Does He Love Me? (25 Ways To Tell When Men Fall In Love)

The burning question, “Does he love me?” comes up at some point in every relationship. Every lady wants to be sure that their partner feels the same way about them. They want to feel secure about the relationship and about the efforts they are making to see it work. To get closure, they need to know how the guy feels first.

This article lists 25 signs that show when men fall in love and answers the critical question you have concerning that special guy in particular. If you want to know more, continue reading to find out more. 

25 Ways To Tell If He Loves You

1. He Shows You Love

Love is an expression that's shown and not just spoken. There are different ways people choose to express this value because everyone has their individualistic idea of what it means. This process can be termed the language of love. There's a good chance you feel unloved because your language is quite different from your partner. 

One way to identify if a person loves you is to pay attention to their love language. Finding out isn't complicated, however. You should be able to tell from the little things he does to the grand gestures every now and then. It could be the way he looks at you, how he talks to you or how he makes an effort to help you out.

2. He Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life

he wants to be a part of your life

When a guy makes an effort to involve himself in your life, even when he has the option not to, that means he is interested in you. He's not intruding but trying to be active in all areas of your life. He participates in your favorite activities and goes out of his way to learn the things you love doing the most. 

Anyone making this much effort has a significant amount of love for you. In a nutshell, he sees himself as more than a partner, but an active participant in your life. You may feel like putting up an act, but that’s left for you to determine. 

3. He Gets Worried

One emotion that accompanies the feeling of love is fear. When you love someone, you tend to get worked up that the relationship might not work out or that your partner might leave you for someone else. When men worry, it shows that their love has genuinely grown. If your partner fears losing you and sometimes expresses this, it's not because he's overprotective. 

He's indirectly telling you that his feelings have grown, and he hopes you're on the same page. A guy that isn’t into you won’t show that much concern especially when it’s none of his business.

4. He Makes Eye Contact

Partners can communicate a lot with a mere look, that’s why you can tell if your partner is in love with you by how he stares at you. Widespread knowledge suggests that the eyes are the window of the soul. Have you ever caught him gazing at you with this intense look in his eyes that offers love? 

Does he pay close attention to you when you speak and maintain eye contact? Small signs like these can go a long way to show that a man is really in love with you. If he likes making eye contact with you, even in the most unlikely situations, it shows he's connecting deeply with you and possibly loves you.

5. He Makes Plans With You

If someone is making plans for their future with you, it means they value your presence and hope you stick around for a long time. Making big plans as a couple shows that you imagine your future with your partner. 

When you fall in love with the guy, you’ll definitely be looking out for signs he loves you back. Most women look out for the type of conversations their men make. 

If your partner is eager to make big plans with you and stick to them, it means he's in love with you and committed to making both of you work. This act shows a deep sense of love that may not be expressed verbally.

6. He Wants To Give

Love, in other words, can be expressed as the act of giving. It's a process where you show another person that you want them to be happy, and you're willing to sacrifice something for their happiness. 

Giving isn't restricted to material things but can be the time, joy, or care you give. It’s doing something to make the other person feel better. If your man doesn't hesitate to give any of these things to you, it shows that he loves you. Men don’t feel the need to spend so much time giving or tending to the needs of a partner they don’t really care about.

7. You're His Priority

you're his priority

Actions will always speak louder than words in most situations. When you're trying to find out whether someone loves you or not, we recommend you pay attention to their action instead. You should check whether your man makes you a priority. 

Does he have time for you? He could have thousands of things to do, but does he consider your needs something he should address sooner than later? If the answers to these questions are all positive, then he loves you. Anyone willing to sacrifice their time for you values you more than you know.

8. He Sees You

Love is much more than a feeling; love is understanding someone beyond what they show or tell you. When someone sees you, it means they've looked past the surface and can identify things about you that no one else can know. There's a good chance they may even be able to discover things that you may not know about yourself. 

There's no psychological distance between the two of you, and they know you as much as they know themselves. If your man has ever told you that he sees you or understands you correctly, it's an indication that he has taken out time to get to know you, which is a sign of love.

9. He Keeps You Updated

When someone makes an extra effort to keep you updated about events in their life, it shows how much they value you. You can also tell how much a man loves you by how he keeps you in the loop. 

