have to do everything together. It is important that you don't change your whole personality after marriage and still make plans with your friends and spend time with them. This will help you get out of your loneliness and refresh your mind.

8. Work on your bond

work on your bond

Relationships need work, and if you are feeling lonely, maybe it is time to ignite the lost spark in your relationship. Isolation will not help you, and you need to build the lost connection again with your partner. Plan an activity together, go on a dinner date, plan a weekend getaway, do all that is required to change your boring, monotonous married life. 

9. Go for counseling

If everything fails, but the couple wants to make things work, then it is best to visit a marriage counselor. You can share all your feelings and thoughts with a counselor and they can help you in communicating your feelings to your partner in a better way. They can guide you towards the best way to make sure that you don't feel lonely.

Even More Ways To Not feel lonely

If the feelings of loneliness are not leaving you, it is best to keep yourself occupied. It is not that people feel lonely only in a relationship, they can feel lonely in general, and there are chances that it has nothing to do with their partner.

In such a situation, you must analyze your thoughts and feelings to find a solution to your problem. To fight your loneliness, you mustn't consume too much into your relationship. You should not keep too many expectations from your partner and burden them with the responsibility of keeping you happy.

To not feel lonely in a relationship, start by doing things that interest you. Find a hobby, and practice this hobby in your free time to prevent your brain from diverting much. If your partner is also interested, together you both can pursue the same hobby, and maybe even join a workshop to spend some time together and strengthen your bond. 

You can start by writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal, and will surely relax and calm you. Let go of toxic people and spend your time with friends and family who care for you. Make plans with people other than your partner, and start enjoying your life. Some distance from your partner will go a long way and give them time to miss you.

You can even get a pet, who will keep you occupied, and their unconditional love might change your life and bring you happiness.

Effects Of The Feeling Of Loneliness On Your Relationship

effects of the feeling of loneliness on your relationship

If you don't take charge of the situation and fight the feeling of loneliness, there are huge chances that it will destroy your relationship with your partner. Your partner cannot help until you communicate with them how you feel.

However, many times people expect their partner to understand their feeling of loneliness even if they have never been vocal about it. And, in such a situation, when the partner is not able to support them, people resent them and drift apart.

Loneliness can make you feel less attracted to your partner, resulting in you avoiding having sexual relationships with them. You may feel annoyed with your partner and start fights with them by interpreting what they say negatively. There are chances that you start an affair as you feel that your needs are not met by your husband.

Loneliness cannot only destroy a relationship but can also have various ill effects on one's health, like heart problems, depression, stress, etc. 


What does it mean to feel alone in a relationship?

Feeling alone in a relationship means that there is a feeling of loneliness between one or both partners. If a person feels isolated or disconnected from their partner, it is a sign that they are lonely in the relationship.

What are the signs of a broken relationship?

Not feeling any connection with your partner is the biggest sign of a broken relationship. Some other signs are – a feeling of loneliness, resentment, distance, and the inability to communicate as a couple.

Is it normal to feel off in a relationship?

Yes, it is completely normal to feel off in a relationship occasionally. These periods of disconnections are healthy and sometimes very useful in relationships. In relationships, many times, the feelings come and go, and what is important is commitment.

Is it love or am I just lonely?

Being in love means that you will do anything for this person without thinking twice. If you are in a relationship only because of loneliness, you won't feel any empathy for your partner, and you will just make excuses when things will get tough. 

How do I break up with someone I love?

To proceed with the breakup, it is important that you feel strongly about your decision and no amount of persuasion deters you from your decision. After you break up, you should block your ex-partner from everywhere, so that they cannot contact you and you don't change your mind.

To Sum Up

Do you find these tips useful? Have you ever gone through this feeling in your life? What did you do? Do you have tips that can help people in their journey of knowing themselves? We would love to hear about your experience. Please comment below!

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