Does He Like Me? (20 Undeniable Signs He Is Totally Into You)

You’ll certainly agree with me that holding back when you like a guy comes naturally to all women. For the most part, no one likes to act on assumptions to avoid the embarrassment that comes with one-sided feelings. The thing is, it's the 21st century and you can't really expect men to always make the first move. Not all of them have the courage to ‘shoot their shot', or they could simply be oblivious. 

So, what happens next? Well, if you have found yourself in a predicament where you are constantly wondering ‘Does he like me?’, the good news is that, when a guy is into you, he will make sure you know; although not necessarily with words at first, it could also be with his body language.

So, no need to rush to take that ‘does he like me quiz’ as that probably won’t help you come to a plausible conclusion. Luckily, your love life just got easier with the below twenty signs that will further help decipher if it's the right time to make a move.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

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1. He is interested in your relationship status

Think about, why else would a guy be interested in your relationship status, if he’s not interested? Life is not always as complicated as it seems. I mean, if he asks if you have a boyfriend, it’s obvious he is nursing the idea of coming out of the friend zone. More so, the question might sound casual at first but when followed up with other signs (especially how he treats you differently around other people), you might just discover he has a crush on you. 

Notably, some other guys won’t throw the question directly; rather, they will go into detail about their own love life, emphasizing the fact that they are single. On the flip side, whilst the majority of guys would rather not enter the mess that comes with a third-party relationship, believe it or not, some others love the competition and won't even mind fighting for your attention – even when they know you are in a relationship. 

So, I guess it’s safe to say that if a guy wants to know if there is someone in your life before advancing further, he is likely interested. Now, the next time you hear the ‘’Do you have a boyfriend?’’ question, read between the lines.

2. Always ready to catch you when you fall

Not to be taken literally, but if you analyze your daily life, you might find that one person who is always quick to jump to your defense no matter the situation. He protects you from being insulted or bullied by others and even makes you feel safe. More so, he is always available to render his help anytime you need it. 

Does this sound familiar? Actually, let me put it bluntly – does this person happen to be the guy you like? Does he drop everything he is doing to come and help you out? If so, there’s a high chance he might like you back.

Remember – as innate problem solvers, men don't usually shy away from challenges, so when you add a ‘crush in distress’ to the equation, you know he won't rest until the job is done. While any random male friend can help you out sometimes, you should pay closer attention to the effort put in. Someone who likes you will surely go out of his way to give you what you want, even if the problem at hand is not his forte.

Thus, examining his actions at a time like this will reveal his true feelings. Helping you out will always make him feel happy, regardless of the stress.

3. He showers you with gifts

Who doesn't like to be spoilt with gifts, especially out-of-the-blue packages? A myriad of gifts coming your way, (when there is nothing to celebrate) is one unmistakable sign he is interested. Now, don't get me wrong, these gifts are not necessarily expensive. In fact, it is the little ones that matter the most as they often carry a message with them.

For instance, you lost your favorite mug in the office one day and voila! look who gifts you something similar. Certainly, an occasion like this doesn't just say he cares, it also shows how much he has noticed you.

In fact, it’s a good idea to also pay attention to the kind of gifts he brings to you. Are they too posh for the friend zone? Obviously, if he brings a bunch of red roses, no guesswork is required. But other gifts like bracelets and the likes could signify that he is looking for the right moment to reveal his feelings.

4. Is he always around the corner?

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Isn’t a coincidence that the same guy who caught your fancy is always lurking around you? Make no mistake, he just might be nursing the same feelings as you. Though not the way a psycho stalker would trail you; your crush might suddenly start turning up at places you frequently visit, apart from the office or any other spot his presence is often felt.

In fact, this could be his way of getting noticed by you; so try not to miss the opportunity. Remember, guys like to be noticed too and they even love it more when it's coming from the right person. Thus, the next time you spot him at a local bar or grocery store, don't assume he is just there by chance.

Funny enough, some men will start displaying weird gestures when you finally notice them and might even try to squeeze themselves into your schedules. Whatever the case might be, a guy who likes you will always find a reason to be around you because seeing you always make him happy.

5. His eyes seem to follow you everywhere

Still asking yourself ‘Does he like me?’ If so, be watchful if his eyes keep tabs on you. Does he tactfully monitor your every move? If yes, this is a sure sign that he likes you. Aside from admiration, he might be watching you so keenly to ensure he is the first to come to your rescue if a problem arises. 

The reality is that when a guy likes you, you are at the center of his thoughts. And even if his friends notice and tease him about it, that won’t stop him gazing. Instead, he will find better ways to keep a close eye on you.

