Do I Like Him? (31 Ways to Tell If What You Are Feeling Is True)

Are you wondering, “Do I like him?” 

You may be wondering if you really like this guy, or if you were meant to be only friends. Often, as we run through life looking for a partner, we stumble across someone unexpected; then, before we know it, we have unanticipated feelings for this person; we really like them and get excited at the thought of them being our lasting partner.

As you consider your feelings for this guy, remember to think about one thing that is very important in finding a partner – are you attracted to him? You can have the greatest connection in the world, but without that spark, you won’t really like him as a romantic partner. If you really like this guy, make sure you have romantic feelings for him. 

You may find the partner you have always been looking for with this special someone. This especially works if you were good friends first. Your feelings for your partner can grow into something magical with the right connection. Open up your heart for a new partner in your life, someone you can have true romantic feelings for, and watch the possibilities grow!


How to Tell If You Like Him

1. You feel like he is your best friend

Do you think your crush is someone that you could be with for a long time? Do you have just the most awesome friendship around? These are signs that this relationship may have some spark in it, a feeling that the two of you could make something work. Do you just have the most fun ever with your crush? That’s great!

Has he helped you become a better person with all that you do? Are there any deal breakers in your relationship with this person? Do you feel any confusion about him? All of this is normal, but if he’s helped you be better in life and there are no red flags, you may have found a keeper, a person to have more than just some fun with.

2. You find him fascinating

you find him fascinating

Do you hang on to his every word? How do your conversations usually go? Does he ask you a lot of questions, seeming genuinely interested in what you have in store for the talk? Do you feel as though the two of you are the only people in the world when you talk with one another? This means you have real feelings for him. 

Plus, think of how much fun the rest of your life will be if you enjoy talking to him this much about just the everyday stuff! Your mind will always be full of the exciting things he has said, and it will wander to a new place each time the two of you talk about new topics or categories. It will stay uplifting for a long period of time.

3. You make excuses to be around him

Do you find reasons to hang out with him, even during times when you don’t really need to? This is a sign that this relationship is destined for something great! You may be wanting to find reasons to hang out with him because you enjoy his company and just love spending time with him. You probably are really into him if you feel like this.

4. You include him when you make plans

When you think about the future, is he automatically a part of it? If you can’t help but include him in your holiday plans, you know he is a real part of your life. Relationships like this don’t come along every day, so enjoy each moment the two of you spend together! He may actually be the right guy for you if you enjoy yourself that much. 

When you think of an upcoming school dance, do you automatically assume you are going together (or ditching it as a team)? If your relationship has progressed to that level, that could very well mean this person is very important to you because you are considering him when you make plans and think about doing things together.

5. You cannot get him out of your mind

I get it; you try to get your mind on anything else other than him, but you just can’t do it. You may be trying to study for some tests in school and can’t concentrate. Yes, these are signs that he is more than just a friend. You want to have more than relationships like friendships; you want the real deal with this guy.

You may try to think of other things but just cannot get him out of your head. The thought of his hot body, smart comebacks to your jokes, and fun times you have together just fill your brain, right? It’s hard to sort those things out when you have it all floating up in your head but it’s clear he’s meant to be more than just a pal.

6. You think he is smart and you love talking to him

Do you enjoy sharing every detail of your life with this person? Does he know all about your childhood, the relationships that shaped who you are today, and the relationships that you currently hold dear to your heart? You may find that if you like him a lot, you really love spending time just talking to each other. 

Really, the best relationships are built this way – as great friendships first! I know I didn’t think my man and I would date when we were just pals at first. It wasn’t until later that I knew we could have a romantic relationship, but I’m so glad we had a friendship first. It’s a great foundation for a healthy relationship.

7. You are very attracted to him

Are you crazy about more than his personality? Do you have the hots for him? Are there any reasons the two of you aren’t able to be together? Can you picture him as your life-long partner, a partner that could be by your side forever? You want to make sure those romantic feelings are there before you commit to a loving relationship with him.

8. Your friends know you are crazy about him

Relationships like friendships and family relationships are usually close enough that they know the truth about how you feel about someone. If you are wondering how you feel about this person, ask your friends and family. They may be able to help you determine what your real feelings are for this person and help you decide what to do next.

9. You think about your future together

you think about your future together

Like making plans together, do you think about what it might be like to have this person in your life forever? Have you pictured marriage and kids? If so, you know you are in that dreamy state where you wonder about your future. This is a good thing, though; it means that you have real feelings for this guy.

10. You get jealous when he’s around other girls

If you get jealous when this guy is around other people, girls especially, you know you may have real feelings for him. Some guys just flirt and will always be the way they are now, so that is something to keep in mind as you decide whether you want a relationship with this person.

