Do Guys Like Redheads? (11 Reasons Why Men Love Redheads)

Men are apparently very obsessed with redheads. They find them quite fascinating and sexy too. Some have confessed that a ginger’s hair color is like a red button you're told not to touch. All you can think of doing is touching that red button! In this case, though, there's no ‘do not touch' button on these red hair beauties and they do very well appreciate the ‘touching'. 

Contrary to popular belief that redheads are the least attractive of all other hair colors, they're very well sought out. Especially because of the recent freckled-face makeup trends, gingers have been brought to the limelight and they're sure owning that light. 

If you're one of these lucky red-haired goddesses, this is your time and it wouldn’t hurt to find out what exactly makes these male folk attracted to you in the first place. If you're ready to wear your crown and reign in this era of the redhead, then keep reading these 11 reasons why men love redheads.

11 Reasons Why Men Love Redheads

1. Red signifies danger

Traffic lights, road signs, warning signs all have either a hint or a whole lot of the color red. It's so normal that once you see a red sign, your mind automatically tells you, “danger!” Or “stop!” Apparently, most adventurous men love that sense of danger and lots of them have confessed that redheads give off that energy. 

The stereotypes that have been around for ages that redheads are hot-tempered, feisty, and passionate is a contributing factor to this. Some men admit that being around redheads gives them a rush almost equivalent to skydiving or any other daring sport. 

It's pure human nature to be curious. So, you can't blame our male counterparts for being helpless against the thrill of our auburn-haired sisters.

2. Rare is sexy

rare is sexy

Redheads are genetically rare, which makes a big difference. Their rarity adds value to them and makes them stand out. People love things that are rare, this is why people spend so much money on rare art, rare jewelry pieces, bespoke clothing, etc because it's just nice to have things that other people don't. 

In the same way, people are attracted to one-of-a-kind things, men are attracted to this rarity. For example, diamonds are precious and costly but black, pink, and red diamonds are very rare and therefore, are in high demand. 

The same logic applies here, so if you've ever felt bad about not having other carrot-topped-haired friends, then this should change the way you look at that. You're rare and valuable.

3. Their skin is fair

Who knew such a lack of melanin could be a blessing? As mentioned earlier, having a fair complexion and freckles is in vogue. It's loved by makeup artists, high school kids, and of course our dearly beloved men. 

We can all remember some time back when freckles were frowned upon and viewed as a defect. Now they're being embraced and the alabaster skin that comes with them is not left out. 

A fair complexion has always been an attraction to men for as long as the existence of man. The contrast between their freckles and their fair complexion makes them stand out even more, (compared to women of different hair colors) and the fact that their freckles are captivating enough to make you pan out the constellation on their face is one of many commissions.

4. They're a bit standoffish

It's a question we can't stop asking. Why do men say they like approachable women but in actuality, they have a peculiar taste for snobbish women? We'll probably never know the answer to this question, it's hard to tell if they even know the answer to that question. 

This is a very peculiar reason to be attracted to a person, but I guess it’s human nature to want what you can't have. It's surprising but most men have admitted that dating a redhead is a dream that keeps slipping through their fingers. Mostly because a man can go on a date or two with a redhead but she'd probably end things with him soon after that. 

Some men have also confessed to chasing after redheads to no avail. They'd spend some quality time with you, then leave you to lick your own wounds.

5. They're freaks in the sheets

they're freaks in the sheets

Feisty, hot, spicy, fiery, passionate. These are all words guys have used when referring to ginger hair color women. It is believed that the mcr1 gene that codes for red hair is also responsible for other physical attributes that make sex with them tremendous. 

Gingers have heightened sensitivity compared to women of other hair colors, they've confessed to reaching the big ‘O' very easily. 

Another fascinating fact is that redheads actually have pheromones. It is said that their skin exudes a musky scent that could make them irresistible to potential suitors. Redheads are also known to be very passionate in bed because they’re more highly sensitive than women of other hair colors. 

They aren't shy to loudly express themselves and tell you exactly what they want you to do. Many redheads also admit to having more sex than women with another hair color, making them more practiced lovers.

6. They have a hot temper

One of many stereotypes that have been confirmed to be true about gingers is their hot temper. This is said to be linked to their heightened sensitivity to pain, light, and other forms of stimuli. 

Their tempers are as intense as their hair color and some men find that very sexy. Just like Latina women and other exotic females, a redhead's temper is not always a problem for her partner or suitor, on the contrary, sometimes it's very well sought out. 

Some men have confessed that when a redhead lost their temper with them, it sent blood rushing straight below their waist. For men who love their bedroom games to be aggressive and much like 50 shades of grey in reverse, the popular redhead temper is a big plus.