Whenever there's time spent apart, he ensures you don't feel left out. For example, if you call without a response, he calls back and tells you why he couldn't pick up, so you don't feel ignored. His sense of responsibility to keep you updated shows how much he cares about you.

10. He Appreciates Your True Self

A relationship matures when the two parties can be their authentic selves around each other without fear of criticism or judgment. More importantly, they both learn to appreciate both their unique qualities and flaws. 

You know your man is in love with you when he still sticks around despite the opposing sides you've shown him. You're indeed not perfect, and he knows that, but he appreciates you on your good days and doesn't give up on you on your bad ones. This act is the definition of true love. Loving someone unconditionally and refusing to give up on them goes beyond words and shows intense love.

11. He's A Listener

Another sign that shows a guy is in love with you is if he listens to you. It's natural for people to focus on themselves all the time and want to speak instead of listening. A selfish person would even go further to interrupt what you're saying to have a conversation monopoly. 

On the contrary, someone who loves you will be willing to not just listen, but remember the little details you mentioned. If he remembers your likes and dislikes, the small insignificant dates, and the events you talk about, then he truly loves you.

12. You Have Routines

you have routines

Unconsciously or consciously, having routines is a positive sign that the relationship is moving in the right direction. If a man is willing to get on board with patterns formed in the relationship, it shows he's making room for you in his life. 

He’ll get used to waking up, texting you, picking up the groceries, accompanying you to your pilates class, and the likes. Once men start to follow routines, then that shows they are truly getting emotionally attached to you. Having routines also shows that he naturally enjoys your company, which is another positive sign of the love he has for you.

13. Sometimes, He Can Be Emotionally Unavailable

It's natural for men to become less emotional and seem distant from time to time. Indeed, their biology attests to this fact. On the other hand, the brains of women have a more extensive limbic system, which means they'll always be more in touch with their emotions than men. 

Being emotionally available doesn't necessarily indicate that a man is in love with you. It's the extra effort he makes to connect with you, even after being distant, that matters. Sometimes, he'll need his space, but a man that loves you will always come running back to appease for the distance created. This act communicates the love he has for you.

14. He's Adapting To Your Body Language

It's normal to adapt to someone you spend time with – both in body language and words. However, this action can reveal the love between couples. Suppose your man has started to mirror some of your activities, it indirectly shows that he's comfortable in your presence, loves it, and is unconsciously trying to make you comfortable around him too. 

He may start laughing like you, or unconsciously repeating your witty catchphrases. That’s when you know your rubbing on him.

15. He Wants To Be Your Hero

The biology surrounding men's testosterone indicates that men like to feel wanted around the women they love. In other words, they want to feel like a hero that the lady can depend on for anything. This process makes him feel more valuable. 

To know when a man is in love with you, he has an urge to look out for you in every situation. He wants to protect you at all times, not just from physical harm but anything negative. He also wants to help you out with any tedious tasks you can't handle. In such a scenario, he's indirectly telling you that he's in love with you and sees himself as your hero.

16. He Wants To Go To New Places With You

This point focuses more on the experience a man would love to have with his woman than the adventure of traveling itself. Your man may not be the type to go on vacations but may want to experience other new things with you. 

This act shows that he loves you and would do anything to make you happy. Everyone has their dreams and goals, but what makes the difference is who they want to share these experiences with. If you top the list, it's a positive sign that he values you more than anything. 

17. He Checks On You

he checks on you

People say that it's okay to go without speaking to your significant other for days, however, people in love can't stay without communicating with their better half. It's just the science of love. There's a longing to know how they are doing and hear their voices. 

This science is also applicable to men. If he's calling in now and then to see how you're doing or texting you during his free time at work, it shows he has much love for you. He values your presence and wellbeing and always wants to be around you.

18. He Lets You Know You're Unique

Guys can be sweet talkers at the beginning of a relationship, but as time progresses, they likely become less vocal about their lady's outstanding qualities. Nonetheless, you can identify a man who loves you when he compliments you, even in unlikely situations. 

Despite how long the relationship has been, he lets you know how special you are, and what makes you different from everyone out there. If he doesn't hesitate to build your confidence and make you feel peculiar in any crowd, then that’s a sign of love.

19. He's Free Around You

Guys try their best to impress their ladies at the first stage of the relationship. They make sure they look good, smell pleasant, and don't make silly mistakes around you. On the contrary, as time goes on, the need to impress might reduce. 

