Do Guys Like Short Hair? (11 Reasons Why Guys Like Short Hair On Women)

For a long time, long hair has been associated with femininity, and many men have become accustomed to seeing their women with long, soft, and attractive hairstyles. However, things have changed since the 20th century, and a lot of ladies are switching it up. However, there’s always that major question ladies have before going for a big chop; will guys like it? 

According to this post, women link their hairstyles with their feelings or personality, and women with short hair would probably hate that they're being judged or sidelined because of a lifestyle choice. So what's the deal? Do men still like women with low haircuts? Is it even a big deal? Or does a pixie cut make you look less attractive?

I’ll be giving some credible reasons why many men prefer ladies with short hair and don’t mind short hair on women. Keep reading to find out. 

11 Reasons Why Men Like Women With Short Hair

1. Short hair outlines the facial features and neck better

Long hair may seem like the most feminine option for many ladies, but what many don’t know is that short hair does a better job at allowing facial features to stand out. For men who want to take in all the facial features of their partner, short hair would be a win for them. 

Men love when their women leave their hair short simply because they can always look at their beauty without full or long locks of hair hindering their view. It’s even better when ladies use styling products like hair gel or wax to keep their short hair in place or to the back. That makes it so easy for your face to catch a man’s attention. 

2. Short hair may be less high-maintenance

When it comes to good looks, both pixie cuts or long wavy hair could get the attention of different men. However, what some of them love about women with short hair is that it may take less effort to take care of a pixie cut. They assume that short hair would require less money, hair products, or styling to maintain as opposed to long hair. 

Of course, this assumption is entirely true, as some short hairstyles may require a lot of hair products and regular styling to keep the hairstyle looking fresh and cute. But, a lot of men don’t know that, so they would happily embrace the style of ladies with short haircuts, especially when they look good. 

3. Rocking a pixie cut could translate to a woman being confident

It’s pretty common to see a lady rocking a hairstyle that’s long and luscious, in other words, it’s the natural or safe option. Think about it, won’t a lady rocking a really cute, short, and trendy style catch the attention of a guy faster than a lady with long and luscious hair? 

Yes, it all depends on her general style and personality, but there’s also something else, short hairstyles are seen as more daring. It takes a bold and confident woman to leave the streets of conventional long hairstyles and hop on the highway of short hair. That may be another rationale for why a guy would certainly fall for a lady with short hair. 

To them getting short hair exudes confidence, and what guy doesn’t love a confident woman? The sane ones right? Exactly. So the confidence associated with short hair could be a major reason why men love women with short hair. 

4. It doesn’t get in the way

it doesnt get in the way

Have you ever been with a guy who got a bit flustered or annoyed because your hair was always getting in the way? Well, that’s a major challenge for many people. Kissing a guy and having him pause just to slip your hair to the side, or even pull a string of hair from his lips, yeah, it may be too much for some men. 

This may be a good reason why a lot of them really love women with short hair, it doesn’t get in the way. Plus, it sure is less likely to get in their mouths too! Shorter hair may conveniently stay in place as opposed to long hair. Plus, that doesn’t mean they can ruffle or run their hands through it, depending on the length. 

5. It’s different

There are a lot of women with short hair, in fact, a man is more likely to see eight of ten women with long hair pass by than ladies with short hair. So, it’s quite intriguing to see a lady with stylish short hair walk by, simply because it's unique. A man who loves unique and unconventional women would love a lady with short hair.

It’s not convenient, it’s edgy and it’s certainly downright sexy. Doing something different from the fold is always attractive to men, they love it when ladies switch things up, dye their hair, cut it short, and the likes. However, a man who prefers conventional styles may not be open to a lady that looks too different from what’s ‘ordinary or expected’, but I guess that’s their loss. 

6. It’s sexy

As the reason above clearly mentions, short hair is very sexy. When a guy sees a lady with a trendy or different hairstyle, they immediately put you in the league of popular short-haired celebrities. 

Popular figures like Rihanna, Demi Moore, Pink, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, and the long line of celebs that have rocked short haircuts certainly come to mind when a guy meets a lady with a short haircut. While you may not want to be associated with someone else, it sure does feel good to be likened to a drop-dead gorgeous, pretty, and sexy celebrity. 

7. It’s eye-catching

A lady with a short haircut certainly catches the attention of many men. First off, short haircuts accentuate the face and the neck, so it’s very easy to notice features like a long neck, high cheekbones, full lips, or even a sexy tattoo. 

8. Less hair loss issues

less hair loss issues

Has a guy ever complained about seeing hair in the drain, sink, or shower? Yeah, that can be a bit offsetting. That’s the reason why some men prefer hair a bit shorter because it’s less likely to get everywhere or shed annoyingly. 

9. Short hair allows easy access

A man who loves to be touchy may prefer a lady who has a shortcut, simply because he’ll always have easy access to her features. He can reach for your neck, cheeks, lips, ears without having to push any hair away. 

So, if you already have short hair or are thinking about it, men who prefer having less hair because of this reason will readily love your choice, and enjoy your stylish hair as much as you do. 

10. It could show how much a woman cares about her looks

As I mentioned above, shortcuts actually require a lot of maintenance to look good and stay stylish. So, when a man sees a lady with shorter hair, he probably believes that she takes time to look after herself and her hair. Men love women that put much effort into their looks, so if this is true for a guy you’re talking to, a pixie cut or the likes would certainly be a plus. 

11. It can grow back at any time

Finally, some men really don’t mind ladies cutting their hair short because it’s not irreversible, hair can grow back at any time. So, even if you cut it today, they’ll enjoy the whole experience with you, and still appreciate your style when it all grows back if that's what you want of course.


Is long hair or short hair more attractive?

Rating attractiveness between long and short hair probably all comes down to personal preference. Some men prefer long hair because it’s versatile, seems ‘more feminine’, and can be styled in many ways. Some other men probably don’t mind the hair length, as long as their woman looks good. 

Do guys dislike short hair?

The majority of men don’t judge a face by the haircut, they first see the beauty of your face; the eyes, ears, nose, lips, and how all those features come together. Some men, however, do prefer their ladies to have long hair and are a bit close-minded to short hair. 

For some men, the reason stems from the stereotype that long hair equals pure and glorious femininity, while short hair may be more, you know, in the center.

Do guys prefer cute or beautiful?

It all depends on the age, mindset, and preference of the man in question. Men love cute ladies, they are the ones that seem easy to connect with, are funny, funky, and easy to flirt with. 

A beautiful woman is one that may also catch many people fancy, but it still boils down to what that particular guy wants. However, some people believe that men may prefer dating cute girls in the long term, and would date a beautiful woman just for the experience. Remember, this fact is not written in stone. 

Do guys like quiet girls?

A woman that’s quiet and reserved may give off ‘mysterious vibes’ to any guy, and you know how people are attracted to mystery. However, a guy may be attracted to a girl who matches his energy levels, or whose personality seems more compatible with his. So, at the end of the day, it still boils down to what a particular guy prefers. 

Do guys prefer long or short nails?

Long nails have come to stay, and men probably think ladies with long nails don’t only look good but put more effort into their appearance. Features like long nails just add to the attractiveness of a woman, however, a majority of men may prefer their woman’s nails to be fairly long or well-trimmed. They prefer nails that are well-maintained, clean, and won’t poke or hurt them mistakenly. 

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list. Remember that personal preference plays a huge part when it comes to attractiveness. So while some men may still prefer their women with long and luscious hair, others would jump at the opportunity to date a short-haired woman. Please leave a comment in the comment section below, and share this article if it was helpful. 

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