Do Guys Mean What They Say When They Are Drunk (23 Possible Meanings)

Sometimes, it’s necessary to unwind a bit after so much work and life stress. This is what most people do and end up getting drunk—men inclusive. Alcoholic beverages have a way of improving self-confidence when taken no matter how introverted or extroverted you could be. 

Alcohol takes away your cognitive control. This brings us to an old saying which means there's truth in wine. This means most people, male and female tend to speak the truth when they're drunk and under the influence of alcohol. It doesn't matter if they're saying nice or awful things.

It could be cute and adorable when a guy you’ve always liked and wanted to be with, drunk calls you at an odd hour. It could also be weird when your boyfriend drunk texts you nasty things about your attitude. This call or text could be to say something weird he’s never said before. 

But the sad reality may be him sobering to apologize for whatever he said. Whether a guy means what he says when he's drunk or not, it may make you wonder why he did what he did to you. To help interpret some, keep reading to learn 23 possible meanings of what men say when they drunk call or text.

23 Possible Meanings Of What Guys Say When They Are Drunk

1. He may not even know what he's doing

Not everyone has a high threshold for alcohol, some people become useless and uncontrollable with just a sip of alcohol. This is what could be happening to a guy. He may drink so much alcohol that he doesn't know what or how he's reacting to the people around him.

So, take note of the messages a guy sends to you. It could be a bunch of rubbish that makes no sense at all. Sometimes, it could be repeated letters, words, or punctuations that don't make sense. If he sends messages like this, it means he's completely wasted.

2. He may be too shy to talk to you with a clear head

Maybe you've met men who pretended not to like you or who felt too big to talk to you. The truth is, it may not be any of those, it could be him feeling too shy to talk to you. Because alcohol takes away one’s self-control, he may assume it's the best time to text or drunk dial you.

When a guy is drunk texting you, it may be the only way he can say some things to you without caring about your reaction. So, if he thinks you have a lovely body, pretty face, or he wants to be in a relationship with you, he may most likely say it when he's under the influence of alcohol.

3. It could have been a mistake

Alcohol makes people do terrible things at the wrong time. A guy drunk texting you may have wanted to send romantic messages to his lover, but mistakenly sent them to you. This is when his sentences are well structured with good memories, but they don't just make sense to you. 

If you observe anything like this, you should wait for him to regain self-control before responding to his messages. At this point, you could say he's speaking the truth, but to the wrong person. This happens a lot to drunk people.

4. It’s a way for him to be honest

You may not know this, but sometimes people could get intimidated by you in so many ways you don't know. If you're both dating, he could be scared of how you'd react when he says certain things. This makes his drunk period the best reaction time for you because he won't be fully aware of it.

Taking alcoholic drinks would give him the best atmosphere to drunk dial or text to tell you how he feels about you and what you do, whether you're dating or not. It's the best time for him to tell the truth about so many things.

5. He may be feeling lonely

As much as alcohol brings positive feelings, it's also capable of making you depressed. Drinking too much can make you sad and feel lonely. This could be the same situation with a guy who drunk texts you. Whether you're in a relationship or a good friendship, a guy could drunk call or text when he's lonely.

He may want someone to talk to, especially if he drinks at night, and there's no other person for him to confide in, he could call you. It may not necessarily have a bad meaning, it could be a harmless one. He just wants to know that he has someone to talk to.

6. It could be a good distraction for him

Some guys, especially those who decide to respect their relationship, send drunk texts to their girlfriends to distract themselves from doing something wrong. He may take a little break from his drinks, especially if it's at night to drunk dial or text his girlfriend.

So, when you receive a drunk call or text from your boyfriend, don't get upset that he's drunk. Instead, try to keep him on the line or do anything you can to make him safe first. Don't forget that it's the strongest reaction time if he's done anything offensive to you.

7. He may want a booty call

he may want a booty call

Asking for sex is not a random question or request that a guy can walk up to any girl for. It's something he needs to take his time with, especially when he thinks she's out of his league. But, when a guy drinks so much, he could have that confidence.

That's when you notice him saying everything he couldn't say to you on a normal day only when he's drunk. You may think it's just the alcohol, but he means what he's saying. When guys request this, be sure they mean what they say to you.

