Do Guys Like Possessive Girlfriends? (15 Things You Should Know)

Are you a possessive girlfriend or have one? Do guys like possessive girlfriends? What do they love and hate about a possessive girlfriend?

Sometimes, having a possessive girlfriend can be a good thing. These girls are unlike other girls, and some guys love a girl who is overly possessive! Most guys want more of a healthy balance in behavior, however.

Boyfriends don’t usually appreciate a girlfriend who is controlling and has insecurity about where she stands in the relationship. Some of these types of girls make boys afraid of making them mad over the littlest things. A boyfriend may want to hang out with his family without his girlfriend, and that makes her feel insecure, wondering why she wasn’t included!

Relationships, where one person is possessive, are never healthy. One person is full of jealousy, insecure thoughts and actions, and no hope of improvement – in most cases. If you see a sign that your girlfriend may be possessive, you should take that sign and have a chat with her about her actions! 

How would you rather she act? What sign have you seen that she needs to change? This article will help you deal with a girl like this so that you know if your dating relationship is normal or weird!

Signs Of A Possessive Girlfriend (What You Must Know Now)

Let’s look at the signs of possessiveness in a girlfriend. Some signs are positive, while other signs are negative. It’s important to know which signs to look out for so that you can be with the best person for you and not hate them in the long run. If you are aware of these signs, you will be more likely to tell if a possessive partner is right for you. 

One sign of a possessive girlfriend is that she is insecure and wants everything to happen according to her schedule. If you see the signs that she is very insecure about you having your own guy friends or hanging out with your best friend, you may want to drop her. Signs like this will usually not go away, even if you talk to her about her behavior.

Another sign is that she wants to spend time with you – ALL THE TIME. She doesn’t have it halfway; she wants all of you! Signs like this mean that she doesn’t have much of a life of her own, which is a bit suspicious. Does she get calls from friends and family? If signs show that she only wants you to fulfill her every need as a boyfriend, talk to her about this right away!

A final sign of a girl who is possessive is that she is full of jealousy. It’s not always cute little jealous actions, too. Jealousy is not one of those signs that you can ignore, though it could be interesting to see how far she takes it! Jealousy can be cute, but a jealous girl who is possessive is not the best to be around. There’s little proof she will change.

The Reasons Guys Like Possessive Girlfriends

1. She is always interested in him

She will never get tired of spending time with you. She may want to spend time with you every chance she gets, but who doesn’t love to feel wanted all the time? She’ll let you talk when you have conversations, and she’s usually a pretty great listener.

She may be a tad suspicious about any holes in your stories, but if you are honest with her, this kind of strange interest will just seem adorable. Respect and enjoy the fact that you are the center of her world. She has a passion for YOU! Who wouldn’t love that?

2. She pays attention to what he posts on social media

She’ll pay close attention to what you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and other social media platforms. She might get a little jealous of other girls commenting on your posts or liking your pictures, but you can’t do anything about that. It’s kind of adorable that she thinks you would actually do something with random people online, right?

3. She is affectionate and loves PDA

she is affectionate and loves PDA

Relationships with possessive girls are full of affection. She wants the world to know that you belong to her! This makes dating never boring! She’ll shower you with PDA and make sure you are given lots of love and attention. She might even give you calls at work to let you know the many things she misses about you! What’s not to love?

4. She can easily make decisions

Since a girl like this knows what she wants, making decisions is not hard. If you have no preference where you go for dinner, I bet she has an opinion! No more sitting around saying, “What do you want?” “No, what do YOU want?” This back-and-forth conversation can get old very fast, so enjoy the fact that she knows what she wants!

5. She knows what she wants in a guy

As mentioned with decisions, a possessive girl knows what she wants in a relationship. She doesn’t spend time dating the wrong guys because she knows the types of men that will satisfy her needs – as crazy as they may be (her needs, not the guys!).

6. She gives you tons of attention

When dating this type of chick, you know you will be her top priority. She’ll give you plenty of attention, attention that you are probably not getting in other aspects of your life. I doubt your clients or boss give you much of the time of day, whereas this chick will proudly make sure all of your needs are met each day. She loves making you #1!

