My Ex Seems Happy on Facebook (What Should I Do? 17 Things)

So maybe you are saying to yourself, “My ex seems happy on Facebook; what should I do?” If your relationship ended recently, you might think that your ex moves on too quickly! You still feel sad about your new relationship status of being single, and here he shows up on Facebook with a new person in his life. That can feel like a punch in the stomach when it happens!

Of course, you want him to have a life full of happiness and all good things, but that doesn’t mean that you feel happy about the Facebook posts you are seeing where he posts pictures of him and someone else. Your breakup may still be fresh, and you had hope that maybe the two of you could work things out. The reality is that some people move on quickly after a break-up!

You may be wondering what is going on in your ex’s mind. Does he miss you? Why does he post photos of other girls on social media? What do your mutual friends think about all of this? If your ex’s social media posts on social media platforms are really bothering you, it’s time to take action! 

What To Do If Your Ex Seems Happy On Facebook

1. Get off social media

If you hate seeing the status of your ex on social media, you might want to just take a break from social media for a while. Consider taking up pottery or dance classes. Stay busy doing something physical. When you exercise, your body releases hormones that make you happy – something you usually cannot get from staring at Facebook all day!

2. Ignore him or her on Facebook

If you think that your ex has moved on and just wants to be friends with you on Facebook, you should consider just ignoring them. If you don’t want a friendship out of the breakup, you can just ignore any message requests you receive from him or her. Over time, things will get easier, and you’ll forget all about your ex!!

3. Be happy for him or her

Another option is just to be happy that they appear to be so joyful with the way their life has turned out. If you truly care about him or her, you should want them to have a good life. If your life is not so peachy, just don’t talk about your problems. Instead, count your blessings and talk about those things – and nothing else. Stay positive!

4. Be happy for yourself

Think about all the good things that have come out of your breakup. Did you earn your graduate degree while you were going through an awful breakup? Did you master yoga or karate? What achievements in your life can you be happy about? Focus on the positives and stop feeling sorry for yourself in regards to your ex!

5. Unfriend him or her on Facebook

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is just to stop being their “friend” on Facebook. Think about the great friends you do have, and don’t focus so much on them. If you quit being their friend on social media, you won’t have to be bothered by their latest happy pictures! If you must stay friends on social media for some reason, quit stalking his wall!

6. Realize that he may just want your attention

There is always a chance that your ex is only pretending to be happy to get your attention. It worked, didn’t it? Don’t you now want to give him or her more attention to find out what’s really going on with their life? You can either ignore these attempts to capture your eyes or give them the attention they are craving!

7. Focus on your career

focus on your career

Stay busy while your ex is being boastful about his or her life. If you focus on school or your career, you will be so preoccupied that you won’t care what your ex is posting on Facebook. Instead, you can worry about yourself and the goals you are trying to achieve. What’s on your bucket list that you can work on?

8. Remember why you broke up

This is such profound advice. We often idealize our exes after we’ve broken up because we don’t recall the many reasons why we are no longer together. Instead of being naive and thinking about the grass always being greener on the other side, make a list of your ex’s flaws and recall all the reasons you are no longer a couple!

9. Be thankful he is someone else’s problem now

Now that you know all of the negatives of your ex, you can just be grateful that he is now someone else’s problem. No longer do you have to worry about sweaty socks on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, or someone hogging the remote control device. No longer do you have to worry about the millions of reasons you fought all the time!

10. Have fun with your friends

Work on the friendships you have and grow those friendships into great experiences! If you stay busy with your many friends, you won’t have to bother thinking about what’s new with your ex because your life will be full of new memories with your friends! Concentrate on having fun in life without your ex!

11. Keep busy!

Take a class at a community center or consider taking up a new hobby. Once you find an awesome new passion in your life, you will no longer worry about what is going on with your ex because you are too busy to care! Staying busy will also make you happier and more positive. This will help you be happier for your ex instead of resentful.

12. Remember that it could be a fake relationship

If your ex is flaunting a new relationship, there’s a good chance he’s just faking it. If you keep this in mind, you may be able to convince yourself not to care so much about what is happening in his love life. Just disregard him or her and focus on your life! You don’t have to let things like this get to you; you have control over how things affect you!

13. Practice stopping negative thoughts

If you allow your thoughts about your ex to get carried away, you could easily drive yourself mad! When you start to have unhappy thoughts about your ex, stop yourself in your tracks. Tell yourself that you don’t need to think about these things. Immediately, have other topics to think about in mind. Focus on those things!