11. You can’t stop talking about him to other people

Does every conversation involve this guy? I’ve been there; when I was single and dating around, I used to be unable to talk about anything other than the guy I was with. I wanted to have every conversation involve the boy I was interested in. It made talking to other people that much more fun by talking about the guy I had a crush on!

12. You get butterflies in your stomach when he’s around

This should be something that you notice right away when you are around Mr. Right. Do you feel like your stomach has turned over into knots? Yeah, you really like him!

13. You have to look your best around him

Have you found yourself primping and making yourself look your hottest when you know you will be around him? You definitely want to make a good impression if you do this. Plus, you know that if you only do this around him, he’s the one on your mind and in your heart!

14. You don’t have eyes for anyone else

Do you only get these sensations when it comes to this one guy, or are you like this with every guy that comes along? 

For some guys, you may just not feel the same way as you do for this guy. You just can’t help but melt when he gives you attention, right? If you don’t want a relationship with anyone else, he has your full attention!

15. You aren’t afraid to be yourself around him

Do you let down your guard when he’s around? Can you completely be yourself? Do you let your weird side come out around him? If you aren’t worried about what he thinks of you and can totally be yourself, that’s a great indication that you have the hots for him. 

16. You tell him everything

Is he your confidant? Do you feel as though you can tell him anything without judgment? There are some people that just make it easy to open up around, so this isn’t a definite sign that you are meant to be, but if you share everything with him, you clearly are comfortable around him. 

17. You want him in your life

Do you ask him over all the time? Do you have this idea that everything will be okay as long as this man is in your life? You clearly want this guy to be a big part of your life, someone who is a long-term person, always there for you. This is where love begins!

18. You want your friends to meet him

Are you anxious for your buds to meet the guy you won’t shut up about? Do you want them to see that he really does exist, so they won’t question your sanity (at least not about this)? If you are excited for your pals to meet this guy, you may have feelings for him that go beyond friendship. 

19. You love physical contact with him

Maybe it’s just a brush of your hand when this guy is around you that gets you excited. Perhaps you have actually kissed already, and you know that spark is there. It could be just the idea of what “could” happen if this relationship advances to the next level. Whatever section of the story you are at, if it’s exciting to think about, you like him!

20. You love spending time with him

you love spending time with him

I know when I like a guy, I can’t get enough of him. I want to spend every waking second with him. I wake up excited to see him during the day; I think about him all day long while I work or go to school; then, at night, I can’t wait to actually see him in person. It’s just how I am when I have a crush on a guy. 

I have this crazy idea that we should be together all of the time, even though logically, that makes no sense. I just get so wrapped up in getting and giving this guy attention that I can’t think of anything else. I may be a little obsessive when it comes to a romantic relationship, but if you feel anything close to that, you know you have the hots for him. 

If you think about the idea of the two of you being boyfriend and girlfriend or question what he is thinking about you, you probably are enjoying this guy and the attention he gives you. One way to find out what he’s thinking is to ask your pals to sniff around to see what he thinks of you. 

Does he think you could have a romantic relationship?

21. You think he’s worth the risk of getting hurt

Being in a relationship is hard because you know you might fall all the way in love with someone. You may have experience with hurt and pain, but it isn’t fun. If you think he’s worth the risk of getting hurt and experiencing pain, it may be a sign you think he’s a catch, someone you could picture having a relationship with. 

22. You want his friends to like you

Have you met or are planning to meet his buds? Are you worried they may not like you? If the relationship does progress to be romantic, you will probably meet them sooner or later. You may feel as though their opinions are very important. If so, that’s a sign you want a relationship with this guy.

23. You have forgotten about your exes

I hate to be the person who reminds you, but you did have exes before this guy came along. If you have forgotten all about that hurt and pain and could not care less about your exes, that may mean you want something real with this guy. Sometimes, these types of things just are no longer important when we meet someone new.

You may have had exes who required a lot of your attention but now get none. It’s because you are so devoted to this relationship that you feel that they aren’t worth your time anymore. Instead, you want to give your attention to this gentleman. He truly has won your heart! You could build a relationship with each other if you feel this way.

First, get a feel for whether he is interested in a relationship before assuming that the two of you will be a perfect pair. You might let him know you are single and have exes, so he knows you are interested in dating again. See how things turn out after giving him that information. He may ask you out on a date or start spending more time with you. 

If you aren’t sure how he feels based on the things he says and does, you might try asking a buddy to find out if he is single and looking. If so, it may be that you are better off as friends. That’s not so bad if he is a great person to be around! He could be your new BFF, which may someday lead to more. 