However, while you are enjoying all the attention, be aware that this is an invitation into his life and world and since you share the same interest, don't try to hide your feelings. Also, try not to allow the constant starring to creep you out.

6. Flirting with other female friends

Now, this might seem strange but the act of flirting with other girls is another tactic many guys use to get attention – even if they go as far as to flirt with your friends. The truth is; when a guy has tried other means of getting the message across to no avail or just wants to spark things up a bit; don’t be surprised if he goes all out.

It could be that he is trying to make you jealous; although childish, it’s just his way of getting noticed. In fact, getting cozy with another woman when he knows you are watching gives the impression of an attractive and popular guy who is not too desperate. My advice? Play along with the show. While he is at it, you might catch him stealing glances at you to see if you are taking the bait or not.

He might also be searching for clues of jealousy on your face. And never mind the fun he is catching from the act; a guy who likes you would not take the charade too far and will likely stop so as not to hurt you. 

Although annoying, it does show he is interested. He is probably your friend already and among other friends, he will exaggerate his behavior to stand out and be noticed. Therefore, don't be surprised if his voice suddenly becomes louder when he is busy flirting with other people.

7. Nothing else matters when you are around… not even his smartphone!

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It's not that men can't focus, but sometimes they'd rather not. So, if he drops everything to listen to you, that's a major sign he likes you. The truth is, that there's a pool of beautiful people out there and most men find it quite difficult to focus on one.

With all that in mind, if the guy you like only has eyes for you in the midst of other ladies, he's a keeper. That being said, your search for the truth is over because his actions say it all. It's hard enough to find a man, talkless of finding someone who is ready to pull all the stops for you. So, if he does this, he's definitely got the hots for you. Just take some time to observe him when the two of you are together, if he likes you, it'll show. 

Common signs are if he doesn't even look at his phone when he's with you. This simply means that he prefers to make the most of the time he has with you. So, stop plucking off rose petals, playing ‘he loves me, he loves me not'. Read the handwriting on the wall. If you see a man who doesn't get distracted by his cell phone when you are around, he most definitely likes you.

8. He doesn't hesitate to introduce you to his friends

How many of his friends have you been formally introduced to? A clear pointer to the fact that he's interested in you is when he's eager for you to meet his closest pals and even family members. He is gradually trying to bring you into his world by telling his folks about you. Even more, he includes you in activities he does with his friends.

Sure, you don't want to lose it for someone who introduces you to his friends, there are other signs. For instance, if his friends leave the room when you're both in it, that's a major pointer. Basically, they know he likes you and wants to give you both some extra space. 

And if he's opened up to them, or they've simply noticed the sparks, they'll constantly give you space. So, watch his friend's reactions closely, especially when you are all hanging out. Do they tease him or make jokes that indicate he's happy to see you? You can also catch a glimpse of those mischievous smiles on their faces when they look at you two. Always check for other signs to be sure he’s not just being friendly.

9. You got a new hairstyle/look and he notices immediately

Did you show up to work with a new look? Whether it's new hair or makeup, he is likely to acknowledge the change in style and throw a nice compliment your way. The compliments will also be accompanied by a smile that shows how proud he is.

Even though women try so hard to pull off striking looks, a lot of men hardly notice the little details. Most times, a new hairstyle or shade of lipstick will go unnoticed. But a guy who's attracted to you will notice subtle changes because his thoughts are always on you (metaphorically, of course, any other way is creepy).

This further means he has been paying attention to your activities (and probably your life) as a whole. If you like him, then that's a good sign that proves he is attracted to you. It’s enough proof he likes you because for any man to notice you are wearing a new dress, it simply means he pays a lot of attention to you. As we all know, it's only cute when you like him too. 

10. Does he text or call often?

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Here’s something else to look out for. If he doesn't already have your number, he will be itching for it but don't be flattered by this. Plenty of guys out there enjoy the chase and brag about their conquests, even if it's just a number from a pretty lady. 

There's no way to know for sure, but paying attention to his actions helps you know if he's the real deal. Now that he has your number, does he call or text often? Does he take forever to reply to your messages?

A guy who is into you will be eager to keep in touch and will always do it to suit your schedule. 

There will be none of that after-hour sleazy behavior right from the start. Also, he won't forget to reach out to you for days and then reappear without an explanation.

Unless you don't mind being a booty call, watch out for this kind of behavior in a man you suspect is interested in you. If he has other girls, he won't have much time to spare for you, except when you are physically present. Also, one of the ways to know if his intentions are good is to watch where his eyes wander. The eyes truly are the window to the soul and if they are on your bosom the whole time, he's not for you. 

