Do I Love My Boyfriend? (25 Ways To Tell)

Love can be a confusing subject in any relationship, pushing many to ask, “Do I love my boyfriend?” if you want to measure the degree of affection you have towards your boyfriend, you're going to need to take a test.

Several signs can reveal when a woman is genuinely in love, and being aware of these clues can give you a better idea of your level of affection towards your partner. If you want to test your association's potential by measuring your love level, this article is the perfect guide. 

Below are twenty-five clues to determine how you feel about your significant other. 

25 Ways To Know You Love Your Boyfriend

1. You're physically attracted to him

Physical attraction is a crucial factor when it comes to love and affection. What you see has to appeal to your senses for you to admit that you're attracted to someone. Since people's perspectives determine beauty, a person's attractiveness depends on another person's perspective. 

Your boyfriend doesn't have to be the best-looking individual for you to admire his appearance. He has to arouse your interest for you to acknowledge the feeling of fondness towards him. 

Guys put in less effort than women to appear attractive, which means if you're bewildered by his appearance, it's the most natural form of attractiveness. This process is a foundation to the level of affection someone can feel towards another person.

2. Random things make you think about him

It's proof that you're emotionally attached to someone when you effortlessly think about them. If you're fond of someone to the extent that little things bring thoughts of them to your mind, it's one of the signs that you're indeed in love with them. 

If you come across something that your significant other likes and you unconsciously smile to yourself while thinking about them, it's a sign of immense affection towards him. You didn't force this process, but it came naturally. Places, people, and things effortlessly recall people we care about to our memories, and this idea proves our love in different ways.

3. You're self-aware when someone calls his name

Hearing your significant other's name arouses your interest because he's endeared to you. This process is otherwise a response to stimuli. His name unconsciously triggers an action because your feelings are attached to him. It doesn't have to be your significant other's exact name. Sometimes, it could be a name that closely resembles his own. 

You might also get a similar response when you hear his voice or anything resembling his vocalism. If little factors about him can trigger a reaction from you, it shows you have a particular interest in him. These scenarios prove that your relationship with your man is more potent than you think and that you love him more than you realize.

4. You share common values with him

Sharing similar values or interests with another person can incite love because we're naturally endeared to people to whom we can relate. For example, it's easy to show affection to a sibling because you share a bond with them. 

Similarly, common values build relationships and can create a premise of respect. The feeling of acceptance that comes with someone understanding you will pull you closer to them than you realize. 

Therefore, it's easy to say that sharing common grounds with a guy could mean that you love him. Perhaps, it's the foundational cause of the affection or what is secretly sustaining the bond. There's a reason you crave being around this person, and it's a matter of the attachment you have with him.

5. You get worried when you can't reach him

There's a difference between love and possessiveness in a relationship. A person could feel entitled to you but may not feel any form of affection towards you. More so, a person could be endeared to you without claiming ownership of you. 

Suppose you worry about the possibilities of a significant other being in danger when you can't reach him more than the prospect of him involving in something illicit such as cheating or getting wasted at a bar. 

In that case, it proves your affection for him. If your primary concern isn't your boyfriend's wellbeing, but an entitlement over his activities, it shows a bridge of trust and damaged affection towards him.

6. He's one of your best friends

he's one of your best friend

You can gauge your feelings for your significant other by the degree of friendship you have with him. If you can reveal your secrets to him, tell him about the insignificant details of your life, keep him informed about happenings around you, and utterly be comfortable when you're around him, then you're in love with him. 

Your significant other should count as one of your best friends with whom you can genuinely be yourself. You've established a unique bond with him that goes beyond saying if you feel at home in his presence. 

If you're not afraid to reveal your embarrassing side and have any random conversation with him about quirky subjects, then you're endeared to him.

7. You're afraid of losing him

When we have an attachment with something or someone, it's in our instincts to protect them, so they're around for as long as possible. If you've developed a fear of losing your partner over time, which has made you cautious of your actions around him, then you're in love with him. 

If you dread being apart from your significant other and can't imagine a life without him in it, it shows that you have a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. You want them to be part of every memory you're creating and share in all the goodness that life has to offer. 

Your worries and fear are an indication that you're emotionally attached to your significant other and cherish the bond between you and him.

8. He's unconsciously always on your mind

You can acknowledge when your feelings for a guy have progressed into love when he's unknowingly always on your mind. You think about what he's doing, what he ate, how his day went, and he's inadvertently a part of your day without physically being around you. 

This scenario is slightly different from scenarios or objects, bringing a thought of your significant other to your mind. 

This process is subconsciously always thinking about him. It's another proof that you share a warm affection with this person, which is why you secretly fix your mind on him. If you're not pondering about what he's doing, you're reminiscing on past occurrences with him, and that's how you know you're mesmerized by him.

9. He makes your pet peeves look cute

Everyone has pet peeves, especially in relationships. There's always going to be one irritant behavior that pisses you off to the core. However, you can tell when you're secretly in love with someone when those pet peeves are attractive rather than annoying. 

