How To Deal With An Emotionally Unavailable Man Who Keeps Coming Back?

Are you wondering why an emotionally unavailable man keeps trying to crawl back into your life? 

Are you wondering why he’s doing it??

Do you consider whether it’s possible for him to change his emotionally unavailable ways?

This guide will help you answer all of these questions. 

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Scroll down for some more of my best advice for what to do a man like this keeps reappearing in your life.

How Hard Is Moving On?

How hard is moving on?

Getting over a guy that is non-available can be extremely hard. This is especially true if this man constantly returns into your life. The truth is, you don’t expect a relationship to end as soon as it is started, but this may often be the case with men that are not available on an emotional level. If he returns into your life it is even harder. 

You may hope every time that things are going to be different this time around. However, this is likely not the case. If a guy is always coming back but is not available on an emotional level then things are likely not going to change any time soon. Unavailable men are likely not going to turn around and commit to a relationship with you out of the blue even if they do come back. 

You always hope that your patience will pay off and this guy will show you the love that you have been waiting for. If this guy always comes back but he hasn’t resolved his personal issues then this is likely not going to change. Even if you believe that he is the one for you, if he cannot commit to you on an emotional level, then you are likely wasting your time. 

How Do You Move On From A Guy That Is Not Available On An Emotional Level?

Maybe you convinced yourself for a long time that you would be able to get him to express his feelings and emotions to you and you would be the one person who could get him to change. Maybe you thought that if you loved him so hard he would begin to open up to you and show you his inner emotions, but he never did. 

How do you move on from the kind of relationship where you loved him but he didn’t love you back? How do you move on from the kind of relationship where you gave everything you had but he gave you nothing but hurt and pain? It may seem impossible right now to think that you will ever be able to get over this guy, but you will, it will just take time and patience with yourself.

The first thing you need to do is to figure out he may react when you break up. If you are prepared for the ways he will react towards you after a break up then it will be easier for you to handle it. If you know what you are in for it will be easier for you to know how to respond and what to do. 

Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Coming Back

Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Coming Back

You may not be able to choose who you fall in love with but if this guy is not available to connect or commit to you on an emotional level then a relationship is likely not on the cards right now. He may be the perfect guy in every other way, but there is no way of getting around this unless he solves his emotional issues first

It can be especially hard if he comes back into your life multiple times. Every time you might convince yourself that he has changed and that things will be different when the reality is that he hasn’t worked out his issues and nothing has actually changed. It can be a very difficult situation to go through, you may find it especially hard to move on if he comes back into your life often. 

You may be wondering how can you possibly move on from this situation. You know that he is not the right man for you right now and you know that you deserve better than someone who can’t commit to you, but there is still a part of you that hopes every time that it will be different and he has changed. 

You think about how much fun you had together when you first started dating and you wish that things could work out just as perfectly as they do in your head or in your dreams. But the truth is no matter how much you love him there is nothing that you can do to force him to change the way he is, only he can decide to change these issues that he has. 

You still can’t get him out of your head and you secretly hope that he returns again every time and that things will work out this time and you will end up in a perfect relationship. But the reality is unless he makes the decision himself to change, things are going to stay exactly as they are now, no one can force someone else to grow and change except themselves.

This may be hard to accept but make sure that you remember that you can’t change this man, he has to do it on his own terms. So if you can’t change him and you can’t really do anything about it at all then how do you move on from him, what do you do to get over him and the situation? If you loved him but he didn’t love you back, how do you move on? 

1. He acts as if he is the victim.

He acts as if he is the victim

This is a common way for a guy who is not available on an emotional level to act after a breakup. He tries and acts that he is the only victim in the breakup and you were the only person at fault. He may say that he did his best in the relationship, he gave his all and he loved you and you were the one that gave him nothing in return. 

He may tell his friends and family that you were the bad person in the relationship and it was your actions that caused the relationship to end. He may argue that he did absolutely nothing wrong and you ended the relationship out of nowhere for no reason and he did not know why it happened. This is a common way for such a guy to react to a breakup.

He is acting the victim and putting the blame on you so that you look like the reason the relationship ended and the breakup was your fault and not his. He may try and act like he was not at all at fault and all the blame is on you. He is likely doing this to protect his own ego and to keep his own reputation. He may even be trying to force you to agree that this is true. 