11. You are always in his plans

This doesn't just apply to guys, but people in general always make time for those they care about. So, if a man likes you, he will find ways to include you in his daily activities. Instead of leaving the possibility of a meeting to fate, he will invite you out for a drink, a hiking trip. In short, any fun activity that means you two can spend quality time together is on the table. 

You'll also notice that he has nothing short of a good time when he's with you. For the most part, people can fake IDs, they can counterfeit money, but one thing you truly can't fake is fun. Based on that, he will try fixing another date even before the first one is over.

This means he wants to see you again and if there is no interest, he won't be eager to get your attention at all. What’s more, if he has been spending lots of time with you without pouring out his feelings, he is probably shy or just waiting for the right moment.

12. What you can deduce from body language

Constant smiles, leaning forward to talk to you and several other gestures should not be overlooked when you want to know if a guy likes you. Luckily, guys are not as complicated as women. Experts say there are many ways you can know that he is dying for your attention using body language. His eyes will brighten up and his pupils will dilate when he looks at you. Heck, you might even catch him licking his lips.

This might look like he is getting raunchy ideas in his head, which I can assure you that he is. But, it also means he is relishing every moment with you and thinking of the good times that can come out of it. No doubt, the eyes tell a lot about what the mind is thinking and you can totally read a guy's mind just by looking into his eyes. Most guys can be predictable and tend to give away pretty much everything.

He'll also grab any opportunity to lean close to you, perhaps he'll feign that he can't hear you. He might even intentionally talk in low tones to make an excuse for this. Experts also go as far as to state that if his feet are not pointing towards you often, he might not be interested in you. Apparently, the direction a man points his feet is an indication of where his heart lies.

13. He wants to know everything about your life

A guy who likes you will want to know everything about you, from childhood to the present day. It's not etched in stone that if he asks questions about you he likes you, but it's definitely a sign. What’s more, you could be talking about the most boring thing on earth and still hold his attention. He may not be too keen on it, but best believe that he'll listen. 

Additionally, he might be gathering information about the things that make you tick. As such, don't be surprised when you see him showing interest in the things you told him you like. Your favorite ice cream flavor might even turn to his and your favorite spots are not left out as well. This is a clear giveaway if you want to know a guy’s intentions towards you.

14. He has followed you on social media

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If he is the social media type, it won't be long after your first meeting before he starts following you on different platforms. Also, you can be sure he has been already checking out your pictures too. You might even get a like here and there. 

Considering the loudness of social media, with all the distractions and millions of people to chat with. If he spends time chatting you up, there is no doubt the guy likes you. More so, men are easily distracted, so it's not an easy feat ignoring all the things seeking his attention just to spend time with you. 

No doubt, there are guys who only have time to drop one-word replies to your messages.

Likewise, if a guy drops short responses when you are chatting and doesn't try to go in-depth, he probably doesn't like you as much as you thought. Again, if the brief replies equally take forever to drop, forget it, he is not that into you.

In view of this, you can learn a lot from the way a guy responds to your messages, especially on social media. It simply means he is willing to make sacrifices to please you.

15. Does he act weird around you?

Is he always confused about what to do with his hands and legs when talking to you? Even more, does he sweat and look uneasy around you? With this body language, you best believe that if he likes you, the signs will be screaming at you. Furthermore, if there's a rush over words or stutter in there, you've got yourself a winner. 

But not to worry, it will pass when he overcomes the nerves as this feeling is purely natural. Nevertheless, it could go the other way too, while some men dumb down, others peacock themselves. They may even overdo it in terms of putting their best foot forward. 

And if you conduct research, chances are that you may not find anyone who doesn't get butterflies in their stomach. Furthermore, it’s even worse when you don't know a whole lot about your crush. You end up being unsure of how to behave around them. Think of this when your ‘bae in waiting' makes a fool of himself. Besides, they are trying so hard to leave a good impression and sometimes, it's really hard. In fact, it begins to feel like a do or die affair. 

Some other signs that suggest he is nervous may include constant rubbing of palms together, blinking, pressing his lips together, touching different parts of his body, and so much more.

These uneasy gestures are all in the bid to ease off tension, which is normal. Once he gets to know you better, things should stabilize. The exception is if he is usually a bag of nerves around other people.

16. Little things that matter

When you compare how a woman's brain works to that of a man, it becomes clear that men tend to forget things that are not right in front of them. Guys are simply horrible at remembering the little things that matter. Sure enough, they're just not nitpickers like we are. That said, if he can remember something you mentioned about yourself, it means he has been paying attention and surely likes you.

Let’s not even talk about birthdays; most ‘normal’ people tend to forget your birthday if you don't pop up on their Facebook feed that day. Nevertheless, a guy who likes you is not likely to let it pass without getting involved in the celebration. No matter how small, it could be anything from a rager to a cupcake with a candle in it. 