8. You could be his second alternative

A guy could call you under the influence of alcohol because you're his second alternative. Don't get this wrong. Being a second alternative has many meanings. You could be his female best friend or someone he can talk to when he has issues.

You could also be the third person he'd prefer to talk to when he has relationship issues or he's feeling bad about something. Don't forget people drink to coat a problem, conveniently. At the same time, you could be second on the line after his first romantic interest.

9. He could be thinking about you

Sometimes, a guy could be thinking about you before but he didn't send any text messages. This may not mean he likes you or something of the manner. You may be crossing his mind for a moment and he decides to check up on you, coincidentally when he's drunk.

If you're both in a relationship, he could have thoughts of you, too. It doesn't matter if you had a misunderstanding or not, alcohol has a way of pushing people to make good or bad decisions. This is one of the moves that proves that men mean what they say when they're drunk.

10. He may be wishing you were there with him

Drunk texts are beautiful most times, especially when they come from a guy you're dating, who loves you so much. He could be missing his girl while hanging out with the guys, which could be a reason for his drunk text.

He could take a break just to hear from you. And because he's drunk, you could hear the best romantic sweet nothings ever. You may think it's just the alcohol, but he means to say he misses you and wishes you were there with him. This is another possible meaning for a drunk conversation.

11. Some guys like to show off their girls

As funny as it may seem, a guy may not drunk text you for any relevant reason. If he's hanging out with his friends, he may want to show off to them either to say he talks to a pretty girl or is in a relationship with her.

So, he may not even make sense when he chats or calls you. It could all be drunk ramblings to make you respond. But, that's because he just wants his friend to know that he's involved with a hot girl. This is one of the possible meanings behind a drunk call.

12. He’s in love with you

Let's not mince words, when a guy drunk texts you, it could be that he either likes and would want to be good friends with you, or he's in love and wants to be in a relationship with you. You could beat around the bush all you want, but no guy would text you if he doesn't like you. 

He may not necessarily want to be in a relationship with you but could be very comfortable talking or relating with you on every level. It could also be that he admires you a lot and wants to be more involved in your life.

13. He may want to know you better

Men love to know the people they're associated with, completely. Whether it's business, friends, family, or a relationship, they want to know how nice and rude you can be. If you both have been friends or been in a relationship, he would know you'd be more open to talking to him when his head is not clear.

For some men, the best way to get to know a woman is when they're intoxicated. That's when they can be blunt enough to ask certain questions they can't ask with a clear head. So, his call or text could just be to get to know you more than he already does.

14. It could be boredom

it could be boredom

To start with, boredom makes people do many things. They could be awful, good, negative, or positive things. But, drinking alcoholic wine is one of the things you do when you're bored. This happens to everyone and a guy could be in that state.

So when a guy messages you in this state, he could be bored. He may be out of things to do. It may even surprise you to know that you're not the only girl he's texting. He could be messaging other people just to keep him busy at that moment, which is mostly the alcohol talking.

15. He wants you to see that aspect of him

If you've always wished to see a particular guy’s behavior under the effect of alcohol, it could be his way of showing this to you. He may not necessarily say he's drunk, but from his words and tone, you'd get to know.

The good thing is, he'll do it at his convenience, with an open heart to accept any reaction that comes from you. A guy could text you when tipsy because he wants you to see that aspect of his personality.

16. You may be his go-to person

Most men rarely have close people they talk to. They take time to get used to people, especially girls. A guy may get so comfortable with you to text you in any mood he finds himself. This is one reason you shouldn't think so much when you receive alcohol-influenced calls.

It could be that he's free enough to believe you'll be open-minded to accept that behavior. If you talk well before this, you should be prepared to receive at least one drunk dialing. It happens most times to many people.

17. He wants to know how you’d react

Men love to know how you'd react to their worst behaviors, especially when they've been nice to you. They would want to know if you would be as understanding as you would be when they're intoxicated. 

He may be friends with you for a while but may want to know how you'd react in his worst state. He may not even be that drunk, he could be a little bit tipsy, but want to see your reaction. This is what it could mean when a guy texts or calls you under the influence of alcohol.