He always leaves the toilet seat up, never remembers to put his dishes in the sink, and finds it impossible to chew his food silently, yet you're fascinated by those behaviors. You don't feel the need to yell at your partner when he gets on your nerves; instead, you feel butterflies churn in your stomach. 

If you've ever experienced any of these, then without a doubt, you're in love with your significant other.

10. Respect is present in the relationship

Concern is an essential criterion in every association that's also a subtle indication of love and affection. When someone respects you, it shows that they value and appreciate you, which proves their affection towards you. If you regard your boyfriend, it shows that you have a strong liking towards him, else you wouldn't obey his wishes. 

More so, as emotional beings, women tend to be endeared to those that hold them in high esteem. If he acknowledges your boundaries and appreciates your limits without being forceful, it's natural to develop a particular fondness for him. The warm affection you display results from how he treats you, which subtly reveals your love for him.

11. You're secretly rooting for his teams

When you embrace your significant other's likes as your own, it shows the degree of regard you have for him. It's easy for you to love what he supports, even if you have no valid reason to do so. A perfect example is rooting for your significant other's favorite sports teams even when you're not into sports. 

You subtly know that the success of who he roots for ties to his happiness, so you gladly back him up where necessary. The mere desire to see your significant other happy is a sign of tenderheartedness. If you've ever gotten a pair of sneakers because they were your significant other's favorite brand, you're unknowingly head over heels for him. .

12. You can easily make sacrifices for him

you can easily make sacrifices for him

Sacrifices are undoubtedly proof of love. It displays the extent a person is willing to go to appease someone they care about. If a person makes an effort to cater to another person's demands, no matter how little, it shows the level of affection they have for them. 

Therefore, you're in love with your significant other if you've ever willingly sacrificed your time or money to meet their needs. 

If you'd rather spend time with him than rest on the weekends, it's an exchange that reveals your fondness for him. You're willingly giving up something for someone else, irrespective of your losses, which shows a significant amount of regard.

13. You quickly make peace after arguments

We can judge love best in difficult times. You can estimate someone's feelings for you when they have no grounds to show you affection, but they do instead. If you can't sustain a dispute in your relationship for long and are quick to seek reconciliation, it reveals your love for your significant other. 

There'll be a period you'll vent your anger, but if you're quick to make amends soon after a conflict arises, then you have strong emotions for that person. Being afraid of losing someone you care about pushes you to seek redemption after a dispute and shows the extent of your affection for that person. 

However, being unaffected by quarrels shows a lack of warmth in an association.

14. You make compromises to please him

Concessions aren't forceful attempts by another person to make you conform to their wishes. They are deliberate actions a person takes to please someone they care about. 

You know you're in love when you find yourself going out of your way to please someone. You aren't doing it because you feel compelled to, but because you have an immense desire to see that person happy. 

If you can make yourself uncomfortable to see your boyfriend at ease, it shows you indeed love him. For example, learning how to cook because you want to treat your significant other to his favorite meals, or agreeing to go to your significant other's favorite destination for vacation, and postponing yours for a later time.

15. You put a lot of thought into his gifts

A person in love craves to see the one they care about happy. They would go to any lengths to bring a smile to that person's face, even if it costs them some extra cash or time. If you make a big matter out of your significant other's birthday gifts every year or strive to give him the best presents, it shows you have a strong liking for him. 

Your desire to see him happy also reveals how immensely you regard him. You wouldn't miss an opportunity to display your affection, which is why you think thoroughly about what could bring him joy. You pay attention to every conversation and then appease his desires by giving him specific wants.

16. You stare at him a lot

Scientists revealed that the eyes are the window to the soul, and people connect intimately by merely staring at each other. You can unconsciously display your affection by looking at a guy you like even when he's not aware. You feel an unexplainable joy and comfort when you look at him, which explains why people keep pictures of those they care about. 

If you've ever caught yourself smiling at your partner's photo or gazing at him when he's sleeping, it suggests that you're in love with him. You're subconsciously seeking to connect with him beyond words, which reveals a deep emotional bond. Seeing him merely makes you happy and gives you a sense of warmness.

17. You know his scent

Have you ever smelt a pair of tee shirts, and it reminded you of your significant other? Do you often wear his sweatshirts because the scent comforts you? If you've paid ample attention to someone to the extent that you know their scent, it reveals that you love them. 

According to research, smelling a significant other's clothing reduces cortisol, a stress hormone in women, helping them feel more relaxed. Therefore, if you occasionally find yourself sneaking a few sniffs when you're doing your lover's laundry, it could mean that you're much endeared to him. 

His scent also triggers a form of satisfaction within you and curbs any feeling of loneliness that his absence may bring, proving that you might love him.

18. You're happy and comfortable when you're with him

you're happy and comfortable when you're with him

The most critical aspect of any relationship is comfort. If you don't feel the need to change yourself or be overly cautious when you're around someone, there's undoubtedly a degree of warmness that both of you share. 

More so, that you're more accepting of your attributes when you're around that person, proving that you're fond of them. When we cannot question joy and comfortability in an association, then love is inevitable. 