He also takes note of the things you talk about. For instance, when you mention you have an event to attend, the next day he'll probably ask how it went. This is a sign that he has you on his mind often and also cares about you.

17. He gets jealous when you talk to other men

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If you have read this far and you’re still asking ‘does he like me?’ Watch his countenance anytime he sees you talking to other guys. He is bound to get curious and might even get involved somehow. This evidence of jealousy can be linked to the fact that he is scared that another man might declare their interest before he does. At this point, it should be evident that he doesn't want that to happen.

No doubt, this feeling is hard to control and you may sight him pacing around or making eye contact to see if you are enjoying the company. Another way to spot this jealousy is if you get the cold shoulder after talking to another man.

He might not come out straight to say this but he could be hurt and be struggling to accept the fact that someone else has a chance. It's true, women don't have a monopoly on being dramatic. Again, this is one of those things that's cute because you like him. On one hand, you know he likes you. On the other hand, you need to define the relationship quickly. 

18. He worries about his looks when you are around

In general, men and women want to look good. Even more, we want the people we like to find us attractive. So, if you notice that he fixes his hair, or smoothes out the wrinkles in his shirt when he sees you, he likes you. 

If a man is head over heels in love with you, the last thing he wants is to get caught with a crooked tie or ruffled hair, thus, the quick grooming attempts when you are around. All in all, he just wants you to see his best looks and get attracted to him in the process. It's all part of him putting his best foot forward. 

What’s more, it is natural for a man to try to impress someone they like by portraying a good appearance. He might also try to appeal to your other senses. So, if he gets some new cologne, that's a sign. However, the downside of taking peacocking as a sign is the fact that he could be doing it for anyone. Maybe, it's the girl who sits behind you at work. Or your hot friend, so, try to look out for accompanying signs to know whether it's directed at you. 

19. Notice the way he often smiles and laughs in your company

So, you already know you're no Tiffany Hadish, but this man laughs his head off at your dad jokes. Girl, you don't need a soothsayer to tell you he's into you. Just tell yourself. Even more, if you notice he is always smiling whenever you two are together, it’s obviously because you make him happy

The guy is obviously making an effort here just to get on your radar. Interestingly, people around may notice this sign before you do, that's why his friends will most likely tease him when you are around.

Besides laughing at what you say, he also searches your face for a reaction when he makes a joke. Certainly, he is looking for approval from you which is indeed a good clue that he is crushing on you. Furthermore, watching your face whenever he says or does something shows that your opinion matters. When a man is interested in what you think of him, he is definitely into you.

20. How does he react to body contact?

Woman On The Phone Reaching Out To Man's Hand

Does he like me? If you are battling with the right answer to that question, one good sign to look out for is the way he reacts when you touch. It could be a caress or a full-blown hug; however, don't get lost in the moment… pay attention

No doubt, if this guy likes you, he will intentionally do the touch thing and will equally allow the contact to linger for a while as a way of relishing the moment. On the other hand, a man who is not into you might recoil when you make body contact and will possibly pull away as soon as possible. He wouldn't want to hold hands when the two of you are out in public either. But that's relative. 

Whether accidental or intentional, you can totally tell that a man likes you if he is comfortable with making body contact. Most often than not, this reaction to body contact can be accompanied by other reactions like compressed lips, a little shiver, and more.


How do you know if he really likes you?

A guy who really likes you will display a good percentage of the signs mentioned above and in case you are still not satisfied even after seeing the possibilities, simply ask him.

How do you know if a guy likes you secretly?

To know a guy's true feelings towards you, closely observe the way he acts around you, taking your cues from the aforementioned signs. Also, check if he acts like that with other people to avoid jumping to unnecessary conclusions, you don't want to rely on assumptions here.

How do you know if a guy really likes you or is just using you?

If a guy truly likes you, he will send out vibes that will indicate his interest but to know whether his intentions are pure, watch the way he acts around other women. Also, check if he is easily distracted when he is supposed to focus on you.

Do guys play hard to get when they like you?

Though it's common among women, guys also play the hard to get game even though they are dying to get down with you. However, if you read between the lines, you will still see how much they like you.

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you sexually?

Body language is the major sign here. If he is sexually attracted to you, he will always stay close, lean over in a suggestive way, and let his eyes do the talking. The way a man looks at you, especially your assets, can indicate he wants to have sex with you.

To Conclude…

Did you find this list helpful? Then stop asking yourself ‘does he like me’ and start applying the signs to know what his intentions are. Don't forget to share the article as you might be helping someone. Also, leave a comment to let us know what you think or share your experience.

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