The only real way that you can react to this is to ignore it. If he is going around telling his family and friends this version of the story then just ignore it, you know the truth anyway, and they probably also know that he is lying if they know what he is really like. The most important thing is that you and your family and friends know the true version of the story. 

If he is trying to twist things to put all the blame onto you and to make people think that you were the sole cause of the relationship, then just let him. Ignore him rather than rising to his immaturity. You and the people around you know what the truth is so it does not matter what he says to other people about you, once that you know he is lying. 

Don’t play to his game and don’t give him the satisfaction of achieving what he hoped to, which is to get you to react. Ignore his lies and let everyone else who is listening to him find out the truth eventually, as it always comes out. Don’t rise to his games and make sure that you just ignore him so that he doesn’t get the satisfaction of winning again. 

2. He tries to make you jealous.

This is another way that a guy that is not available on an emotional level may react to a breakup. He may use his new relationship or his new girlfriend to try and make you jealous. He might rub his new partner in front of you to try and make you jealous. He will do anything he can to make you jealous of his new relationship. 

He is just trying to play another game with you so that he can get the satisfaction of playing with your mind. He might make you confused and wonder whether he is in a new relationship or he is dating someone else. He is doing anything he can just to make you jealous. Again, ignore his immature games so that you don’t give him the pleasure he is looking for.

These type of men don’t deserve your attention, he is just trying to hurt you and mess with your head. He is doing all of this just to try and make jealous. This is not a mature way to act and it is not the way that a real man treats his ex. So don’t put up with it, ignore his behavior and cut him out of your life if this man is acting in this way.

Let him play these games but don’t rise to him and give him the attention that he is looking for. You are better off than to be with men like this one. Be happy that you escaped this immature guy and enjoy your new single life. Ensure to ignore his behavior and don’t give him the satisfaction of gaining your attention. 

3. He finds a rebound.

He finds a rebound

After a breakup, these type of men often quickly jump into a rebound as a way to maintain their ego. If he does not date someone quickly after you he may have to stop and think about how he has acted. This way he is kept occupied and he does not have to face his actions. This is not something that he is familiar with. 

You should probably count the lucky stars that you got away from this guy when you did, as he is likely never going to change or commit to you. Anything he is doing now or anyways he is acting is likely in an effort to make you jealous or play games with your mind. The only thing that you can do is ignore him and move one. 

This is a common way for this type of man to act after a breakup. He will probably look for someone new very soon after you have ended things with each other. He is trying to keep himself occupied so that he doesn’t have to face the reality of what he has done. Again, don’t give him the satisfaction of your attention. 


How do you get an emotionally unavailable man back?

A man that is not available on an emotional level may return into your life many times without you even doing anything to make this happen. But just because he has returned into your life it doesn’t mean that he has changed his ways or resolved his emotional issues. Things will likely be exactly the same as they were last time around. 

Do emotionally non-available dumpers come back?

Even if a man that is not available on an emotional level was the one to dump you and not the other way around this doesn’t necessarily mean that these men won’t return to you. These types of men don’t usually know what they want and can often be known to play games, so if he does return, ensure that you are careful with this one. 

What does it mean when an emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back to you?

Just because a man returns to you it does not necessarily mean that he is now ready to commit to you. If he was not available on an emotional level the first time around, there is nothing to say that he is this time. If you know that this is the type of guy he is, he probably returned to you because he doesn’t know what he wants or he enjoys playing games with you. 

Why do I keep falling for emotionally unavailable men?

You cannot help who you fall in love with. These types of men are often very good at playing games and when you first start dating he may appear to you to be the most perfect guy. It is only when you decide that it is time for something more serious that this type of guy will push away and may even start playing mind games with you. 

Can you make emotionally unavailable men commit?

You cannot force any man to change if they are not ready to. There is nothing you can do or say to make then grow or change if they have not made the decision themselves to do so. You cannot force him to commit to something serious if he is not ready or willing to do so. You will likely be wasting your time if you try to convince him. 

In Summary,

Dating a guy that is not available on an emotional level can be exhausting and a very confusing situation to be in. There is no way that you can force men to change if they are not ready to do so on their own terms. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to successfully get over this guy for good. 

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