Drama King (9 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Drama King)

Just like women are associated with catfights, men could also be dramatic in relationships, and they're also called drama kings.

Similar to a man that dates a drama queen, women also have the option of coping with dramatic men, and they go through those emotional setbacks as well. Many men also get to live an exaggerated life. Watching them from an external view could be entertaining, but being with them emotionally could be exhausting.

Every relationship should be enjoyed and treated with care. Sometimes you can't tell if your partner is a drama king or you're overreacting to specific issues. But if you notice some signs, you may not be wrong about them, especially if you're not a drama queen and you're a woman that can control her feelings during a conflict

Sometimes, it's hard to accept those flaws when you love them. But how do you know you're in a relationship with a drama king? Keep on reading to learn nine signs that you're with a drama king.

9 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Drama King

1. He could get touchy with a lot of excuses

The word here is emotions. Drama kings would channel their energy to the wrong things. They get so emotionally immature that they let their emotions control them. Just like drama queens get involved in catfights, guys sometimes go physical for their partners. 

And if you care to ask why they behave the way they do, they come up with stories and excuses for every negative thing they do but would not accept that from their partners. 

A drama king would give you a hundred and one reasons why he acts the way he does with no single word to accept the negative results those actions bring. He would expect you to understand him and would burst out his feelings if you don’t. 

If you’re in a place where you always have to be the one understanding him, then you’re either married to or dating a drama king.

2. Easily jealous

easily jealous

No drama king can watch his partner do nice things for other people and not react negatively to it. For instance, when a lady wears a skintight dress to work, a normal man could appreciate her for the effort she puts in to look the best. 

But a drama king would say she’s probably dressing that way to a male colleague or seduce her boss. Or, he could say she’s already seeing another man and is waiting for her to say it officially. He could become overbearing and unnecessarily controlling because of jealousy

A drama king believes you should only relate to him and should have an explanation for every move you make. For some odd reasons, this becomes choking if you’re the free-spirited lady. But if you experience this and you feel helpless. Your man could be a drama king.

3. Exaggeration of issues

Drama kings love to exaggerate. They never see a dot as a dot. Instead, they could see it as a dash disguised to be a dot. It doesn’t finish there. Even when you apologize for a mishap, they would rather dwell on the opposite side of things with you taking the whole blame. 

A drama king would make up negative reasons why you made the mistakes you made and blame you for making them or not avoiding them in the first place. It’s a usual way of life for them; exaggerating situations, especially when it didn’t follow their rules, blaming you for them, and finding it hard to accept apologies.

4. He loves to be praised with constant attention

If there’s anything a dramatic partner loves, it’s for his ego to be polished. They get easily offended by things or people. They love attention so much, from their partners and everyone in general. If your partner loves to be praised, whether it’s the right time for it or not, he’s a drama king. They love to be continuously noticed. 

And satisfaction or appreciation is not a word in the dictionary of this particular set of human species. They could do anything in their power to get attention from people, whether it's negative or positive. Sometimes, they blackmail their partners emotionally for it. If you notice something like this, your guy could be a drama king.

5. Always insecure

always insecure

Another thing you should look out for is how insecure he acts. Men who are drama kings have a fear of being alone. This fear is the reason they always bring up the drama with their partners. Because of their dramatic attitude, they have few people they can call friends or people they can get attention from or lean on. 

Hence, their reason for always being clingy or unnecessarily dependent. There’s always something to complain or be angry about in their relationship. They lack trust in their women, and if you’re not careful, it may lead to violence as the situation may be. 

An insecure partner would never believe they’re wrong but would always point out the negatives. And if you observe this sign, your partner may fall in the drama category.

6. He loves his personal space

When it comes to personal space, they love it. A drama king loves to be free to do whatever he wants when he wants them. And he could become quite sensitive about it. This does not mean he wants this for his partner. He feels his woman should do the opposite. He is emotionally immature, which makes it harder for him to make compromises. 

Most of them are so self-absorbed they don't respect your sensitivity to things. It makes them look like they want to have laughter to themselves without caring about the next person’s problem. If you experience something like this with your man, he may be a drama king.

7. Always jumps to conclusions

Drama kings always jump to conclusions, and sometimes, you may love them so much that you keep enduring to make everything fair. Imagine having a date with your drama king boyfriend, and you’re late. He would think of every lousy possibility without giving any thought to the positive ones. 

So, rather than thinking you may have probably been stuck in traffic, delayed at work, or had outfit issues, he could feel you were with someone else or a male friend who may be asking you out. 

Like a drama queen, the male version always comes up with wrong assumptions, blaming you for what they may be thinking before listening to anything you have to say, which only happens in a few events. This is another way to know he’s a drama king.

8. You would get emotionally drained

Some people don’t understand what it means to be emotionally drained. A few others do but deny it. When you feel tired of hearing your partner nag, that’s a sign. When you feel scared of going back home to him, receiving his calls, or responding to his messages, that’s another sign of getting emotionally tired of your partner. 

Drama kings always make this impact. They bring topics that end in conflict. If your boyfriend is a drama king, your heart will tell you because the slightest time you have away from them would feel like a lifetime of freedom and fresh air. Because drama kings drain the life out of you.

9. There would be poor communication

there would be poor communication

While a drama queen may get involved in catfights to keep her man, a drama king would rather rant and sulk. They’d exhibit bad attitudes and create the image that you’re at fault for all the mishaps. Drama kings never really raise concerns the right way or openly talk about how they feel. 

They like to lay the blames on their partners with guilt on how it would look. Either that or they create a conflict that would end up making you look like an inconsiderate person. Like a drama queen, a drama king lacks the right communication skills to keep his dating life going. When you feel like you’re going round in circles in a particular discussion or argument, he’s a drama king.


What is a drama king?

A male figure loves to exaggerate things in his life, especially with his partner, without thinking how the next person would feel. He could be unknowingly emotionally immature with negative conclusions to everything without asking for an explanation. A drama king loves to be loved with maximum attention.

How do you deal with a drama king?

When you recognize your drama king for who he is, it’s good to set boundaries. Tell them the world does not revolve around them, learn to love yourself, avoid being the center of attention, control your emotions, so you don’t become like them, give them and yourself some space, and try not to make excuses for their dramatic behaviors.

How do you calm down a drama king?

It’s good to let him know no one tolerates his behavior. Talk to them amicably in an excellent way to discourage their constant exaggeration of things. You could tell him it could end your togetherness if he doesn’t keep it under control. He should even know it doesn’t create the right image of him.

Do guys like drama queens?

A few men love drama queens because they feel women who are dramatic spice and keep things going for them. However, a lot of guys don’t. They want that simple and peaceful dating life without much attention, with a partner they can be most comfortable with. But it also depends on the man and what he wants.

How do you not make a drama in a relationship?

First of all, you should change your perspective about things. Listen to your partner, and make your point clear about how you feel. Don’t make yourself the center of attention and avoid unhealthy relationships especially when you trust your instincts. Finally, try not to draw conclusions when you’re not sure of a particular occurrence.


Just like women, men could also be drama kings. Getting involved with one is not a bad thing. It’s only good you know if your partner is one or not. And for convenience, you could use the 9 signs I’ve mentioned above as a guide. If you like this article, please remember to share it with your loved ones and drop a comment.

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