Drunk Texts To Ex (43 Things To Do After You Drunk Text Your Ex)

Have you ever woken up to a drunk text you sent to an ex? Drunk texting is an embarrassing situation that everyone wishes they can take back. If you’re currently in this dilemma, you’re in the right place.

This article gives detailed steps on rectifying a mortifying situation such as texting an ex when you’re under the influence. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to turn an embarrassing situation into a fun-filled one, with a guarantee you don’t feel ashamed when next you see your ex.

Without further ado, let’s dive into forty-three steps to rectify a drunk text to an ex.

43 Things To Do After You Drunk Texted Your Ex

1. Acknowledge it was a drunk text

You need to acknowledge this point to yourself. You were drunk and couldn’t have stopped yourself even if you wanted to. Don’t feel bad about anything. Drunk texting happens to the best of us.

2. Stay calm

The most important thing to do when you make an embarrassing mistake is to stay calm. The more agitated you get, the more likely you’ll want to do damage control, which isn’t the wisest option when you’re drunk. Acknowledge that everything will be okay eventually.

3. Don’t look at the messages again

don't look at the messages again

There’s no doubt that a drunk text is embarrassing, but looking at it over and over again will only make you feel worse about the situation. Whatever you do, try not to read them again.

4. Delete it

The best way to prevent yourself from looking at the drunk text is by deleting it. Drunk texting your ex is one thing, but keeping the messages will only deteriorate matters. It will help if you let go of them for your peace of mind.

5. Disconnect from social media

Every swipe or scroll you take on social media will only remind you of the drunk texts you sent the previous night. If you don’t disconnect, the anxiety might cause you to take actions you’re not meant to.

6. Laugh about it

I mean it; laugh it out. Whether it was an angry or horny text you sent, remember that the bad days are sometimes worth laughing over. This step will ease off the tension a little bit.

7. Please don’t lie to cover it up

It might be tempting to say that you lost your phone, or it was a dare instead of the fact that you were drunk texting your ex, but there’s a high chance that your ex will know the truth. Stay true to yourself and acknowledge the situation for what it is.

8. Tell them you didn’t mean it

The best way to make your ex get over your drunk text is by saying you didn’t mean it. This action wouldn’t be lying because, technically, you didn’t intend to send it. You had no control over what happened the previous night.

9. Apologize if you need to

If your text wasn’t just embarrassing but mean and hurtful, you could resolve the situation by apologizing. Sometimes, a little “I’m sorry,” goes a long way in making two parties feel better about a situation.

10. Ignore them if you can

In some cases, you need to assess whether texting an ex after a drunk text is worth it. If texting would deteriorate the situation, then act like nothing ever happened.

11. Remove your ex from your social media

If you haven’t already done this act, the mistake of sending a drunk text should be your motivation. You shouldn’t have any relationship online with your ex outside of a professional one, so it’s time to unfollow.

12. Delete their phone number

delete their phone number

To ensure you don’t end up drunk texting again, it would be best to delete your ex’s number from your phone. There should be no form of offline contact between both of you for a while. This step is an extra precaution to avoid repeated mistakes.

13. Block the number too

If you’ve already memorized the phone number, there’s a high chance you’ll eventually text your ex when you want to. Blocking the number prevents you from taking this regretful action in the future.

14. Remove them from your thoughts

You might be wondering what your ex is thinking about the drunk text and you in general. But the truth is, that shouldn’t bother you. Remove them from your mind and keep your mind fixed on making progress and being your best self.

15. Take time out for yourself

You will need some time out to regain yourself after going through something like this. Take a few hours to yourself where you’re not bothered about the consequences of your actions. It’s okay to be selfish with your time for a while.

16. Let go of the anger

If you’re one of those people to get angry after taking the wrong step, then this point is for you. To recover, you’re going to need to let go of the anger. Don’t be angry at yourself or your ex because it will only cause more damage.

17. Don’t cause more trouble

Peradventure, you sent an angry drunk text to your ex that recalled some infuriated emotions you had towards him; try not to cause more problems by sending another angry text. It won’t help matters in any way.

18. Cry, if you need to

Shedding some tears when you’re going through something mortifying can be therapeutic. You’ll be able to offload most of the weight on you, and you’ll feel refreshed afterward. So cry if you need to.

19. Gather a support team if needed

Some situations require more people on board to be able to scale through it. If you have someone, you can call, then do so. However, it would be best not to reach out to people you know might deteriorate matters.

20. Express how you feel

If you’re not keen on crying out your heart, another way to offload the weight on you is by expressing how you feel. You can talk to someone about it, or maybe put it down in words.

21. Put a name to your emotions

Identifying how you feel puts you one step ahead in working your way through it. You need to know whether you’re angry, disappointed, embarrassed, or maybe even sad about the actions you took.

22. Take a long, hot shower

take a long, hot shower

This step helps – a lot. It’ll help your mind relax and thoroughly think about how you’re feeling. It’s another way to lessen the weight on your shoulders, and even better, you’ll feel a lot refreshed afterward.

