Do Guys Like Crazy Girls? (21 Reasons)

For some reason, guys seem to be drawn to crazy girls. Remember that crazy broad on your block who just seemed to catch the attention of all the guys? You probably asked yourself a million times what made all those guys so into her. Well, you aren't the only one. There are thousands of women out there asking the same question. 

My observation as a one-time crazy chick is that guys seem to like drama, they like the drama that comes with crazy women. This is not to say that there aren't men out there who love calm and laid-back women, but there's a whole world out there filled with men who just love women whose actions are just so irrational and absurd. 

Judging from these men's reactions to them, they seem to love the adrenaline rush that comes with being around them. Since crazy ladies are bound to make the most spontaneous decisions, and most men love adventure, they seem to cancel out. Either way, an observation has been made, and now it is time to explore and prove this theory. 

If you're one of the many women who have always wondered why men love the crazies so much, then stick around and we'll go through these 21 reasons men love crazy women.

21 Reasons Why Guys Love Crazy Girls

1. She's also crazy in bed

Yes, I know we were all thinking it. It always has to be about the bedroom. Some guys have confessed that crazy women bring their madness with them to the bedroom. They'd introduce him to some crazy new sex positions or Kamasutra-level methods that would blow his mind. 

Also, crazy ladies are very far from shy, they won't be scared or ashamed to try out their own suggestions. Another big plus is that they seem to have really high sex drives, they're more passionate than level-headed women and their passion makes them awesome sexual partners. 

2. She's intense

she's intense

It may not just be her crazy behavior, on its own, that attracts them to her, but her intensity. It's because of the intense energy she gives off when he's with her. A crazy girl's emotions are heightened and amplified since she has crazy high energy everything she does and says is more pronounced. 

She has a higher sexual libido. If she likes you, her expressions of love or lust are more intense than a level-headed girl. She does not hold back letting you know how much she likes you, she practically worships you.

3. She keeps her man on his toes

This is one reason women tend to stick to bad boys and jerks. The more headaches she gives to him, the more he feels attached to her. For some reason the arguments and intensity keep him coming back. 

One can only assume that her behavior keeps him engaged by keeping him in an alert state; on his toes. Most men say they like a challenge and crazy girls provide them with this. Trying to ‘tame the beast' in her is like having a puzzle to solve every day. 

4. There's never a boring moment

A crazy woman can have multiple personalities, you could wake up to a different woman every morning. It's almost like you're cheating but without the guilt that follows. No man likes to have mundane and predictable relationships, having something new to look forward to is way more fun. 

Having a crazy dramatic woman by his side beats having a regular relationship with a regular woman any day, anytime. I mean, why look elsewhere when you can have like 50 different personalities in one person and you never know who you're going to meet next, it's like a roller coaster. 

5. They love that she's unpredictable

As mentioned earlier, men love some spontaneity in their relationships; not just the same old thing every day. Just like the bad boy analogy, with a crazy chick, there's always a thrill, you don't know what's coming next and you don't know when.

It's usually the women who dream of the perfect home, perfect partner, peaceful and perfect life, etc. This is not true for most guys, comfort and peace aren't their goals, they want excitement and a crazy woman has more than enough excitement to offer.

6. He has a crazy side too

Crazy attracts crazy, if a man likes a crazy girl he may be a nice guy with a crazy side too. Obviously, it's not every time a bad boy would want a crazy woman, sometimes opposites attract and a nice guy could love the color and chaos a crazy chick brings into his life. 

Or a bad boy could prefer someone a bit more grounded and calm. However, sometimes, birds of a feather end up flocking together, if a man actually likes the drama a crazy female carries with her, then he must have a crazy side to him that attracts him to her.

7. Perhaps he just can't help it

perhaps he just can't help it

Some people are yet to learn how to stop attracting a certain type of guy or girl, they find themselves in dating cycles with the same type of person and just don't know how to get out of the cycle. Perhaps, some of these men just can't help dating a crazy woman, it may be a cycle for them. 