14. Date someone new

date someone new

Keeping busy by dating around is a great distraction from Facebook. Look for opportunities to meet new people at the gym, at work, at school, or even volunteering at your local animal shelter. You could start dating some new people that are of higher quality than your, ex ever was!

15. Post fun pictures on Facebook

Remember that two can play this game. You can post lots of images all over social media showing that you are having just as great of a time as your ex. Make him or her wish he or she had not ended the relationship when they did.

16. Remember that he may just be trying to make you jealous

All of this could be a show for your attention. Don’t fall for it. If looking at your Facebook feed is distracting, frustrating, or upsetting because you see that your ex is happy, stop getting on social media! It’s as simple as that! Better yet, take your ex off Facebook or unfollow him or her!

17. Move on with your life

Saving the best piece of advice for last, I must say that moving on is the wisest choice if you see that your ex is happy on Facebook. He or she has moved on with their life; why not do the same? You might as well focus on your hobbies and passions – the things that make you smile, and just don’t think so much about what your ex is doing right now!

Are You Still Hung Up On Your Ex?

We often get upset when we see our ex having a good time without us on Facebook. We wonder what went wrong in our relationship to cause it to end and why he or she seems to be so happy without us. If you think that sounds like you, you might still be hung up on your ex. Consider why you are thinking these things. Do you still have feelings for your ex?

Now, think about why the two of you broke up in the first place. Why were you not compatible? Why didn’t it withstand the test of time? Do you really think you were “meant to be?” Maybe it’s time to move on or take a stance. By that, I mean that it is time to talk to your ex about your feelings for him or her. See what their position is; maybe they also want to be together again.

You must be careful when approaching your ex about this, though, or you risk getting hurt quite a bit. If they have a new person in their life and you ended things on bad terms, you might be better off focusing on yourself. Try to stay busy and maybe date someone new. Don’t worry so much about what your ex is doing, and focus on making yourself happy without him or her.

Why Do We Let Facebook Get To Us?

Ah, the evils of Facebook are oh so true! How often do you just scroll the feed, looking at all these happy couples, wondering why you can’t find someone? Does that sound like you? Do you wonder why it seems like everyone else is happy on Facebook except you? Trust me; you are not alone in these types of feelings and thoughts. We’ve all been there!

It’s important to fill your life with things other than what’s on social media or you’ll drive yourself crazy! You might start praying to God, asking why everyone else’s lives seem to be going so great while yours is at a standstill. If you pray about it, you probably won’t hear a verbal answer from God, but you may begin feeling a nice sense of peace and calmness that will help!

Remember that what people show on Facebook is usually their best side. Many couples don’t show the difficulties and trials they face on a daily basis on social media. They think they have to put their best foot forward and appear to be perfect. Guess what? They are not perfect, and neither are you! You probably have more in common with others than you think!

Instead of comparing your life to those of other friends on Facebook, keep in mind that they are probably facing struggles just like you and me. They just don’t talk about their day-to-day problems. Because of this, they appear to be perfect, but they aren’t. If you have difficulty with this, you might want to take a break from Facebook and social media to work on yourself!


How do you know if your ex is happy without you?

Your ex may have found happiness with someone else if he changes his relationship status on Facebook to “married” or taken in some other way. Try to forget you saw that, and focus on yourself and what’s best for your future. Obsessing over exes’ status updates leads to chaos. 

How do you tell if your ex is pretending to be over you?

If your ex is still hung up on you, he will likely try to make you jealous, show you that he isn’t over you by his words, or spend more time with you than normal. He may still want to be in a relationship with you and wish that’d happen!.

What does it mean when your ex looks at your social media?

Your ex probably wants to know what is new in your world. He might also be curious to see if you have changed your relationship status. If you are now in a relationship, he may want to check the guy out to see how he compares to him. 

Is it normal to look up your ex on Facebook?

Yes, many people look up their exes on Facebook or other social media platforms because they want to know what they are up to. They wonder if you have moved on to be with someone else or if you still are holding on to the thought of the two of you working things out.

How do you know if your ex secretly misses you?

Your ex probably really misses you if he spends a lot of time with you. He might make excuses to spend more time than usual with you. For example, he may say that he misses the dog you shared when you were in a relationship together.

To Conclude

What do you think an ex-boyfriend should do on Facebook after a break-up? Are you in this situation? Does your ex post things that really upset you? Don’t get too sad or hurt by his actions! Have hope that there is someone better out there for you! Share and comment!

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