Family Oriented Man (15 Good Reasons To Date A Family Oriented Man)

Have numerous failed relationships made you so cynical about marriage? Have you lost hope in finding a man who shares the same values as you? Are you rethinking the decision to forego love and giving going into a new relationship a thought? If yes, you should consider dating a family-oriented man the next time. 

In a world where there’s confusion on what feminism and patriarchy are (and are not), defining a family-oriented man is a bit tricky. Many people lump family-oriented men with misogynists and overbearing men. These terms have clear distinctions that you can’t mistake one for the other. 

There are also signs to watch out for to differentiate a family-oriented man from a misogynistic one who is disguising himself as a protective partner. One of the signs of a family-oriented guy is that he respects his woman and doesn’t look down on her, which cannot be said of a condescending man.

Have you just about given up on love, but want to give it one last shot? Read on for the signs of a family-oriented man and the reasons that make him the best boyfriend material.

15 Good Reasons Why You Should Date A Family Man

1. He embraces one-man-one-woman commitment

To a family man, commitment is paramount and non-negotiable because it is at the core of what makes any relationship last. Fidelity is important for building a lasting foundation in a relationship, which is why a guy who is family-centered does his best not to compromise his promise of commitment. 

A family-focused partner also doesn’t wait until he marries you before his vow of commitment takes effect. The moment he is sure you’re the woman he wants to be with, he takes his devotion to you and the relationship very seriously. He has no use for dillydallying, so you’ll be dating a straightforward man who’s not interested in wasting your time.

2. He values rich and clear communication in a relationship

Many people like to complain that women are complicated in terms of communication. However, some men can also be just as confusing in their words and actions. A man with the knowledge of how family life is to understand that for a relationship to go smoothly, communication shouldn’t be forced or coerced.

If your man cherishes the concept of family, he will set a great example of what good communication should be like. Instead of assuming, he will ask questions to clarify what or how you’re feeling. 

Rather than buy you things that will please only him, he will tease the answer of what you want out of you, and surprise you with it. A family partner will create an atmosphere of free speech rather than make you afraid of expressing yourself.

3. He would rather stay and fight for the relationship

When you hear all the good virtues a family-focused man has, you just have to respect him. However, being in a relationship with such a guy doesn’t mean things will be perfect all the time.

In fact, both of you will experience troubles as other couples do in their relationships. The difference between you and them is that you have a man who wants to keep his family together instead of seeing it break.

Your family-focused partner will not be in a hurry to say goodbye to you and the relationship. This is because he is not one to easily switch his emotions on and off. If he wants you as a life partner, his boyfriend's material attributes will change to die-hard husband material mode because he doesn’t want to lose you.

His care for you will also make him fight for the relationship rather than walk away and make you end up with the wrong person who won’t treat you right. One could say this sounds too good to be true, but such men exist. However, finding them is like discovering pure gold.

4. You will find that a family-centered man is very supportive of your dreams

Besides fighting to make the relationship stand, a family-focused guy will fight with you to see your dreams come true. Being genuinely interested in your happiness will make him invest time, money, and other resources in your ventures even before you ask him for help.

He is the type of person who would put your needs first. This is because your goals are just as vital as his goals are to him. If you do the same thing for him and support his goals, he will cherish you for as long as you allow him in your life.

5. He strives to balance being your bestie and lover

This kind of guy doesn’t make sex or romance the core of your relationship. He knows those things can dwindle one day, leaving friendship as the major anchor that will hold the relationship. 

As your friend, he will be your most trusted confidante. He will create quality time for bonding and make sure the world knows you’re his in every way. He won’t abandon his role as a lover as he will shower you with so much care. This way, you won’t doubt how he feels about you. The balance won’t be perfect, but you’ll know he’s trying his best.

6. He doesn't joke about family time

he doesnt joke about family time

This article has established that family is everything to a family man, and so he will always make time to attend family events. How will also fit into his and your families and ensure you’re both learning what it takes to form a tight family circle. 

He understands that when it comes to family, there’s nothing like outgrowing your role. If you are a son, you’ll remain a son to your parents even when you become a father. As such, he won’t turn up his nose at a family event that involves playing with people of different ages or doing something as simple as playing board games.

7. He has the utmost respect for their mothers

Each family member is important to a family-oriented guy, but he has even more respect for the woman who birthed and raised him. The guy would extend this courtesy to your mother too because he understands the sacrifice mothers make for their children. 

If you love and cherish your mother, your feelings for this man will intensify over time because he sees your family as his too. By the time you start having kids with him, you’ll appreciate this part of him more because he will make you feel like a superwoman for birthing your children.