Perhaps, they just keep attracting a crazy woman because there's a defect in their lives. Some guys have admitted that they just can't help being attracted to the roller coaster of emotions, for some reason they can't seem to connect with a calm woman, they just keep going back to the crazy ones.

8. Some men can't tell the difference between love and psychopathy

Lots of men in the world are looking for love, some just don't know what exactly it looks like. When a crazy girl is into you, she doesn't hold back unlike her sane counterparts who may want to tread carefully before they commit. 

They go all out to the point that it seems like they're obsessed with their partner. That may be a bit confusing for a relationship addict, it may be hard for him to recognize the insane attachment and think that she's in love with him. That kind of obsession is very unhealthy and most times ends in pain.

9. Some guys are settling

Some men are desperately looking for a partner and end up dating a crazy woman because finding a level-headed woman is too much work or takes too much time. A nice guy may not really like her crazy behavior per se, but may just be keeping her around because she's what's available. 

The truth is, finding and dating the perfect person for you takes time and hard emotional work, not everyone is ready to do the work, so they end up settling for less. Her craziness may drive him nuts but he'll still keep dating her because she's what he's got.

10. She's intoxicating

Most people think that once a relationship is toxic that should make it easy to leave. This is not actually the case. Toxic relationships are actually the hardest to escape from. Some people actually find themselves getting even more attached to the toxic people they’re dating than they are to normal healthy individuals. 

Some boys have confessed that even when you realize that they're crazy early on, you still can't help dating them. Crazy women are extremely passionate and so intense that they can become intoxicating, so you can't blame the boys for sticking around.

11. She feels everything

It all boils down to the intensity of their emotions, their expressions, and the way they appreciate everything openly. They seem more alive to the world around them and don't hold back on anything. Men have confessed that they know how to savor every moment and everything ranging from pain to food to her moves in bed and even movies. 

They make you appreciate life a bit more and notice things you never noticed before. However there are two sides to this coin, as much as the good things are pronounced, the bad ones are very amplified too.

12. She goes for what she wants

If a crazy lady likes you, she will let you know right away. As mentioned earlier, there's no holding back for her. Their emotional energy is always high so they will go all out when they're expressing all their emotions. This means, if they feel love towards you, they will go crazy showing you just how much they do. 

They may spend lots of time around you, do stuff for you, give you lots of little gifts, and just all-round smother you. However they do it, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that they’re interested in dating you. Some may even be the ones to make the advances. 

13. She's sexually adventurous

she's sexually adventurous

Crazy women are very adventurous, they seem to have almost no sense of caution or fear. They take this trait straight into the bedroom, this is one reason men find them very attractive. A crazy lady is everything but coy. She's not afraid to try new things and she may not say no to any suggestions you bring up. 

She is very likely to be comfortable with BDSM and may not mind being either the dominant one or the dominated. She has a high libido so she may almost never say no when you want to get down and dirty.

14. She's his damsel in distress

Most men have a hero complex, they love a damsel in distress. A crazy lady for them is like a project, something for them to work on or fix in order to get this sense of accomplishment. Since crazy women don't also hold back on their expressions, they won't hold back on showing him lots of gratitude which feeds his ego. 

It's in a man's nature to protect and defend his mate, crazy women play perfectly into that role since they're always in the middle of one drama or the other.

15. Some guys are rebounding

Men don't handle breakups as well as women do, most of them go from one relationship to another almost immediately. They can't handle being alone for a long time, so they end up attracting women who aren't very mentally stable. 

There's a higher chance of getting caught up with a drama queen when you're desperately looking for a partner and some men fall into this web. Her constant crises, chaos, and demands would make him feel needed and therefore make him feel obligated to stay with them. Some may even end up becoming a husband to them.

16. He likes to play the victim

Women aren't the only ones who know how to play the role of a damsel in distress. Men love to play the victim too. However, their aim is not to gain just sympathy or help, but to get off the hook. This scenario relates mostly to jerks who aren't ready for a full-on commitment. They want to have an excuse to be left alone without having to be the bad one. 

