Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive (7 Reasons Why Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive On Women)

Do guys find nose piercings attractive? You need to know that attraction is subjective, which is essential in issues like this. Some men like piercings, but they don't find specific types of piercings attractive like nose piercings. 

For some women in the world today, piercings are a way to express themselves. For others, it is a tradition. And there is nothing wrong with doing what you love. 

Getting an ear piercing is quite normal, but this can't be said for nose piercings. However, many women often question what guys think about it. Will they find you attractive or not?

The truth is many guys do love piercings and believe it adorns their woman. They think it also makes her look beautiful and builds her self-confidence. But for those that don't like it, they tend to talk down on women with piercings. 

Some of them assume that you are cheap, especially if you get your nose pierced as well. They think it's immature and a sign of desperation and they’ll keep saying awful things about it.

We all have different opinions about things in life. So make sure you do what you love. On that note, here are 7 reasons why guys find nose piercings attractive on women.

7 Reasons Why Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive On Women

1. It exudes confidence

Finding someone with nose studs as attractive is dependent on the individual's orientation and environment. Some guys might find a nose stud on a woman attractive due to her confidence. They see her as a strong-willed woman who likes to do her thing and make her own choices, regardless of what the public thinks. 

But remember that what really matters is your opinion about yourself. Whatever you think about yourself and say to yourself will radiate in due time. If having a nice small stud on any part of your body makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, then rock it, girl! 

But if you feel uncomfortable and shy that you always want to hide, I think you should take it off. Nevertheless, do not ever let your happiness be hinged on the opinion of others. You only have one life; live it.

2. It's cute

Those tiny silver studs on your body are so cute. Many men find it very sexy, and it enhances your beauty, so it's a lovable thing. For some, it’s been a deal-breaker. This is especially true if it suits your face and fits into your overall lifestyle and personality. 

The truth is that some people do have a hideous face structure, and a piercing just adds to the problem. But if you already have a cute face, a nose stud just adds to the entire beauty.

Most guys love it when a woman is adorned with various pieces of jewelry, including a nose piercing. And don't think you will lose a lover because you love nose studs. If your man truly loves you, he will stick around for long. 

He will not leave you or let you go just because of a nose ring. However, if it's a huge problem for his family, you can both talk about it and come to a reasonable conclusion—as long as everyone is happy and understanding. No doubt, wearing nose rings isn't for everybody.

3. They find it exotic

they find it exotic

Some guys are attracted to women with more exotic or ethnic looks. And if a woman has several piercings, it might even be a deal-breaker. But other men are indifferent about it. They don't really care if you have a body piercing or not. Some guys don't even notice that you have it there because it's “Oh whatever” for them. After all, they may not be a big fan of it.

4. Piercing makes you more beautiful

Who wouldn't love a thing that enhances beauty? Although many men see women with any kind of piercing as beautiful, however, when a woman carries herself with confidence, she is everything to die for. They feel that she’s got guts and confidence and that she's a big deal. Charisma is everything for some men. 

Although, remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

5. It’s positive in their culture and family background

Piercing is a form of design that many young people use to express themselves. In some other countries, people pierce their noses and other body parts because of their cultural beliefs or tradition. 

Of course, for some men who come from those cultures where body piercings are the norm, they'll find it attractive. His environment will certainly affect his view about a pierced ring on the nose. Even his family background can positively affect his opinion on dating a girl with more than one piercing.

6. It piques his interest

it piques his interest

When a random guy lays eyes on you for the first time, best believe that he sizes you up. First impressions of a lady with a pierced nose vary, but one thing is sure, she will pique the interest of anyone who sees her

No matter how advanced the world gets, nose piercings are an article of jewelry that fascinate people. If they are not curious about it, they will at least be judgemental about it. 

Yes, there are some people who end up putting ladies with nose rings into stereotypical boxes. Especially if that is not your only piercing, there are chances that some prudish folk will read a little too much meaning into it. Those that stay long enough to get to know the person behind the studs are often pleasantly surprised. 

Then there are men who personally love the idea that their girl turns heads, whether it is for an out-of-the-box hairstyle or an eye-catching piercing. Some will even use that as a platform to reach out and say ‘hello' for the first time. 

Either way, men find these adornments interesting because it gives layers to the wearer. It means you are not just one-dimensional, there's a story there no matter how small. Even more, it could be a great ice breaker if the conversation is off to a rocky start.

7. They like women who aren't afraid of self-expression

Obviously, having a nose piercing is not the epitome of self-expression, but there is something about having a girlfriend who is bold enough to express herself whether it's through her being outgoing or it's through a nifty piercing. 

For most people in the Western world, it's pretty normal to find ladies with nose piercings. But once you venture deep into the third world, cultural differences make it a bit taboo. So, when a woman is bold enough to express herself with that kind of jewelry, it is a definite turn-on for some men. 

Nevertheless, I'm going to round it up by saying that regardless of geographical location, getting a nose piercing is pretty brave, cute, and ‘out there' (yes, I'm talking about the pain involved) and most men can sense that. With this in mind, it is pretty sexy or attractive for a lady to choose that path of expression. 

If you're reading between the lines, it makes it evident that she is not scared to express herself and wear whatever skin she is in. 


What piercings do guys find attractive? 

From research, it has been shown that about 60% of men are more attracted to belly button piercing than any other piercing. However, this varies. Some men love several piercings on the ear, while others love piercings on the tongue. Some others prefer facial piercings.

Do straight guys get nose piercings?

Yes, of course, nose piercings have nothing to do with being straight or not. Straight men get their noses pierced because they love it. Because he decides to get a piercing doesn't mean he isn't sure of his sexuality.

Will I look good with a nose piercing? 

Nose piercing fits all face types. Your nose features don't really matter whether you have a button, round, straight, or crooked nose. But if you are unsure of how you would look, you can get a bit of professional advice. 

Do men like piercings on girls? 

Yes, they do, and not all men like it. Also, the kind of piercing matters too. Some men see girls with so many piercings as sluty while some see it as cute. So this is indifferent to men.

What does a nose ring mean to a woman sexually?

In India, it is a myth that the nose ring shows a woman's sexual health, fertility, and childbirth. They believe the piercings on the nose increase a woman's sexual pleasure and make delivery easier because they believe the woman's left nostrils are connected to her sexual organ.


I hope you found this article helpful. Never let what anyone thinks about you define who you are. Make sure you do you when you meet the right man. He will love you even with all your piercings. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.


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