8. He is naturally drawn to kids

A family-oriented guy would most likely love children because they are an integral part of families. You’ll find him having easy banter with kids, playing with them, and correcting them the way he would his kid. Kids require patience which is a virtue many people cannot hold on to for too long because kids naturally test the patience of most adults a lot. 

If you find this kind of guy who handles kids with care even at the peak of frustration, you’ve hit a jackpot because he will help with raising your kids when both of you start having children.

9. He keeps his words

Similar to a family-oriented guy’s commitment trait is his integrity which he upholds with diligence. If a family-driven guy says he will be with you at a specific time, he will do all he can not to stand you up.

He stands by his words and fulfills his promise more often than not. Breaking his words is like breaking his own heart, so he does all he can to do as he says. He doesn’t make promises he won’t be able to keep so he doesn’t have to deal with feeling disappointed in himself or seeing the hurt in your eyes.

10. He has clear ideas of what his own family will look like

Most family-oriented men learn by observation and they practice what it is to raise a family while babysitting their nephews/nieces, but also with their women. As his woman and future mother of his children, he won’t hesitate to share with you the ideas he’d gleaned from observing families. 

Family values do not function theoretically but practically, which is why your man will share his views with you so you understand what he needs from you to help him create the kind family he desires.

11. He will make you feel like you fit into his family

If you intend to marry this guy, you will need to transition into becoming a part of his family. Becoming a part of another person’s family is one of the hardest things to do because of background differences. 

However, a family-oriented man will make fitting into his family easier because he will take you along to family events and introduce you to the right people who will welcome you with open arms. 

Even if you experience difficulty with blending in, he will be there to support you and make his family love you.

12. His self-confidence will usually boost yours

his self confidence will usually boost yours

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his worth, shows, and demands it without making his woman feel small. A family-oriented guy oozes confidence because he knows what it takes to raise a family. He is self-confident that no matter what life throws at his relationship, he and his partner are capable of handling it.

While other men enforce their will in their relationships, this man wants his woman to know she has equal decision-making rights and he has no intention of stifling her voice. He will make your relationship so comforting that your confidence will feed on his confidence—rather than make you feel insignificant like some men do.

13. He knows how to have fun

The word family man might sound stuffy and too formal, but that’s not always the reality. Some family men can be boring because of their personality, but most family men understand the need to balance playtime and work time. 

Before the kids start coming, a family-oriented guy will take his girl on dates, picnics, or other recreational activities that include having fun. When the children arrive, the fun won’t stop but will be switched up to suit the new additions to the family.

14. He wants you satisfied in every way that matters

As the girl to a family-oriented guy, you’ll be the center of his world because he wants to see you smiling all of the time. He will go the extra mile for you because he doesn’t want you to regret any step of your journey together. He will give you the breathing space to be your own person and swoop into action when you need him in superhero mode. 

The sex will be great not because he’s the most endowed man, but because he’ll always want to see to your needs before his. The companionship will be filled with peace not because he is the best partner alive, but because he makes so much effort to be a good man to you.

Returning the same energy and treating him marvelously means both of you will have a beautiful relationship most people don’t get the chance to have.

15. He is vulnerable without appearing weak

A family-oriented guy is not afraid of being transparent with his partner because he understands she needs that from him to feel like she is respected. He also knows vulnerability is not weakness. So he doesn’t take the wrong pieces of advice that try to convince him to hold back information from you.

He also thrives beautifully with the right girl who doesn’t take advantage of his vulnerability. 


What is family orientation?

Family orientation refers to the principles and values that a person learns or grows up with from his or her family. These principles guide and live with them no matter where they go and how old they are.

What's another word for family-oriented?

Other words for family-oriented include, family-centered, family-friendly, family-motivated, family-focused, or family-inclined. These words might vary a bit in context but they can be used interchangeably. 

Is family-oriented a value?

Being family-oriented may or may not be a virtue depending on the kind of family a person grows up in. If the principles a family teaches the child make them well-rounded adults, we can say being family-oriented is a value.

What is a family-oriented man?

A family-oriented guy is someone who cherishes the concept of a family due to the influence or lack of a traditional family while growing up. The influence of a regular family while growing up will make a guy want to have the same, while the absence of a traditional family will make him yearn and work towards having a normal family. 

How do you describe a family-oriented person?

A family-oriented person is equipped with adequate knowledge of how to raise and sustain a happy family. Such a person would be inclined to be close to their family always and will do things for their family even when it’s inconvenient for them.

In Summary 

A family guy is not perfect, but he has what it takes to be your friend. He will provide you with stability, love, and respect if these are the qualities you expect in a relationship. If you desire a normal kind of relationship where you and your kids will feel safe and loved, a family guy is a good match for you.

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