Her bad behavior would relieve him of any guilt or blame for leaving and he'll be free to move on to the next person with no consequences. No matter what he does or says to her, she'd have probably done worse so he can get away with a lot.

17. Men like to feel needed

It's common for women to want a guy to want her, but guys on their hands like to be needed. That's why a damsel in distress always appeals to them. Crazy women are expert damsels in distress. They're always on one rut or the other. 

They hardly ever have all their ducks in a row and need lots of help. Men are naturally drawn to these types of women, especially when their help can be clearly been by everyone. This does not mean that the desire to help isn't coming from a genuine place, it's just not the healthiest foundation to build a relationship. 

18. She's probably just very attractive

A guy is willing to forgive a lot when a lady is beautiful or has a lovely body. He'll forgive even more if she's willing to have sex with him. The idea of going around that crazy women are also crazy in bed makes them even more willing to ignore all the drama she brings with her.

There are very few bad-looking women in the world and even fewer are crazy. Guys are probably more attracted to the crazy ones because they're beautiful and very willing to do the things that other ‘nice' or ‘level-headed' women won't do. You can't blame them for falling a victim to this.

19. He's delusional

he's delusional

A guy's number one strength and weakness is his ego. Sometimes, they even stoop as low as lying to themselves just to feed their ego. When a guy meets a crazy lady, her sex drive is one of the first things that keeps him glued to her aside from her freaky bedroom skills. 

However, It may not necessarily be his drive that entices him but the fact that he can convince himself that he's the one who inspired her crazy. It's easy for him to convince himself that she's only extra freaky or extra turned-on when she's with him. This makes him feel way better about himself. 

20. Most crazy girls are hard to hold down

Lots of crazy women are very hard to win. They may show you a great time the first day but get bored of you when you want a second date or more time with them. It's normal human nature to want to be part of a club when you realize you can't be part of it. 

Once a guy discovers that it's not his ‘irresistible charm' that makes a crazy lady crazy, they try to win her fidelity or her commitment. Crazy women on the other hand won't have any of it, most of them have a love-hate relationship with their looks. They love it because they can use it to get a man's attention, but hate it when it actually works. 

21. It's easy to give attention to negativity

Have you ever noticed that bad news appeals to people more than good news does? Well, it's not just negative news that's celebrated. Negative behavior, negative actions, and negative people. This may also be the case in this aspect, guys may simply be attracted to the crazy girl's negative behavior. 

They tend to use words like fun, adventurous, interesting, and spontaneous when they're talking about crazy women. They view their crazy behavior as engaging, even though it can become very toxic in the long run.


Do guys like crazy girls?

One of the reasons guys are more attracted to crazy women is because they're seemingly more passionate than their non-crazy counterparts. A guy's expectation is that her crazy behavior would translate into crazy sex. However, they have confessed that when it comes to having disagreements in the relationship, a crazy girl is the last person to be with. 

What do guys most like about a girl?

Men like femininity, they like it when a lady has that feminine energy about her. They also like a woman with confidence; someone who's confident and comfortable in their own skin. A girl with a great sense of humor is also a big plus. It won't hurt to laugh a little once in a while.

How do you make a guy go crazy about you?

The first step to making a guy crazy about you is not to try at all. Be yourself and if he likes you, he'll make advances. Also, have respect for yourself, having self-respect is quite attractive and will make him respect you too. Make your boundaries known to him early so he knows exactly who you are.

Do men like tall girls?

Not all guys are into tall girls, most guys who like tall women are tall themselves. For them, it's physically easier to be with a girl who's their height or slightly shorter than they are. Aside from this, most guys have confessed that tall girls have long legs and long legs are sexy. 

Do guys like neck kisses?

Most people think it's just the ladies who are into intimate kisses like neck kisses. This is far from the truth, men love sensual kisses too. Also, they love it because if you're giving a man intimate kisses it means that you're ready to become more intimate with him.

To Summarize

I hope you enjoyed this article. Remember, not all love is real. Just because it seems like the crazy women are getting all the attention doesn't mean that that attention is the right kind. So, don't feel bad if you get overlooked because you're not a mental case. 

Please let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and remember to share.

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