Emotional Immaturity (9 Critical Signs)

Perhaps you are dating someone and you think that he is not mature enough for you, here are the signs that he is emotionally immature and you should think about walking away from him. 

It is likely that he is not ready to look after you or to commit to him, so stay away before you get hurt! Keep reading to determine whether the guy you are seeing is emotionally immature. 

Signs He Is Emotionally Immature

1. It's all about him

He is only interested in himself. He’ll ensure that his desires are met while he is indifferent to the needs of the people closest to him. He loves to talk and tries to hide his insecurities by constantly emphasizing his self-confidence. His behavior is somewhat narcissistic and this likely won't get any better in the future. If you're with someone who fits this description, then walk away. 

His behavior reveals how he will look after you. He is one of those self-centered guys who will never put you first, he cares about himself too much. He'll probably be playing mind games with you, by trying to convey that you should be thankful to be with a guy like him. 

2. He makes a promise but does something else 

He makes a promise but does something else

He will promise you everything, he will tell you the most wonderful stories, but nothing he promises ever comes to reality. They will always remain empty promises because if it is not something for him, he will likely not do it. But in fact, you can't trust him or any of the promises he makes to you.

If he exhibits such behavior at the beginning of your relationship, nothing will change in the future. Soon, you're stuck in a single-sided relationship and you're the only person who tries or puts effort in. Therefore, you should consider him by his actions and not just by what he says. If he lies to you about small things, he will be likely to do it for big issues too. 

This is a warning sign of an insecure guy with whom you will have no future as he will never be ready to commit to anything serious. 

3. His feelings are secret

It is generally difficult for men to express their feelings, but most will be able to express themselves emotionally, at least in their behavior. The thing about emotionally insecure guys is they believe that they will lose their control if they let their emotions out. They don't want to stop chasing women and are much more afraid of being vulnerable.

They are afraid of being hurt when they open up and entrust themselves to someone, which is why they hide their emotions. In most relationships, an open and honest conversation would provide clarity, but communication is difficult with an emotionally immature man. As long as he can, he will avoid the topic and avoid having the conversation at all. 

As immature as he is, if he actually does have feelings, his behavior will speak for him, even if he lacks the confidence to tell you. However, if he doesn't even try to show it, then he simply doesn't care enough about you and will likely never commit to anything serious. 

4. The word “commitment” does not exist in his vocabulary

No matter his age, he doesn't feel ready to take responsibility or commit to anything serious. As the relationship gets a little more serious, he gets cold feet and will push you away. He's still not ready to picture himself in a long-term relationship.

You will see the signs of this in his lack of ability to make plans for the future, he will avoid referring to you as his partner and you will never be introduced to the closest people to him, etc. Perhaps this phase of emotional insecurity and fear of relationships will pass, or maybe it will stay that way for a long time. 

Make sure to be careful, it's about what you want for the future, don't let him squander much of your time. If you think you've already given him too much of your time and care, you may not want to wait any longer to walk away from him.

5. He runs to his mother for every little thing

There may be nothing that indicates immaturity deeper than a guy who runs to his mother for everything. It's nice when someone has a good relationship with their mother, but it's too much if she gets involved in everything and decides on every part of his life, especially when it comes to the life he has with you.

He might always compare what you are like to what she is like, whether the relationship with her is positive or not. He wants you to be exactly like her or the complete opposite. No matter what, you will always feel as if your relationship consists of three people.

6. He is too reliant on you too

He leans on you all of the time. No matter what it's about, it's up to you to fix his problem. He relies on you to make sure everything will work out. He needs someone who constantly strengthens his ego because he doesn’t have confidence in himself. You will soon feel like you are his crisis manager or his therapist rather than his partner.

However, you, yourself will lose out because he will only take care of his problems and he doesn’t care about your issues. You will spend hours listening to his problems, but when it comes to listening to you, he’s not there. 