7. They're a fetish

Strawberry blondes are just all-around sexy and therefore provide the perfect fetish for most guys. A lot of men dream of running their fingers through those red hot locks and feeling their alabaster skin tingle when they do so. 

There are just so many things distractingly attractive about gingers, most of them are a whole package. First of all, there's the rich, auburn hair (which most times are very luxurious) that screams seduction, voluptuous bodies that can make a man drool, and a temperament that is begging to be tamed. 

Even for a girl, all these attributes could make you question your sexuality and there's no hiding that redheads are very sexy beings.

8. They're quite witty

they're quite witty

Redheads also have a brilliantly quick wit. Just like the titian-haired character in suits; Donna. Tall, slender, beautiful, and with a head full of luxurious red hair. It wasn't only her red hair that made her so sexy but her confidence and personality were clearly additional selling points. 

Nothing got past her. She was able to notice things quickly, she knew how to get the truth out of anyone and she just seemed to know everything. She knows what you want to say even before you say it and has the just-right response for every statement. She's so valuable that Harvey's life practically crumbles when she's not around. 

A redhead's looks are not the only thing attractive about them but most of them have strong personalities and very sound minds. Plus you've got to admit, a witty woman is a very sexy woman.

9. They're a mixture of peril and fun

Fun with a redhead is like being a child again and going to Disney World. Once the fun starts, it seems like it will never stop until it's time to literally tear yourself away and go home. They're brave, adventurous and just all shades of fun. 

Take Merida from Brave (even if she's not a real person), her character is somewhat an image of the stereotypical redhead. She was relentless and bold with a truckload of fun and adventure in the mix. When a redhead likes/loves you, you are bound to have a great time with them. If you love adventure, you're going to love being with a redhead. 

However, if you're on their bad side for some reason you will definitely know about it. She may even go as far as giving you a few broken bones while giving you the tongue-lashing of your life. These attributes make them unpredictable, men who love spontaneity will definitely find this sexy as hell.

10. They're quite loyal

It's not easy to become tight with a redhead but when it is, they will always have your back. Due to their standoffish and snobby nature, redheads are hard to become friends or even partners with. 

However, redheads make the most loyal companions, as mentioned earlier redheads have very strong personalities and are quite brave. So, if you're afraid that one of your personality flaws will chase them away from you, you've got another thing coming. It's not easy to scare a redhead, she'll stay by your side through thick and thin. 

All the discrimination they've often experienced has helped them develop a thick skin. This also makes them a solid should we to lean on if need be and very dependable. 

11. Red is the hair color for arousal

red is the hair color for arousal

Red lipstick, lingerie, heels, and leather tights all scream seduction. Even science confirms that red represents arousal. Worldwide, red is known as the color for passion and love mostly because red is the color of our blood and our blood is pumped out by our hearts and the heart represents love. 

Studies have shown that men are more attracted to women in red than to any other color. Luckily for our redheads, they don't have to put on any red clothing just to look sexy, they're born with a red accessory—their hair. When a man sees a redhead, he automatically thinks of passion, heat, and love

Redheads don't only appeal to a man's senses, their crimson locks actually go as far as hitting a nerve in a man's mind. It's no wonder our male counterparts are powerless over our ginger sisters, they never stood a chance in the first place.


Do guys prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

Contrary to several stereotypes that blondes are considered more attractive, a study done in London found that guys respond more to brunettes and redheads than they do to blondes. However, these are just estimates. It all depends on the man in question. Everyone has their preferences, some like darker colored hair while some prefer lighter hues.

Is red hair more attractive?

One thing redheads are popular for is their fiery temper. Men usually like to avoid women who are hard to approach or hard to relate to. In most polls or studies, you find that most men would pick a blonde or brunette girl over a redhead because they were considered less attractive than the two. 

How are redheads perceived?

Compared to women of other hair colors, redheads are perceived as quick-tempered. They're seen as more outgoing, temperamental, and sometimes, promiscuous yet more competent. They're also more strikingly noticeable and rare which makes them stand out. A researcher also proposed that it's because of their rarity that they're less sought out.

What do men look for in a woman physically?

When men see women, they subconsciously consider if they can have babies with them. That's why the conventional hourglass figure is more attractive to men. Most men search for women with wider hips and smaller waists. Also, most men like women with a larger butt, although this varies across each race. 

Why are gingers called gingers?

Redheads are referred to as gingers in reference to a 1960's TV show character named ginger. Ginger was one of the castaways on Gilligan's Island, she had red hair and pale skin. Although others propose that the term ginger is used because ginger-flavored foods give off a reddish-orange look just like red hair.

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