Why Do Guys Like Smart Girls? (11 Fantastic Reasons)

So, the question on the table is, “Do guys like smart girls?” Yes! Men want to be with women who have the “full package,” according to Psychology Today. The full package, of course, includes intelligence, success, and confidence. They want to be with women they respect and find admirable. Do you have lofty aspirations for your life?

A certain degree of confidence is hugely attractive to men. They want more than just smart women; they want everything – a woman who knows what she wants out of life, someone who has a goal in mind for her future, and a woman who will never settle for something less than she deserves. So, how can you achieve those things and be that woman?

The best way is to work on yourself. Practice self-improvement with everything that you do! Always aim to be better, and you will knock the socks off guys who are looking for relationships with their dream girls! If you strive to be the best version of yourself, you will find the man of your dreams, and he will always appreciate who you are and who you are trying to be!

The Top Reasons Men Like Smart Women

1. They are challenging

When looking for relationships, men want to be with women who make them work for it. A guy wants to know that he has achieved something. Men aren’t crazy about girls that fall at their feet. You can achieve this by not answering your phone on the first ring, not asking men out on dates, and not chasing after men

If your dream guy is somewhere out there, he will find you! Give him time and a chance to do so! A smart chick is going to challenge her man, so back off and make him work for your attention. He’ll think he won the lottery rather than get stuck with leftovers!

2. They can learn new things

they can learn new things

Smart women are able to learn new concepts and ideas because they understand what’s going on. For example, if your woman doesn’t know how to cook, and you want to teach her a cooking trick, she’ll get it the first time around. She’s intelligent, so she understands what you are trying to teach her. 

If you want to exhibit this trait, you might try learning new things on your own. Take a free online class learning something you know nothing about. Having diverse interests is very attractive to men. You can learn how to do something you never thought you’d know how to do. 

Check out some YouTube channels to learn how to solve a problem in a new way. Pick a subject you didn’t master in school, and watch a video on that subject to diversify your knowledge base. If you didn’t do well in Chemistry, try watching an experiment being displayed to learn something new. You’ll be super attractive this way!

3. They always have something to say

Smart girls can talk about anything because their minds are full. They always have something they are passionate about. You might love making jewelry, and that is your current passion! Well, you’ll have plenty to say on that topic, won’t you? What happens when you have a new interest? With smart chicks, new interests are inevitable.

They just always want to try something new, so what they have to say will differ from time to time. If you are in a relationship with a smart girl, she’ll keep you on your toes because she can be a chatterbox when she wants to! She’s not shy about it, either!

4. They get stuff done

Smart ones can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. They are usually pretty wise when it comes to time management, too. They want their man to see all of the goals they’ve accomplished, too, so they will have plenty of knowledge and interesting things to share and talk about. They can do a lot in a short amount of time! They’re wise!

5. They are interesting

With all the interests and passions these girls have, you know they will always be interesting and enlightening. You can get captivated when they talk because they are so incredibly fascinating! 

6. They are independent

they are independent

Men do not want to be with needy women, girls who require a lot of care and attention! Instead, a man wants to be with a woman who is independent and can do her own thing when she’s in a relationship. Maybe she’s got her own job, own interests, own hobbies, etc. She doesn’t need to be around her man 24 hours a day, every day of the week!

7. They can figure things out

Smart girls know how to do everything, or so it seems! If they don’t know how to do something, they can figure it out. They do this by getting online and learning something new, or they will just tinker with the issue until it’s resolved! They are amazing like that! If you’re struggling in this area, consider being more patient.

Be a problem solver, someone who knows that the answer is out there. You can be the woman with all of the answers, but when you come up without the answer, just know it’s not the end of the world. Have faith in yourself that you are smart enough to figure out the solution! 

8. They can hold down their own jobs

This is going back to independence, but a smart woman is able to have her own career and manage her money in a wise way. If you have trouble keeping a job, consider analyzing what the problem is. Why do you keep losing your jobs? What reason do your employers give you? Maybe that is something you can work on to improve yourself!

9. Their kids will be smart

Even though a guy would probably never say it, he does think about children. What will they look like? What will their personalities be like? Will they look more like me or my spouse? Guys know that smart girls breed smart babies, so that is a big plus!

10. They have a great deal of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is part of being wise in the ways of the world. Many girls have a great deal of EQ because they are just super intelligent. They know a lot about many things. They have expanded their knowledge to include emotions. They’ve learned how to recognize and handle their own emotions like a pro!

Another thing someone with a high degree of EQ can do is to recognize emotions in others and offer constructive feedback that helps the other person in some way. They might be able to solve problems in ways that the other person would have never thought of. Their knowledge of emotions is vast, and they use this knowledge wisely.

Women with a great amount of EQ can analyze feelings, and they don’t get hurt easily because they know what emotions are, how they are affected by what others do, and what to do about them. So, you won’t have to worry about them having hurt feelings over nothing! Instead, they can constructively explain how they feel in a helpful way.

They also don’t burst out with tantrums or fits because they don’t get their way. Instead, they look forward to each moment and view the negative experiences they have as learning experiences. They can control themselves and handle criticism with grace. 

11. They are confident

they are confident

When you are full of knowledge, it’s easy to be confident in who you are. A woman who knows that she is hot stuff will show confidence in everything that she does. The guy doesn’t have to worry about her being clingy in the relationship because she’s confident in who she is. She can even carry the relationship for a while if the guy wants her to.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were an expert about something? Didn’t you feel confident about the subject? It’s hard not to be boastful when you know everything about a particular topic because you’re a pro! Be careful not to be overly confident and set yourself up for a trap! Be cool, but not too proud of what you know!


Do guys find intelligence attractive?

Intelligence is a big factor in men’s attraction to women. The truth is men are just like smart chicks. A girl who knows what she’s talking about is much more fun to be in a dating relationship with. You know that there is some truth in her personality. She’s genuine.

What age do guys find most attractive?

Generally, I would say 25 years old is an attractive age. At any younger age, the girl is probably immature or may just not have the life experience to be intelligent, but it really depends on the person. Some women mature at an early age, so each situation is different.

What do smart guys find attractive?

Smart guys want to be with women who challenge them. They also like girls that have diverse interests. If you like rock, classic, and country music, you are diverse in music. To show off your diversity, just talk about a wide range of topics, interests, and passions!

How can I be smart and attractive?

When you create your online dating profile, be sure to include a quote from a great leader. Show that you have diverse interests and are intelligent by listing out what you are passionate about. Let your inner beauty shine to really win men over in the end!

Is intelligence a turn-on?

Yes! Intelligence is a huge turn-on! Men want to be with women who can talk about a wide range of topics, girls who understand what they are talking about, and individuals who challenge them! They want to be in exciting dating relationships.

In Summary

Are you looking for a smart man, or are you looking to be the smartest woman in the room so that guys will chase after you? Read some books, take night classes, and watch good videos to increase your knowledge! Did you enjoy this post? Have an argument? Please share!

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