You'll know it's a matter of love when these qualities are present in your association. You're not afraid to show your boyfriend who you are, even the embarrassing quirks you've concealed from everyone. Plus, you're not scared that your real self will drive him away.

19. You embrace his imperfections

Nobody's perfect, but it takes a great deal of affection in accepting another person's shortcomings. Does your partner have a crazy past that would have been a turnoff, but somehow it excites you that he's the life of the party? Is he several inches shorter than what you'd prefer, but you're glad you can hug him without a struggle? 

Is he more extroverted than you would be comfortable with, but do you consider it as a healthy balance in your relationship? It's a sure sign that you really love your significant other if his imperfections are not as disturbing as you would have imagined. 

If you find yourself accepting his negative traits, it proves your love for him has progressed more than you realize.

20. You trigger his hero instinct

One thing that gives couples a good idea of the love present in their relationship is hero instinct. Guys that long to be heroes to their girls share a unique bond with them. Similarly, women that crave to activate the hero instinct in their man have a significant amount of affection for them. 

They want to feel protected by their significant other, which otherwise shows their love for them. For example, asking your significant other to help you open a jar of pickles that you can easily open yourself is proof of affection from you to him. You're craving to see him help you, even in conditions you can handle, and support is proof of devotion.

21. You're interested in his hobbies

Do you suddenly watch sports because your significant other loves it? Are you suddenly paying interest in another music genre because someone special can't stop listening to it? 

If you effortlessly get interested in your significant other's hobbies, it's one proof that you love him more than you realize. You're unconsciously bonding with him through external subjects, revealing your desire to be emotionally connected to him.

22. He makes you feel good about yourself

Women naturally endear themselves to places they feel appreciated. If someone makes you feel good, it's natural to develop a fondness for that person. Over time, this stage progresses into love. How you perceive an environment will determine the feeling you attach to that place. 

If your boyfriend makes you feel like the best thing that happened to him, it will trigger positive emotions such as love that matter in any romantic association. Therefore, the way your significant other makes you feel will give you a vivid idea of your affection towards him.

23. You're careful around the opposite gender

Are you more cautious of your actions around the opposite gender because of your relationship with someone special? Are you suddenly making changes that you wouldn't have considered merely to ensure your association doesn't fall apart? 

If you're careful enough not to upset your significant other in the littlest of ways, especially around other males, then you have a strong feeling for him. Compromise is undoubtedly proof of love. If you're eliminating bad habits to sustain an association, it reveals that the person involved is important to you.

24. You're not bothered about his bulging stomach

you're not bothered about his bulging stomach

Are you surprisingly not concerned about the extra fat your boyfriend gained on his belly even though he used to have chiseled abs previously? If all you can think about is having more flesh to snuggle at night, rather than his appearance deteriorating, you're in love with him. 

Love is an unconditional feeling that withstands many circumstances, even the ones we least expect. It makes a person tenderhearted in scenarios they would have reacted harshly. If you're not putting your significant other under pressure to change to suit your desires, it shows that you're endeared to him as a person.

25. You daydream about being married to him

The ultimate sign that shows you're in love with someone is having deliberate expectations for the future. If you regularly envision spending your time with someone, it shows that they're endeared to you. Making long-term goals and thinking about the future comes easy. 

Likewise, putting in effort into ensuring you execute plans appropriately. A fruitful example is daydreaming about being married to your significant other. You're not solely focusing on your wedding day but your life with that person, which shows your desire to be with them. 

When you can no longer think about portions of your life without your partner in it, then you're undoubtedly a girl in love. 


How do you know if you really love your boyfriend?

If you're asking, “Do I love my boyfriend?” the answer lies in your behavior around your significant other. Do you stare at him even when he's not looking, sniff his shirts because his scent is soothing, and make sacrifices to prevent the association from falling apart? If yes, then you might be in love.

Is it bad to tell a man you love him?

Revealing your love to someone can be the best experience for anyone. However, it's essential to be sure that the person you're telling won't take your affection for granted or use it against you before voicing it out. This step will protect you from experiencing a heartbreak that may shatter you.

How often should I tell my boyfriend I love him?

If you're thinking, “I love my boyfriend, and I want to express it,” you should reveal it as naturally as it comes. Nonetheless, there should always be a balance of saying, “I love you,' in every romantic association. Strive to meet in the middle with your significant other instead of overly confessing your emotions. 

Why do I love my boyfriend?

If little things remind you of your significant other, you make sacrifices to please him, and you can't stay long without settling a quarrel, you can say to yourself, “I love my boyfriend. Your love will be visible in the measures you take to sustain your association and see your lover happy. 

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

You can test a significant other to see if he's really in love with you by paying attention to his words and actions around you. If he makes sacrifices to see you happy, it's a sure sign. If you use the ‘love' word intentionally and backs it up with loving actions, you know he loves you.

To Sum Up

Did you enjoy this article? The above-listed signs will answer any female's question on' “Do I love my boyfriend?” It will also give her valid proof of one's affection in a relationship with signs of expressing more love in the association. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article with friends. 


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