7. She does cute little things!

she does cute little things

I don’t know if I would classify myself as possessive, but I would say this action I do is a bit on the crazy side. During the day, I send him pictures of me and my pets or what I’m cooking, looking at on social media, or just what I’m watching on television. Crazy, right? It’s really not when you think about it truly. It shows I am thinking about him a lot.

My man loves the fact that he can experience my day with me even when he is not here in person. He thinks it’s pretty funny to get random jokes, gifs, texts, and images throughout the day – many without any explanation at all. It’s just a goofy picture of my computer doing something hilarious or a silly pic of me with one of our cats!

She might get a special picture made so that you can carry her around with you in your wallet during the day. Yes, she wants to show other people that you are taken by doing this, but she also is doing something kind of adorable – sharing a part of her life with you so that you have something to look at during your boring day to remember her!

The Reasons Guys Do Not Like Possessive Girlfriends

8. She can be a bit nosey

she can be a bit nosey

She will want to know every detail with regard to your day. Her insecurity may really shine through when she asks you a million questions – who were you with? What did you do? Who did you see? What else did you do? How did you get there? What did you do after that? Was it fun? Did you miss me? Why did you go in the first place?

Sometimes, she may get a bit controlling and jealous when she needs to know every detail about your day. This controlling and jealous attitude can make you feel a bit claustrophobic from time to time. You may just want your own space without the third degree! She is just jealous you are spending time with other people!

Look out for the signs that she is too obsessive about this with you!

9. She doesn’t have healthy boundaries

You want to have quiet or at least alone time when you go to the bathroom, right? A controlling girl like this will likely want to continue talking to you while you use the restroom. This is not very healthy and may make you want to scream!

10. She may embarrass you

A chick like this wants the world to know you are taken. This may mean that she acts a bit controlling in public. She may ask you where you are going in front of other people. She may talk to your friends without your permission. This is not always cool!

11. She always asks where you are

she always asks where you are

She may even install one of those apps on your phone so that she can locate you at all times. This isn’t always fun, especially if you want to surprise her with fast food or flowers after a long day. You want to occasionally not be “stalked,” right?

12. She tells everyone you are serious

A girl like this will be jealous if you talk to other people, so she will make it known that you are in a serious relationship, even if the two of you have never talked about that.

13. She will bug you throughout the day

I have a tendency to do this with my boyfriend throughout the day. I ask him when he thinks he will be off work, what he is doing right now, when he thinks he will be done with that task, and how his day is going – in general. I am just more curious than anything, but it can be annoying, I’m sure. 

14. She is easily jealous

she is easily jealous

She won’t enjoy you talking to other people because she’ll want you all to herself!

15. She never gives you alone time

You won’t get much of a chance to just watch a football game without her around because she will want to always spend quality time with you. As sweet as this is, you’ll miss having alone time to yourself with a girl like this.


Do guys like possessive girlfriends?

Some guys find a possessive girl to be endearing. They want to be a boyfriend to a girl like this because she gets jealous when he talks to other girls or decides to hang out with his guy friends. He thinks this possessive nature is kind of cute and adorable, but most don’t like this.

Is it good to have a possessive girlfriend?

Not always! If a girl is possessive, she may be very insecure in your relationship. She may expect boys to meet her every need instead of talking to a counselor and working through her insecure issues. She might not be that fun to hang out with, either, but it depends on how she is.

Why is possessiveness attractive?

A possessive girl might decide to send her boyfriend love notes in his lunch box, or she might announce to her family that you are her boyfriend, even if the two of you have not talked about having a serious relationship. These traits or actions can be attractive to a guy, at times!

Is being possessive in a relationship bad?

It depends on which possessive traits the girl exhibits. Be aware of any girl who acts like a stalker. You may fear what she will do next, and that is not hot at all. Behavior like that could hurt your reputation, other relationships in your life, and your feelings toward her.

Who is more possessive, male or female?

It depends on the person and what possessive traits they exhibit. Usually, a male is more possessive because he’s worried he will lose his hottie girl to another guy. He may want the world to know that she is taken, so he’ll show possessiveness by doing a lot of PDA.


Do you think guys love possessiveness? Or, do you think a girl who is possessive is a no-no? Do you have female friends who act that way, or are you the female friend who is possessive? Is it a bad thing in a relationship? Please share your free advice in the comments!

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