23. Stop blaming yourself

If you’re feeling disappointed or maybe even sad about what happened, there’s a high chance you’re already blaming yourself for everything. But understand that blaming yourself will only cause you to feel worse without changing what happened.

24. Sleep

If you desire to feel more relaxed about what happened, you should resort to sleeping. It’s an easy way to forget about you sending that drunk text to your ex. More so, you’re guaranteed to feel better when you wake up.

25. Look on the brighter side

There’s always a worst-case scenario for every situation. Envision how bad matters could’ve been, and be thankful they’re not so terrible. If you look at the bright side of everything, you’ll go a lot easier on yourself.

26. Stop ruminating

If you stay fixed on what has already happened with your ex, you won’t be able to move forward. No matter how much you think about the past, you can’t change it. Instead, look ahead to more positive subjects.

27. Evaluate the lessons learned

You may not be able to change the past, but you can learn some lessons that can positively affect your future. Think about what you’ve acquired from this experience and how it will cause your end to improve.

28. Think of a better way to handle matters next time

Except you plan to stay sober for the rest of your life, you’re going to need a plan to avoid drunk texting your ex again. Consider locking your phone away when you know you’re having some drinks, or come up with some other intuitive precautions you think will work.

29. Please don’t stay in bed all-day

The previous step suggested that you should take a nap if you’re having a hard time recuperating, but don’t use that as an excuse to stay wrapped up in bed all day. It won’t help.

30. Get some work done

Leaving your house a mess is similar to staying in bed all day. It will bring a melancholic aura into the environment. Instead, do some work. It’ll distract your mind from the drunk texts to your ex and help improve your mood.

31. Take a tour around town

Even if you’ve visited everywhere in your local district, take a ride around town and reflect on all the beautiful places you see. It’ll give you a refreshing take on life, with more to look forward to.

32. Finish up your schedule for the day

finish up your schedule for the day

If you already had plans for the day, there’s no need to throw it into the wind. After following the steps above, you can finish up your schedule if there’s still enough time.

33. Be all about yourself

If you want to go back to the way things were, things need to revolve around you in the meantime. Do something you enjoy doing, one thing you know will make you happy regardless of how you feel. The more you focus on yourself, the faster you can get through the phase.

34. Watch a movie

You can quickly recover if you engage in activities that will influence your emotions, like watching a movie. Watch a movie that you love, especially one with a festive theme, and while away the time until you’ve improved.

35. Eat some food

Eating good food is something that improves your mood more than you know. You can treat yourself to food that you love and spoil yourself; you deserve it. It will also distract your mind from everything that happened.

36. Engage in your favorite hobby

We all have something we love doing apart from eating food and watching movies. It’s essential to do anything that will bring you joy and take your mind off the drunk text.

37. Start new routines

If you don’t feel motivated enough to engage in spare-time activities, you can start new practices that will help you stay productive and healthy. This act could be something as simple as eating home-cooked meals or hitting the gym.

38. Start a new hobby

Apart from routines, you can try new hobbies that will spark your interest. It could be something you came across recently or anything you want to try for fun.

39. Stay busy

The primary aim of the last two to three steps is to get you engaged. If, after trying them, you’re still not preoccupied, then look for other things to do. This action will keep your mind off what occurred the previous night.

40. Put on your best clothes

If you desire to build your confidence, put on clothes you love and feel good in your skin. This step may seem ludicrous, but it’s crucial to remain happy after everything that happened.

41. Give the situation some time

This stage involves waiting. Don’t expect an understanding text from your ex. If you still feel anxious, realize that everything will blow over with time.

42. Don’t watch the clock

don't watch the clock

A way to get your mind off the situation is by not paying attention to time. Don’t think about the number of hours that have passed since you sent the message, but live as if there were no clocks determining your fate.

43. Love yourself 

Always remember that you’re human and you’re going to fall sometimes. What’s more important is to pick yourself up and love yourself while you’re at it. You shouldn’t expect anyone to love you more than you love yourself.


What does it mean when an ex drunk texts you?

If an ex texts you when they’re drunk, it could mean either of these two things: they still desire you or haven’t fully gotten over the breakup yet. As a result, they might send a message about how they need you back or how they’re still grieving.

What do you do when you drunk text your ex?

If you sent a drunk text to your ex, it’s essential to remain calm. If you get agitated, you might end up making the wrong moves. Admit you were drunk and didn’t mean to send it, and apologize where necessary. In some cases, consider ignoring the situation.

Is it ever OK to text an ex?

It’s okay to still maintain regular or occasional contact with an ex, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the healthy boundaries set up. Texting an ex is wrong if it causes both of you to backslide and crave to get back together, which could be a terrible idea in some cases.

Do true feelings come out when drunk?

Many repressed emotions come to light when a person is drunk. If they still love you, they’re likely to say it when they’re under the influence.

How do you tell if an ex still loves you?

Your ex is probably still in love if they find reasons to be in contact with you, your friends, or your loved ones. This act doesn’t necessarily insinuate that they would like to get back together with you.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? Remember not to overthink the situation or act on impulse. The calmer you are, the clearer you can think when you’ve sent a wrong message. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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