7. He is jealous

He isn’t just immature, but he is also extremely insecure. That's why he's jealous of everyone near you. He may always be by your side and watch every step you take when you are around other people. He may also turn the tables and surround himself with other girls to intentionally make you jealous.

If he were actually mature and confident, he would not have to take such steps to get a response and confirmation that you feel a certain way about him. Relationships with extremely jealous people can be emotionally draining. You feel trapped with him and it makes you extremely unhappy.

Jealousy is a hallmark of an insecure guy; he doesn't trust himself, so he can't trust you. Trying to make you jealous stinks of insecurity. A confident guy would never stoop to such means.

8. He won’t talk about any serious issues 

Immature men lack any communication skills. Talking to him is usually easy and casual until serious issues are raised. He cannot deal with honest discussions. If he doesn't want to listen to you, how can he know how you are feeling or what you are thinking?

How is he supposed to know that there is something making you sad about his behavior? How do you know that something about him bothers you if he doesn't confide in you? In truth, he cannot know either. The secret to a healthy relationship is balanced communication, which gives a foundation and strengthens any kind of relationship, especially a love relationship.

Unfortunately, he is too immature to realize that and your relationship may never involve this kind of communication or any emotional bond that goes with it. 

9. He never takes responsibility

He is never the person in the wrong and his actions are always right. A man who takes no blame for his actions and never listens to others or acknowledges others' opinions is completely immature. You will never be able to move forward with him. 

All the problems will always be your fault and you will always be blamed. An insecure man won’t ever admit that he made a mistake and you will never hear him say: “I'm sorry.”

10. He is overcome by fear

He is overcome by fear

Your partner will avoid things that may make him happy or make future plans because of fear.

An adult is confident, has life experience, and is generally more mature. He knows how to make his own decisions, make plans, and is ready to take certain risks in order to achieve his dreams and goals. 

On the other hand, if your partner is very scared, this could be a sign that he is not mature enough for you. For example, is your partner afraid of commitment or is uncomfortable in making joint plans with you? Is he scared of living together or getting married? Is your partner often unsure about their personal or professional future? 

All of these things can indicate that your partner is not yet mature enough or not ready for a serious and long term relationship with you.


What are signs of emotional immaturity?

Emotionally immature people are usually over-dependent on the other people in those lives, unlike emotionally mature people they never take responsibility for their actions and never admit that they were wrong. They will avoid any serious conversations and will likely run as soon as the relationship becomes serious as they lack any emotional maturity. 

What causes emotional immaturity?

Emotional immaturity is caused when your significant other hasn’t matured enough to accept responsibility for his own life or to look after himself. Emotionally immature people will always depend on other people, but will never be there if the situation is turned the other way around. He will never take responsibility and will always blame you for the things that go wrong. 

Can an emotionally immature person change?

Emotionally immature people can change, however, if you have an emotionally immature partner, it is important to consider how much time and effort you have put into your relationship already and whether you are willing to waste any more time on him. Emotionally immature people can take a long time to change their ways so be aware of this fact. 

How do you deal with an emotionally immature partner?

If you have an immature partner that has no signs of emotional maturity it is important to consider whether this relationship is worth the time and effort that you are putting into it. An immature person will often heavily depend on those around him but will offer little in return. Give him time but don’t waste too much of your life if he shows little sign of changing. 

How can you tell if someone is emotionally intelligent?

Someone who is intelligent on an emotional level will be different from immature people in that they are able to depend on themselves and they don’t need another person in their life to support them. An emotionally mature person will be comfortable in committing to serious relationships and will accept responsibility for their own actions. 

In Conclusion…

Dating immature people can be hard and emotionally draining. Make sure that you don’t waste too much time on this one person if he shows no sign or attempt to change. You may otherwise find yourself in a one-sided relationship in which you are the only one to put in any effort. If you cannot depend on this person it may be time to walk away as no one deserves this in a relationship. 

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