Why Do Guys Like Bad Girls? (13 Reasons It’s True)

Many people wonder if guys like bad girls. Today, we are going to explore this topic in full. We’ll look at the top reasons that guys are addicted to these girls! But another question that men have is, “How do I date someone like this?” What will you do if you get into a long-term arrangement with her? Can you handle her bad side? Is she too much trouble?

First, ask yourself if she is right for you. Decide if she is benefiting your life. Next, determine if she is hurting your life in any way. How do you think she is affecting your life? Finally, make sure you have healthy boundaries. Know your limits. Does she respect you? Is your relationship healthy? Do you have reasonable boundaries?

After asking yourself these questions and analyzing your answers, determine if you should take a break from this person. Maybe you need to end it. It may be hard, especially if you are addicted to her, but think about your future and who you want in it. Do you want to be with someone who isn’t good for you? Will you be able to invite her home to meet the family?

The Reasons Guys Do Like Bad Girls

1. They are tempting

Bad girls tend to be irresistible. You can’t help but fall in love with these women. They are just like candy! You want as much as you can get because it’s just so yummy and intoxicating. It’s like an addiction when you fall for one of these girls. You just don’t find satisfaction with life unless you are spending time with her.

For example, a bad girl might share stories that are so interesting; you just can’t get enough! It’s kind of like when you fall for a bad boy; it’s just too hard to say no to them! Bad boys have some kind of hold over good girls, right? It’s like the good girls have been good for so long that they are ready to unleash their bad side. It’s all part of the game!

2. They are sexy

they are sexy

Bad girls are hot in bed; they are very adventurous and sensual in the bedroom. Men tend to fall for bad women because they know they are freaks in bed! Some men want that excitement in their lives, but there are plenty of men out there that still want their women to be prim and proper when it comes to sex. 

They might still want a woman who isn’t afraid to have fun when it comes to sex, but they want it all to be tasteful and respectable. After all, to them, there are rules that should be followed in the bedroom. They want their women to be ones that they can take home to meet their mothers. 

3. They are fun

Boy, when you hang out with the bad girls, you know you’re going to have an adventure! They are very open-minded and like to try new things. When you spend time with them, you know that you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime! How much fun is that? You know you will have the time of your life! Energy flows where these chicks go!

4. They are trouble

Bad girls are kind of like “forbidden fruit.” You want what you can’t have when it comes to these women. However, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach. In other words, you might bite off more than you can chew with a bad woman. This chick might help you land in jail; they tend not to follow the rules of society or the law!

Many men want to get in trouble, so they admire the qualities of these women. They want to be with a woman who isn’t afraid to break the rules and have a good time! When women are bad like this, they tend to be more fun, according to these men. A man knows that if he follows a bad woman, it’ll lead to something unexpected!

However, if you are talking about good guys, they tend to be overwhelmed, and they don’t know what to do with women who are full of trouble! They might be tempted with these women, and there’s always an attraction there, but bad girls tend to finish last with these men. They want a relationship with a nice lady with high moral standards!

5. They are challenging

These girls are definitely different. They may not be ready to settle down, and a man may have a tough time getting her to be in a relationship with him because she’s hard to get. Many good girls, on the other hand, tend to want marriage and kids, but bad girls just want to go out and have fun. Maybe not all the bad ones are like that, but some are!

6. They are mysterious

they are mysterious

You never know what to expect with bad girls, and you never know what they are thinking. What is going on inside of their crazy heads? You may wonder what the answer is. In fact, many men find these women to be captivating because they just can't figure them out. What in the world will they do next? Why can’t we figure them out?

Men who chase bad women are intoxicated with them! They may even be addicted! It’s like being addicted to a drug! It’s true! Just ask a guy about it!

7. They are confident

Bad girls tend to be full of confidence. A bad girl knows exactly what she wants. She is confident in her dreams, decisions, likes, and opinions. A bad girl knows that whatever she has decided, she will go with it, even if it’s wrong. Mistakes to a bad girl are learning opportunities, not failures. That’s why success and a positive attitude follow bad girls.

8. They are adventurous

You know that with a bad girl that you will be living on the edge. They are full of exciting opportunities! Every moment is something new and enlightening! Men enjoy spending time with women like this because they are fun! They look forward to the adventure that comes with being with a bad girl.

9. They are interesting

A bad girl can share stories with you that you have never heard. They don’t talk about boring things like the weather. Instead, they talk about the adventures they have been on. Men want to be with women like this because a bad girl sees the world differently; they have an enlightened point of view.

10. They are unpredictable

Sometimes, it’s fun to now know what a bad girl will do next. A good girl may be predictable, and over time, you may be able to read her mind. That’s not because a good girl is boring; she’s just normal and fun in her own way. She’s probably gotten comfortable with you, and that’s why you can read her mind.

With a bad girl, on the other hand, you really don’t know what to expect! This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It depends on the man and what he’s looking for. Does the man wish to be with someone who he can depend on, someone he can trust to do what she says, or does he want to be with someone who brings new adventures all the time?

11. They aren’t overly sensitive

they aren't overly sensitive

One nice thing about these girls is that they are not too sensitive. Men don’t have to worry about stepping on their toes and hurting their feelings! Instead, they can just enjoy the relationship and all it has to offer. 

12. They aren’t full of drama

Another great thing about these women is that they don’t have all the drama that comes with a normal relationship. Men can have fun with them and not worry that they will get mad at them for no reason. Plus, these women aren’t passive-aggressive. Men hate it when women try to make them figure out why they are mad!

13. They are bold

Bad girls aren’t afraid to make the first move. It’s actually quite empowering to watch them! Men find this to be a desirable trait and enjoy the change in pace. Men often feel excited when they watch these women follow or talk about their passions! Bad women get men out of their comfort zones! They bring a new element to the table!


What do guys find the most attractive in a girl?

Men want to be with women who challenge them. They want a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and call him out if he’s doing something wrong. Not all men are like this, but many are. They love women who are intelligent, too.

Do guys like good girls?

Many do! Some men want their partners to read the Bible, go to church, and be a solid Christian example. They don’t want their partner to smoke, drink, or do drugs. Of course, not all good girls are like this; bad girls aren’t all that way either. Each person is different.

What do guys most like about a girl?

The main thing men like in their partners is confidence. They want to be with someone who is confident in her decisions, someone who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. For example, a woman might be very confident in what she wears.

Do guys like crazy girls?

Some men do like their partners to be a little on the crazy side. This is because girls like this are unpredictable. You just never know what you are going to get because every crazy girl is different. Every person is different. We are all unique creatures.

What do guys find unattractive?

Girls who play games are unattractive. Of course, if you are playing a little hard to get, that’s okay, as long as you are not playing games with a guy’s heart. Do you feel the need to toy with gentlemen? It’s better to be yourself and not play games!

The Bottomline

Are you looking to date a bad girl? Are you a man chasing after a woman like this? What has been your strategy so far? Have you been successful? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment in the section below, and don’t forget to share on social media!

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