24. You can talk about anything with him

Do you expose yourself to this guy (not in a perverse way) in an emotional way? Do you open up to him in real ways, sharing everything there is to know about you? Does he know your deepest, darkest secrets? Sharing your soul with someone like that means you really trust them and think they are someone special. 

It can take quite a bit to really open up to someone like that, but you know when you do, you know you really like them. You consider them to be a big piece of your life, and you’re not afraid to really let your guard down. It’s such a great feeling, right? Enjoy the moments you spend with them as you share your heart with this person. 

25. You think that love songs and romantic movies make sense now

You’ve probably heard this before, but often when we find someone who makes us feel complete, we hear beautiful music in our heads. The fact is when you feel love, joyous music and romantic movies don’t seem so bad anymore because we understand them.

Maybe you were quite the grinch before you met him, and now you enjoy giving attention to things that are mushy and romantic. You may not think those things are so silly anymore. Pay attention to Hallmark movies to see if you have really changed your stance on love and romance. 

Each of those movies has just about the same plot, but they can be pretty joyous to watch when you are in love and feel as if romance is in the air. You may understand what the characters are feeling now! It makes sense now!

26. You smile whenever you think about him

you smile whenever you think about him

Think about having a relationship with him right now. Are you smiling some? Does it make you a little happy to picture being his girlfriend? If this certain someone brings joy to your life, you should consider having a relationship with him. 

27. You want to introduce him to your family already

Are you excited to introduce this new relationship to some or all of your family? Do you want to bring him home for the holidays? If you are anxious for your family to see this new relationship in real life, there may be romance in the air.

28. You feel better just being around him

Are the two of you trouble when you are together? Do you work great as a team? What activities do you do together? Do you have just the best times ever when you hang out with each other? Does he help you when you are down, help you when you have a bad day, and/or help you when you just need a friend to lean on during the bad times?

29. You see things that make you think of him

When you are shopping or browsing the internet, do you see things that remind you of him? Do you often see things that make you want to buy them just to see the look on his face?

30. You think about his feelings and well-being

This is a surefire way of knowing if you really care about this gentleman. You consider what would make him happy when you do things. You no longer have selfish intentions but instead, care about his well-being. 

31. You want his advice and opinion on everything

I know I don’t like doing a thing without talking to my man first. I guess I don’t mean that literally, but I would like his thoughts on each thing I do during the day because he matters to me. 

How to Win Him Over (The Secret Recipe)

Many people do not realize the power of playing hard to get with men. Often, you can begin a magical connection with someone by just not coming on too strong. You don’t want to appear too desperate when chasing after a man; if he’s interested, he’ll be the one chasing after you. No one wants to be in a one-sided relationship, feeling like they are the only one interested.

Men don’t like women who play games too much, though. It’s often best to make the feeling that you are interested clear without sounding too desperate. You can give him some signs you want to be more than friends without feeling like you are begging to date him. Some people believe having a friend with benefits is the best way to go, but it really depends on your life goals. 

Do you want to find love and get married one day? Do you have overwhelming emotions about this person? It might be a good idea to let him know you are single and looking for a relationship in a subtle way. Then, you have his attention if he is interested in something long-term with you. If he doesn’t like the idea of being with you, he just won’t pursue you; no big deal! Just move on!


How do I know if I like a guy?

Do you like the idea of being with your crush all the time? Do you consider your crush as more than friends? Do you feel like this guy is your partner in crime? What kind of feelings do you get when you are around each other? Answer, and you’ll know.

Do I like him or the idea?

If you only like the idea of being with someone, you could be with another person with no real difference in feelings. If you think your crush may be someone you could love for a long time, you may actually like him or even be in love with him!

Is it OK to tell a guy I like him?

Sometimes, a guy likes it when you show him attention and let him know you want him in your life. You never know; one thing could lead to another, and the two of you could fall madly in love. If you play games, he might not know you like him.

How do you know if a boy likes you but is hiding it?

Sometimes, a man will want a relationship by asking you a lot of questions as a means to get to know you better. One sign to look for is a person who can’t keep his eyes off you; men often show signs of interest with their body language.

Do I love him or am I just lonely?

You may just want men in your life if you’re lonely, but if you think about your man all the time, you probably have the hots for someone specific. The fact is, sometimes, you have to trust your gut, have no doubts about your feelings, and you’ll find a connection.

To Sum Things Up…

All of the reasons in the world may indicate you like someone, but if you don’t feel the interest, he may not be the one. What ideas, reasons, and signs do you believe show you have interest in a person? We’d love to hear from you. Please comment, and share!

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