18. If you were in a relationship, maybe he’s not over you

Like other people, ex-boyfriends text their ex-lovers when they’re intoxicated with drinks. So, don't be surprised when your ex messages you in his drunk state. It doesn't matter if you're both in new relationships or not, you should expect this if he's not over you.

He would either text blaming you for his mishaps or say how much he misses you. This is the meaning behind some alcoholic-related texts or calls. He could say it was just the alcohol talking, but the truth remains, he's not over you yet. It may take some time for you to know this, but you will.

19. He may want you to share in his fun

Sometimes, when men have a hangout, they feel bad for leaving their girlfriends behind. Most of them take time out of the hangout to talk to their lovers just to make sure they're okay. Even though this is not the case when girls hang out.

You should expect this if you're dating a guy. He would want you to share in his fun. This means he's having the best time of his life and wants you to know how exciting it is. So, if he texts you when he's intoxicated, join him in the fun.

20. It could be his way of life, to chat with people only when he’s drunk

Some men have the nonchalant and carefree attitude of texting people when they take alcohol. They don't care how you'd react or take their action, they act based on how they feel at the moment. They try to use their temporary self-confidence for fun.

So, when a guy texts you under the effect of alcohol, it may not be anything serious, it could be his normal way of life. For situations like this, you don't need to respond or take it as an offense, just let it go and move on to your normal life.

21. He can’t coordinate who he’s talking to

he cant coordinate who hes talking to

Most times, people drink at night. So, it's understandable if you feel weird receiving an alcohol-related call, especially if you were having the best time of your life. It's possible a guy may want to contact someone and mistakenly dial your number.

This happens all the time. He may use the excuse of wanting to say hi, but in reality, he's tipsy and can't coordinate who he's calling or texting. When a guy does this, you could laugh about it and let it go. Don't take it seriously.

22. He wants to get your attention

Not every guy wants to look desperate trying to get your attention. Some men could push, but some would prefer to take things easy. This is the same situation the guy could find himself with you. He may have been seeking your attention but to no avail.

His text or call may mean he wants your attention, especially if it's at night. His words or sentences may not be well structured, but put in a way that would make you respond. That's one way you can use to know that’s the alcohol talking.

23. It could be absolutely nothing

Sometimes, it may be absolutely nothing. It's natural to have millions of thoughts when a guy you like texts you under the effect of alcohol, especially at night. It's okay to have many fantasies of what his reason could be.

But, the truth is, it could be nothing. If he gives you an excuse for doing that, it could be because he doesn't want to lead you on or make you think too much. So, when a guy texts you out of the blues under the effect of alcohol, don't take it to heart. You could ask him questions, but don't attach too many emotions.


Do true feelings come out when drunk?

Some people have a way of concealing their feelings even when they're drunk. But, for most people, their real feelings come out when they're tipsy. That's because alcohol only makes people say the emotions or feelings they hide deep down in their brains. This makes people spill how they feel.

Does a guy mean what he says when he's drunk?

He may not mean to be so straightforward, rude, or so nonchalant about anything he says to you when he's drunk, but a greater percentage of the time, he means it. Sometimes, the things men do when they're under the influence of alcohol are the actual truth and reality of things.

What does it mean when he calls you when drunk?

It depends on whether you're both friends or in a relationship. If you're dating, he may drunk call you because he misses you even in his drunk state. If he calls you when you're friends, it's because he trusts you very much. The same thing applies to when you both like each other enough to date. He likes you.

How does a man act when he's drunk?

He becomes more open to talking to you. He's more open-minded and free to express all his feelings and emotions. That's when you would see the calmer, softer, most humble, honest, and sweetest version of him. Some men behave badly. They act disgusting and irritable, depending on how drunk they are.

Why do emotions come out when drunk?

Drinking does a lot to the human system. That includes triggering dopamine release in the brain. According to research, dopamine makes drunk people feel good and positive emotions, pushing them to take more alcohol. Additionally, alcohol does many other things to the nervous system and body as a whole.


Men mean most of what they say when they're drunk. But, sometimes you need to be careful when they do this, so you don't misunderstand their words or the situation. Read the 23 possible meanings I've mentioned to be safe. If you liked this article, please drop a comment and share it with others.


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