If he gets comfortable around you to the point that he's not afraid to show you vulnerable sides of himself, look stupid, or feel embarrassed in front of you, then he loves you. If he can break wind in your presence, better believe it is love. The element of comfort shows that love has matured into something more.

20. He's Ready To Help At Any Moment

This point doesn't particularly mean helping out with chores but indicates his general attitude towards helping you out when you're in need. If he can drop everything he's doing to solve an urgent matter you told him about, it shows that he loves you. 

The tighter the circumstances, the more love that it indicates. If he can't make it to you, but he prevails through all odds just to show up, it reveals that he's in love with you. Any act of sacrifice your man shows towards you is a sign that he values you deeply.

21. He Talks About His Feelings

Although most guys would conceal their emotions to their ladies, in most cases, whenever a guy shares his deep feelings for you, it's because he values you. If you're sure that he's not open about specific things to other people, but he is with you, it's a positive sign that he's in love with you. 

Emotional connection is a form of intimacy and shows how close two people are. If this characterizes your relationship, it means there's love in the picture. If both of you are not afraid to share both your good and bad times with each other, it shows that love is blossoming.

22. He Feels Obligated To You

he feels obligated to you

Every male desires to feel needed in a relationship, without this critical aspect, it would be hard to stay committed. He would unknowingly feel like something is missing. People naturally remain where they feel wanted the most, which is why being too independent in your relationship can lead to a separation. 

Both parties need to rely on each other for one thing or the other, but men feel more loved and express love when they know their women depend on them. If he feels he has to fulfill an obligation towards you, it shows that he loves you more than you know.

23. He Would Rather Be With You

If your man has canceled an important event just to be with you; that’s a sign of love. When a man has other things to do but would rather be with you, it shows that he loves you. More importantly, if he can change his plans to meet up with your crucial needs, it's an indication that he values you more than anything. 

Making time for someone is an essential aspect of love because time is an important asset. Time spent cannot be replaced, which is why it's a valuable investment. Anyone investing their time to be with you surely values you more than you know.

24. Quality Time Is Essential To Him

Quality time goes beyond only spending time with someone. It's more about the undivided attention you give to them, even without them asking for it. Quality time is one of the most common love languages because most people want attention from their partners, and it's one love language that can be faked (at least for too long). 

If he regularly asks about your day and sits to listen, he's expressing love through quality time even when you rant about an insignificant subject. If he doesn't interrupt or use his phone while you talk but pays attention and gives productive responses to your statements, it's a sign he's in love with you.

25. He Lets Things Go

A beautiful aspect of loving someone is loving them unconditionally. Mistakes or pet peeves are not detrimental to the relationship, instead, overcoming and growing from these subjects is more important. If he knows how to let things go, it means he loves you unconditionally. You're not perfect, and you've probably given him reasons to end the relationship. 

If he's still there, then it's likely that he believes in both of you more than you know. He also sees you as a worthy person to go through the storms of life with. This act shows he has a lot of love in store for you.


How do you know if a man really loves you?

When a man loves you, it shows in his actions. The way he talks to you, looks at you, and behaves around you will reveal how much he values you. If your happiness is his priority, it shows that he's in love with you.

How do you know if a guy is deeply in love with you?

When a guy falls in love, he tends to make sacrifices for his beloved. He goes out of his way to ensure she has what she needs and is comfortable around him. He feels obligated to make her happy and strives to be her hero in more ways than one.

How do you know he loves you when making love to you?

If he's making eye contact and focuses on giving you pleasure rather than only receiving, it indicates that he loves you. He'll also want to be the hero in bed and focus on ensuring you're secure and entirely okay.

How do you test him to see if he cares?

To see if your man cares, observe if he's willing to drop everything and attend to your needs. Watch how he reacts when next you ask for help. If you're in a stranded circumstance, will he come to your rescue? These acts will show how much he cares about you.

How does a man act when he's falling in love?

When a man is falling in love, he tends to overlook a lot of things. He sees your mistakes as a way to grow and not as a means to condemn you. He strives to make the relationship work and sometimes worries about losing you.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? Did it answer the question “Does he love me” for you? Remember to always look past the surface for signs he loves you, and you'll find your answers. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article if you liked it.

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