13 Reasons Why Men Like Curvy Women (Should You Lose Weight?)

Are you a woman with curves who does not like looking at yourself in the mirror? Do you believe that men only like skinny girls

Believe me; you cannot be more wrong. I was a skinny girl once and I can assure you that not all men liked what they saw when they first met me. Many of my male friends have confided in me that they prefer women with curves.

With age, as I got a little mass in my body, I was afraid that I would now become unattractive to males. But, it turned out that all of this was only in my head because the attention that I used to get from males only increased as I became chubbier. They started complimenting me on my curves and I could feel how much they enjoyed my full-figured body.

In today’s article, we will see why men prefer curvy women when compared to skinny ones. These reasons will surely make you more confident about your body and you will start accepting yourself as you are. You will also find out whether you should lose weight or not to attract boys. 

Why Do Guys Like Curvy Girls

1. Big boobs

big boobs

Men prefer big boobs in women and if a woman is curvy, in most cases it would mean that she has extra fat on her breasts. Big boobs attract men so much that they typically would not even mind the huge size of the girl as long as they are getting huge breasts to fondle with. Men like big breasts to such an extent that many women opt for breast enhancement to attract men. 

2. Big butt

Just like men like big boobs, many men are also a fan of big hips. The good thing is that girls on the rounder side usually have wide hips. Guys love to hold a big butt while getting intimate with their girls and even love to smack it occasionally. It is because of this that skinny women occasionally go through surgery to get that big butt or use hacks to enhance the butt. 

3. More meat

Men like curvy women because they have extra meat on their bones, which is great to hold, especially during sex. Men like holding and playfully grabbing their curvy women because they don’t look like china dolls, which can easily break. Even while having sex, curvy women can take the weight of their partner, which makes sex much more enjoyable and carefree. 

4. Sign of fertility

Even in the early times, men preferred women with curves because it meant huge breasts and wide hips, which is a sign of fertility. Historically, curvy women have always been associated with childbearing and a fertile woman is seen as a perfect mating partner, which can bear the children of the man in a healthy way. 

5. They are soft

Men like curvy women because they are soft and much better than skinny girls when it comes to cuddling. They have one of the best body types, which makes them best for snuggling and hugging as they are not just a bag of bones. Not only sex, but men also like doing innocent things, such as pinching cheeks and playfully biting curvy women.

6. They enjoy their food

One thing that many men like about curvy women is that these girls enjoy their food and cherish it. A curvy girl will usually let you know where she wants to eat and will order proper food instead of opting for salads. While eating these curvy women won't complain about their bodies and just enjoy the food on their plates, which is a breeze of fresh air for men.

7. Classic beauty

classic beauty

In the present times, the media has glorified skinny omen, however, that was not always the case. The old classic paintings and statues are proof that in earlier times, women with curves were the definition of beauty. One main reason for this was that the women who were big in size were seen as well-fed and were a sign of health and prosperity. 

8. Confident

Women with curves are generally confident about their bodies and are comfortable with the way they look. They appreciate the way that they look and even if they want to lose weight then it is only because of health reasons and nothing to do with their appearance. A relationship with a confident curvy woman ensures that you are much happier and satisfied.

9. More mature

Guys like women who look like mothers as it makes them believe that these women would be better at taking care of their future children. It is because of this that men prefer curves in a woman. Curvy women have a personality of their own, while on the other hand, many men feel that dating a skinny girl feels like going out with a child. 

10. Less judgmental

Men prefer women who have curves because usually, these women are not judgemental as they understand what it feels like to be judged. Many curvy women have been judged their whole life because of their body type, and they understand the pain, therefore, they don’t judge others. They believe in the philosophy of ‘live and let live’.

11. Don't mind getting rough

Men like curvy women because in many cases these women don't mind getting rough under the sheets. As a chubby woman is not usually delicate, men don’t mind getting kinky or rough with them, of course after consent. On the other hand, guys have to be extra careful with skinny girls as they are scared of hurting them while having sex.

12. Cute

With a fluffy figure and round cheeks, it is no wonder that a chubby woman looks cute and innocent. Their chubby cheeks and plump body makes it fun for boys to poke and tickle them. Moreover, a curvy woman has a larger surface area, which makes it thoroughly enjoyable for a man to kiss and lick their soft skin. 

13. Fewer wrinkles

The skin of a curvy woman appears much younger because of fewer wrinkles and a healthy glow. The additional fat works like magic for curvy girls by smoothing out wrinkles that thin women will in general have as they age. Furthermore, the round cheeks of a chubby woman have a huge role to play in making her look younger.

Should I Lose Weight To Attract Male Attention?

should i lose weight to attract male attention

Just like women have different preferences when it comes to men, men also have different preferences for women. All though there are males who like skinny girls, it cannot be denied that there are also males, who are much more interested in curvy women. Therefore, there is no need for you to change yourself to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

However, if you are overweight to an extent that it is affecting your health and you are finding it difficult to carry your routine activities, then you should definitely start exercising. Losing weight should always be for your health and should never be done for a boy, or else, it will result in a lot of frustration when you are not able to get the man even after all your efforts.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are the two best ways to achieve the right figure and health. They not only help you to get in shape but also make you much healthier and fitter. Once you feel healthy from inside, it will show on your face and your skin will get a glow and you will not only look much prettier but will also become much more confident. 

While losing excess fat, you should not overdo it. It is the curves of the woman that make her look sexy and attractive, so try not to lose them. Even after a rigorous workout, if you are still not able to lose the fat then there is no need to worry as everybody is different and your body type might be preventing you from losing extra fat. 

So don't worry about your figure, and concentrate on getting healthier and confident and you will be able to attract the male gaze in no time.


What attracts a girl to a guy physically?

Girls are usually attracted to guys who are taller than they are, who have broad shoulders, little body hair, warm eyes, a gentle smile, and a deep voice. Moreover, they want their man to look strong and masculine. However, it should not be forgotten that different people have different preferences and different women like different features in men.

Do guys care more about the face or the body?

Guys are more interested in the face of a girl than her body. However, when looking for short-term relationships, they might give more importance to the body in comparison to the face. Also, even in terms of face, males have different preferences and find different types of faces attractive. 

What body shape do guys find most attractive?

Guys usually find the hourglass figure in women most attractive. In this body type, women have a small waist-to-hip ratio and their body is proportionate. However, just like different people have different preferences in all other things, they also have different preferences when it comes to body shape.

What features make a woman beautiful?

Some features that make a woman beautiful are – huge hips, big breasts, right curves, fuller lips, higher cheekbones, etc. However, in many cases, women can do little in changing their features, and then they should do what is in their hands, i.e, work on their confidence. A dazzling smile and a confident personality can attract almost anyone towards you.

What do men look for in a wife?

When looking for a wife, men want something more than just physical attributes. They look for a woman who is thoughtful, caring, loving, empathetic, and faithful. Men want someone who will be an equal partner to them and stay strong by their side no matter how tough the situations become. 

In Conclusion

Are you happy with your body? Have you ever tried to lose weight to attract men? Did it work? Were you happy? Do you think it is healthy to lose your curves for a man? We would love to hear a word from you to help our readers. Please comment below!

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